+ No racist, sexist, ageist, or similar comments. By this i mean comments which are either spiteful or condescendingly #ist, and not unintentionally so. Any material judged racist will be deleted, and if it is thought to be intentional, action will be taken.

+ Please use moderate language. The people using this board are not necessarily old enough to watch a programme containing Gordon Ramsey, so they should not be subjected to such language here. Moderate swearing, where it emphasises a point, is acceptable, but words such as "F###" will be edited out automatically, and repeat offences will result in action being taken.

+ Do not impersonate another user. Our software records IP addresses (see Terms) and we can track you down even if you use another persons account.

+ Do not use the forum to insult people - if you have a problem with someone, "take it outside" and use email or another forum. If you have a complaint about a post, click the REPORT button on that post and a mod will deal with it - dont start a slanging match.

+ Do not use the forum to advertise irrelevant, or unsuitable services or products. This is a walking website. The same applies for links. Links or adverts for illegal, explicit or other such material will be deleted and action may be taken.


The following action may be taken if you break the rules:

+ Warning (scale up to 5 - a reason is always given)
+ Probation (All posts for a certain amount of time (or indefinately) will be passed by a moderator before being displayed.
+ Posting Ban (for a set time or indefinately)
+ Total Ban (total ban from the site for a set time or indefinately)


By using this site you agree:

+ To obey the rules and accept such action as is taken in enforcing them

+ To accept that if you have a problem with a moderators decision you should contact the board manager. The board manager's decision is final!

+ To comply with the copyright rules, and to allow Leicesterwalk and associated bodies license to use content of posts for whatever purpose they see fit.

+ To your information being collected and used in accordance with the policy below:


We reserve the right to collect information such as IP, Email address, etc. We (Leicesterwalk) will NOT pass such information on to any other party. However, we can accept no responsibility for the actions of INVISION, the hosting company and script writers of this board, who may also hav access to this information.

We also reserve the right to run IP checks, and to email users where necessary. We will only email users in cases where it is absolutely necessary (eg to inform of a ban), or of a fault on the system.

Any information posted in the message, title or personal profile is to be considered "public". Registered and non-registered members of the public can view this information, so be careful what you put there. YOU and only you are responsible for this.


Neither Leicesterwalk, Invision, the owners or any associated body can accept responsibility for any loss, injury, damage, etc, encountered due to use of this forum or associated sites. We can accept no responsibility for viruses, or other damage to your computer arising from this forum. We are not responsible for the content of external sites linked to from these forums or associated sites, nor are we responsible for the content of posts. We reserve the right to withdraw this service, alter the terms, or ban members without reason or notice, and will only enter into correspondance at the discretion of the board owners. Use of this board is entirely at the users own risk.

The script is copyright 2003 IPS, Inc.

The formatting, images and other content are (c)2003-4 Leicesterwalk (

Content of posts is the sole intellectual property of the person who posts it, although they grant Leicesterwalk license to use it for whatever purposes they see fit when posting it on these forums. This includes avatars, smilies, icons and photos.

Leicesterwalk (c) Dan Spencer 2002-4


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