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 Kitsune, Annoyingness in a new form...
Posted: Mar 14 2008, 03:11 PM

Lower Class

Group: Members
Posts: 170
Member No.: 160
Joined: 14-March 08

Name: Kitsune (nicknames: Kay or Kit)
Species: Animalistic - Mammalian
Gender: Female
Age: Roughly 14

Physical Description: Kitsune is of average size and weight, being5’ 2” and a little bit less than one-hundred pounds… she also has rather large, narrow feet, and equally long, narrow fingers. ‘Course, there’s also the fact that she’s basically an animal on feet…

This fox-like mammalian has short, somewhat bristly orange fur covering her body, cream replacing orange on her neck, chest, belly, and the tip of her bushy tail. Both brown/gray-green eyes are nestled under a long nest of orange, black-tipped hair. Above that mess of hair are two enormous, orange bat-like ears that are always twitching or flicking because of something. Kay’s short muzzle is almost always twisted into a grin or an overdramatic scowl.

Kit isn’t heavily muscled, and isn’t very fast or strong, but if you let her get ahold of something, she won’t let it go until you hurt her; Kay’s pain tolerance is pretty high, too, which is good… she’s always tripping over her own two feet.

Mental and/or Social Description: Kitsune’s mind, if minds had flavors, would be distinctly chocolate-y. With sprinkles. Her mind is vaguely childlike, having difficulty grasping ideas like genocide. She is, however, very loveable, good-humored, and friendly, easily living on her own (with a brood of animals) or in a group.

Kitsune has a problem: her mind is always wandering. If something catches her attention, it’s likely that she will follow it to the ends of the earth to find out what it is. This also means that she’s very imaginative, constantly daydreaming, and creative. She’s always sketching things that look like creatures not-yet released from the Labs: half-formed beasts and birds that flit through her imagination like ghosts on a breeze. Of course, if you poke her enough, she’ll grudgingly do a landscape or a portrait, but those are few and far between.

And… Kitsune just has this tiiiny little… medium-sized… extremely strong urge to exaggerate whenever she’s talking to. And lying is pretty easy, as well. Both happen on a regular basis: small forms become piles and piles of paperwork, events that never happened come to mind and mouth…
There’s also the fact that she is terrified of clowns. Kit will literally do anything to avoid the little buggers and their cloud of white makeup; a childhood fear that never quite left her is summoned back up whenever one draws near. She’s been called clownish herself, but that doesn’t change the fact that she will do anything to avoid them.

Goals: Whenever she can get her priorities straight, they usually go something like this:

1. Training: When she first came to the city, the novelty of having a “magical” companion was very appealing… and, well, she quickly adopted two wiurns, two izers, a chiryma, an equillion, and a rend golossle. More creatures came, and now they’re, well, a chaotic mess. Kitsune’s main goal in life is to get her messy household in order.
2. Botany: Before the City, Kitsune was being trained to become a herbalist. Although she never had the patience to pay attention much, Kitsune’s very interested in the idea of having a “garden” of plant-creatures to watch over and harvest. Plus, it could be useful!
3. Expansion: One day, this strange little mammalian is hoping to have her own business. She isn’t sure what, exactly, it might be, but she wants one. Perhaps a kennel, or a grooming place, or something… Of course, she’s also fancied the idea of an aquarium, so anything, really, is possible.
4. Exploring: Who hasn’t heard the mystical stories of what still lurks in the world? Perhaps once Bones is well-trained enough, she’ll seriously consider going Beyond.


Stamina: 3
Strength: 3
Resistance: (3 + 1) 4
Dexterity: (4 – 1) 3
Mentality: 3

Attribute: Swim


Feline Curiosity
Turtle’s Blessing
Rat’s Blessing

Skill Groups: Artisan (bonus skill group with Imagination), Husbandry, Botany

Skills: Artist, Sculptor, Tribal Dancing; Plant Lore, Berry Picking, Toxin-wise

Note: Yes, I read the little thing that said ‘no kitsunes’. My character is NOT a kitsune. She just happens to be naaaamed Kitsune.

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The Tricircle...
Out of sight, but never out of hearing range.
Posted: Jul 24 2009, 09:17 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 59
Member No.: 4
Joined: 1-October 07

Your character was not approved.

Reasons: More than allowed maximum number of traits (which is 6.); No native language listed.

This post will be deleted when your character is approved.

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The light that ignites in the dark, it makes us all glow.
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