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Posted by Riley - 05-7-06 22:45 - 6 comments
This site would be no fun if there isn't any members! Help pimp our site by putting our button in your signatures on some other sites you belong to! (Just make sure they allow you to though... otherwise they'll usually have something like a 'Pimp that Site' forum)

Here are our buttons:

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 New Board!
Posted by Riley - 05-7-06 22:35 - 0 comments
All of this was Lillay's idea, so she gets a whole jar of cookies. happy.gif I asked her to be a co-admin since we're best friends in real life and on invisionfree boards. biggrin.gif

The name of the site is from the Weird Sister's song, "Magic Works." As you may have noticed, we have a little too much time on our hands and actually changed things to go along with the lyrics, such as "This Magic Can't Die" for pinned topics, "Make Your Final Move" for moved topics, and "The Answer is There" for polls.

This site was created for all of your graphic needs. Feel free to ask questions in the Support Forum. And most importantly, have fun!

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Posted by Exquisite_Defeat - 05-7-06 03:57 - 0 comments


High Honor Artists

Honor Artists


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