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Ria - May 31, 2010 11:21 AM (GMT)
The Islands of the Wyverian Archipelago are many and varied. Many are home to an abundant amount of wild life and plants. Some, such as the claws that lie to the south are little more than exposed sea mounts. Here I will present information on the most important islands.

Sona Nui

I may be a little bit biased but Sona Nui is the most beutiful island in the archipelago. The island is dominated mainly by verdant forest and grass lands. There are mant settelments across the islands from small villages to the great citys that dominate each climatic region. Ga-Sona lies to the south, nestled in a valley that opens up onto Sona bay. The building are mostly low with white walls and blue tiled roofs. Ga-Sona is also the site of my fortress and Sona Nui's standing army of Borohk, Warrior Matoran, Toa and other misfits. Ta-Sona lies to the south west around the dormant volcanoe, mount Peratak. Strangely, the city is also home to Ga and Po Matoran. Le-Sona is in the centre of the island amid the great forest that dominates the interior. Ko-Sona and Onu-Sona are very close to each other. Ko-Sona is on the peak of Bein Talamach and is a large producer of fine crystals of all varietys. Onu-Sona lies not far from Ko-Sona under the very roots of the mountains. Po-Sona no longer exsists. During the reign of the great tyrant it was destroyed for harbouring fugitives. Many of it's former inhabitants say it is haunted and refuse to even think about rebuilding it.

Toa Metru

Toa Metru is said to be the tip of Aganotu Nui's tail. The Wyvern used it as a weapon, just as we do today. As it name suggests, Toa Metru is the city of Toa. It is home to hundredes of Toa, Matoran aspirants, Elder Toa and Turaga. The island is dominated by the arena which covers the majority of the island. The current Ruler of Toa metru is Toa Maverick who has been a great friend of minje for centuries.

Voltaka Nui

Voltaka Nui is the molten heart of the Archipelago. It is the biggest producer of arms, armour and other metal products in the region. The island is also incredibly dangerous. the ring of mountains that surrond the centre of the island are actually the caldera of a gigantic super volcanoe. The volcanoe has slumbered peacfully since the creation of the universe. But I fear that the destruction unleashed by the destiny war could set it off. The island is inhabitated exclusively by the race of titans called the Votakii. I will explain more about them in the next chapter.

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