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Title: Compilation of Guillotine Cross Guides & FAQ
Description: Everything you need to know..

LordAkuma - May 13, 2012 05:55 PM (GMT)
DISCLAIMER: All of the information in this thread are not mine. They are from different threads and guides scattered in this section and thus belong to their respectful owners.

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Introduction to Guillotine Cross:
Guillotine Cross (commonly abbreviated as "GX") are one of the most popular jobs in our server. They are the ruling class in terms of Emperium Breaking and are very capable of handling themselves in PvP.

The three main builds of this job are CI Type, Breaker Build and DD Type.

Cross Impact Type (PVP)
Typically found in PvP Rooms and Duels, this is the most popular build in terms of damage-dishing. Mainly relying on cloaking and switching skills to kill and survive in battle, the most ideal build for a strained budget as it isn't too costly on equipments. For a more in-depth guide to the CI Build refer to Navi's CI GX Guide.

Breaker Build (WoE)
The most suitable role for a GX in WoE is being an Emperium Breaker. Their job is to get to the enemy's Emperium as close as possible and destroy it as fast as they can. That is why the GX is one of the most vital jobs in WoE, without them.. it is near-impossible to attain a castle in WoE. More information on this build is available in donthangmeup's "Brikir Build" guide and the Merged Breaker FAQ Thread.

NOTE: Although donthangmeup's guide is a couple of years old by now, it still applies up to this day. But keep in mind that that +20 Foods and Over-Refined Equipments are available now.

DD Type (WoE)
The DD Type GX relies it's DPS on their insane ASPD and competent damage. Although a little less popular in PvP than the CI Build, this type of GX can be more powerful in terms of damage-dishing than a CI GX with the right equipment and switching. Interested? Then try mini_kebs123's DD GX Guide!

That's it as far GX Builds go.. try to make your own build and experiment! /no1

Jaru Bop Pop - May 15, 2012 09:10 AM (GMT)
Read this Guide.
This acts as a directory to all the effective guides in this section here.

Please post your follow-up questions in the threads where the links will direct you. :)

Thank you! /thx

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