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Title: 2013 Playoff Computer Prediction

Wishmaster - November 13, 2009 09:51 PM (GMT)
Indians vs. Blue Jays- Indians win 79 of the 100 match-ups

Yanks vs. Angles- Yanks win 58 of the 100 match-ups

Braves vs. Dodgers- Braves win 67 of the 100 match-ups

Dbacks vs. Cards- Dbacks win 85 of the 100 match-ups

Taking the most common match-ups the LCS's will be Indians vs. Yanks and Dbacks vs. Braves

Indians vs. Yanks- Indians win 81 of the 100 match-ups

Dbacks vs Braves- Braves win 53 of the 100 match-ups

Most common match-up for the World Series is Indians vs. Braves

Indians vs. Braves- Indians win 693 of the 1000 match-ups :(

This means the Indians have a 44.35 % of winning the world series.

The Braves are next with a 10.90 % chance of winning.

The other six teams split the remaining 44.75 % with the Angles having the lowest percent chance of winning.

Will the computer prediction come true? Guess we will just have to wait and see.

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