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Title: Divebombers a winner!
Description: Award for best Ale

Lorraine - October 18, 2007 03:01 PM (GMT)
Divebomber Ale, made by David Tizard of Funfair Brewing Company, was officaly awarded "Beer of the Festival 2007" from CAMRA, at Ilkestons first ever Beer Festival in May!
Divebomber was voted for by the public, and is currently available throughout Ilkeston. Other Funfair ales are also avaiable, I highly reccommend a trip to the Spanish Bar, Obseratory or Drewdrop, to try out these ales! (or try them all) (hiccup...) From one local to another you wont be disapointed! :P :rolleyes: :P :rolleyes: :P :D :D :D

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