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 DV's Pre-Patched Character and Clan Compilation
Posted: Apr 29 2006, 07:00 PM

Fallen Angel

Group: Veteran
Posts: 2,296
Member No.: 177
Joined: 4-April 05

Note: Best viewed in dark skins such as Final Fantasy.

Clan Viper
Clan Type: Mercenary and Vigilante
Alliance Status:
-No alliances at the moment

-Windurst Woods
-Windurst Port
-Windurst Waters
-Windurst Walls

-East Sarutabaruta
-West Sarutabaruta
-Nompipi River
-Zanbibi River
-Buburimu Peninsula
-Khoonta Dunes
-Maze of Shakrami
-Toraimarai Canal
-Garlaige Citadel
-Meriphataud Mountains
-Gausebit Mountain
-Sauromugue Champaign

Headquarters: Windurst

Name: Alastor
Class: Clanship
Armament: Magical Speed Booster
Propulsion Method: Reactor-Field
Suspension Method: Reactor-Field
Description: Made out of wood mainly, capable of landing in water quite well. Is very sturdy with thin layer of metal armor plating inside the wood. Small ship, capable of carrying cargo, passengers, and travelling quickly at the cost of reduced armaments.
Clan: Clan Viper
Captain: Soujiro
Valkyr Reinhart
Race: Human
Mastered job: HNT, NIN, PLD, ARC, SLD, THF , RNG
Status: Leader of Clan Viper.

Zatriot Anaconda
Race: Bangaa Half Wyrm
Mastered Jobs: DRG, DEF, TEM, WAR, WMK, Half Wyrm
Status: Vice-leader of Clan Viper...however is missing and hasn't been seen in a long time.

Soujiro Sho
Race: Half-Viera
Mastered jobs: NIN, THF
Status: Protecting Clan Territory

Race: Viera
Mastered jobs: ASN, SNP, RDM,
Status: Protecting Clan Territory

Flynt Kusanagi
Race: Moogle
Mastered Jobs: ANM, BLM, THF, TIM
Status: Guarding Vana'Diel Territory.

Gustav Kusanagi
Race: Human
Mastered Jobs: SLD, FGT, PLD, ARC, HNT
Status: Guarding Vana'Diel Territory

Phillip Gavvar
Race: Bangaa
Mastered Jobs: WMK, WAR
Status: Training in part of the START program.

Appearance: Phillip is a Bangaa with a blue hide. He has a long face, and has a slightly muscular build, though most of his features show he is more agile than strong. He has green eyes. He wears a white leather vest and blue pants of karakul leather. He is slightly shorter than most Bangaa his age would be.

Personality: Phillip is humble but he can be very headstrong. He tends to get angry easily, but he also is very laid back. He tends to assume a lot of responsibility for everything that happens, but sometimes the burden is too great on him and he makes rash actions.

Biography: He was the son of a woodcutter in Alexandria, his mother died giving birth to him. He was often bullied during his younger years so he trained his martial arts skills. He spent a lot of his time fighting to help those who were being bullied, and one day his house was burnt down, and his father was murdered. Blaming himself for the whole reason it happened, he ran off, leaving his older brother Cox, and became depressed. He drank and took drugs, and lived on the streets. A Viera, Brittany, whom was studying to become a doctor, found him and decided to help him. Phillip was eventually cured, and was forever greatful to her. He sought a new purpose in life, which was to travel and become the world's strongest fighter to defend those in need, and to get over his past and halt blaming himself.

Before he left for the journey, Brittany decided to go with Phillip with the reason that she needs to make sure he succeeds and the best way to learn is through experience. Countless times Brittany has aided Phillip, and in turn Phillip protected her. The two developed a bond, and Phillip was positive he was in love with her. Soon, during their travels from martial arts school to another, they met Seth'eus, and soon, Cochran. They joined Clan Viper, seeing it as an opportunity to see more of the world.

During a mission in Jagd Zinormous, Phillip was killed. He awoke in an unknown place, and spent countless hours meditating after a battle with another woman, Geledria. His brother, Cox Gavvar, came into the mysterious land and brought him out, alive. Cox vanished afterwards, and Phillip returned to Clan Viper. Soon after, Brittany contracted a rare disease and became comatose. Phillip, with Seth'eus and Cochran, departed and left Clan Viper. However, different interests and ideas seperated them all. Phillip searched on his lonesome afterwards for a cure, but noticed that he was weakening. Spirits which he befriended had vanished, and much of his skill had left him, leaving him no better than when he started off. He wasn't going to give up, though. No matter what the aftereffects of resurrection, he would get stronger and with it, he would find a cure for Brittany.

He currently is in Dollet, searching for what would be the best method to get stronger...


Race: Human
Mastered Jobs: BLM
Status: Living in Rabao

Race: Human
Mastered Jobs: THF, NIN
Status: Living in Rabao

Cochran "Kevin" Kline
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Moogle
Mastered Jobs: JGL, THF
Personal Job: Ace's Joker

Appearance: He has smooth white fur and large blue eyes, and wore a green coat over a white-ish blue undershirt. He wears brown leather boots, and bracers of the same color and material. He has a short figure; well, shorter than most common Moogle.

Personality: Cochran's main concern lies with his friends alone. He would do anything for them, even give his life because he feels he owes his life to them. His behaviour is also very child-like and often cries, which he despises. He also has a naive train of though as well. He has a habit of desiring treasure, especially after recent events force him to have gil, even having to resort to theft. He feels that whoever has money in this money-driven world has power.

Biography: He was the son of an Astrologer, who died of heart problems during Cochran's younger teenage years. Before his death, his father had predicted Cochran's future. His life will be covered by trials, and he will seek worldly possessions for many years to come. He will owe his life to special individuals, and they too have trials of their own. One will give up his life for him in the end. Soon, he met several special individuals indeed. He became close to them quickly, and he left on a journey to see the world with them, leaving his mother in Alexandria. Countless times during the journey he was saved by his friends and he vowed that he will repay them. After Phillip Gavvar's death and his revival, months later Brittany fell ill with a rare disease, called the Never Ending Sleep and fell into a coma. Phillip, Seth'eus and Cochran all went separate ways and left Clan Viper temporarily to find a cure. Cochran's decided that it was only money that can cure it, and decided to go off by his lonesome despite the wishes of Phillip to find the money to get a cure for Brittany, which was very expensive.

Age: 182
Gender: Male
Race: Nu Mou
Mastered Jobs: SAG, ALC, SCH, ILU, BLM, WHM
Personal Job: Runic Magus

Appearance: Seth wears a purple robe of silk with red and gold lining, with matching purple boots. His face is very young and handsome, and has white short hair that centers around the top of his head and grows slightly towards his brow. He has a black scar that has smoothened over the years which is below his grey left eye. His skin is smooth and pale blue like most Nu Mou.

Personality: Being the studious type like most Nu Mou, Seth is also very reserved but is talkative amongst close friends. He distrusts most people, but when he finally trusts someone he will aid them to the best of his ability. He believes that knowledge and magic is enough power to shape the world. Because of this, Seth seeks to broaden his horizon of magic as much as possible to realize his goal: to take control of his birth country that shunned him: Corneria. To ensure that what happened to him and his family will never happen again.

Biography: Seth'eus was born into a rather large family. Amongst his brothers and sisters he was the most headstrong and had a natural desire to become powerful to help them. He had a habit of being too trusting. He became part of a clan run by his family and they began training to become powerful magicians, for the simple fact that in his bloodline runs a possible method to channel spells together and this could potentially cause cataclysmic effects. Seeing this as a threat, the old government of Corneria approached Seth'eus and told him a lie which lured him to Jagd; which in turn caused him to be kidnapped. His family followed suit to save him, and an ambush by government hired clans killed most of them, with Seth being injured under the eye in the process, which sometimes leads him to have slight cases of sight problems.

The government gave them fake condolensces, but the damage was done and they lacked members of the family to perform the spell. Seth'eus eventually studied in Corneria for a long period of years. He eventually worked for the government to clear his suspicions of the government, and his doubts were proven true. Once he discovered the truth, he left Corneria right away, vowing to return to purge Corneria of the government that took it all away.

Many years pass and he continues his studies abroad, and eventually runs into Brittany and Phillip. He was about finished with studying and decides to go practice what he has learnt, and seeing the couple as a perfect opportunity, he travelled with them. Eventually through the journeys, he made close ties with them and eventually trusted them. Soon they were joined by Cochran, and they began journeying together, eventually joining Clan Viper.

Upon Brittany's malady, Seth was convinced that his alchemy was the cure to the solution, and parted ways with Cochran and Phillip to go find rare ingredients for the cure, seeking a method to attain whatever extra power he can get his hands on in the process.

Zack Lightfang
Age: 20
Race: Human
Mastered Jobs: MOR, SAG, BST

Appearance: Has short greyish-black hair that goes until his neck, some sharp looking canine teeth, bluish-green eyes, small nose, all on a small head. His body is very lean, with well developed legs and arms but appears short, yet gives the feeling that he's being very agile and athletic.

Personality: He rarely speaks to anyone except those he's close to, but he makes friends easily and trusts them easily as well. He would fight to protect those he's close to, and is also territorial. He always shows mercy to his enemies and never kills unless he's absolutely forced to. He spends most of his time in a monster form. He gets along with animals very well; mainly feline and canine animals.

Biography: He's been raised in the forests of Jugner in Vana'diel, by a group of morphers who truly specialize in Morphing and preserving nature. They fight off any who try to deforest the lush and beautiful Jugner Forest; and truly embrace the savage beauty of the natural world. Their training is so rigorous and intense that it is very common for practitioners to lose themselves and become monsters permanently. Thus far, with a lot of willpower that stuns most of the group, he manages to restrain from going berserk.

Garyuu Fangloup
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Bangaa
Mastered Jobs: WMK, WAR, GLD
Personal Job: Graffiti Raver

Biography: He was born in Balamb to a family of gangsters and street fighters. Detesting the lifestyle of constant fighting and shooting, he ran away at a young age with his close friend, Lyra. He found home in Onrac, Corneria where he met Hachiko, owner of a Coffee shop. Asking for a place to stay in return for a job without any pay, Garyuu and Lyra finally found a place he can call home. During his time in Corneria, he wanders off in the night to see its sights and came across a Graffiti Club in the backstreets of Onrac and was exposed to the wonderful art of song, dance and graffiti. He became an adept at street style and art, and became an easy and outgoing and joyful person, always attempting to appeal all with his talent of Graffiti around Onrac. That much is known to him to the public, at least.

Appearance: Wears the hip-est clothes in all of Fantasia--well, sort of. A white T-shirt and a blue vest over it. He wears blue and white armbands on both hands, and a gold leather wristband at his wrists. He also wears a star pendant around his neck. He wears white trousers that go to his heels and blue shoes on his feet. He wears a blue and white cap similar to the ones White Monks are often found wearing, only that it's cut at the back so it fits only around his head and doesn't go onto his back. On his vest are several badges, pinned onto it, of various designs.

Personality: Fangloup used to be frightened of any strangers, but he feels calmer now that he has developed a method to defend himself. He's outgoing, friendly, and loves to hang out in clubs. He has a thing for music and art, and often gets hyper over it. He treats battles like a dancing competition, and just has fun with it.


Lyra Noir
Age: 15
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Mastered Jobs: SCH, WHM

Appearance: She has short yellow hair that is straight and goes until her shoulders. She wears a yellow shirt and red brais and yellow moccassins for shoes. Has a very young face and has yellow eyes on white skin.

Biography: Raised in the same town as Fangloup, her childhood days were surrounded by violence amongst the large gangs. She despises war and so she and Fangloup left it all together. Her family was long murdered and so was taken in by Fangloup's father, Alphus. Alphus treated her kindly and sought to make her innate powers bloom, but she ran before he would train her. She resided in Onrac with Fangloup and Hachiko for awhile and decided to work what she could there to live. After Fangloup's leave, however, she mysteriously ran away.

Personality: Calm, Innocent and at times can be very impulsive, Lyra also develops natural curiousity. She becomes very overprotective of things and is also quick to make friends. She hadn't seen most of the dark things that occurred in Balamb as Fangloup did, so still feels safe amongst people she doesn't know, even though she has no idea how to defend herself.

Name: Rainwhisker
Age: over 50, biologically stuck at 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Mastered Jobs: ASN, ELM
Appearance: Rainwhisker has red hair and green eyes. He has smooth and clean white skin and wears a blue jubbah over a white robe, blue and gold-motif leather gloves and boots, and white seraweels. He also wears a blue cape with gold lining. His face is small, and he has a slightly muscular build.

Personality: He's actually a very hyper and jumpy sort of person, despite his line of work. He's very cheerful and can be very naive, but also has an affectionate side. He hates people being miserable so he always wants to help them out to make them feel better even if it isn't his business.

Biography: After the massive bloodbath in Starfang Tribe's history, Riversong took over half the tribe to leave Jugner Forest to Qufim Island where they would reside for awhile. They camped outside the large Delkfutt's tower, where they decided to look for a good place to stay. Riversong found a cave that lead to an open field which was practical for staying, but the door to the tower opened, and an elder, Flamepelt made a firm decision and took most of whoever was left inside as it bore more traces of life and possible chances for survival. The door sealed, and Riversong and the remaining people went into the caves and lived there since. Riversong was 30 then, and his son, Rainwhisker was born in that time. The excessive mist sprouting from the nearby tower collected in a small grotto where the growing child used to live, and it caused side-effects on his growth which made him biological metabolism rate to slow until it came at a standstill at around 20 years old. The mist has also cost him the innate ability to shapeshift, and so he has had to rely on weapons for survival. Feeling ousted by the other tribe members, he left for other lands in Vana'diel. He has only recently returned.

Cliff Matthiews
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Mastered Jobs: HNT, WHM, BLM, BLU, ARC, THF, SLD,
Personal Job: Soulreaver

Cliff's Azure Lore:
1) Western Viper Plant Posion (Leku): stings the target for minor earth damage, inflicts poison if hit, and inflicts either Confuse, Berserk or Doom

2) Stoneskin (Leku): Stoneskin grants immunity to status effects for six turns, at the cost of greatly reduced speed; using normal speed requires the use of mana

3) Rail Jump (Leku): Dash at an opponent at very high speed and attack for high damage
========================END OF CHARACTER LIST=============
Color Legend:

Gold clans = Clans that have very close ties and are allianced.
Cyan clans = Clans under an official alliance.
Silver Clans = Clans that are considered neutral.
Red clans = Clans that are considered opposing/hostile by Clan Viper.

Posted: Jan 28 2007, 04:18 AM

Fallen Angel

Group: Veteran
Posts: 2,296
Member No.: 177
Joined: 4-April 05

Status Log Template! Make it look professional!

HP: 100%
MP: 100%

Ability: Name



Posted: Mar 12 2007, 03:25 AM

Fallen Angel

Group: Veteran
Posts: 2,296
Member No.: 177
Joined: 4-April 05

Clan Viper has applied the Vigilante and Mercenary types, meaning that they do only good deeds, especially if there's money involved. There doesn't have to be a reward, because several members work for justice.

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