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Title: 2000 Point League Game - Vs. He
Description: 2nd official game

Lord_Viper - September 14, 2011 03:36 PM (GMT)
Hi everybody.

Last Friday I played my second League game against the dreaded High Elves. The general is my cousin, who has quite some experience playing them. On the last League we played, his was the only army to put my own into a Draw. I was quite concerned about the match, but you'll see soon enough that it was NOT the day for the High Elves...

My army can be found here, it's my final draft that I took into the League after much deliberation and help from the people on Da Warpath.

The High Elves Army:
- Archmage (Lore of Life) // deployed in the Pĥoenix Guard unit
- Mage Lvl 2 (Lore of Metal) // deployed in the Spearelves unit
- High Elf Noble (Battle Standard) // deployed in the Pĥoenix Guard unit
- 35 Spearelves
- 13 First Archers
- 15 Swordmasters
- 21 Phoenix Guard
- 2X Giant Eagle
Repeater Bolt Thrower

user posted image

We played Dawn Attack. My opponent said it better: "all our plans are f*ed up from the beginning !" He has a pretty decent deployment with the RBT firmly over the hill, and the rest of the army waiting on the center. My deployment on the other hand, is HELL. The center of the table is CROWDED and the mangler squig is placed on the back and by the swamp. Chariots are also left behind the big blocks. It's not the best way to start the game...

Turn 1 - High Elves
user posted image

Vanguard move for my wolves. Whole Elf army moves a bit towards the front. HUGE result for winds of magic, plus banner, plus channeling gives my opponent 12 power dice easy. Throne of vines is casted, I dispel. Then other "buff" spells which I don't manage to dispel effectively. In the end, Swordmen are buffed with +2T and the spearelves, Phoenix guard, archers and Eagle 1 are buffed with Glittering Robe. Archers fail miserably to wound anything, but the RBT kills one of my chariots in one shot !

Turn 1 - Greenskins
user posted image

As my start area was crowded, I try to get out as soon as possible. I was very concerned with the range of the dreaded "Dwellers Below" spell so I was cautious. Wolf riders move ahead a lot to get the attention of the Eagles or the spearelves. I lose a Black Orc moving through the swamp. Magic phase is forgettable (low winds of magic) but I manage to cast the "itchy nuisance on the Swordmen (you never know...). My trusty Doom Diver blows itself up on turn 1 ! This was a huge blow for my "whittle them down" strategy but as I've learned through the years, this kind of stuff happens a lot to O&G hehe. Rock lobba fails (was aiming for the Eagle 2).

Turn 2 - High Elves
user posted image

Another round of sloooow approach by the Elves. The Eagle 2 suicides itself into my lonely fanatic that kills two Gobbos but eliminates it. Swordmen move again very little. Phoenix guard swift reform into the right, archers do the same to face the squig, and spearelves move another bit into the fray (facing the wolves). Magic phase is very similar this turn: Throne of vines dispelled, and the Glittering Robes buff casted into the archers, spearelves and the phoenix guard. Shooting phase is sad for my opponent: elven archers MISS again (this time against the lonely squig), and the RBT only puts a wound on my other chariot. I gotta take that thing down next turn !

Turn 2 - Greenskins
user posted image

Full forward for my army ! I think to myself that again, in 8th edition, the army must be more on the offensive to win ! I was used to a more defensive style of play in 7th but I'm liking our "new" army a lot: more punch = more fun :lol:. I position the wolves for a bait charge. Magic phase sees a foot of gork scattering into the wind, but again I put "itchy nuisance" on the Swordmasters (these guys must be REALLY itchy by now). Shooting phase is GREAT as I take the RBT on one perfectly placed shot (5 wounds!).

Turn 3 - High Elves
user posted image

Spearelves charge my fleety-wolves (they miss of course). Phoenix keeps moving into the right side of the table, while the Archmage leaves his unit (for some unexplained reason). The eagle moves forward to (I think) block my wounded chariot. IMHO, my opponent really messed up his movement phase here. Archers again reform to shoot the Black Orcs (they kill one orc). Magic phase sees 12 power dice (again). Only this time, I can't stop Throne of vines, and I'm fearing the dwellers spell again... BUT, my opponent decides to use a lot of his dice to cast the toughness buff on the Spear Elves. He doesn't get the IF, and I use my dispel scroll ! This action was definitely game-changing. My next turn will be critical !

Turn 3 - Greenskins
user posted image

Charge ! Everybody (that can) charges forward. I got super good rolls and manage ALL my charges ! Mangler keeps crawling into the action and the Wolf Riders rally and go back into annoying the phoenix guard (this guys are GREAT!). Magic phase sees me casting the "Get'em" (sp?) spell from the Big WAAAGH! but it's dispelled. However, the Itchy nuisance spell is again not dispelled ! I cast it on the Spearelves (to nullify the rerolls from ASF) and I'm looking good. Shooting sees the Lobba failing to splatter the mage into oblivion. Close combat is an orgy of blood... the chariot kills the eagle with impacts, black orcs decimate the archers and the buffed Savage boyz make short work of the spearelves with NO CASUALTIES in return ! Wow ! That was some ugly luck for my opponent: 8 hits (from 20), 2 wounds of those 8 hits, and I made BOTH wardsaves. Ouch! Needless to say, every single unit charged is destroyed (or broken) and I overrun into the next JUICY targets !

Turn 4 - High Elves
user posted image

It's truly a frightening sight for my opponent. He has divided his units and they are far away from each other. For better (or worse) for him, the Savage Big'uns only touch TWO models in the Phoenix guard unit. My general "makes way" into the fight. Nothing happens on magic phase, the winds of magic betray the losing elves... Close combat is again a massacre. He learns the hard way that my general is truly a monster on CC, at least against common troops. I learn that HE have some sort of item that "protects" the Hero against magical attacks (which my Banner of Eternal Flames wielding Black Orcs don't have). However, this items says NOTHING of static combat resolution so the poor mage loses combat by FOUR points (again ouch!). Even with reroll, he breaks and is teared down by the Black orcs. Phoenix guard break too (even with the reroll) as six points of difference in the combat resolution is too much to take. The boyz fail to wipe them out though. Swordmen take 4 casualties but kill the chariot in return. They reform to face the pursuing black orcs. It's almost game over...

Turn 4 - Greenskins
user posted image

Savage boyz charge again the fleeing phoenix guard, which roll enough to leave the table. Black orcs swift reform into the fray and NGobbos reform to look into the eyes of the remaining swordmasters. Boar chariot keeps crawling into the action, and the mangler squig gets a TRIPLE SIX for movement and suicides itself ! Wolves move again into the midst of combat ! Nothing happens in my magic phase as I roll poorly for the Foot of Gork with my measly 4 power dice. Rock lobba misses again.

Turn 5 - High Elves
user posted image

The gallant swordmasters pick the WRONG target to charge and obviously the wolves flee again. Now it's truly game over for my opponent...

FINAL Turn (T5) - Greenskins
user posted image

Dual charge from the black orcs and the Ngobbos. Swordmasters kill two gobbos and the rest are mauled away into oblivion...


Some pretty bad choices from my opponent, with
good reactions from my part. I really capitalized on his errors to gain me a crushing 19 - 1 victory !

Some thoughts:
- If I get Dawn attack again in a next game of the league, I might be tempted to roll for the chariots and the mangler first. THEN deploy the big blocks of infantry, which will be slow moving nonetheless
- The itchy nuisance spell is GREAT! Perhaps one of the best from the little WAAAGH! lore. Shame that I only rolled for it last game. First time EVER. Makes me think about including a LVL2 Gobbo mage in my following lists
- I'm trusting the Foot of gork less and less. Sure, the scatter is only D6 but it's either a destructive warpath, or a pointless expenditure of power dice. Still undecided...
- I suppose that in greater point-value games (such as 3000+), TRIPLE rock lobba + TRIPLE doom diver is a VERY real possibility :lol: Our warmachines are just great !

Thanks for reading all this. I'll be posting my next reports for sure.


Morten C - September 14, 2011 08:22 PM (GMT)
Great battlereport :)

I love how this is classic example of a smaller army getting outmanueveret ;)

Da Spawn Man - September 14, 2011 11:49 PM (GMT)
Awesome battle report - exactly how a great battle report should look!

One question though - you say the SO unit only clipped two of the Phoenix Guard? You do know that you have to maximize the units who can hit in 8th right? I'm assuming you slid them across so the entire unit could fight?

But yes, a superb win for the green tide! Your opponent WAS silly continually charging the Wolf Riders and screwing up his movement and magic phases. I think if he'd done better with that, or at least hit something vital with his archers, the outcome could've been a bit closer.

And why did he move his archer out into the path of a unit of oncoming black orcs!? Would've been better to go the other way towards the forest, probably saving some VPs and possibly drawing away a unit like the wolf riders or boar chariot away from the main combat in the middle!

Lord_Viper - September 15, 2011 09:27 PM (GMT)
Thanks for the positive feedback

Some comments:

QUOTE (Da Spawn Man @ Sep 14 2011, 11:49 PM)
One question though - you say the SO unit only clipped two of the Phoenix Guard? You do know that you have to maximize the units who can hit in 8th right? I'm assuming you slid them across so the entire unit could fight?

Well, the short answer is NO. I did NOT slid them across.

I'll try to explain it with some diagrams:


Let's say the "S"s are the Savage big'uns; the "X"s are the Spearelves; and the "P"s are the phoenix guard. I broke the spearelves unit and OVERRAN into the Phoenix guard. I thought that the overrun movement was directly in a straight line. If so, you can see that the result was (at least in our opinion) this scenario:

I don't think you can make a turn on the overrun movement. Also, we've never allowed any "sliding" of the armies. Is it OBLIGATORY to slide now in 8th ?

QUOTE (Morten C @ Sep 14 2011, 08:22 PM)
I love how this is classic example of a smaller army getting outmanueveret ;)

Yes, it really helped having a lot of different support units. I think he got really nervous and didn't knew how to react to so many threats.

Thanks again for reading :) Keep those comments coming !

Da Spawn Man - September 15, 2011 09:52 PM (GMT)
Yep I'm about 99% sure that there is no clipping whatsoever is 8th - even if the attackers can't close the ranks, the defenders move in to maximize combat.

Such a cheater!!! ;)

Squigkikka - September 15, 2011 11:02 PM (GMT)
Yeah, what you do is that you measure for the overrun. If that hits a new unit, you pretty much work it out like a normal charge.

I used to play it just like you did until like 2 weeks ago when I was corrected on it

Da Spawn Man - September 16, 2011 06:58 AM (GMT)
If find that hard to believe Squigs! Surely you can't say I knew a rule you didn't 2 weeks ago!! ;)

Groznit Goregut - September 22, 2011 01:21 PM (GMT)
We always slide due to having to maximize frontage.

Great game! What about the first game? I don't see a report for it. Hope you make it to the finals this year.

carpet - September 22, 2011 03:55 PM (GMT)
There's nothing in the rules about sliding though.

Clipping is less likely to occur due to the greater freedom of movement when you actually come to move the chargers and yes you have to try and maximise with this movement, but if for whatever reason (maybe you're just too close when it comes to charging) and you end up clipping, there's no sliding of units to maximise once you've closed the door.
It's an inherent drawback to fielding a horde unit, sometimes they're just too unwieldy to maximise their attacks and a canny opponent will make use of this (I've been on the bad end of this!)

You can use combat reforms to get more models into contact after the first round of combat though!

Sliding was a suggested way of playing in one of the 7th edition FAQ appendices, it's never bene an actual BRB rule.

Da Spawn Man - September 23, 2011 03:17 AM (GMT)
Dude, you HAVE to maximize the number of units in combat. Whether or not this means sliding, you HAVE to. Although I'm fairly sure there's SOMETHING similar to sliding in the BRB. About 99% sure. But yeah, you have to maximize. There's no clipping any more. Zero. Zilch.

Squigkikka - September 23, 2011 07:48 AM (GMT)
Da Spawn Man, you're wrong again dude... and so many others, I'm surprised! :P Carpet has got the right of it! You don't slide, you never slide. There's still clipping and all that. Here's how it works (refer to p.20).

1. You declare a charge

2. You measure the distance

3. You roll the charger. If it is enough, you now move towards the target.

4. During this charge, you have to maximize as many models in basecontact as possible. That is, you can only do this with the move and one free wheel (+ closing the door) you've got.

It is during the charge move you maximize, the exact wording is as follows:

Succesful chargers now move into base contact with the enemy. They will move directly forward, but are permitted one wheel of up to 90 degrees as they move, and another of unlimited arc. As many models as possible from the two units must be brought into base contact

Most of the time you'll be able to get the entire unit into basecontact. However, here's an example of where you can't get everyone into base contact but still have to maximize as many as possible (you NEVER slide, there's no such thing).

user posted image

Lord_Viper - November 1, 2011 02:23 PM (GMT)
Holy crap I didn't knew about the new Overrun rules ! You guys opened my eyes to "da- truth" !

Thank you very much for your comments Squigkikka and carpet ! And thank you too Da Spawn Man for helping clearing this up. Kudos to you guys :)

@Groznit: I haven't got the time to post the full reports. As I told you on my other "abandoned" post, it's been a crazy two month period. But I'm writing a quick post this afternoon to put you guys up to date :lol:

Thanks again for your help. My community is very grateful :wub: :wub:

Da Spawn Man - November 2, 2011 06:43 AM (GMT)
I STILL dispute this sorry, but only in morality, not rule-wise. The rules obviously have changed since the last edition (well not technically since the sliding "rule" was simply a suggestion) but I think that maximizing units in combat means just that. And for me, clipping is just wrong. You're probably going to slide if you win/lose+LD test the combat anyways, so why not simply play to the spirit of the game to begin with and do it in the first round? I'm not arguing there's no sliding, I'm simply saying the rulebook says "Maximize units in combat" so THAT should be done!

Groznit Goregut - November 2, 2011 11:32 AM (GMT)
I just re-read this and I'm still surprised at your opponent charging the wolves even once (let alone twice). I haven't been using them, but am starting to miss them. It's the scenarios at events that give bonus points for having units in enemy deployment (or other location) that I wish I had them. I can think of a few other uses, too. I could've stuck 'em at an angle in front of that horde of Blood Letters that smashed my army, too.

mickkk666 - November 2, 2011 01:36 PM (GMT)
Nice battle report! Good job ;).

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