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Title: My First Defense Won't Be My Last

buckyjohnson - July 8, 2010 12:31 AM (GMT)
Well Robert, we're finally here. Finally to the day where I kick the living hell out of you!

I don't know what happened, we used to be friends. Really good friends actually. But at Ultimate know what you did. You snapped on me. And told me I would fail in my match. All I wanted to do was cheer you up after you were eliminated, but you just snapped!

Nobody snaps at Bucky Johnson...

So now, you must face me at Capital Punishment for MY championship!

Do you remember back when it was me struggling to get your championship? Well I do. And I remember that I couldn't get that Television Title from you. But now we swapped places. But the difference with it this time, is that you have NO chance at beating me!

When I was trying to beat you, I came close every single time! But here's another difference: This is for the HARDCORE championship. I don't know if you can get hardcore. Can you? Can you, Robert? Well prove it to me!

Because at Capital Punishment, you're going to need to be hardcore! But even if you are, you still have no chance at beating me! Good luck, Robert. You're gonna need it.

The scene opens toa small room. There are four men inside. Bucky Johnson is one, and the three others are Bucky's CWF stable, Johnny Champion, Ronnie McNeil, and Psycho Ninja. These four men make up The Uprising.

We zoom in on the four, and can tell that they are arguing.

Johnny: No, no, no! You can not invite your brother to be in The Uprising!

Bucky: Why not?!?!

Ronnie: Because we already have our group! It's just us 4. We aint inviting anybody else!

Bucky: You know, you guys suck!

Ninja: Excuse me?! Don't talk to me like that!

Bucky: Ninja, I didn't point it at anybody directly. It's just a statement!

Johnny: But Bucky, I don't see why you want Chucky to join our group?

Bucky: Because he's my brother! And he's good!

Ronnie: Good? He aint good! He's only won like 1 match!

Bucky: You know? Nobody wants you here Ronnie!

Ronnie: What if nobody wants you?

Bucky: Everybody wants me!

Johnny: Guys! Guys! Can we just think about this later? Because right now we're helping Bucky prepare for his match with Robert Santana!

Ninja: Why would we want to help him?

Johnny: Because he's our teammate! And we help our teammates! Okay?

Bucky: Thanks Johnny, but I'm fine. I'm ready for this match.

Johnny: What are you gonna do?

Bucky: I'm gonna go in there, beat the living hell out of him, and walk out still the champion!

Ninja: (Sarcastically) What a plan.

Johnny: Ninja...

Ninja: I know, I know. He's our teammate we have to be nice.

Bucky: You know, I think I have an even better idea! Come close, I need to tell you without anybody hearing.

The scene closes as the four huddle around.

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