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Title: Mayans Motorcycle Club
Description: Asesinos de Dios

Slick Vic - May 24, 2009 06:14 PM (GMT)
The Mayans MC

In 1972, a lot of troops were returning from the war in Vietnam. In southern California, there was a number of disenchanted Mexican-American soldiers that were struggling to find a place to belong. With the popularity of motorcycles growing in California, as well as the rise of motorcycle gangs, such Hispanic soldiers saw an opportunity to experience the brotherhood that the military provided, without the horrors of foreign warfare.

Not every MC was willing to accept Hispanics into their ranks, however. The Roughnecks MC, operating in Riverside California sometime around '72, turned any Latinos who sought membership away, and were harsh about it. Angered at such bigotry and suffering another disenchanting blow, this time from the dregs of society, a group of Mexican-American Harley enthusiasts decided "If you can't join 'em, beat 'em".

Forming in Escondido, the new MC took their name and patch from an ancient and proud civilization: the Mayans. Led by a young and vicious, bitter ex Army Ranger who donned himself "Little Jefe", the Mayans became the first exclusive Hispanic biker gang ever. By 1980, they had established three charters in Southern California, and had run the Roughnecks from their home in Riverside.

The next few years however would change California history, and create a feud that would last decades.

The Mayans would create a Charter in Oakland, not far from the Sons of Anarchy mother charter in Charming, CA. It would automatically put the two clubs at odds, as the Mayans and each Chapter had become heavily involved in the heroin trade, and the Sons were notorious for their anti-drug stance. While not directly working against each other, the two club's search for territory and power would eventually culminate in hostility.

It didn't help that during this time, SoA established a few southern California charters in Ventura and Long Beach. The Reaper presence in Long Beach hurt the Mayans, who had been scouting the territory for their own prospective club and drug business. Since Southern Cali was considered by many Mayan territory, the Mayans took it as an insult. In '84, when the two clubs ended up at the same casino during a rally in Reno, a few gunshots officially started the first major biker war between the SoA and Mayans.

Today, the Mayans are an international MC with multiple clubs in different states, though their main base of power is Southern California and Nevada. Unlike their brothers in Oakland, The Escondido branch enjoys all the perks of a mother charter, with more money and power, and have a number of brother clubs in the area to make them a force to be reckoned with. With the recent truce between the Sons and the Mayans having been solidified, the previous bloodthirsty tensions between the Long Beach Sons and the Mayans, leaving unresolved tensions and confused relations. However, it has opened a new client market for the SoA to sell guns to, while also weakening the tension between the Sons and the North Long Beach Los Mags, who operated on behest of the Mayans. However, the change of stance between the Sons and Mayans and the recent feud between the Mayans and the 1-9ers has been a slight game changer, prompting the black gang to have more animosity towards both MCs.

The Mayans use the Los Mags as their street connection in North Long Beach, allowing the street gang to sell their drugs at a reasonable price and earn protection from major syndicates while they do their business in SoA's main territory. Every now and then, they recruit promising members for the Los Mags who have a penchant for violence and an appreciation for Harleys into their ranks, though such a recruiting field has started an unrest amongst the more seasoned veterans of the SoCal Mayan charters.

Aside from their H-trade, the Mayans have a sizable prostitution rink, and have tried to take both vices to the streets of LA, though have been opposed by the SoCal branches of the One-Niners, creating another statewide rivalry for the Mayans...

Colors: Green

Insignia: Mayan tribal symbol


Escondido, California (founding)
Temecula, California
Calexico, California
Twentynine Palms, California
San Diego, California
Oakland, California
Carson City, Nevada
Laughlin, Nevada
Pahrump, Nevada
Elko, Nevada

Slick Vic - May 26, 2009 12:03 AM (GMT)

President- Javier "Little Jefe" Vasquez

user posted image

Vice President- .............

Sergeant-at-Arms- .............

Treasurer- ............

Road Captain- Franco "Cowboy" Tiante

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Rudy and Pancho Villanova- Senior Advising Members

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Slick Vic - May 26, 2009 12:38 AM (GMT)
Ipolito "Twitch" Aguilar

user posted image

Martin "Mowlgie" Villalobos

user posted image

Carlos "Comanche" Brigante

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Pedro, Louie, ZZ, Joker, Lucha, Chili

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