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 "Wilson's Heart", Love is a verb, love is a doing-word
Posted: May 19 2008, 09:25 PM

Phantom of the Hospital

Group: Members
Posts: 762
Member No.: 14
Joined: 4-February 05

Wow, what a episode! *tosses soggy hanky aside*

Real insight into the House/Wilson relationship though. That last scene you could tell that Wilson was extremely disappointed and probably genuinely angry at House, but I'm not sure whether it was because he blames House for Amber being on the bus in the first place or blames House because he wasn't able to pull a magic rabbit out of his hat and save Amber like he does most of his patients. It may well be a mix of the two, or just general misdirected anger at the whole unfairness of it all.

There's probably a lot of self-loathing in that look too, as Wilson may be pissed at House, but if House dies or suffers, Wilson will blame himself for it, not that he shouldn't as it was at his behest that the brain-zapping was done.

And House! I felt so sorry for him on that bus scene at the end, just wanting all the pain and misery to end - even if it meant embracing death and giving up on living - and worst all, considering death just for being so afraid of Wilson hating him (all whilst I was having flashbacks to the last Harry Potter book where Harry and Dumbledore were at Ghost!King's Cross Station, but that's another subject altogether *ahem*).

I think the punch-in-the-gut moment of the episode was when House was hooked up to the brain-zappy machine and started crying because he knew that at that moment that he couldn't fix Amber for Wilson.

The really tragic thing, I think, is that at this point I'm fairly convinced that House cares a lot more about Wilson than Wilson cares about House. House just gave in to Wilson's ridiculous request that he put his ass on the line as soon as Wilson convinced him that that was what Wilson really wanted/needed. House wasn't risking his life for Amber, whom I doubt he has any real attachment to, but rather he was risking his life basically just so Wilson wouldn't have to cry quite so soon. Too bad it didn't work, but I guess some things can't be fixed.

Didn't somebody say something in another thread about Wilson caring more about what he can get out of his relationship with House than necessarily about House himself? That aspect really came out in this story, and I totally agree at this point.

On a less depressing note, do I perhaps spy a bit of House/Cuddy shippiness on the horizon? Well, he'll need while his relationship with Wilson is on the rocks I think. Yay Huddy!

PS - They really should have used Elbow's cover of "teardrop", it's a lot better than Jose Gonzalez's. Or they should have at least preserved the heavy bassline instead of dulling it down in Gonzalez's. Did I mention I collect covers of "Teardrop"? I have 5 so far. tongue.gif

"Luke, you’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.”
~Obi-Wan Kenobi

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Posted: May 19 2008, 11:41 PM

Department Head

Group: Members
Posts: 461
Member No.: 227
Joined: 30-December 05

I am reminded of an allegory from-- at least I thought-- The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller (for which I have spent about the last hour searching; confession time, I've never read the entire book but remembering seeing this specific part somewhere, and I'm nearly certain that this is the book) I was hoping to quote it, but I'll have to paraphrase due to the lack of success in my search. It concerns a child with a golden brain who is praised for what he can do, until one day his luck runs out and his parents are disappointed so he cracks his head open and spills out his brain. Given that House is likely a gifted child, from what we know of him and his childhood, in the sense that Miller means (not just intellectually gifted, but having had a less than ideal childhood, and developing some kind of gift in order to get through though they may also have been intellectually gifted), and given the state of his skull/head at the end of the episode it's more than appropriate and somewhat chilling. I'm going to have to read it, nerd that I am, now specifically to look for more House parallels. In addition to these children at times being caretakers in some way for their parents (okay we don't know for sure, but I sometimes wonder if Blythe was of entirely sound mind or body throughout House's childhood-- though that could be my imagination running away) and in fact may have had an abusive childhood to some extent, they frequently report that their childhood was happy or at least if it was hard, was not abusive. Sound like anyone we know? (recall House's comment to Cameron after visiting with the parents?).
Yes, folks, this what an education in the humanities does to you rolleyes.gif

TelegramSam I was actually the one who mentioned that it appeared that Wilson to some extent like House more for what he could do for him than for his intrinsic value. I was hoping that the "preview monkeys" as they have been called were playing with us again, unfortunately I was right. I must say I'm not too fond of Wilson at this moment. Okay, so I was yelling at Wilson, via the television, in my best "mother bear" impression. I have been known to react in that way in defense of "my" people though I shudder to think of what it means that a fictional person--at least that's what they keep telling me tongue.gif -- arouses that reaction in me.

Yeah, yeah Wilson's overwrought, grief, desperation, Blah-cakes (to steal a common expression from TWOP), but he's so quick to ask House to risk his life for Amber, whereas usually he'd be with Cuddy in telling House that he's going too far. And it's so sweet that House tries so hard for Wilson. Granted, I've never been in the situation of losing someone that close to me, so I can't say anything definitively, and I was one of those people who defended Stacy and would like have done the same in a hot minute, I just can't accept how casual Wilson is with House's life. Yes, House does this kind of thing all the time. The key difference is, he chooses to do it all the time because he's comfortable with the risk, not because the person whom he considers his only friend asks him to. And with House's lack of understanding of unconditional love (and no wonder he doesn't understand), of course if his only friend is willing to sacrifice him, why should he resist? I swear you can see him saying "Tell me I'm worth something?" with his eyes when he ask Wilson if he's willing to risk him for Amber.

It seems pretty obvious to me that House has done the math, as he's mentioned he's cursed with the ability to do, when on the bus he's worried about Wilson being mad at him. There was nothing anyone could do (recall House is a nephrologist, it seems he'd know if there were any tricks to be pulled). All right I'll acknowledge that maybe House thinks Wilson blames him for Amber being on the bus, but, hello, he didn't hold a gun to her head to make her get on. If anyone deserves blame it's the garbage truck driver.

That's not saying I don't get his dismay that the middle aged cripple with a bad attitude gets to live and the young, in love, brilliant person dies (confession again, I've felt it myself, when I see promising lives lost and friends suffering who are far better than I am, whereas I seem to be indestructable). One of the thought that's going to result in me going to hell, or at least getting a good slap had I said it out loud, is that as a doctor, House should know the inverse law of worth and trauma (I kid you not, I've seen various Drs. quoting it, and it does seem true) your value to society inversely proportional to the difficulty of killing you (sort of like how somehow the drunk driver comes out of the accident he causes with no or minor injuries when one or more innocent people die in the same accident, so dirty, unshaven, drunken, creep of a person can survive virtually anything, kind, caring, philanthropic brain surgeon, dies from a slight tap to the head). Oh and poor House just wanting the pain-- and I don't think, even if he would never admit it while conscious, the pain is just in the leg-- to be gone. Like you said, cue soggy hankies galore. I did laugh inappropriately though, when Amber said, "Can't always get what you want".

Speaking of Amber, I wasn't too fond of her in her CTB personna, but as Amber/Wilson's girlfriend I really liked her. Unfortunate they had to kill her off. On a lighter note, was anyone expecting, given the way 13 was acting, that it turns out Amber was having an affair, but it was with 13? Someone made a wild suggestion, and I was nearly ready to believe it midway through the episode. I feel for 13 too. Yeah, she was brave, but what does it get her other than more second guessing of every little twitch as an indication of the beginning of the end. Unlike some genes, it's hardly as if she can do anything to delay or prevent the onset. Given a choice, I wouldn't want to know either.

This next bit will sound mean--and incidentally also stems from my humanities/pick apart everything training-- and even as much as I'm angry with Wilson now, I wouldn't wish the experience on anyone fictional or not, nor would I say he deserves it, but this may well be the ideal relationship for Wilson. It ended in the height of infatuation, the part to which he's addicted, being fully crazily in love, and he never had to become aware of the annoying habits, or become bored, and there's no need for him to remain faithful. I do pity whomever he dates next though, I've never done it, and for the precise reason I'm about to state I don't know that I would, it's hard to compete with a dead significant other.

In the meantime, I think I'm going to die of House withdrawl over the summer. This, folks, is how good it can be. And I do hope that someone gives Wilson a piece of their mind (in my own head I've already got a scene with a rather Mary-Sue-ish I'm sure original female character doing just that). I also hope that House is angry for a while. If it's all about Wilson being unreasonably angry with House, then I really will hate him.

One cat just leads to another-- Ernest Hemingway

Here’s how to become a great artist. First, get miserable. Misery drives you to become a great artist, but the art does nothing for your misery,
--Greg House, MD (Episode 2:23, Who's Your Daddy?)
Posted: May 20 2008, 12:02 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 28
Member No.: 96
Joined: 21-April 05

This season has been on and off for me. I remember first discovering House one night after making fun of the stupid name, and then the next day downloading every episode because of how good it was. So, seasons later, I'm starting to not have that same drive for it, and it's so similar. Two episodes within a month of each other seemed like the exact same play-by-play with different characters.

And then this two-parter brings it all back (the obvious point of that drawn-out paragraph).

This episode was miserable to watch. First I was annoyed at the links to Euphoria in special treatment (though the special treatment makes sense). I wasn't expecting anything horrible (I'm an optimist I guess), but I was being led along in an inflatable duck headed to the waterfall of doom. She has to die, because blahblah medicine. Then, bringing her back. At that point, it cuts to me in that situation. I thought about me waking up in a hospital with people telling me I'm going to die in the next few hours.

My God.

If anything affected me, it was watching Amber, who I haven't particularly liked (in a grrr sort of Vogler-hate way), show the true nature of her relationship with Wilson. It wasn't a big play, it wasn't driving at some deeper goal or ambition; the genuine nature and the fact that it fully revealed itself due to her death just tore me up.

What a downer post-strike season finale run.

It makes me want to watch the old House episodes with the music and the montage of thinking, where it was new and fresh and the time on the clock didn't matter.

The saddest death (Que Sera Sera was extremely sad for me, though. The end is the one time I think I almost cried during House).

Oh well. Season 5.

And on kind of an off-note, what the heck happened here? I've been coming to this place since as long as I can remember, and it's dead now? This makes me sad.
Posted: May 20 2008, 01:10 PM

Department Head

Group: Members
Posts: 252
Member No.: 379
Joined: 3-September 06

what an amazing episdoe! If RSL doesn't get an award for this episode, I'm gonna freak out! LOL It was so powerful! It got me teary eyed and I can so feel the pain and hurt and anger and sadness Wilson feels! and what about House?? His emotions were greatly playrd too by Hugh! He was scared to get off the bus b/c e was scared to loose his friendship with Wilson, so very well played! smile.gif

Yay for Huddyness too! Loved how concerned Cuddy was with House's well being as he woke up and how cute did she look curled up in the chair sleeping? love the Huddy! smile.gif

God and peace
Vanessa smile.gif

Please visit my fish name House:
Shipper of: Huddy smile.gif
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