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Title: And so it ends

roselordchaos - April 8, 2009 01:25 AM (GMT)
It has been decided

Honourable Councilors
It is with pain that I announce the surrender of the last Lords of Celyddon Rose battalion. I have given this great thought and have come to the conclusion that we can no longer win the war against clan Titan. The disarmament of the joint 1st/3rd battalion shall commence immediately.

~Lord Brigia
~of the Last Battalion

OOC: Sorry guys I'l decided to close down all the forums, but will keep it available as read only so that it'll stand as some sort of monument that our clan Lords of Celyddon Rose have existed. I've talked with Jade also and she's confirmed with me that most of us are moving onto Aelyria.

Anyone guys lets keep in touch. Although our home for the past 7 years may be gone, we will always be with each other in the memories we share here.

AIM: RoseLordChaos


*sticks tongue at Idelsop* told ya i'll get the honour of having last post in our clan forums :P


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