• 1509 England's bells have tolled for the departed King Henry VII. The people have mourned, but also wait with bated breath to see his only surviving son take his place on the throne of England. Henry VIII has called all of his subjects to attend his lavish coronation, for which there will be weeks of festivities and merriment paired with sublime ceremony. Noble and gentle families of England are pushing their children to court -- the daughters to be considered as candidates for a royal marriage and the sons to ingratiate themselves with their new sovereign and gain his favor. But Henry may have plans of his own -- and with such a young and volatile monarch perched upon the throne, anything can and will happen.
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 Clifford, John
John Clifford
Posted: Dec 27 2011, 04:03 AM

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* She could tell right away, that I was bad to the bone .

AND MY OTHER CHARACTERS WOULD BE You should know them by now (dropping Charles). I FOUND FKAC AT ha!. OH, BY THE WAY, I READ THE RULES. WANT PROOF?

user posted image

I was born in the year 1482 to a whore. Well not exactly a whore, but close enough. See Iím the bastard son of John Clifford, Viscount of Cornwall, but no one knows that but my now dead mother and my fatherÖand me of course. I didnít know my father until both of his legitimate heirs died relatively on the same day. And from what I was told, his stupid wife left him with their only child, a daughter. That was when I came in. Sometimes I think that I was part of the reason the Countess left, but whatever her reasons, Iím glad of it, because my father took me in once my mother passed her expiration date. She had her use, after giving birth to me, what other use was there? I didnít care for her, not in any of my years with her.

It seemed though that even seeing little of my father that I would grow up to have the same temperament as him. No matter where I was or whatever work I was doing, I had to be outside working with my hands, if not then I might lose my temper and wrap those very hands around someoneís neck. Until my half-brothers had died though, my father cared little about me. To him I was just another problem, another secret to hide from the delicate heart of his Countess. At first I was training to be a guardÖa soldier, just because I had dreamt of having an excuse in killing someone. All that changed though when my brothers died and little Alison ran off with her mother the Countess. I cared not for women other than what they had to offer when theyíre legs were spread.

My father finally noticed me after that, thought he could pass me off as his eldest son who had Ďmiraculouslyí survived whatever tragedy he was meant to have befallen. It was either that or I was just a nephew he had stashed around for safe keeping, whatever the case may be, or at least whatever people thought it was none of it mattered to me. The one thing that did matter was that I was now the heir. He gave me a courtesy title as Baron Clifford and began my tutoring immediately. I learnt all that an heir would need to know, but what I lovedÖwhat I most thrived in was fighting. No matter what style or tactic or weaponry used, I mastered it to my ability. And I lovedÖloved to hunt. At least there I could kill something without getting into too much trouble, but I still yearned for war. My father though kept me from ever venturing onto a proper battlefield, but if I was allowed he would be right beside me every step of the way and I really didnít get the blood that I wanted. I wanted more and I wanted to be my own man and my own title. Not something borrowed and not while I am being tested every breath I take, for my father let me know every day and night that I had to damn well earn his title. Well I damn well willÖeven if I have to kill the bastard myself, I will have what is owed to me. It was his fault after all for me being born to a whore.

Years past and I still was not allowed to attend court as if I was just his little secret or perhaps he was afraid of losing me too? I donít really care; I just want to kill someone! And I had the chance, slipped out from under my fatherís nose as I found my way into Scotland. I took cover there as a spy for England. It didnít take me long to adjust with the brutes, kept me head down and kept to the shadows. I might have been one of those who let word Scotland was going to raid when the King raided France. The details didnít matter, what was though was my chance to finally kill! I was born to be on the battlefield and even though I had lived amongst the Scots I turned on them as soon as the word was given.

I had to thank Norfolk for that, but donít think Iím one of his men. His Grace can damn well think Iím on his side and I can have Somerset thinking the same thing, but what no one knows is that Iím on my own side. I trust no one, but you can bet Iíll use them just as they use me, because thatís how it goes doesnít it? I was injured though, got myself some nice scars to show the ladies, yeah father like son right? I soon found out on my own the attraction to whores, because itís easier to pry their legs apart. It was a slow recovery, but I made it and finally now that I am well again and in one piece, my father is letting me attend court. For good reason too, word has it that my young half-sister is to be married soon and I have been sent to oversee it. From what I have heard about her (Iím a spy I have my sources), sheís damn lucky to have convinced one of the Kingís own friends to marry her. I expected her to end up in a convent, but here she is marrying for money right? But what do I care, at least I donít have to deal with her. If I had to find her a husband, you can guess I would have chosen someone old, fat and ugly just so I can have a laugh.

Well I am here at court now, and even here no one really knows who I am except the heir of a Viscountcy (thatís if I can earn it) and a male relation to the soon-to-be married Alison Clifford. After making sure the wedding goes as plan, I might even find a wife for myself, thatís if there is a woman out there who can handle me, because we John Cliffords are tough to beat. But even though I may look at you sideways, I know my place and I sure as hell don't want to end up in no Tower. I don't want to lose...I want to win.

    - - - - Roleplay Sample, You know me...

Anne Le Strange
Posted: Jan 1 2012, 04:44 PM

never settle

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Make sure to head on over to the FACE CLAIM and claim your PB. Plot with other characters and make a plot page in the PLOT FORUM.
And be sure to post your info in the Who's Who. We want to know the person behind the character! INTRODUCE yourself.

Anne is a grand total of 1 thread(s).
And could have 2 more.
Isabel Leigh
Posted: Mar 10 2014, 06:38 PM

Virtue alone is invincible.

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Your topic has been moved because your account has gone inactive. This is either because you missed activity check or voluntarily dropped your character. Please PM an Admin with any questions.

Mistress Leigh

Isabel is in 8 threads and can has more!
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