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 Don't Wait On Me {Open}
Anne Le Strange
Posted: Dec 30 2011, 11:01 PM

never settle

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February 1513

“Janet! Janet! Goodness, Janet, make haste will you! I’ve been waiting for too long already!”

Traipsing around her husband’s chambers in nothing more than her chemise, red tendrils of hair flying every which way, Anne Le Strange planted her hands on her hips and regarded the door for what was undoubtedly the hundredth time. Even though she had been awake for an eternity now, she remained entirely unprepared in the beginning of her day, for Janet had kept her waiting. There was not one thing that Anne loathed more in the world than tardiness, and as her young maid burst through the door, cheeks flushed, Lady Le Strange scowled.

“I am so sorry to have kept you waiting, my lady,” Janet puffed, wiping her hands on her apron, “but Master Le Strange was throwing a fit, and I had quite a bit of trouble calming him.”

“Nonsense,” Anne snapped. “Nicholas is a good boy. If he would not settle, then I think the problem lies with you instead.” Moving to the window, Anne crossed her arms. “Besides, Janet, it is not your duty to care for him. You were employed to cater to my needs, not his. He has a nurse for a reason, you see.”

“Oh. Uh, yes, my lady. Of course,” Janet replied, retrieving her mistress’ hair brush. “As you wish.”

Sighing heavily, Anne settled herself down in the chair that stood before the mirror and submitted herself to her maid’s care. Goodness, she was a mess. It would take an exceedingly long time, she supposed, to get her to a presentable state where she could walk through Hampton Court’s corridors and hallways without any feeling of shame. That of course, was something necessary in Anne’s eyes. Anything less than perfection was not acceptable, and she would not be leaving until such perfection was achieved.

“I only plan to go to the gallery, Janet,” she said smoothing the fabric of her chemise over her knees, “and need not to look extravagant. A simple dress will be suitable; perhaps the blue one.”

And so the blue dress it was.

After being washed, combed, pinned and dressed, Anne found herself, finally, in the gallery, examining the pieces of art the king favoured and hung on his walls. It was a lovely place to be, she decided. The feeling of serenity, and the vibrant colour; the strong brushstrokes. The only thing that would make it better if she were to have someone to discuss them with. A heated debate perhaps...yes. That would make this all the more entertaining, and Anne saw no reason why she wouldn’t receive such company if she waited patiently for it.

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John Clifford
Posted: Jan 2 2012, 08:18 PM

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John Clifford, whether it was his name or not, didn’t think he would ever venture into the art gallery, but being a spy for England he had ended up in worse places. And what was so bad about the gallery? Women tended to appreciate art and John appreciated them. There was no finer art than a woman’s body. And she had to be pure, untouched or at least know how her body could be used. If women understood this than he wouldn’t be surprised that a woman could rule, and he would gladly serve a woman if he was to be rewarded with what lay between her thighs. But it couldn’t just be any woman. If he took on a mistress it was likely that she didn’t really deserve his time save for being a deposit for his seed. And he cared not if he were to produce bastards, he was one himself. As long as they didn’t try to insist they deserved something from him, he didn’t care at all. To him it was their own fault for spreading their legs in the first place. Normally, he was no rapist so he had no intention in seeking out his own bastards if he had any or putting their mother’s mind at ease in marrying them. For if he was to marry, that woman would have to be as stead fast and ambitious as he.

He wasn’t in a hurry to marry though; he had time, for he was still getting grips on how the English court worked. Keeping in the shadows mostly, biding his time and watching and learning everything he could from the other courtiers. He despised most of them, simply because they were of pure noble blood and not many had to earn what was rightfully theirs. But he, born to a whore had to earn his inheritance from his own father. But he would bide his time for that too, first he had to oversee his half-sister marrying Sir Anthony Knivert and then he could think about his own future.

The gallery at least gave him time to think, but there wasn’t any real thinking going on when all of these women were on display for him. He would never disrespect a woman unless she deserved it and besides he didn’t want to get into trouble before he could make a name for himself. No, he would shut up and behave for now; only those closest to him would know who he truly was. And the red-headed he just spotted sure wasn’t close to him, but he couldn’t help wanting to get close to her…in all sorts of ways. But he let off nothing of what he was thinking when he approached her and bowed his head in greeting. “My Lady…I was hoping if you could enlighten me on something. In what the appeal is to women staring at splodges of paint on canvas…” He gave her a genuine smile to lighten up the mood in a way to prove that she could take him seriously or be convinced that he was jesting with her, though it was probably both.
Anne Le Strange
Posted: Jan 15 2012, 10:56 PM

never settle

Group: Members
Posts: 44
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Anne Le Strange was a woman who took great interest in the fineries of life. Every gown she was given had to be perfect, from the fabric colour and pattern to every last jewel or bead, and if it was not constructed to her liking, then the Lady Le Strange was sure to make her opinion known. The same viewpoint applied to art. When she had waltzed into the gallery this afternoon, it had not been because she wished to observe art in silence. No, it had been to seek out another person, make conversation with them, and perhaps discuss a difference of opinion.

That had been her original plan, at least. Upon finding the gallery practically vacant, it had been dashed, and Anne had gone about her visit in the only way she could. Alone. Strolling up and down the corridors, eyes shifting from one canvas to the next, she found herself feeling rather discontent with herself, and as though this had been a waste of time and energy. What was living if it was not to be spent in the company of other people? There simply was no point. If the human race had been destined to do everything themselves, then surely, Anne decided, they would have died out long ago.

Turning on her heel, she made slowly for the exit, gaze still glued to the paintings covering the wall. This would have been so much more practical if she had come with someone. Yes, perhaps she ought to search out Thomas and inquire whether or not he would like to accompany her. It would certainly be something that the pair of them could do together. Such interaction was something that was becoming even more scare, if that was at all possible, and Anne knew that she would have to think outside the box if they were to ever have the happy marriage she had always dreamed about.

“My lady…”

With the sudden vocalization, Anne frowned and turned her head to regard the man who seemed to have appeared of the air itself. He was tall, and much older than Thomas was, but handsome none the less. Anne found her cheeks flushing as he continued to speak, asking what was so interesting about staring at paintings. His deduction, she supposed, was entirely correct, for these canvases would be nothing without the many brushstrokes filling their surfaces. However, it was the way they had been arranged that she found appeal in, and not the concept itself.

“I suppose what you say is true, good sir,” she replied, “for these canvases are filled with nothing more than paint.” She gestured then, with a gentle flick of her wrist at the many pieces. “However, it is the concept that appeals. The paint is not looked upon as individual brushstrokes, but as a whole, and the picture it relays. At least, that is the appeal it holds for me. You have a brain, and the option to form your own opinion. To what appeal does the gallery hold for you?”

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Isabel Leigh
Posted: Mar 9 2014, 09:21 PM

Virtue alone is invincible.

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Mistress Leigh

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