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Title: Prayer for Impartation
Description: Powerful Prayer Please read and receive

geemajudy - October 18, 2010 01:58 PM (GMT)

O Lord! I ask for every person reading this message to receive impartation from the Spirit of the living God a fresh breath of life that will shake off the dust in every area of their lives and bring alignment. Where we're actually operating out of unbelief and doubt, would You help us with our unbelief and doubt. You say that You want truth in our inward parts. Holy Spirit, give us impartation! Release that fresh breath that it talks about in Acts 3, that we would know a second wind.

I pray that He would release the rushing stream that's being driven by the breath of God that brings breakthrough! I pray for those who have been waiting for the fullness of the Promise. And I pray that just like the disciples of old as they waited in the upper room, that we would hear the sound of the mighty rushing wind.

I pray that for your family, for your ministry, and for your life. I pray for every aspect of your life, that this year you would literally mount up as an eagle because of the wind of God. I pray that you would soar this year more than you've ever soared before. I pray that you would not grow weary in doing good. I pray that you would know a new strength; a new courage. I pray that you would be a clarion call for many. I pray God would give you impartation, and you would know a fresh zeal of the Lord. But I pray that you'd know a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit, that every morning the flame would grow brighter and brighter as the brilliancy of His glory would go forth to the nations.

I pray you will be amazed at how the Lord uses you this year. I pray for the wind of the Holy Spirit to move in your meetings, in your prayer time, in your prayer gatherings, and in your prayer studies. I pray that even when you gather with just three or four people, that He would come like a wind in the midst of you.

I pray that right now there would be a fresh wind released for your household, for your mighty army, that any dead, dry bones that haven't been raised up into who they are, that the fresh wind of the Holy Spirit would be released, and they would stand up that the breath of God would go into them, awaken and break off spiritual stupor, awaken and cause deaf ears to hear.

God, You said You would confirm the message of the Kingdom with signs, wonders, and miracles. I pray tonight that You would release breakthrough in this place like David had as he stepped into his kingly anointing, that place of ruling out of Zion. That was a place that he ruled out of for 40 years. I pray that everybody reading this would fully step into that place and fully step into their land. And I pray, Father God, that every enemy would be scattered, every resistance would be broken through.

I pray and believe for that breakthrough movement of the Holy Spirit to be released to you! I pray you would feel a wind on your feet and that you would run swiftly this year. You're going to run swiftly this year! There's not going to be any weariness in your bones. In Jesus' name, Amen!

Prayed by Keith Miller

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