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 To the Rescue
Dangerous Dan
Posted: Aug 26 2010, 10:59 PM

Soon to be FINAL GCWA Hardcore Champion

Group: Members
Posts: 253
Member No.: 24
Joined: 31-January 09

{As our scene opens, we once again find another blaze of fire burst onto the television screen. The fire blazes as wee see Dangerous Dan step in view. He speaks}

"Heat Wave is the end of an era, and eleven men are stepping foot into that squared circle to fight to become final Hardcore Champion."

{A picture of Marcus Ka'Derrion and Steve Wilson are placed on either side of Dan.}

"Marcus Ka'Derrion is a former World Champion, but his time has come and gone. You and I had one of the greatest rivalries, but just like your father, this Sunday Marcus Ka'Derrion will be just another legend. As for Steve Wilson, well you've already PICked your fate. Need I say more?"

{As their images fade to ashes, we get images of Arachne and Xtreme in view. Dan smiles as he studies both men over.}

"Arachne, just wants to be my friend, huh? Well Arachne, you are part to blame with everything Bifford's done in the past year. So, I will not be your friend, but I will be your frienemy on last time. As for you Xtreme, your reign as Hardcore Champion is coming to an end. And I will be the one who takes that from you. I'm a former champion and will be so again."

{The images fade to ashes as images of Scott Caine and Peter Vaughn. Dan speaks again.}

"One is a quitter and the other is a survivor. I have mad respect for you Peter, but just like all the other times, you will not be champion here in the GCWA. Scott, one last time I get my hands on you, and this time, I will beat you again. I may even embarrass you and cost you the title, just like you did to meet in our last bout."

{The images fade to ashes, as Desayuno and Aaron Styles image appear on screen.}

"Desayuno, can you explain to me why you are even in this match? I mean, I know what's it like to be a rookie, but DAMN dude, you haven't done a thing since you debuted. WTF? And Aaron, well I'll just see you in OCW."

{The images disintegrate into ashes, as Johnny Vegas' image appears in the center of the screen. Dan turns and tilts his head staring at the image. He smiles and laughs.}

"Ah, Johnny Vegas. You've insulted my intelligence around here. You think you can so easily defeat me. Well you never have and you never will. Its rookies like you that give the new guys a bad name. You want the Hardcore title? You have to go through me to get it!"

{Johnny's image bursts into a flame and disintegrates. The last image of Harvey Danger appears on the screen. Dan speaks again.}

"Last but not least we have the 'Danger' Champion himself. Harvey Danger, you think calling this match yourself is going to land you the Hardcore title? Were you dropped on your head as a child? Wait, don't answer that. I'd hate to think of the things your mamma does to you. Anyway, opening an invitational wasn't the smartest thing you ever did. Those commercials are about the only BRIGHT idea you've had Harvey. You really stacked the odds against you winning one last championship. But don't worry, I'm sure you will manage to capture it..but only for a short time. I will be glad to take it off your hands...PERSONALLY."

{The image of Harvey quickly goes into flames as it falls to the floor in ashes. The Hardcore title takes center of the screen. Dan speaks again.}

"I look forward to proving to you all exactly why I am the chosen one to be the final Hardcore Champion. I will dominate and destroy each of you, and show why I am Dangerous Dan. You ten men are finding yourselves trapped in a war zone with someone most of you all have messed with. Your fates are going to be destroyed and the dangerous one will be the one to do that. Good luck to my opponents, as you will DEFINITELY need it. I shall see each of you this Sunday for one last HEAT WAVE!!"

{As our scene opens, we find Dangerous Dan and Madyson in unknown whereabouts. Kimberly is by their side, as they search the area where Chris was supposedly taken. Madyson looks behind her in the parking lot noticing several people staring at them. She doesn't mind though as their mission to find Chris is more important than being stared at. Dan searches the area for any clues that might lead them to finding Chris. They notice a tiny spot of blood on the concrete. Dan leans over and checks to make certain.}

Dangerous Dan: Yep, it's blood alright. Someone must have hit Chris over the head with something.

{Kimberly and Madyson show their fear and concern. Kimberly is mostly upset than any of the others.}

Kimberly: I sure do hope that he is okay. I cannot believe I did not just make him go in there with me. This would have all been avoided if I did.

Dangerous Dan: You can't blame yourself there Kimberly. No one knew what was going to happen. I'm sure Chris is out there somewhere trying to get a hold of us. All we have to do is just be patient and wait for him to get a hold of us. He has got to be here somewhere.

{Each continue searching the grounds for any signs that might lead them to Chris' whereabouts. Dan spots something strange next to one of the air conditioners behind the mall. He walks over and picks up the piece of paper and reads it. It has a name and address on it. Dan recognizes the name, and thinks he now knows who took Chris.}

Dangerous Dan: I don't believe it!

Madyson: What is it Dan? What did you find?

{Dan hands the piece of paper to Madyson as she reads the name.}

Madyson: Johnny Gayder? Who's Johnny Gayder?

Dangerous Dan: Remember the night Chris and I went to the club with Kamron and we met this guy named Johnny?

Madyson: Yes, I remember you telling me something about that.

Dangerous Dan: Well I think that's him. If I'm not mistaking that is his address and he must have been the one who took Chris.

{Kimberly quickly dashes for the card and retrieves it from Madyson's hand. She reads it over and remembers something.}

Kimberly: Chris did spot Johnny in one of the stores last night. He was freaking out because he remembered Johnny live up here and that he might be stalking him.

Dangerous Dan: Then we have to go find this house and get my brother back. Johnny will pay for doing this. The only question I want to know is why would he want to kidnap Chris? He seemed like a nice guy at the club. After all, he's friends with Kamron, and I don't think Kam would introduce us to someone who would be harmful. But then again, most of Kamron's friends are whack o's and you can never really tell who is nice in this world and who isn't.

{Dan pauses himself for a moment, and focuses on what is at stake right now.}

Dangerous Dan: ANYWAY...we need to go to this address and get him back. Chris has a huge match this Sunday and I do too. The last thing I need is for some gay dude to fuck my chances at becoming Hardcore Champion.

{Kimberly stares at Dan with an evil eye. She begins her temper tantrum and takes it out on Dan.}

Kimberly: Your brother, and my cousin is out there in god knows where with some nut case. There is no telling if he's dead or not for all we know, and all you are worried about is a fucking match on Sunday? What the hell is wrong with you?

[Dan freezes not really sure how to react to Kimberly's tantrum. He collects himself before speaking knowing that she is worried about him.}

Dangerous Dan: You're right Kimberly? Sorry, if I sounded insensitive. Chris is my brother and I am worried about him. I'm trying not to think negative about the situation, but sticking positive. The last thing he would want us to do is worry ourselves sick over him. He has been in a similar situation before and he found a way out. I guess I'm just hyping myself up to believe that he will manage to get himself out of this.

{Dan grabs the not from Kimberly and rereads it.}

Dangerous Dan: Let's go find this guy and get my brother back.

{Dan, Kimberly, and Madyson head back towards the parking lot. They each get into the car and make way to the home of Johnny Gayder. Our scene fades out. We appear in darkness, where we hear branches crackling. We hear heavy breathing, as the scene comes into focus. We find Crazy Chris running through the woods. He keeps checking back to see if anyone is falling pursuit. We watch as Chris runs through fallen branches and avoids several ditches in the woods. Suddenly, Chris spots a road up ahead and continues running. He is beginning to get fatigued, but his motivation for safety helps him to the road. Our point of view switches back to find Johnny not too far behind him. We hear yelling as he runs through the woods.}

Johnny: C'mon Chris...I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to have some fun!

{We switch back to Chris to find now find him jumping into the road. Chris falls to his feet and begins rolling to the other end of the road. He quickly gets himself back to his feet and takes off down the road. Johnny now manages to make way to the road, and with a smile and weapon in hand, he follows Chris. Our scene fades out again, but quickly switches to Dangerous Dan and the others. They arrive at the house of Johnny, and spot no sign of life.}

Madyson: Do you think he's home?

Dangerous Dan: I don't know. All the lights are off. Why would they be off if Chris was here? You girls sit tight. I'm going in to find him.

Kimberly: I'm coming with you!

{Dan reaches around and pushes Kimberly back in the seat.}

Dangerous Dan: No you're not. This guy might be dangerous and I don't want the two of you getting hurt. You girls just sit in here and if you hear anything funny, you start the car and take off. I'll be with Chris right behind you.

{The girls agree, as Dan gets out of the car and heads towards the front window. He peeks inside to only find darkness. He approaches the door and turns the knob to find it unlock. Our point of view switches to the girls sitting tightly in the car watching Dan as he heads inside. We scene suddenly switches back to the view of Chris running down the highway. He continues running to the point of almost passing out. Then he spots an old abandoned house on the right side. He looks back to see Johnny quickly coming on his tail. He heads for the house, and takes cover behind the home. We switch back to Dan and the girls. Dan walks out of the house with a disappointed look. The girls know something is wrong and realize that Chris is nowhere in sight. Dan opens the car door and gets back inside,}

Madyson: Well? Was he in there?

Dangerous Dan: No one was home. One of the bedrooms was trashed and it looked like Chris had been tied to the bed. I think Chris managed to escape.

{Dan searches the perimeter from inside the vehicle. He spots the woods.}

Dangerous Dan: If Chris made it out then he's got to be in the woods. Maybe he made it to that dirt road we saw back there.

Kimberly: Well, what are you waiting for? Let's get the fuck over there!

{Dan starts the car and reverses it out of the driveway. The head back out of the driveway and onto the dirt road. The sun is beginning to set which causes Dan to have to turn on his headlights. Madyson checks the passenger's side area for any life of Chris. Dan checks out the driver's side, while Kimberly helps with both sides. They continue driving, as we switch back to Johnny heading inside the house. Chris is ducked underneath a window pane and tilts up to poke his head through the window. Seeing no sign of Johnny, Chris quietly heads to the front of the house. He knows the only way of escape is back towards the road. Quietly, Chris sneaks to the side of the house and checks to see if the coast is clear. Seeing no sign of Johnny, Chris jets for the dirt road. He reaches the edge of the road, when he is hit in the back with something. We see a shovel lying next to Chris. Laughing Johnny makes his way to a downed Chris.}

Johnny: I told you not to run. I told you that I would catch you. No one knows you're here Chris, so why fight it. You are destined to be mine forever. You are the man I chose. If you will not accept to be with me then NO ONE shall be with you. Time to die Chris!

{This is the time when Chris had made it to his back. He slowly begins inching his way to the road, all the while, watching as Johnny hovers over him with the shovel high above his head. Chris begins to think that this could possibly be the end. He continues crawling to the road however. Suddenly, Chris spots a bright light up ahead. He realizes that someone is driving through. We then switch back to Dan and the girls inside the car,}

Madyson: Hey, isn't that Chris lying on the road?

Dangerous Dan: Yes, and there's Johnny. What is he doing?

{Dan squints as he realizes that Johnny is standing over Chris with the shovel in hand. Dan recognizes what is about to happen, as he steps on the gas. We watch as Chris comes to a dead stop and lies his head down on the road. The headlights from Dan's car gets closer and closer to Johnny. Johnny, meanwhile, is not too concerned about the headlights. He smiles and laughs as he begins to bring down the shovel onto Chris. Chris has enough strength to dodge the shovel, and kicks Johnny between the legs. Johnny falls to the ground in agony, as Chris slowly gets to his feet. Chris heads for the road knowing the car is approaching at a fast pace. We switch back to the view of Dan as he comes to a halt. Dan quickly gets out of the car and goes to his brother's aide.}

Dangerous Dan: Chris, thank god! We were worried about you!

Crazy Chris: No time for chatting. Get me the fuck out of here. This maniac is trying to kill me.

{Dan helps Chris inside the car. Kimberly quickly gives her cousin a much needed hug, as Dan attempts to reverse the car and head out. Dan places the car in reverse and begins driving backwards on the dirt road. He then stops the car and stares at an angry Johnny running towards them.}

Madyson: What are you doing? Drive, Dan, drive!

{Dan switches the gear shift from reverse into park. He begins mashing on the gas pedal revving up the car. The others are not sure what is on Dan's mind.}

Kimberly: Dude, what the hell are you doing? Let's get out of here!

{Dan revs the car again watching as Johnny slowly walks towards the car. He has an evil grin on his face like you would see in the movies. We switch view to see Dan grinning back. Dan places the car into drive and waits for Johnny to approach closer.}

Dangerous Dan: Go to hell you son of a bitch!

{Dan floors the gas pedal as he heads towards Johnny. Johnny, however, doesn't seem bothered by the maneuver. He smiles and grins as Dan makes way towards him. It isn't long before Dan reaches Johnny and runs the man over. We watch as Johnny rolls onto the front of the car as Dan comes to a complete stop. Johnny falls off the car and falls onto the road. Dan places the car into reverse and backs up. He comes to a stop again.}

Dangerous Dan: You want my brother dead? Well he'll meet you in hell!

[Dan places the car into drive and smashes on the gas pedal. We hear the others screaming loudly, as Dan seems to be going to fast. Madyson shields her eyes, as she knows what's about to happen. We watch as the car jumps into the air and back onto the ground. Dan stops the car and quickly places it into reverse. Stepping on the gas pedal Dan backs the car up in a high speed. He turns and stares out the back window, as the car again jumps into the air and back onto the ground.}

Crazy Chris: What the hell dude? He's dead now! Get the fuck out of here!

{Dan stares at his handy work of road kill and turns the car into the driveway of the old abandoned house. He turns around and heads back out onto the dirt road.}

Dangerous Dan: WOOOO!!! That was some crazy shit!

{Madyson reaches over and begins slapping away at Dan.}

Madyson: Are you fucking crazy? You could have killed us? You fucking bastard!

{Dan laughs at his sister who does not returning the favor.}

Dangerous Dan: He tried killing my brother and there's no telling whom else he has done this too. I made sure it will not happen again. Come morning the hawks are going to have a feast.

Crazy Chris: Well that man certainly had it coming to him. He was fucking insane. I'm just glad it's over.

{Chris relaxes his head back onto the seat as Dan heads back towards the main highway. Then out of nowhere Johnny appears onto the hood of the car. Madyson screams as Johnny bursts through the glass with the shovel. He reaches in and grabs at Dan and pulls him out of the vehicle in full gear. The car begins heading to the side of the road, as we hear Madyson, Kimberly, and Chris screaming for mercy. We switch over to view Johnny beating away at Dan. We then hear a loud crash as we switch back over to watch as the car goes tumbling over a hill. As the car stops, we hear a blast as we witness the car now in smoke. Dan yells.}

Dangerous Dan: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

{Johnny swings down on Dan's face in full force and knocks his head to the ground. Our point of view switches as if we are seeing what Dan is seeing at that moment. Johnny has the shovel lifted high above his head. There is an evil grin on what is left remaining of his face.}

Johnny: See you in hell too asshole!!!

{Johnny swings down with the shovel and onto Dan's throat. Our scene quickly changes to Dangerous Dan jumping from a dead sleep.}

Dangerous Dan: AHHHH!!!

{Dan's breathing heavily and sweating on his chest and face. Dan takes a moment to look around to find himself at home in his bed. We see Elias asleep in his crib.}

Dangerous Dan: It was a dream. It was only a dream.

{Dan lies back down knowing that his nightmare was just that. As he attempts to go back to sleep and prepare for Heat Wave, the scene fades to black.}

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