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  1. Pinned: Food Safety:
  2. Pinned: Ingredient Substitution
  3. Pinned: Common Measurements
  4. Pinned: Abbreviations
  5. When cooking with foil
  6. to grease your cake pans
  7. Easy way to flour cake pans:
  8. To clean your microwave
  9. Candy Lifesavers make wonderful candleholders
  10. Store your opened chunks of cheese
  11. Easy way to clean and freshen your microwave.
  12. To keep your fridge's vegetable and fruit drawer
  13. When buying your bread, look at the plastic tab
  14. Now is the time to start freezing juice, kool-aid,
  15. Clean Your diswasher with kool-aid:
  16. The best way to clean burnt on greasy burners
  17. Easy way to clean a thermos or jugs.
  18. Rust in your Pans:
  19. Use a Pizza Wheel Cutter for slicing up those
  20. Space Saving Storage Idea!
  21. kids love cinnamin sugar toast.
  22. make a batch of pancakes or French toast,
  23. When removing skin from fresh chicken,
  24. Use denture tablets to clean the coffee pot.
  25. Zap garlic cloves in the microwave
  26. Properly refrigerated, eggs will keep about 3 week
  27. Run out of coffee filters for your coffeemaker?
  28. If you run out of eggs and are making cornbread
  29. When covering a dish or pan with aluminum foil
  30. Store your brown sugar in plastic containers
  31. Make your own colored sugar for decorating cakes
  32. When frosting a cake
  33. COOKING TIPS - For Baking:
  34. cooking tips
  35. Green Peppers tips
  36. cheese tip
  37. Banana tips
  38. Add a lump of butter
  39. personal pizzamade with english muffins
  40. Frying hamburgers:
  41. To keep bugs out of canisters
  42. Useful Kitchen Tips and Tricks
  43. Handy Hints and Tips
  44. New Uses for Olive Oil
  45. Potatoes will bake much faster
  46. Your stoves overhead fan
  47. Ingredient Quantity Equivalent
  49. Pressure Cooking Chart For Meat And Poultry
  50. A To Z Of Spices

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