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 Vorox #8983, Is it worth getting? Come and read this!
  Posted: Nov 24 2009, 05:30 AM

Birds R Awesome!

Group: Members
Posts: 571
Member No.: 36
Joined: 14-October 09

[Set Review _ Vorox #8983 _ (Date that it has been built and reviewed:11-23-09)

To start off:
This is going to be my 3rd set review. This time in text! (I did 2 set reviews while back in 2006, in MNOV3.com) I have recently won 1st place in the Doppleganger contest, and requested for Vorox for a prize, because I like the MOC pieces of it. After waiting about a week for my prize, that has been sent by the Administrator, Imatron, I finally got the set on 11-23-09.
Before I start this review, I would mention both sides. The Collector's point of view, and a MOCer's point of view; sometimes I'll mention both in the same category. Personally I think reviewing a set is critical for both sides, in order if its worth buying. Ok, since I got that done. Lets move on the review, shall we?
{Make sure you read the captions BELOW the pictures. The captions are mentioning the pictures above them!)
Lets see what I have received...

When I got this package in the mail. I didn't know what to expect. Maybe some stupid computer book that my dad keeps getting? No, it sounded like if there were bunches of hollowed bricks. As I opened the dusty box, I found all this ads and junk, that came with the Vorox set. Poster of the 2010 LEGO Universe, LEGO can help your child - parents brochure, and some stupid ads on "great deals" on some LEGO sets. Wow, what a pack! Some of this I am going to throw out anyway.
user posted image
Look at the box! Look at it! Look at it!!!
user posted image
Junk!? But alls I want is the set!
user posted image
From the box design and the manual...

COLLECTOR: For a collector, they'll realise it basically has the same box structure as the Inika, Mistika, and Glatorian Ledgends. The box top just looks so simple. Not as attractive it seems like. As for the design for the box: In the front you can see the scorpion like Vorox, back hunching - sticking his tail up, and shooting a thornax sphere. The head looks pretty normal size and just right for the body (think again its not the case when you build it). In the back, you can see the attractive bold warning labels saying that you should keep this away from children, because they like eating LEGOs. It also includes pics of Vorox, some Po-Algori (Zesk), and "the new bionicle launcher game". It seemed as if LEGO tried to shove all these "cool" ads on the back of the box, making kids want to buy more. "Oh if you get Vorox, you need to get the Po-Algori!"

MOCER: I am extremely glad that LEGO has gone back to these over sized boxes. As a mocer, you would want to organize all your pieces in separate canisters. Since this is a Po related canister, I would put Po related pieces in there. So when I'm building some creation, I can always pull out my Po collection of pieces, and they are all there! VS trying to find pieces in a big pile, which would be time consuming. I really recommend this box, if you want to organize your pieces real well.
user posted image
Comparing to a Inika Canister. Their both the same.
user posted image
The back of box
user posted image
Instructions 4 N00bS!
user posted image
user posted image
How fun is the building? Is it even worth my time?

BOTH: It seems like LEGO has been rehashing the same Inika design over and over and over and over and over again, that you pretty much know how to build it with your eyes closed. If I wasn't taking pictures of my every step process of building, it would of taken me under 2 minutes. Also its so EASY to build that you don't need to use the instruction booklet. The only time that I need the instruction booklet for, is when were to place the toa mata foot piece in the right place in the back (since the box does not show the butt of Vorox). Overall, building this thing is a joke! At least the pieces were strong, and don't break as easily. When you move the joints, its pretty smooth and it doesn't seem loose.
user posted image
That one part of the set you need instructions for.
user posted image
Ooo! Look! Is that a Piraka?
user posted image
His brain is the size of a gukko berry!
user posted image
Put a cloth on him, and he got himself a mobile tent!
user posted image
Who would notice the hit counter on the back of his FOOT?!
Set Design:
Does he/she look good?

COLLECTOR: By just seeing the box, you can already tell that its going to be a disappointing set, since you collection of Bionicle characters from 2006, will pretty much look so similar to each other.
Vorox has his hit counter on the heel of the foot, which was lazy of LEGO to do this. Why not place the hit counter on the back like they always do? No one looks at the feet.
As for the legs and arms, they look practically identical to each other. Its just that, one has Piraka feet, while the other one has glatorian human hands holding weapons.
For the torso and waist, I am very disappointed when ever I see this. Vorox has a small toa metru waist, connected to a buffed up steriod chest. Jeeze. At least they should squeeze down the torso a bit so it won't look like Vorox is on steroids. But oh well, I guess that's the design.
The tail pincer looks decent. They did a pretty good job there, it looks like a scorpion theme.
The head is very disappointing. The head is so tiny! Its smaller than a glatorian's hand or even the other bionicle heads. But at least you put his helmet on...but still his head looks small. But the helmet looks well designed though. It has all these details on it, that makes me scared a little if this was life size. Good job on the helmet LEGO.
user posted image
Eww! Flexible joints! Too flexible! ugh!
user posted image
I copied the stance exactly like the box!
Are the LEGO pieces worth building? Is it new or a remake?

MOCER: This is has been about 6 years till LEGO has made pieces tan. The colors on vorox is great! If you have lots of poopy Po brown pieces, I recommend this set if you are planning to make a REAL Po related creation. Now I'll get down on the pieces...
Again, there is the old toa nuva hands. But it has been made stronger! But I can't seem to shove a axle in there like I use to in the old toa nuva hands. So that's one downfall. An Uprising though is that those sockets are really durable and strong, so it probably can withstand a few more ounces of armor added to your creation. There is also the Visorak sockets. Its pretty decent. That's a classic joint. Planning to make big LEGO creations? Those are really good pieces to use, since its black. And almost anything goes with black.
Significante Joints (I can't really describe all of them. You must use your own creativity, how you might use these pieces):
*Toa Metru Legs: I am glad LEGO made 5 of these pieces in tan color. Not new, but classic useful (not to small, nor to big) MOCing pieces.
*Plate Armor: Really interesting design. And can be used for a small moc, like a shield/shoulder pad/brest plate. You got 4 of those, so there is plenty to go around.
*Toa Mata Feet: Just 1 piece. Since you don't have an even number of this, it might be tricky to just use one foot to use your Po MOC on. But it is a classic piece that we miss so much.
*Hands and Waist: Personally, I think of them as "last resort" pieces. Something that a low experience MOCer would like to use. It will be good if you don't have enough ball joints (which I really don't have that much.) The hands, eh. It has Fingers? Really sucks. I don't know how your going to use that piece, other than, well, hands. You don't have that middle finger (part of the hand) to give you more options in building.
These pieces are mostly tan, and it is really recommended if you want to start building Po related creations. The pieces are a rehash of mostly 2004. But its a decent.
user posted image
user posted image

How fun is the set?

COLLECTOR: I did not have fun with this set. The thornax launcher is pretty cool, but doesn't shoot as far as the Zamor launcher. You can put zamor spheres in the thornax launcher, still launches. The one ammo that LEGO gives you, sometimes pops out of the launcher if your not careful. As a collector, you will be happy that Vorox is 99% flexible with his joints, so you can put him in any position. As for me, I don't think flexibility isn't everything. I wouldn't mind if LEGO goes back to the Toa Metru, or better yet the Toa Mata/Nuva. I really think gears are better than flexible joints. (Hordika has to be the best, because its flexiable and has gears!) So yeah, there is no cool add ons you can put on Vorox's feet (like you can do with the You can still play the thronax launcher game. But it seems childish. You just take turns shooting each other. BORING! Also you need another person to play this game with you. But its so boring, that LEGO soccer/basketball game is so much better!

MOCer: This is really fun, when my MOCs are involve in this. As a MOCer, you would like to see your MOCs killing Vorox, turning him into a pile of pieces he was like once before. Then at the end, once you dissemble him, you can use his pieces to create a sickly awesome MOC!

Lego Hater: Uh, you can use it for target practice? Watch as the pieces explode when you place him near an active pipe bomb...thats always fun. But who wants to waste money on that type of stuff?
user posted image
"Ready to Battle? Toa Matoro vs Vorox!"
user posted image
"Vorox is ready to pounce! But wait!! "
user posted image
"Matoro grabbed his tail and swung him around!"
user posted image
"You don't need fingers to do noogies!"
user posted image
"1...2...3! Vorox is down for the count!"
user posted image
"Matoro wins! Hoorah!"
user posted image
"Matoro gets a kiss from his gal!"
user posted image
"The End!"
(look down more!)
Final Thoughts:

- Good to see some old useful (not to big, not to small) mocing pieces in tanned color.
- Awesome helmet design
- Thornax launcher actually works?
- Tan!!!!
- The plate armor (on the legs and arms)
- Decent MOCing pieces wink.gif
- Big canister to organize MOCing pieces
- Small head - long neck
- Stupid steroid torso, Inika body rehash!
- Its 99% flexible (thats if you like gears more than flexability)
- Doesn't really look like a scorpion, and you have to give him the hunchback feel.
- Hands doesn't have the "middle finger" to provide extra options on it.
- People might mistaken it as sand.
I mainly got this set for the pieces. I don't really follow the 2008+ bionicle storyline that much. So I really don't care anymore. I still do like Bionicle, but only the years of 2001-2007. I guess you can call me a Matoran Universe Fan. I would also thank Imatron (from Mask of Destiny) again for sending me the prize. I think I am going to take apart of this stupid set in my thanksgiving break and something in that time.
I hope you like my review. It took me 3 half hours to dissect this thing! Plus, I might have some grammatical errors. Correct if you want.

This post has been edited by Matoro on Nov 24 2009, 08:58 PM
Posted: Nov 24 2009, 04:12 PM

Toa Nuva

Group: Members
Posts: 3,632
Member No.: 24
Joined: 24-August 09

That was a good review.

I might get the set, maily because I want that tail... But it looks, as you said, too skinny. Perhaps a rebuild MoC?
Posted: Nov 24 2009, 09:12 PM

Birds R Awesome!

Group: Members
Posts: 571
Member No.: 36
Joined: 14-October 09

QUOTE (Monasti @ Nov 24 2009, 04:12 PM)
That was a good review.

I might get the set, maily because I want that tail... But it looks, as you said, too skinny. Perhaps a rebuild MoC?

I didn't say it was skinny. Oh you mean the head? Yeah its kind of small. I think the only useless, or noobish piece that Vorox has, is the Inika Torso. (I have over 10 of those!) I don't really know what to do with them. I guess it'll be good for giant creations though.
Posted: Nov 24 2009, 10:40 PM

Former Admin

Group: Members
Posts: 467
Member No.: 6
Joined: 18-July 09

Very nice review. =D

Also liked your little fight sequence, too.

Toa Yurikk
Posted: Nov 18 2010, 09:15 PM

Toa of destiny!

Group: Members
Posts: 693
Member No.: 119
Joined: 10-September 10

Good review. I don't agree that the Glatorian hands are noob pieces though. Even if they are, they still look better then the weird flat fingerless hands that BIONICLE was cursed with until they came out.

I do agree that the new Po color scheme is pretty bad though. sad.gif I really miss having brown and tan Toa.
Posted: Nov 18 2010, 09:42 PM

Toa of Thunder

Group: Global Moderators
Posts: 1,709
Member No.: 11
Joined: 22-July 09

Why did the Glatorians all have such thin, frail-looking helmets? Surely Barraki-style heads could be adapted as helmets instead. I prefer the older hands, too. They allow for much easier adaption into MOCs as pieces other than hands. This one of the areas of BIONICLE that proves that progress isn't always a step forwards.
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