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Title: Dexterity Training
Description: Train for + Dexterity!

Spirit - October 29, 2007 01:17 AM (GMT)
user posted image

*under construction*

However, we are open! =D

This is the dexterity training area. It's a large room, relatively flat, wooden floor. Creatures come here to learn how to move gracefully, to dodge enemies. There is a side room, where there's a contraption much like a batting cage- only the soft balls get thrown at random.

In a separate room, adjacent to the main room, is a large pool. If your creature is Salt water, you'll need tablets from the Docks master to train, as it's all fresh water. (Just RP having the pellets, as it's not a real item). Here, your pet can learn to dodge and move smoothly and gracefully through the water. Use your imagination! This place has just about anything worth wanting, within reason.

Any dex training goes here. Feel free to interact with other members, as you're all in the same room(s). ^_~ Or work in a corner by yourself, it's up to you!

For now, it'll be all in one thread. Then, as more people join, there will be people limits on each thread...

Questions, feel free to PM Ashe!

Note: It's VERY challenging to go up a stat. It takes a LOT of effort.

Also remember, read This.

Dex can also be considered coordination.

Imperfection - April 20, 2008 03:13 AM (GMT)
(*hesitant about RPing here* Tell me if I'm doing wrong, or if theres a way I can improve. I'm not quite sure what to do here.)

user posted image
Imp jogged into the gym, long hair tied in a tight ponytail at the back of her head so as not to get in her way, trakkiedaks, tight-fitting shirt and trainers on, Sin in a head collar with a lead rope at her side (it took her so long to get it on him she was beginning to wonder whether it was worth it.)

"Alright, Sin," sad Imp, mismatched eyes staring at the gallor, "we are going to enter that contest - and win," she said. Sin, noticing Imp's voice was neither excited nor anxious, payed no real attention, but yawned. "Sin!" she snapped, and Sin turned his head lazily toward her.

She held his leadrope tight and began jogging round the gym, Sin trotting rather lazily at her side. Increasing to a sprint, the gallor actually used some effort, which still didn't assure her, as he increased to a trot.

"Charge! Jump! charge!" cried Imp, and Sin did what he was told (momentarily) before stopping, deciding he had an itch. His red eyes stared at her in disdain, clearly saying 'this is trivial. is there anything more interesting?'

Zevi - April 20, 2008 03:28 AM (GMT)
Zevi was finally going to work on Kat's stats. She was a killer when it comes to strength but the tempered seeker was fairly slow at dodging. Zevi lead the large beast to the gyms to train her. Zevi's normal blue hoodie had been discared for a black T-shirt with little blue stars dotting it. She was still wearing a pair of baggy jeans, they dragged the ground as normal. Her black converse were hardly seen under the extra of her long pants. It didn't matter, she wasn't the one who would get hot and sweaty.

Kat trotted behind her, attempting to paw at the amulet hanging around her neck. She lothed it more than she lothed the girl infront of her. She didn't hate Zevi, she didn't like having to submit to her as she always did. Not that seekers where capable of that kind of thought, if they were she would have thought it.

They had finally entered the room to find another person in there already. The gallor with the girl was amazingly beautiful. His white and red pelt stunned Zevi. Zevi waved as they passed her, she was going to put the seeker in the cage.

Kat entered the cage with little fear, whatever it was, she would eat it. When Zevi flipped the switch to turn it on, the baseballs flew out slowly. Kat just looked at the first few that hit her then got aggitated and ate one. She must have decided that they didn't taste good and leapt out of the way for the next few. Zevi tried to swollow a giggle but couldn't.

Imperfection - April 20, 2008 03:36 AM (GMT)
Imp stopped and waved to Zevi, smiling, before sprinting around the gym again. Sin put a little more effort into it, finally accepting that if he didn't at least try they'd be here for hours, and really, he didn't have time for that.

Strides lengthening, lean body swerving, spots clashing against eachother, making his feathers and fur an amazing illusion. Imp was already beginning to sweat; she sprinted faster, faster, till she was at her extent, and continued at that speed for quite a while.

After fifteen minutes of intense running, Imp stopped, praising Sin. "Goog boy, Sin, good boy," she said between puffs. Sin ignored her and began to wander to the side, but a sharp tug at his leadrope ensured that he knew that was not what was wanted.

Aster a drink was taken from both of them, Imp straightened up, grabbed Sin's leadrope and continued running around the gym. Sure, it was a rather perilous, especially when the room was the size of a small football pitch.

Zevi - April 20, 2008 03:50 AM (GMT)
Zevi watched the pair race around the track, maybe she should have done that with Kat. Kat was fast enought, seekers were supposted to be the fastest things around. She giggled as the aggitated seeker threw one of the baseballs out of the room then, following it, stormed out. Maybe Zevi would run with her. She took off after the other pair as they began running again. She wasn't going to say anything to them, not yet anyways.

Kat took off after her owner, who lead her through a series of weave polls which she was dodging. Zevi was attempting to keep ahead of the dark beast but that didn't really work. Kat sauntered ahead of her and Zevi could swear that she grinned at her, maybe just a trick of the light?

Panting at a comfortable speed, Kat jogged at twice Zevi's full running speed. The weave polls vaulted off of her body like they were a north and she were a south magnet. The rhymick thump felt good to her and she purred happily.

((Epic Fail))

Imperfection - April 20, 2008 04:03 AM (GMT)
After the warm up, Imp tied Sin's lead rope up and went to the store cupboard and began rummaging through it. After roughly five minutes, she returned, carrying a swarm of white poles, complete with stands. Sin sighed inwardly.

She set them out, a body-length away from the next one. When she was finished, a corner of the gym was covered in white poles, looking rather like a forest. Untying Sin, she walked him through the poles, slowly and gracefully going past each one first. Sin just walked through them, knocking the occasional one over.

After setting up the poles Sin had knocked over, she went through them again at a leisurely trot, and Sin followed, this time knocking over only three poles. She tied sin up again, and changed the poles around, making them closer together, denser, and harder to get through.

This time, she went through with Sin at a sprint, dodging pole after pole, going increasingly faster.. and faster.. and faster.

Zevi - April 20, 2008 04:15 AM (GMT)
Zevi watched the other girl train, she was better than Zevi at this, much better. Zevi moved the poles closer and put them in a more complicated pattern. Kat knocked a lot of them over until Zevi did it herself. After running the pattern a few times alone, Zevi was joined by Kat. They dodged the polls with a little bit of ease. Zevi kind of felt like she was getting more of a workout then Kat but she had been putting on a few pounds the last few weeks of relaxing.

Kat made the weaving look effortless until Zevi made the spaces about two feet wide. The large creature could barely make it through and knocked several down. After a few annoyed growls, Zevi made the space about three inches bigger. Kat made it through a bit easier until she got almost to her top speeds, which she knocked most of them over. She slowed down and worked up but slower this time.

Zevi was amazed at the seeker's adjusting her speeds to work on her accuracy. She decided they had enough and called her to a stop with the amulet. They drank some water and went back to the baseball cage. Zevi knew Kat hated it but it took less effort on her part.

Imperfection - April 20, 2008 05:01 AM (GMT)
Imp, satisfied with their pole work (for now - you just wait), brought out a large tub from her bag. Inside, she had a stir-fry for her and Sin; yes, for them both. It was made with large quantities of steamed brown rice, smoked beef and pork, vegetables and onion. "Hey, do you want some stir-fry?" she called out to the girl with the seeker. After eating their share, she laid it on the bench with a call of "Its over here if you want it," and led Sin toward the cage.

Sin was not pleased with this. A cage? Why would she want to put him in a cage? After much pushing and tugging, Imp got a very disgruntled Sin inside and closed the cage door before he escaped. Imp started the machine, and baseballs shot slowly out at first, gradually increasing speed.

Even though her intelligent gallor knew 'dodge', she did not want to call it out, for that was the whole point of the regime; to become more graceful and surefooted in battle. At first, three hit Sin smack-0dab in the forehead, before he got disgruntled and started dodging them.

Imperfection - April 20, 2008 07:42 AM (GMT)
The machine gradually got faster and faster, throwing balls in billions of directions at once. Sin was utterly bewildered now, jumping this was and that, lean body twisting and turning to avoid the hard-hitting baseballs.

Imp lowered the 'level' on the machine and the flow of balls eased up a little. Sin was rather grateful for this, and dodged the balls with more swerving, circular movements, until he ha developed a pattern.

It had taken Imp so long to get him in there that she wasn't going to get him out anytime soon. She kept adjusting the levels, from slow to fast to medium to fast again, and this was agitating Sin so much he did better and better in hope to get out of there.

Img fell over laughing when a ball slammed him between the ears, making the gallor fluff up his feathers so he looked like a candycane puffball.

Imperfection - April 20, 2008 07:53 AM (GMT)

Imp, taking mercy of the gallor, grabbed his leadrope and opened the door. Before she could clip it onto his headcollar, the gallor had leapt over her and ran to the other side of the hall, still fluffed up. Imp laughed so hard she nearly chocked, and went to retrieve her gorgeous gallor.

Once Imp had calmed Sin into changing from his fluffball state back into a regular gallor, she dived into her back and retrieved a soft-disc shooter (you know those things that look like bright green plastic guns and shoot out soft foam discs? Yeah, them.) and shot one. It went roughly four meters, but made Sin dodge just the same.

She continued shooting the discs at him, enjoying watching him frenzied expression when one got too close for comfort. When he had had enough of the neon colourful things that were trying to assasinate him, he squashed and tore the neared one to pieces, then sat on it for good measure.

Imperfection - April 21, 2008 07:05 AM (GMT)
Imp blinked. Apparently, the soft foam discs weren't wanted by Sin anymore (were they ever?) and so she decided to move on. The problem was.. how? They had pole-weaved, dodged balls and discs... How could she get Sin to move 'gracefully'?

Imp suddenly had a flash of inspiration. Sin was a gallor.. an arrogant male one, at that. And of course, arrogant male gallors love showing off for pretty female gallors. And so, if you're creative, you can see what Imp's idea was.

The only problem now was.. she needed a female gallor. Of course, she had a Encanto, but - oh yes, her dear Myinka! Myinka may not be full gallor, but she was half at least, and she had her mothers beauty. Imp commanded Sin to 'sit and stay!' before tying him up and dashing out of the gym.

Imperfection - April 26, 2008 06:37 AM (GMT)
About three seconds later, though, Imp came dashing straight back in again, breathless. "Sin.. we... have to go.. I totally.. forgot.." she managed between gasps, lunging at Sins leadrope and grabbing it.

Sin had no intentions of moving, however. He had dug his sharp talons in the polished floor and looked at Imp with disdain. "Sin. Come, now, you lazy buttwipe," she said impatiently, tugging hard on his leadrope. Sin stood up, heaved a great sigh, and followed.

"Seeya," she called to Zevi, waving, and ran out of the gym, Sin trotting at her heels.

Obsidion - October 5, 2008 07:49 PM (GMT)
user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
Name: Kro
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Species: Thundergug
Breed: Greyscale
Level: 56
Loyalty: 69
Stamina: 20
Strength: 16
Resistance: 9
Dexterity: 5
Mentality: 2
Special Abilities: Hardy, Intimidation, Physical Resistance, Empathetic Link
Moves: Horn Strike, Thunder, Charge, Roar, Rend, Headbutt, Kick, Bash, Dodge
Name (1)
Come (1)
Stay (1)
No (1)
Follow (1)
Move (1)
Carry load (2)
Pull Buggy (2)
Carry Rider (2)
Go (1)
Stop (1)
"Back" (1)
Turn Right/left (1)
Faster/slow down (1)
Ground Tie (2)
Roar (3)
Rend (3)
Headbutt (3)
Kick (2)
Thunder (4)
Bash (3)
Dodge (4)

He had to admit, he was rather intimidated by this place. Not that many people had used the Gym, to his knowledge, maybe it was just too advanced for Kro and him just now... But still, he had to start working! Kro just needed some help, he was too slow for the young man's taste right now. So, after doing a bit of thinking, they'd finally come to the Gym. And oh, there was a lot of work to do...

Glancing around, getting Kro to calm down just a bit, he found the thing that shot balls out of it. Well, maybe that would work... Why? Kro asked, when Obsidion asked him to go stand in front of it. Chuckling, he nodded toward the big Gug, Because you're too slow you big box. You need to learn to move a bit quicker.

Kro snorted, but at least he stood in front of the machine. Now, how was the young man supposed to turn it on? Oh yeah, On/Off switch.... Coughing a little and glancing around to make sure no one else had seen that, Obsidion flicked the switch. Now, start dodging when you see a ball coming at you! he told Kro firmly, watching as the first shot toward the big Gug. Trumpeting a little in alarm, Kro leaned to the side, trying to escape it. Obsidion smacked his forehead, that was not how to do it...

(Obsidion: 245 9/10)
(Kro: 56 5/5; +1; 69 5/5; +2)

Obsidion - October 5, 2008 07:54 PM (GMT)

You actually have to move your feet you know, the young man finally muttered, glaring at the Thundergug. Not worth it, was the retort. Obsidion sighed and glanced around, really glad no one else was here. If he couldn't get his own Thundergug to listen to him, then what good was it?

Okay, start moving around or I'll start running after you with a very sharp, pointy stick... Obsidion threatened, glaring again. Kro snorted and finally lifted a foot as another ball came sailing at him. The young man grunted, at least he'd moved a leg, but it really wasn't what he'd had in mind. This was going to be a chore, and he really wanted Kro to speed up. He actually wanted the Gug to rival Ferris in speed, if at all possible.

Right, well, we're going to be here for awhile if you're going to just do that, Obsidion pointed out, nodding toward him threateningly.

(Obsidion: 245 10/10; +1)
(Kro: 57 1/5; 71 1/5)

Obsidion - October 5, 2008 08:04 PM (GMT)

NO! Kro bellowed, stomping at that. The young man snorted, face to face with the angry Gug. Well, if you'd actually do what I ask, then we won't have to stay here too long, he calmy pointed out, eyes sparkling a bit. He wasn't entirely torturing him, but it was so fun...

Glaring at each other for a bit, Kro finally backed down. Fine... he muttered, grumbling a little to himself as he eyed the thing that ket shooting stuff at him. Good boy, now, starting dodging! Obsidion said with a grin, flicking the machine on once again.

Almost immediately a ball went sailing toward the Gug. In a great display, Kro shuffled to the side, almost tripping and falling. He snorted, fine, the Human wanted him to die, apparantly. Why else would they be here, doing all of this? And his little Kitty might get hurt!

(Obsidion: 246 1/10)
(Kro: 57 2/5; 71 2/5)

Obsidion - October 5, 2008 08:10 PM (GMT)

See? Not that hard is it? Obsidion asked, thrilled that he'd at least attempted to move. Kro snorted and glared at him, fully understanding that the Human just wanted him to die. Yes he protested, nodding to where he'd almost tripped and fallen. That could be dangerous, he was a big guy! He couldn't just go falling everywhere and hope that he didn't end up crushing himself...

Oh don't worry, you'll get better, I promise, Obsidion said with what he thought was a hopeful smile. He didn't want the Gug to get hurt, at all really, but there really wasn't much he could do, sadly. Another ball shot toward Kro and it smacked right into him. He was a bit too slow to dodge many at once, or, really, to dodge some that came out of the machine too close together. And that was why they were at the Gym.

(Obsidion: 246 2/10)
(Kro: 57 3/5; 71 3/5)

Obsidion - October 6, 2008 08:02 PM (GMT)

Three more shot out of the machine, straight at Kro. The Thundergug trumpeted again, not at how fast they were going, but the fact that he was sure he couldn't dodge them all. Slowly, he began to move, fast as he could. Front legs shifted this way and that before deciding to go left, followed by his back feet. A frustrated snort escaped him as he only dodged out of the way of one of the balls, but not the other two.

DUMB! he roared in Obsidion's mind, making the young man wince. No, it's not, I promise! You don't want some other huge creature come charging at you and not be able to get out of the way do you? he pleaded, black eyes boring pitifully into Kro's. The Gug finally snorted, realizing that they weren't going to leave until he got a little faster. Fine, they'd stay, and he'd try. Would the Human finally be happy then?

(Obsidion: 246 3/10)
(Kro: 57 4/5; 71 4/5)

Obsidion - October 6, 2008 08:26 PM (GMT)

Okay then, gonna keep doing it right? Obsidion asked, eyes still pleading with his big Gug. Kro sighed a little and shifted his great weight, still uncomfortable with it all. But yes, he understood that he needed to be a little faster, he couldn't just barrel through everything all the time. Sure... he finally said, eyes admitting defeat. Obsidion gave him a brilliant smile and went over to hug him around one of his huge legs, That's my boy, let's get started again then.

Walking back over to the machine, the young man flicked it on again, watching as several balls suddenly launched toward Kro. The Gug snorted a little, intent on dodging them like he needed to. But sadly, he only missed two of the huge number coming at him. The young man tilted his head a little, soon he'd need to start collecting them and putting them back into the machine.

(Obsidion: 246 4/10)
(Kro: 57 5/5; +1; 71 5/5; +2)

Obsidion - October 8, 2008 05:53 PM (GMT)

Too much work, Kro finally grumbled, almost tripping over himself again when he tried to get out of the way of yet another ball. Obsidion chuckled a little, eying him happily, Oh, we've done more and you know it. The Thundergug snorted and grunted a little at that, weaving out of the way of yet another ball.

Oh when would it end?! Kro didn't like this at all, but as long as they were there, he might as well work on something. He did need to speed up just a bit, but maybe that would only be so he could get out of the way of another Gug coming his way. Leathery skin wasn't really sweating, even though he probably should be. But he was sure he'd done a lot more than this.

Alright Kro. Concentrate on the objects coming at you!

(Obsidion: 246 5/10)
(Kro: 58 1/5; 73 1/5)

Obsidion - October 8, 2008 06:05 PM (GMT)

He stared intently at the machine the Human was standing behind. Sure, it was fine for him to just stand there, watching him, but what was he really doing? If Obsidion was going to tell him that it wasn't all that hard, then why didn't he come out and do it? But he probably wouldn't go for it, why bother asking?

And so, watching as several balls came flying out of the machine at him, the Gug snorted. He would fix this, he would make it all better. If only to prove to the Human that he could do whatever he wanted. Kro took a lumbering step to the right, dodging the first couple of balls, but when the last few came at him, he wasn't so sure. They were headed straight for his face, which was never a good thing! So he moved his head to the side, eyes a little wider than usual as he watched them swing by and smack into his side. ...still dumb, he muttered, throwing a glare at Obsidion. Oh stop whining, this is good for you, I promise! the young man told him cheerfully, eying him happily. At least there'd been a bit of progress made, right?

(Obsidion: 246 6/10)
(Kro: 58 2/5; 73 2/5)

Obsidion - October 8, 2008 06:14 PM (GMT)

Obsidion smiled and flicked the machine off, needing to go refill it. He smiled up at Kro and rubbed his snout when he reached him It's not all that bad is it? I mean, you're already starting to get a little better...

Kro snorted as he watched the Human begin to put all the balls into a sack so he could refill the machine. Yes... he said, though not entirely sure if that meant it was difficult or not. How bad was it when you couldn't even understand your own answer?

The young man smiled and tossed a ball at the Gug, nodding happily a little when he leaned out of the way. Your footwork just needs a little improvement is all, he told him, thrilled that there had been at least a little headway. Okay, bag was full, now to refill the machine. Pouring all of them back in, Obsidion glanced up at Kro, Ready to go again?

(Obsidion: 246 7/10)
(Kro: 58 3/5; 73 3/5)

Obsidion - October 8, 2008 07:45 PM (GMT)

When Kro grunted, Obsidion took it as a sign that he was ready. Well, ready or not, it was going to happen anyway! Flicking the machine on, he was surprised when a few balls immediately shot toward his Gug. Oh boy, Kro'd have fun with this. Concentrate on them all one at a time! he called, hoping he wasn't too engrossed in what he was doing.

Kro snorted a little and moved his front half to the side, shifting every so slightly so the first ball would streak by. Then, pushing his front half into the air, he shifted the other way, moving out of the way of yet another. But the rest were clumped into a nice, big group. Staring them down, the Gug snorted and shambled to the left, getting hit by a few of the ones on the outside of the clump. Hey, he was impressed at least...

(Obsidion: 246 8/10)
(Kro: 58 4/5; 73 4/5)

Obsidion - October 8, 2008 07:52 PM (GMT)

Good job! See? You're getting better yeah? Obsidion asked, proud of his big Gug. Oh, there was a lot of work left to do, but it was a start at least. Pushing his hair back, he nodded at Kro again. Maybe this time he'd be able to miss them all...

More balls shot at the Gug, making him almost trip as he rushed to get out of the way. Sure, why throw balls at a Gug anyway? Actually... Obsidion frowned a little, thinking about it. Maybe Kro would want to get away a bit quicker if it was something heavier. But really, what could he do? He didn't want to put rocks in the machine and have it launch them at him, so what could he do...?

Kro snorted and finally lumbered out of the way, getting hit by a few balls in the process. Actually, he was getting rather irritated, there wasn't any point to all of this! If he needed to be faster, why not have him run? Oh wait, don't give the Human any ideas...

(Obsidion: 246 9/10)
(Kro: 58 5/5; +1: 73 5/5; +2)

Obsidion - October 8, 2008 08:09 PM (GMT)

Right, off they went again. Obsidion supposed the machine launced the balls at random, but really, who was he to know. One after another, three left the machine, headed straight for Kro. At least he saw them coming, the young man figured he'd be even more mad if he didn't.

Kro shifted to the side a bit, missing one of them and grunting. Good, at least that was one down. He eyed the next two and shambled to the left a little, missing the next one. Good. Then the last one was coming straight for his face. Oh good, that's the part he really had problems with. Growling a little about it, the Gug quickly tried to shuffle to the right, almost ending up falling and crushing himself in his rush to do it. Like I said, one at a time and make sure you know where the others are, Obsidion told him after making sure his Gug was alright. Kro just snorted and glared at him. Yeah, the Human definitely wanted him to die...

(Obsidion: 246 10/10; +1)
(Kro: 59 1/5; 75 1/5)

Obsidion - October 11, 2008 07:21 PM (GMT)

Remember! One at a time! Obsidion said with frustration as the Gug shambled to the side. He was simply trying to miss the entire group, which just... didn't work! Okay, sure, missing the whole group was fine, but in doing so, Kro was still getting hit when he could have avoided all of them. The young man wasn't sure whether the Gug was panicking or just didn't care if he got hit by something soft. Maybe he would have to upgrade to rocks soon... He sighed, he really didn't want to shoot rocks at him, it could hurt him after all, but if that was what needed to happen, then that's what would happen.

...right.... Kro snorted, giving him another glare. If they kept this up, he didn't know if he'd survive. But already he felt just a tad faster, he wasn't sure if it was real though, or if he was just thinking he was.

(Obsidion: 248 1/10)
(Kro: 59 2/5; 75 2/5)

Obsidion - October 16, 2008 09:35 PM (GMT)

Just keep going, you'll get it! Obsidion offered as words of encouragement. He was pretty sure Kro was about to kill him, but still. The young man coughed a little and smiled as another ball shot toward the Thundergug. He had to admit, it was kind of fun watching the Gug try to get out of the way as gracefully as possible. Kro always ended up almost falling over himself, but still, it amused him. As long as he wasn't in the way at least.

Kro snorted and shifted to the side a little, making sure the ball didn't hit him. He didn't get the point of using something so soft though, he could barely even feel them when he did get hit! Though he didn't want to tell the Human that, then he'd start using something harder. Like rocks... A shiver went through the Gug before he shifted the other way, getting out of the way of two more balls. It was interesting, already he could feel himself doing a little better. And wasn't that what this place was all about?

(Obsidion: 248 5/10)
(Kro: 59 3/5; 75 3/5)

Obsidion - October 17, 2008 05:05 AM (GMT)

He popped his neck, grinning as the Gug lumbered around, trying to get out of the way of another group of balls. The poor guy, maybe he needed a break soon. No, what he needed was to find something to chase him around maybe... Obsidion leaned back on his heels and tilted his head. Hey, that might actually work!

What... Kro asked warily, glancing over at the Human. He knew that feeling, the one the Human got before something bad was about to happen to him... Oh nothing, just something that might need to happen a bit later in training, Obsidion said cheerfully, making sure the launcher shot a few more balls at the Gug.

He grunted and glared at the Human before lumbering to the side, front legs crossing as he tried to figure out which way to dodge. Ugh, that was the biggest part of it! As soon as he knew which way he could go, then things would go easier. Kro scowled a little, that was the part he just needed to figure out.

(Obsidion: 248 6/10)
(Kro: 59 4/5; 75 4/5)

Obsidion - October 17, 2008 05:15 AM (GMT)

Obsidion chuckled and kneeled down a little, watching Kro as he dodged another ball. He was starting to get it a little, and at least he knew how to dodge. Shaking his head a bit, he thought about it for a moment. Well, he could always think of something else couldn't he? Dodging small balls wasn't the only thing he could do... Hmm, scratching the back of his neck, he tried to figure out what else he could dodge.

Kro slumped a little, getting rather tired and needing a break. Hey, big guys like him needed a lot of food and water right? He scowled and panted as he dodged another one, hoping a huge group wouldn't come at him soon. If it did, he didn't know if he'd be able to! Stop... Kro murmered, throwing a look at the Human. He needed a break, and what would make the Human figure that out?

Alright, we'll stop for a bit eh? Obsidion said with a smile, turning the machine off and walking over to him, patting his side.

(Obsidion: 248 7/10)
(Kro: 59 5/5; +1; 75 5/5; +2)

Obsidion - October 21, 2008 02:38 AM (GMT)

The Gug snorted, glaring down at the young man for a moment before softening up a bit. He knew he was only doing this for him, but... did it have to be so annoying? What else could he do besides dodge things anyway? Meh, but whatever happened, he was sure the Human would think of some way to get him to do more work. Kro snorted a little and started to walk over to a trough to get a drink, stumbling over himself for a moment, unsteady from all that dodging. That couldn't be good.

Are you alright Kro? Obsidion asked, concerned as he reached out for him. Kro glanced over his shoulder and nodded before taking a drink. Alright, walking back... he'd do it. Right.

(Obsidion: 248 8/10)
(Kro: 60 1/5; 77 1/5)

Obsidion - October 21, 2008 02:52 AM (GMT)

Gonna make it back Kro? Obsidion teased, leaning against a nearby wall to watch him. The Gug snorted and glared at him, Shut up. The young man laughed, Alright then, prove it! Kro snorted again and shook himself off, staring down at his huge front feet for a moment. He could do this, really he could.

Alright, one step forward, come on Kro, it's not that hard! The Gug grunted and nodded, trying to get himself prepared to go. He lifted a foot, throwing it forward and stomping down, shaking the building a bit. Not like it hadn't before, but still. Happily, he threw his other foot ahead, crossing them just a bit. Why was it so hard for him to move gracefully? But then again, he was rather large... He sighed and drooped a little, now he just needed to work on it a little more, he had stuff to prove to Obsidion!

(Obsidion: 248 9/10)
(Kro: 60 2/5; 77 2/5)

Obsidion - October 21, 2008 03:08 AM (GMT)

That's... a good idea Kro. Trying to be a little more graceful? the young man asked, tilting his head a little as he considered it. It wasn't just speed, it was grace, movement... Hmmm... He watched Kro out of the corner of his eye as he also eyed the floor. What he could do was create an obstacle course soon maybe! Sure, grab a few things off the cart outside, set up a few barrels or haybales... Yeah, that'd help him out!

Kro nodded a little, trying to concentrate on walking a little. Something was nagging at him, telling him the Human was coming up with something for him, but right now, he was just trying to get along on his own a bit. Okay, he took a few more steps forward, trying to get his legs and feet to agree with what his brain was telling them. Move, and move gracefully already! But it wasn't to be, a few steps and he was starting to cross and weave a little again. Crap, what could he do now...

(Obsidion: 248 10/10; +1)
(Kro: 60 3/5; 77 3/5)

Obsidion - October 22, 2008 02:19 AM (GMT)

Obsidion chuckled a little as he watched the Thundergug. What else could he tell him? He could tell Kro was frustrated enough by his inability to coordinate himself just right. Hmm... but what else could he do? He didn't want to push his unruly Thundergug, after all. Kro, just trying to walk straight? he asked, figuring he could just ease into it.

The Gug sniffed a little and shook his head, Yeah. Annoying. He tried to focus on his feet again, taking a few steps forward and getting mad when he still began to weave a little again. Why hadn't he realized before now that he didn't walk well? He nodded at himself a bit, determined to get himself walking straight by the time they left. He didn't want to go walking around looking like a freak for much longer...

(Obsidion: 249 1/10)
(Kro: 60 4/5; 77 4/5)

Obsidion - October 22, 2008 02:30 AM (GMT)

He chuckled and nodded, Alright, I'll help then. Draw a line for you to walk on yeah? Kro tilted his head a little, considering it for a moment before nodding, Yes. He stumbled out of the way a little, still a little dizzy from all that moving earlier. But what else was he supposed to do when a bunch of objects were flying at him?

Obsidion nodded and pulled out a piece of chalk from his pack, drawing two long lines parallel to each other, from one end of the room to the other. Alright Kro, keep your eyes on the lines and try to walk on them as best as possible, understand? he asked, glancing up at Kro with a smile. The Gug nodded and stepped onto the lines, glancing down as he stepped forward. If he could keep on the lines, then that would be the first step to getting a bit more graceful when he moved, instead of just being large and awkward.

(Obsidion: 249 2/10)
(Kro: 60 5/5; +1; 77 5/5; +2)

Obsidion - October 22, 2008 02:37 AM (GMT)

You have to keep walking, Kro. Don't stop or you won't progress any, Obsidion told him with a little frown. He didn't know why anyone would really stop while in the midst of something, it seemed to be somewhat anti-productive, all things considered. You have to do this Kro, haven't we worked enough to not quit? he added, looking at him expectantly.

The Thundergug sighed a little before nodding, not responding beyond that. He stared down at his feet and began again, not even a third of the way across the floor. Watching as his feet sometimes went far away from the lines, it was frustrating! Kro grunted a little, not really understanding why he was so bad at this, maybe he was just too big. Then again, Obsidion seemed to like him enough the way he was, so... why should he be upset with it? At the moment, he just needed to be focusing on his walking. Not even noticing as he took a few more steps, Obsidion noticed that Kro did rather well when he wasn't focusing on the lines. Maybe it was something he just thought too much about?

(Obsidion: 249 3/10)
(Kro: 61 1/5; 79 1/5)

Obsidion - October 22, 2008 02:50 AM (GMT)

Kro stared down at his feet, half-listening to the Human as he encouraged him. He knew what he needed to do, he knew it! But that didn't mean that his feet did what he wanted them to, that was the frustrating part. Soon he knew the Human would switch things again, getting him to do something else to try and do... something. But what exactly was he trying to do anyway? Making him better at dodging, probably, more coordinated? That was probably it, or at least that's what he was focusing on.

Watching his feet, the Gug moved forward, making sure his feet stayed on the lines. This was all he needed to do, make sure his feet stayed on the lines. It was helping him a little, he could feel it. Already he didn't feel like he was weaving as much. Obsidion looked on with pride, moving out of his way as he watched, focusing on his feet as he went. If only he could be completely sure that this was actually helping...

(Obsidion: 249 4/10)
(Kro: 61 2/5; 79 2/5)

Obsidion - October 22, 2008 03:13 AM (GMT)

He pushed a hand through his hair, excited when Kro finally got to the other end of the room. Obsidion grinned and nodded a little, See? You're getting it down a little yeah? The young man stroked Kro's muzzle happily, grinning when the Gug nudged him a little in his own happiness. [i]Alright. Now, turn around and do it again,[i] an evil little look crossed the young man's face as he backed up a bit.

Kro snorted and glared before turning around and starting it again. As much as he didn't like all of this work, well, he knew he needed to do it. He sighed a little, relaxing for a moment before beginning again. Staring at his feet, the Gug finally began moving forward, getting irritated whenever his feet moved away from the lines. It was so irritating, why had he even needed to find this out about himself anyway?!

(Obsidion: 249 5/10)
(Kro: 61 3/5; 79 3/5)

Obsidion - October 22, 2008 03:24 AM (GMT)

Kro stumbled over himself, finally. Great weight finally overtaking himself, he stumbled completely off the lines and fell over, flipping over himself and crashing to the floor onto his back. The Gug roared, upset with himself and in pain, thrashing about until he finally rolled onto his side. He sighed, glaring at the Human, it was all his fault... Grey eyes on fire, he wished he could do something to the Human but... he just... he loved him. Really, he loved the Human but he didn't like showing it.

Obsidion yelped as it all happened, grabbing onto a nearby post as the building rocked by his Gug's great fall. Hopefully the building wouldn't collapse because of it all, but that was only a mere second's worth of a thought compared to what he was thinking of Kro. Rushing to his side, the young man stroked the Gug's muzzle, worry in his eyes as he felt Kro's pain. "Kro!" he exclaimed, Are you alright?

(Obsidion: 249 6/10)
(Kro: 61 4/5; 79 4/5)

Obsidion - October 22, 2008 03:44 AM (GMT)

Hurt... not bad... Kro muttered, shaking his head a little. He didn't want to get up just yet, but there was still work he needed to do... Plus, he didn't really want to let the Human down, so, might as well get up and starting working some more. Nudging Obsidion to the side a little, he shoved himself up, grumbling the whole time as he did so. The Gug shook himself off, dizzy eyes trying to find the lines again. He hurt a little, but more in shock than anything else. But, he needed to do this, really. And so, stepping onto the lines once again, Kro began walking, focusing on keeping his feet on the lines the Human had drawn. He didn't want to disappoint, as odd as it seemed to him.

Obsidion shook his head and stepped out of his way. There was nothing he could really do, sadly enough. But he had to admire Kro's tenacity for it. He wasn't entirely sure he'd be able to do much after a fall like that.

(Obsidion: 249 7/10)
(Kro: 61 5/5; +1; 79 5/5; +2)

Obsidion - October 22, 2008 09:15 PM (GMT)

If you start to hurt, you're taking a break, Obsidion warned Kro with a glare. He didn't want his Gug to hurt himself any more than he already had... He shook his head and watched, concentrating on Kro's movement. Already it seemed as though he was moving with just a tad more grace than he had started off with. It wasn't freakishly apparent, you had to stare for a moment, but at least it was there. Good, maybe soon they could move to another part of the Gym.

Kro grunted a little, not agreeing but not wanting to fight. If the Human thought he could get him to stop working on it, then let him think that. Focusing on his feet and the lines, the Gug continued walking, still straying quite a bit from those precious chalk marks he was trying to follow. He didn't know what was wrong with him, why hadn't he noticed this before? But while his mind wandered, he kept his eyes on the lines, making sure to stay as close as possible.

(Obsidion: 249 8/10)
(Kro: 62 1/5; 81 1/5)

Obsidion - October 22, 2008 10:34 PM (GMT)

Kro kept his eyes on the lines. He had to do this right, he had to fix himself. Why he was so messed up when he walked, he had no idea, but he needed to fix it. Eyes intent on the lines and his feet, he tried as hard as he could to maneouver his feet the way he wanted them to go. Hopefully once he was decent at it he wouldn't have to pay so much attention to how he walked. His eyes blurred for a moment, but a quick shake of the head cleared it up. Maybe he was focusing a bit too hard...

Obsidion shook his own head, massaging his temples a little. Kro's crash had made him slowly develop a headache, much to his annoyance. Though he was still impressed by how much progress he could already see in the Gug. Happily enough, Kro was keeping his feet on the lines more and more as he walked. Still, yes, he missed the lines quite a bit, but there was improvement!

(Obsidion: 249 9/10)
(Kro: 62 2/5; 81 2/5)

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