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Title: Goblins Vs Orcs 900 Pts
Description: also posted on warseer

Tanker_gobbo - July 23, 2007 12:17 AM (GMT)
His list looks like this:
Black orc big boss.
Not sure what he got. Shield, and heavy armour(I’m not sure he can opt for anything else)
(yes that was his only character, leaving an opening for my magic.

20 big uns
2 choppas on these lads, standard and music as well. Not sure if they had a boss.

15 orcs.
Possibly shields on these, full command

16 arrer boys, musician.

5 wolf riders with bows and musician(I think)
5 wolf riders with spears and possibly most likely a musician.

Giant, oh ****, f*ck me, I didn’t expect that!

My list:
Goblin big boss,
general, light armour, Sneaky Skewerer, Enchanted Shield, Triksy Trinket .
This guy is sneaky and tricky, Beware!

Goblin Shaman lvl 2
Dispel scroll(too bad he didn’t have any magic)
He got: Foot of Gork and Mork wants ya.

Night goblin big boss.
Light armour and great weapon.
Added him last to soak up points.

35 goblins with light armour and full command.

29 Night goblins with full command and spears, also one fanatic.
Both night goblin characters go here.
26 Night goblins with full command and spears, also one fanatic.
This is unit number two

6 goblin spider riders musician.

6 goblin wolf riders musician and short bows.


Tactics, those started after I had won the roll for deployment. I gave him the archer hill in favour of getting time enough to set up a huge trap. (The time came from him having to get of the hill. With took two turns for most of his army including one of his wolf rider units)
My infantry would form a big half-moon, and my light cavalry would try to lure him in.

user posted image

We rolled for who would get to chose who to starts, tied twice (I allays tie at least once on that roll) then he won and decided to go first.

3 of his units squabble on first turn, including general(black orc)s units, he only kills one though.
He moves generals unit straight forward, leaving room for giant to move past toward centre of board. His wolf riders on my right also moves forward, whilst the ones on the left squabbles(for this turn and next)

My turn:
Spider riders squabble. I spend my time setting up my line, both night goblins anchor in both woods, creating a line. My common goblins move up, and get caught in a mess created by the troll and wolf riders limited room.

Turn two.
His wolf rider declares a charge against my wolf riders. Who stand and shoot, on his riders way in, they set of both fanatics though, getting hit by one. Killing two, and one more dies to shooting. Other then that he moves forward, except for arrer boys.
In combat he kills one, but I have outnumber, so we draw.

My turn: troll fails stupidity test and walks into the fighting wolf riders. Night goblins 2 squabble, one of the fanatics scatter towards me, on towards hims.
My spider rider moves into the woods on right flank.
Either this turn or the next, my shaman got the giant stomped(4 wounds).
In the combat, my wolf riders kills one, making them flee, my riders hold though.

Turn three
First turn his riders on the left gets to move, normal orc unit move closer to woods. Big ‘un sneaks forward not wanting to get hit by the fanatic. Giant moves closer.

My turn: I straighten out my line on the left, the generals unit moves in between house and woods, the troll sits himself right in front of woods.
My wolf riders passes their panic test, and move beyond the giants charge arc, they are still in the big ‘uns though.
The spiders gets get em lads on their animosity test, but backs away in the movement phase.
No damage of shooting or magic.

Turn four:
His giant charges my generals unit, which panics, causing the giant to fail his charge.
His hth orcs move forward a few inches, but are march blocked.
His wolf riders move in behind the house, and shoots at the the fleeing generals unit, causing one death. His arrer boys shoots at my wolf riders killing two, panicking the rest.

My Turn:
Both my units rally. The wolf riders move in behind the ruin, putting pressure on his wolf riders(killing one or two with shooting as well I believe). A fanatic passes through my nightbolins (2)killing one or two.
My troll charges the giant(which is about three times as large as the troll), he feels no fear though and put the giant down to one wound. The giant head butts back though(makes the troll unable to attack back next round)
Turn five.
Both his orc units move closer, his wolf riders(only one unit left now, there is only one (panicking) left of the other unit) backs away. The arrer boys moves of the cliff with help of “get ‘em lads”.
The giant finishes of the troll with a thump.

My turn:
My wolfriders move out from behind the ruin, and shoot at the giant. Killing him :).
To delay his hitty unit of big ‘uns I do a suicide charge with my spider riders out of the woods.
The thing is though, I kill his black orc bigboss with the poison. And two other orcs with spears. They still hold though.

Turn 6
He flank charges my spider riders. He kill two, but i still kill one or two back(I tried to kill of enough from one unit, so they would pursue into my trap, but I failed). Though through static combat resolution he beat me good. And my riders fled through the woods, he restrained.

My turn, I tried to kill his big uns down(with magic and shooting) past half of its unit strength, if I had killed one more I would have succeeded.

But still, massacre! Whaaag da gobbos!

May as well add some after thought: The battle went a bit boring, maybe we should have extended it a bit. But I was after winning a bit to much for that to happen. The only units of his to get past the middle was his giant and his fast cavalry, the only units of mine was my fast cavalry.
Lesson: Fanatics and me playing makes the game too defensive. I'm thinking of changing to an all cavalry army, or maybe getting some orcs.

Warboss Dragoneye - July 23, 2007 12:35 PM (GMT)
Nice job! I especially liked the graphic at the start, kinda like DWQ. Congrats on the win!

Goomb - July 26, 2007 07:22 PM (GMT)
Great battle report, and I have to agree that this was a nice win for you. The graphic was also pretty helpful to set the scene and show your deployment.

Well done!


Tanker_gobbo - July 27, 2007 08:38 PM (GMT)
Thanks lads!

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