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 'RushingWind', (Humanish Male, The Northern Wind Mage)
Posted: Jun 14 2009, 01:37 PM

The Northern Wind Mage

Group: Members
Posts: 0
Member No.: 1,046
Joined: 12-June 09


RushingWind in Common Tongue
Nicknames/Other Tongues:
"RushingWind the Northern Wind Warrior" is a Nickname/Title
"Win'Nihe" in his Native Tongue, Nahi'lean
Species: Wolven Humanish
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: 27th of Janurary
Orientation: Straight, but he Seems to be Devoted/Taken
Weight: 127 lbs
Height: 5' 8''
Language(s): Common, Nahi'lean
Themesong: No Giving Up Now, Crossfade
Current Level: 5

Physical Description:

RushingWind... Weird for sure, even by humanish standards. His complection is fairly light, but with a tinge of natural red, yup, a perfect sun-tan, only it's his natural skin-color. His hair is dark, deep brown, almost black with natural bright golden streaks. This hair has been kept about mid-back length, and straight in the back, tied up in a loose pony-tail, with the sides of his face covered with straight blonde-streaked hair.

In the front, it spikes down a bit more, over his left eye. If you are lucky enough to see this eye, you would noticed that his eyes are two different colors. Just slightly.

One is deep hazel, dark, and almost black in places, with deep dark green flecks surrounded by dark brown, this is his right eye.

His left, is lighter hazel, inverse of the other, is light green, surrounding tiny light brown flecks. This one is blind, covered in a glaze that resembles ice.

Two pure white colored wolf ears come from where the human ears should be, and go up through his dark hair. His ears have notches in them, only he knows why- and one has a hole in it near the edge, fitted with a small blue Rot peice.

The rest of his face is rather normal... for humans, boxed jaw, with a pointy-ish chin, high-cheekbones, left eye unfocused and filled with the pains it saw before it was blinded. This never changes.

A scar goes over his nose in a straight, small, horizonatal and clean looking cut, but no one but he knows where it came from.

A scar shaped like a heart is cut into his left hand... It's rather odd, looks as if it were self-inflicted, but he wears gloves, that have the fingers cut out of them up to the knuckles, to hide this.

He has fairly long, and strong legs, although thin and lanky, like the rest of his form. He is usually seen wearing baggy cut-off blue-jean shorts, if you can see them behind his cloak. The back of his shorts have a hole cut into them rather roughly, where his pure white wolf tail can move freely.

His fingertips are normal humanlike- but his knuckes sport black wolf-claws, he keeps his fingernails painted black.

He keeps an Rot, green, around his left ankle, along with a few bandages, seemingly for show. He's very rough, overall, and obviously travel-worn.

He has two dark blue arrow markings that start over his eyes and go down on both of his sides, down his face, neck, sides, torso, and end at his tailtip with arrows. Like So:
{Eye}[::::::(Along Side)::::::>† Tailtip†† <::::::(Along Side)::::::]{Eye}

He has a necklace, made of a thin black cord, with four Nahi'lean coins (black, with bronze sides and a hole in the center) tied in with it, on either side of these, are small red tear-shaped beads... Odd. This necklace also has a glass-covered origami rose tied to it, very tiny.

He always carries a staff... that looks like This. And wears a long cloak, that is white with a snowflake eveloped in wind on the back. It's high-collared, and has a short sleeve on his right arm, going little past his shoulder. On the left, it has a longer sleeve, going far past his hand, that starts out yellow at the shoudler, and fades to deep red at the tip.

Mental and/or Social Description:

He's no stranger to the city at all, and was here about 3 years ago, with a girl... Yeah, she's gone now, and he's the only one. He was surprised that none of their old freinds where there to mourn his loss of his best freind... and True Love.

Well, one was, but it isn't like she'd remember. Or care.

The Rest... 'Lie In Peices' (as one of them once said long ago), he is most sure of it.

He may look sad, with his blinded (and full of odd magic) left eye, but he tries to keep himself happy. He usually comes off as calm, collected, and serious- no matter what he does. He's protective, and hard-thinking.

He meets others with a gentle nod, and tail wag. A smile, at the best he can give, seeing as he does not want others to see his blinded eye, full of shock, love, and sadness.

The last thing it saw before it was blinded... Is painted all over it's glazed front.

It's easy to make an enemy of him, but he doesn't mind company. He's hard-headed, and will fight for what he beleives in, but is quite tired of fighting, frankly. He's seen the death, and pain it's caused too much before. He will fight if he sees it as neceisary, and he's all for helping others meet their goals. He's protective over freinds, dearly.

He is often seen with a little black-and-grey estharne on his lap, and a large vulticus with bells on it's neck at his side, and even a glowing enileaf on his shoulder.

He's so tired of travel, but knows he's going to have to make his way back to the desert, to try and help ease the memories he's kept ahold of for these months... Maybe it'll heal him. Maybe he'll make his goal someday.

He fought as a criminal is the desert for a few years with his band of people, two females, and three males, so well that he gained an unnaturally high amount of strength, stamina, and dexterity, as well as learning a quite a bit about weapons and fighting.

He learned of his magical 'powers/understanding' (as well as his love's- they were born from different families of his village, on the same night, under the same eclipse, four minutes apart). As well as working on his odd art skills.

He still has odd nightmares of his past horrors, most of the death of most of his group. The people whom they wronged still hunt him to this day- so he's constantly running away, and paranoid.


+Train and befreind his main pets
+Get together the AIO
+Heal emotionally
+Bond with helpers
+Reconnect with one of the freinds he went on the journey with
+Go back to the Desert, to the burial site of his Love
+Obtain the 'Key to Life and Death' (The Power of Necromanicy)
+Train to hsi phisical peak
+Help Others


Stamina: 4
Strength: 4
Resistance: 3
Dexterity: 4
Mentality: 3


Bear's Strength


Start 6
-One Eye (Blind in his Left Eye) +2
Now 8
-Recurring Nightmares (Of his Love's Death) +2
Now 10
-Stallion's Stamina -2
Now 8
-Veteran -8
Now 0
-Hunted +2 (By Several different Forms of the Law)
Now 2
-Falcon's Grace -2

Skill Groups:

Combat (Veteran) (+6 Skill Points For this Group)


Start 4 (6 in Combat)
-Natural Brawler (Can use 'Punch')
Now 4 (5 in Combat)
-Dodge (Can use 'Dodge')
Now 4 (4 in combat)
-First Weapon (Knows how to use a 'Bladed Staff' as a weapon) [Like a Glaive, Scythe, or Spearish object]
Now 4 (3 in combat)
-Kick (Can use 'Kick')
Now 4 (2 in combat)
-Magical Awareness (Can learn Magic, if a source is found)
Now 2 (2 in combat)
-Artist (Can use any dry medium to make drawings)
Now 0 (2 in combat)
(Gain 2 Levels)
Now 2 (2 in combat)
(Gain 2 Levels)
Now 4 (2 in combat)
-Foreign Language (Nahi'lean) /Rank 1/
Now 0 (2 in combat)
(Gain 1 Level)

Moves Known, and What They Do:
.:'Punch'- Strikes with a fist to cause damage.
+5 to damage
.:'Dodge'- Dexteriously darts away from the foe, preventing damage by avoiding it all-together.
+5 to resistance - to ALL types
.:'Kick'- The creature swipes at its foe with a leg.
+4 to damage

user posted image
Brothers In Arms,
If Old enough Alone to Fly-
Then We're Old Enough to Die!
Posted: Jul 3 2009, 06:24 PM

The Northern Wind Mage

Group: Members
Posts: 0
Member No.: 1,046
Joined: 12-June 09


RushingWind's Staff Information
(If You're Curious)
user posted image

Name: Zheh'Riou
Sort of Weapon: 'Bladed' Staff (+5 Damage)
Damage Sort/Amount:
+2 Phisical
+2 Wind
+1 Cold
Method of Obtaining: Given from the birth of RushingWind by his Village Leaders as a 'Gift of Honor'.
Notes: The Color of the glow around the tip changes with RushingWind's Mood. (During Roleplays, Has No Effect in Battles/Anything Else, just a neat feature)
Important: The glow includes EVERYHTING that is bright that surrounds the Arrowhead...
Tip- Obsidion
Wood- CherryWood
Grip: Black Leather On Bronze
Writing Above Grip: Black Ink on Oak Wood
Feather Decoration: Peacock Feather attached by a Chryscola Stone
Decorative Wrappings Near Tip: Gauze

Colors of Staff, and What They Mean
(Color: What RW's Mood Is)
Blue-Green: Sorrow
Blue: Depressed
Green: In Deep Thought
Red*: Angry
Purple: Sad+Angry
Pink: Crush***
White With a Tinge of Pink: Loving/Playful
White With Rainbow Tinges: May signify a mix of complicated emotions, or show enjoyment in a particular activity, often associated with music.
White With Yellow: Happiness to see someone.
White with Yellow/Pink Tinges: Happiness to see a family member.
White: Happy
White with Teal or Blue Tinges: Often colors itself this way when in contact with winter-y type things.
Orange: Utter Rage
Red With a Tinge of Orange: (Advice= Run Away, nuff' said)
Black: Frightened, or Intimidated
Black With a Tinge of Red: Frightened, But ready to Defend Himself
Black Wth a Tinge of Blue: Surprised
Black With a Tinge of Green: Planning Escape/Battle Strategy
Black With a Tinge of Pink: Seductive**
Black With a Tinge of Purple: Artistic Muse
Haze White-Grey, with Maroon Tinges: ???
Any Color Dimmed Down: Sleepy, Asleep, or Unconsious
No Glow At All: Dead

*The more vibrant the Red, the more angry he is
**Only One Person Has Seen this before, and She is Dead
***This glow grows brighter and brighter from 'minor crush' all the way to 'deep love'.

user posted image
Brothers In Arms,
If Old enough Alone to Fly-
Then We're Old Enough to Die!
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