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Skin selector developed by XJONX. Skins created by various members of the IF Skin Zone.

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 Job list, My list.
Posted: Apr 24 2006, 12:28 AM

Fallen Angel

Group: Veteran
Posts: 2,296
Member No.: 177
Joined: 4-April 05

Rasetz (Other)
The warrior, in order to unleash his/her full potential, must delve into the dark arts. He uses his spirit and his strength to attack enemies. Five dark spirits follow the bRasetz around, forever bound to the blade, unable to rest unless the sword has een destroyed. The power of the spirits vary depending on the master.

Human: Black Mage X3, Ninja All
Viera: Assassin All, Sniper X3
Bangaa: Gladiator X3, Warrior All
Moogle: Black Mage All, Mog Knight X3
Nogemi: Downed Caster x2

Weapons: Anything, but you can only use weapons you have absorbed the spirits into. If you want to change, you have to absorb 5 dark spirits again.

To become a Rasetz, complete the requirements then find and slay 5 dark spirits and absorb their powers on a single weapon. You may use the powers for either good or evil.

Most Rasetz' abilities require a dark spirit. Every turn, a spirit revives itself, up to 5 spirits can be following you. (The same 5 you killed and absorbed into your blade)


A Abilities:
-Aura Blast: A spirit explodes, dealing high damage to nearby enemies. A Bangaa does extra damage with this move, and it will stun the enemy. (1 Spirit required) A moogle has the power to unleash 2 at once. (2 spirits required)

-Posess: A spirit enters an enemy and posesses it for 2 turns. 60% chance of sucess. After 2 turns, the spirit dissapears. If the move failed, the spirit also dissapears. (1 spirit required) A Viera has the power to make the spirit explode after the 2-turn posession for medium damage. A Human has a 75% chance of sucess. A moogle can revive a KO'd unit to become under his control for two turns, then the unit will be KO'd again. The KO'd unit that was possessed cannot be posessed again.

-Regenerate: Revive 2 spirits in addition to the one revived on your turn.

-Absorb: Regain 25% HP by absorbing a spirit. (1 Spirit required) A Bangaa regains 45%, wheras a Human can absorb two spirits at once. (2 Spirits required)

-Grand Wave: The Rasetz unleashes a wave with a slash, dealing extreme damage to enemies in a line.

-Bone Storm: The Rasetz unleashes a storm of bone daggers, dealing low damage per dagger, hitting enemies in front of him.

-Soul Lance: The Rasetz absorbs a spirits into his sword, and unleashes a dark beam that penetrates enemies, dealing extreme damage that cannot be guarded. (1 spirit required) A Viera can absorb extra 2 spirits and unleash it, dealing insane damage. (3 Spirits required) A moogle can charge for an extra turn and the shot deals has a 50% chance of KO. (1 Spirit, 1 extra turn required)

-Bloodlust: The Rasetz absorbs 5 spirits, and goes into a frenzy status for 5 turns. Each turn, he can attack normally thrice, or use two abilities that don't require spirits at once. (A Bangaa may use Aura Blast without using a spirit) During this status, no spirits will be regenerated every turn.

-Glow Soul: Two spirits combine and rush onto an enemy as a homing sphere, dealing high damage. Has a high accuracy.(2 Spirits required) Viera Glow Souls knock the enemy back and deal a second hit. Humans can use 1 spirit to use glow soul. (1 spirit required) Moogle Glow souls can explode, doing an extra high damage to enemies around the explosion. (2 spirits required) A Bangaa can use all 5 souls and they will perform Glow Soul individually and each can hit a single target with high accuracy. (5 spirits required)

R Ability:
-Vengeful Spirit: If the Razets is knocked down, a spirit will attack the enemy for low damage. If the Razets is knocked out, all five spirits (or less, depending on how much the Rasetz had when he was KO'd) will use Glow soul on the enemy who KO'd the Rasetz. (Each spirit will use Glow Soul) Also, this means that the Rasetz, if revived, will have no spirit, and must regenerate all of them back.

S Ability:
-Soul Dance: If the Rasetz is KO'd, spirits will revive themselves, 1 every turn. After 3 spirits have been revived, the spirits will revive the Rasetz.

C Ability:
-Spirits of Darkness: All five spirits will use Aura Blast on the enemy two times each for this combo. (Requires 5 Spirits)

Posted: Apr 24 2006, 12:29 AM

Fallen Angel

Group: Veteran
Posts: 2,296
Member No.: 177
Joined: 4-April 05

Elemental Chemist(Other)
Human: Black Mage x4, Blue Mage x4, Illusionist x4
Nu Mou: Alchemist x4, Sage x4, Illusionist x4
Weapons: Maces, Clubs, Daggers, Guns.

A mage job where people take power from nature and convert it into dangerous weapons. They can also create special potions from natural ingredients.

They can preform 3 Potion-making A-Abilities before battle.

Creating Potions: When you create potions, you start from the tier-I of that particular potion. Then, next turn, you can create another one, or upgrade the Tier-I potion into the Tier-II version, then next turn upgrade the tier II into Tier III.

Example: Turn 1 create Apple Gel (Tier I), turn 2 upgrage apple gel into Lemon gel, etc.

A Ability: Potion-making
Potion Toss: Toss a potion which was created by the elemental chemist.
Potion Upgrade: Upgrades a potion created by the elemental chemist.
Potion Use: Uses a potion created by the elemental chemist.
Potion Degrade: Degrades a potion created by the elemental chemist. This move doesn't cost a turn, usable as many times as needed.

-Create Gel Mixture: Creates a Gel potion.
1) Apple Gel: A drink that restores 30% HP for 1 ally.
2) Lemon Gel: A drink that restores 60% HP for all allies.
3) Orange Gel: A drink that restores 100% HP for one ally.

-Create Drink Mixture: Creates a Drink potion.
1) Soldier Drink: Increases Accuracy by 30%, Evasion by 15%
2) Warrior Drink: Increases Attack by 30%, Critical Rate by 15%
3) Hero Drink: Makes drinker invulnerable for 3 turns.

-Create Water Mixture: Creates a Water Potion.
1) Aqua Water: Casts Waterja on an enemy.
2) Lime Water: Casts Silence and Addle on an enemy.
3) Holy Water: Casts Waterja on all enemies.

-Create Bottle Mixture: Creates a Bottle Potion.
1) Oil Bottle: Casts Fira and Oils the enemy (take double fire damage).
2) Rancid Bottle: Casts Bio and Miasma, leaves Miasma on the area for 2 turns.
3) Deadly Bottle: Casts Bad Breath on enemies in the area.

-Create Tonic Mixture: Creates a Tonic Potion
1) Green Tonic: Cures all Status Effects for one ally.
2) Blue Tonic: Cures all status effects for all allies.
3) Red Tonic: Cures all Status effects for all allies, and resurrects all KO'd units at 15% HP, but resurrected units cannot evade for 1 turn.

-Create Shield Mixture: Creates a Shield Potion
1) Light Shield: Creates Barrier that nullifies Fire and Light attacks 2 times.
2) Holy Shield: Choose 3 of these status effects: Reraise, Regen, Haste, Protect, Shell, and Astra.
3) Banishing Shield: Instant death to undead, Extreme Light damage to other targets.

-Create Wall Mixture: Creates a Wall Potion.
1) Dark Wall: Creates Barrier that nullifies Darkness and Neutral attacks 2 times.
2) Evil Wall: Choose 3 of these status effects: Poison, Addle, Slow, Sleep, or Silence. They have a 80% chance of success individually.
3) Soul-stealing Wall: Instant death to single target (80% chance), May hurt self and reduce HP to 35%. (40% chance)

-Create Flask Mixture: Creates a Flask Potion.
1) Ruby Flask: Summons Crimson Flan to aid in battle. Has max of only 50% HP, which casts Drain Link, which drains HP and transfers it to its master, and Firaga. Absorbs Fire.
2) Sapphire Flask: Summons Azure Flan to aid in battle. Has max of only 50% HP, which casts Aspir Link, which drains MP and transfers it to all allies, and Blizzaga. Absorbs Ice.
3) Emerald Flask: Summons Vermillion Flan to aid in battle. Has max of 70% HP, which casts Dispel Link, which dispels all positive enhancements on an enemy, also has Protega and Shellga.


A-Ability: Wrath Spells
Wrath spells require a potion to use. They hit all enemies/allies depending on the case. Chance of evasion is very low.

-Hydro Storm: Creates a powerful rain and a tidal wave which deals high water
damage, then heals all allies by 25% HP. Requires Holy Water.

-Holy Crusher: Bright lights appear all over the area. All undead units hurt by this will take extreme holy damage. All allies will be healed to 100% and KO'd Units will be revived at 70% HP, but these two can only occur if there is at least 1 non-ko'd Undead unit. Requires a Banishing Shield Potion and Blue Tonic.

-Judgement: All allies can perform a full combo on a target of choice, regardless of distance and JP. Requires a Warrior Drink and Holy Shield.

-Negation: All allies and enemies will be addled and silenced for 3 turns by force. Unavoidable except by using Chemical Protection. Requires Lime Water and Green Tonic.

-Rejuvenate: Revives all allies at 100% HP. Requires Red Tonic and Aqua Water.

-Serenity: All allies will regain 5/10/15% HP every turn, depending on the Gel used. Requires Apple/Lemon/Orange Gel.

-Haloween's Eve: Dark Spirits will appear and attack all enemies with Glow Soul (Rasetz Ability) and may cause doom(50% chance). Requires a Soul-stealing Wall.

-Exxon Valdez: A Major oil spill over the area. All units get oiled. Requires Oil Bottle.

-Graveyard: Zombifies all enemies (75% chance). Requires an Evil Wall.

-Erruption: An erruption of Volcanic lava and gas causes all enemies to recieve fire damage, and a chance to be poisoned. There will be a field of fire and poison in the area for 2 turns, anyone who enters will be poisoned and take fire damage every turn. Requires an Oil Bottle and Rancid Bottle.

-Morbol Virus: Transforms a single enemy into a malboro for the remainder of the battle (100% Chance!) Requires 2 Deadly Bottles to use, and takes 1 turn to take effect. Status cannot be cured after unit is a Malboro, but can be before the unit is transformed with either a Blue Tonic or 2 Esunas castings. (Or use 2 curalls)

-True Shield: Grants the effects of Reraise, Regen, Haste, Protect and Shell to an ally for 3 turns. Requires a Holy Shield and Light Shield.

-True Wall: An enemy will be afflicted by Poison, Addle, Slow, Sleep, or Silence. They have a 80% chance of success individually. Requires a Evil Wall and Dark Wall.

-Vermillion Sand: Summons two comets to strike all enemies for extreme damage. Requires an Emerald Flask and Ruby Flask.

-Geo Freeze: Casts Blizzaja on all enemies. Requires a Sapphire Flask.
R-Ability: Chemical Protection: Prevents damage or abnormal status effects from potion attacks, but not from failed usage of a Soul-Stealing Wall.

S-Ability: Chemistry: The Elemental Chemist can create or upgrade a potion every turn, then act. He may create or upgrade another potion again, but it will still take his turn.

C Ability: Mass Chemistry: The Elemental Chemist can do any 5 combinations of create or upgrade potions.

Posted: Apr 24 2006, 12:32 AM

Fallen Angel

Group: Veteran
Posts: 2,296
Member No.: 177
Joined: 4-April 05

Races: Human, Nu Mou, Moogle, Bangaa, Viera
Human: Any magic job x3
Viera: Any magic job x3
Bangaa: Templar x2, Bishop x2, Dragoon x2
Nu Mou: Beastmaster x3, Illusionist x3
Moogle: Animist xAll
Nogemi: Any magic job x3

A diffrent school of music magic, involving usage of string instruments. These powerful musicians incorporate magic into their songs. Their instruments have been enchanted to release magic with each sound it makes. They have diffrent types of playing styles, one are active songs. Active Songs are songs which have their effects activate, similar like casting spells, like having fire explode in an area, after playing a particular bar of melody.

A Ability: Wind Song Spells
Active Songs (Flutes, Trumpets/Horns):
-Red Nocturne: Fire explodes in an area, dealing medium fire damage.

-Blue Rhapsody: Ice crystals fall over an area, dealing medium ice damage.

-Yellow Opera: Thunder strikes an area, dealing medium thuner damage

-Emerald Blues: Powerful wind gusts strike an area, dealing medium wind damage.

-Silver Rock: Rocks fall over an area, dealing medium earth damage over an area.

-Turqouise Jazz: Very thin piercing water geysers spout from the ground, dealing medium water damage in an area.

-Green Requiem: Heals an ally for 45% HP.

-Hunter's Beat: Improves all ally Attack Power, Accuracy, critical hit rate, and attack speed for 3 turns by 25%

-Battle Horn: Doubles ally attack power in an area, lasts until next attack.
-Fire Cry: A very wide ranged Fire-Breath, goes further than the normal fire breath, and keeps expanding up to 5 lines instead of two, and can burn the enemy.

-Ice Cry: A very wide ranged ice-Breath, goes further than the normal ice breath, and keeps expanding up to 5 lines instead of two, and can freeze the enemy.

-Bolt Cry: A very wide ranged bolt-Breath, goes further than the normal bolt breath, and keeps expanding up to 5 lines instead of two.

-Bangaa Shout: Powerful ear splitting shout deals heavy damage to all enemies, has a chance to confuse or addle an enemy, chance changes depending on enemies will. However, after using this move, the Metaller will not be able to use any Wind spells for the next 2 turns.

NOTE: here is a rough drawing of how the Fire/Ice/Bolt Cry would go in FFTA terms:

--------------[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
-----------------[] [] [] [] [] [] []
-------------------[] [] [] [] []
----------------------[] [] []

(All of the following songs has 100% Accuracy.)
-Army Paeon: Regenerates 10% HP for all allies every turn for a duration of 3 turns.
-Valor Minuet: Doubles ally attack power and accuracy for a duration of 3 turns.
-Knight's Minne: Doubles ally defense power and evasion for a duration of 3 turns.
-Foe Requiem: Decreases 10% HP for all enemies every turn for a duration of 5 turns.
-Mage's Ballad: Restores ally MPand improves magic accuracy for a duration of 5 turns.
-Grande Stanza: Improves ally accuracy, evasion, and critical hit rate for 5 turns.
-Magic Tocata: Doubles ally magic attack and resistance for 3 turns.
-Warding Round: Grants ally elemental resistance increase by one level for 5 turns.
R-Ability: Concentration: Passive Songs do not get interrupted so easily.

S-Ability: Soul Voice: The effect of the elemental damage songs will increase to reducing the enemies' resistance of that particular element.

C-Ability: Orchestra: Play songs while a combo is taking place, causing that song to have 100% accuracy and efficiency.

Posted: Apr 24 2006, 12:32 AM

Fallen Angel

Group: Veteran
Posts: 2,296
Member No.: 177
Joined: 4-April 05

Races: Human, Viera, Bangaa, Nu Mou, Moogle
Human: Blue Mage X 6 ,Black Mage X2, White Mage X2
Viera: Summoner X All, Elementalist X4
Bangaa: Gladiator X4, Bishop X4
Nu Mou: Beastmaster x3, White Mage x3
Moogle: Animist xAll
Nogemi: Any Magic job x3

Weapons: Harps, Violins, Guitars

A diffrent school of music magic, involving usage of string instruments. These powerful musicians incorporate magic into their songs. Their instruments have been enchanted to release magic with each sound it makes. They have diffrent types of playing styles, one are active songs and the others are passive songs. Active Songs are songs which have their effects activate, similar like casting spells, like having fire explode in an area, after playing a particular bar of melody. Passive songs are songs which have their effects activate, but dissapear when the musician stops playing through force or done so by themselves.
A-Ability: String Song Spells
-C Major: Damages enemy and causes Confuse.
-D Major: Damages enemy and causes Addle.
-E Major: Damages enemy and causes Silence.
-F Major: Damages enemy and causes Sleep.
-G Major: Damages enemy and causes Poison.
-A Major: Damages enemy and causes Beserk.
-B Major: Damages enemy and causes Dispel.

-C Minor: Heals ally and causes Protect.
-D Minor: Heals ally and causes Shell.
-E Minor: Heals ally and causes Haste.
-F Minor: Heals ally and causes Astra.
-G Minor: Heals ally and causes Regen.
-A Minor: Heals ally and causes Refresh.
-B Minor: Heals ally and causes Esuna.
Passive Songs

-Melody of Love: Drowses enemies in sadness, causing slow, 100% chance, but effect dissapears when the song stops.

-Melody of Flute: Drowses enemies in slumber, causing sleep, chance is 50% every turn.

-Giotto, The Great King: Drowses enemies in recklessnes, causing enemies to have reduced evasion.

-The Girl Named Rydia: Drowses enemies in remeniscence, causing enemies to have reduced resistance.

-The Twins Palom and Porom: Creates mirror images of allies, causing Blink status to them.

-Welcome to Our Town!: Creates illusions of townspeople, reducing enemies accuracy.

-The Prelude: Play before the battle begins, and all allies will attack first. If the battle has begun, it will restore both allies and enemies' HP by 20% every turn.

-Mystic Mysidia: Has 30% chance of turning enemies into pigs, frogs, or minimizes them every turn. (Can be cured with esuna, maiden's kiss, or curealls)

-Dancing Calcobrina: Summons 3 dancing puppets to attack the enemy, they cannot die unless the Metaller stops playing. Each puppet has Fira, Thundara, and Blizzara as their abilities.

-Land of the Summons: Randomly summons illusions of Ramuh, Titan, Ifrit and Shiva every turn to attack the enemy. After their attack, the summon dissapears.

-Deep Dungeon: Transports allies and enemies into a void world of pure blackness, or it would seem. It is more like the entire area was darkened by a lot. Everyone becomes blinded, and monsters occasionally appear, attacking enemies.

-Celtic Moon: Shines the bright moonlight upon all allies except the Metaller, granting them an altered version of Expert Guard, while in this state, allies cannot be healed, hurt, or be affected by spells for as long as the song is playing, BUT the Metaller has absolutely no evasion whatsoever, and if interrupted by force, she will be instantly KO'd and Hellbinded.

-She says Burn: Every turn, a random explosion occurs, dealing moderate fire damage to whoever is in the area.

-Aces High: Every turn, a ghost airship arrives and drops frost bombs on an area, dealing moderate ice damage to whoever is in the area.

-One Winged Angel Every turn, a swordsman carrying the true masamune teleports into an area and attacks an enemy, and dissapears again.
S:Ability: Double String: Allows the Metaller to play 2 minor/major combinations every turn at full efficiency.

R-Ability: Encore: When hit by physical attacks and abilities, enemies are forced to use a supportive ability on the Musician in the next turn. If they don't have any, they cannot attack the Musician for the next turn.

C-Ability: Music Ensemble: When both are at 60% HP or above, 2 Metallers/Pipers will give quicken to all characters. Usable twice in battle.

The Minors: The minors will heal very little, say 5% HP when you use it, and chances for the status effect is 80%. The Majors have 70% chance for the status effect, and hurt more than how much the minors heal. Accuracy for Major's damage is high.

Posted: Apr 29 2006, 06:03 PM

Fallen Angel

Group: Veteran
Posts: 2,296
Member No.: 177
Joined: 4-April 05

A diffrent altered version of thieves, these bandits have relied on more physical and direct contact in their arts of theft.
Races: Human, Moogle, Viera, Bangaa. Basic job.
Weapons: Daggers, Sabers

A-Ability: Plunder
-Lock-Picking: Pick locks on doors, chests, safes.
-Mug: Damage an enemy and steal gil at the same time.
-Wave Slash: Unleashes a wide-ranged foward attack.
-Earth Slash: Unleashes a long-ranged foward attack.
-Quick Blade: Attack 5 times sucessively, each slash dealing 30% of normal damage. Low chance of missing.
-Aerial Launcher: Slams ground with weapon, causing opponent in front to be launched upwards with 75% attack power. When in the air, opponents cannot attack physically, have high evasion from ranged attacks, as well as melee attacks, but have low evasion from spells, combos and certain skills (like jump), but opponents may or may not fall back to the ground within one attack.
-Aerial Slicer: Unleashes a high damaging rave of attacks, but opponent must be in midair.
-Air Thief: Steals a random item when opponent is in mid-air.
-High Jump: Jump high into the air, and the bandit can follow up with certain skills, or attack. (Skills are Earth Slash and Aerial Launcher)

R-Ability: Aerial Dodge: Double jump out of the way against projectile attacks and spells. Improves chance of dodging spells and projectiles, but not too significantly.

S-Ability: Jump-attack: Attack after a jump, extends attack range slightly.

C-Ability: Bandit Combo: Combo where every attack has a chance to make enemy 'lose' gil and certain carried items, but not equipped ones.

Posted: Apr 29 2006, 06:04 PM

Fallen Angel

Group: Veteran
Posts: 2,296
Member No.: 177
Joined: 4-April 05

Skull Mage(Magic)
A mage that is an altered version of Black mage, only with extra focus on enfeebling skills.
Races: Human, Nu Mou, Moogle, Nogemi. Basic Job
Weapons: Staves, Rods, Maces

-Drain: Drains HP from an enemy by absorbing life energy.
-Aspir: Drains MP from an enemy by absorbing spirit energy.
-Bio II: Damages enemies for medium damage and has a high chance of poison.

-Dehydrate: Reduces all enemies resistance to fire and reduces enemy strength by reducing amount of water in body. Chance is 100%.
-Bottomswell: Reduces all enemies resistance to thunder and reduces enemy speed by engulfing them in a water sphere which follows them. Chance is 100%.
-Infect: Reduces all enemies resistance to darkness and reduces enemy magic power by reducing their concentration. Chance is 100%.

-Bloody Sword: Damages enemy depending on how high the amount of life energy the enemy has with a sword which protrudes from the ground.
-Blood Suck: Drains small amount of HP from an enemy, but at the same time forces an enemy to become a vampire for the duration of the fight or until he is KO'd. The enemy cannot use skills or attack, but is forced to constantly drain blood from both enemies and allies, spreading the Vampire status around. If the vampire does not absorb any HP in 2 turns, the vampire will be KO'd and hellbinded. The skill may cause the Skull Mage himself to turn into a vampire should his victim attempt to drain blood from him.
-Impale: A spear protrudes from the ground, dealing high damage to an enemy, and at the same time can cause instant KO.

A-Ability: Cursed Skull
Sleepel: Sleeps enemies over a range.
Paralyzel: Disables enemies over a range.
Bindel: Immobilizes enemies over a range.
Silencel: Silences enemies over a range.
Blindel: Blinds enemies over a range.

R-Ability: Killer Skull: When KO'd, the person who KO'd the Skull mage will be attacked by a Summoned Skeleton. The skeleton has 50% of all stats the Skull Mage has, with it's attack variant upon the Skull mage's Magic Power. The skeleton will only attack the person who KO'd the Skull Mage. If either the skeleton is killed, Skull mage is revived, or the person who KO'd the Skull Mage is KO'd, the skeleton will dissapear.

S-Ability: Spell Concentrate: Increase spell accuracy.

C-Ability: Skull Combo: A solo combo featuring the Skull Mage and his group of spirit skeletons.

Posted: May 7 2006, 09:32 PM

Fallen Angel

Group: Veteran
Posts: 2,296
Member No.: 177
Joined: 4-April 05

Dual Raptor(Ranged)
An interesting flexible job to use, that even humans and Viera have gotten into it.
They focus abilities on certain cards. They choose and draw a card every turn before their attack. After drawing a card, the next attack will have the effect of that card. This can be stacked up to as many as 5. But every time they draw a card, it requires some of their strength. Soon, when they reach 3 cards, they have to take an entire turn to draw a card.

-Humans: Hunter xAll, Ninja x2, Paladin x2
-Viera: Sniper xAll, Assassin x2, Red Mage x2
-Moogle: Gunner xAll, Gadgeteer x2, Juggler x2

Weapons: Double Guns (no need for usage of DoubleSword ability)
Armor: Light armor, hats
A-Ability: Reload Card (You can Reload a card before you use an ability or attack. You can have up to 5 cards at once. These cards WILL also be in effect when using abilities. After using your cards to act, they will dissapear and you must Reload again to gain more. Faint and KO is DIFFRENT.)

-ATK Linkage: Improves the damage of the next attack by 15%.
-HIT Linkage: Improves the hit rate of the next attack by 10%.
-AP Linkage: Next attack ignores defence, but lowers hit rate. Stackable only once.

-Disarment Linkage: Next attack has a chance to block opponent from attacking using weapon, because weapon will be sealed by an anti-attack field. Adding more will increase chance, stackable up to 3 times.

-Faint Linkage: Next attack has a chance to make an enemy faint until next turn. Chance increases with more cards. Stackable up to 3 times.

-Knockback Linkage: Next attack will knock opponent back if it hits. Stackable only once.

-Status Linkage: Next attack can cause a status ailment on an opponent. Statuses vary with number of cards stacked. 1=Poison, 2=Sleep 3=Disable 4=Addle 5=Doom

-Healing Linkage: Next attack will turn bullets into healing bullets, amount healed is a percentage of weapon power. Percentage increases with more cards. Stackable up to 5 times.

-Defense Linkage: If hit, this card will automatically reduce 10% damage, but when in your deck, your evasion is 0. Unstackable.

-Close Counter Linkage: If hit with a close range melee attack, this card will activate and return 1/2 the damage, but when in your deck, your evasion is 0. Unstackable.

-Ranged Counter Linkage: If hit with a long range attack, this card will activate and return 100% of the damage, but when in your deck, your evasion is 0. Unstackable.

-Evasion Linkage: When in your deck, your evasion is raised to 100% until somebody tries to hit you. Cannot be used when fighting with one opponent only. Unstackable.

A-Ability: Twin Bullet
-Dual Blitz: Creates magical walls between targets in an area and self, then fires ricocheting bullets everywhere. High accuracy and damage, but does 20% damage to self. Unusable if HP is below 50%.

-Double V: Fires spreading bullet shots for enemies in front of the Dual Raptor.

-Sniper Wolf: Fires a single shot at a very far enemy for high damage, but accuracy is reduced. Accuracy is normal if the Dual Raptor has 2 Hit Linkages.

-Substitute: Summons an doppleganger of self, it doesn't move or attack, it cannot be healed, but has Auto Cover, so it absorbs all damage dealt to the Dual Raptor. Health of the substitute is 30%, but if Raptor has an AP Linkage when summoning, then it will be 45%. The substitute will block all types of attacks, INCLUDING HEALING! But it will not block damage delt to self using Dual Blitz, or Arsenal.

-Arsenal: Concentrates excessive energy, then blasts it through the air with a single shot in the form of a energy sphere. The charged shot will be unstable, and explodes, raining supercharged bullets which explode on contact, dealing extreme damage to units in a very wide area around the Raptor. This move KO's the Raptor, but the accuracy is very random. Explosions can hit you at point blank, or be so far away from you. This skill can be affected by Healing Linkage, but the Raptor is still KO'd.

-Swarmer: Fires holy beams which home in on the enemy. They spread out first, then close in on a single target. It can knockback enemies very far away if the Raptor holds a Knockback Linkage.

-Heavy Shot: Charges and fire a dark piercing beam that damages the enemy multiple times, then if the Raptor holds a Faint Linkage, the beam will unleash one last wave that causes enemies to knocked back, fall down, and has a chance to get fainted.

-Hexagun: Fires 8 continous shots rapidly, each shot dealing 25% of normal attack damage. When using ATK linkage for this, damage is increased by 5% per ATK linkage instead of 10%.
R-Ability: Penalty: If the Dual Raptor takes 15% damage or more in one turn, he may draw 2 cards the next turn.

S-Ability: Activate!: Instead of using your card immidiately when you attack or use an ability, you can save up your cards, but you also can Activate your cards before Act.

C-Ability: Draw Card: Draws 3 cards in one turn.

Posted: Jul 20 2006, 06:46 AM

Fallen Angel

Group: Veteran
Posts: 2,296
Member No.: 177
Joined: 4-April 05

Ninjutsu Kage(Magic)
-Human: Ninja x5, Black Mage x2
-Viera: Assassin x3, Red Mage x3
-Moogle: Juggler x2, Black Mage x2, Gunner x2

Weapons: Knives, Katana, Throwing Shuriken, Fuuma (Melee Shuriken)
Armor: Cloth armor

A-ability: Mind Magic
Not RO based, but adds a little extra to this job.

-Mind Heal: Restores SELF HP to 100%, but ATK is halved for 3 turns.

-Illusionary Shadow: Summons a shadow that switches places with you to absorb 3 hits 100%, but EVA is halved for 5 turns afterwards.

-Shadow Blade: Strike an opponent and recieve conceal afterwards along with a +30% boost to ATK, DEF, MAG and RES for the duration of 5 turns.

-Release: Temporarily makes an opponent lose his mind 70% chance, causing Confuse or Beserk or even make the opponent stop moving as a mindless zombie, but reduces caster's MAG by half for 3 turns.
A-Ability: Ninjutsu Arts
-Crimson Fire Petal: Deals 5-10 sucessive hits of Fire Damage with each shot being 30% of MAG by creating a horde of flaming petals to fly to the enemies.

-Crimson Fire Formation: Summons a large ring of fire around you and repels enemies and causes Burn.

-Raging Fire Dragon: Summon a fire dragon to smash the enemy three times for heavy damage and knockback.

-Ice Needle: Summons Ice Stalactites and do 5 sucessive hits and knock the enemy into the air, each hit being 30%. It has a chance to make the enemy bleed.

-Hidden Water: Summons a field of water around you, all ice and water attacks dealt from the field will do extra damage and all ice and water attacks heading to the units on the field will be nullified.

-Ice Meteor: A large meteor of ice will strike opponents in the area, then ice shrapnel will damage opponents in an even larger area, Meteor does 150% of MAG damage and Shrapnel does 50%.

-Windshear Blade: Blades of Wind flutter and cut enemies multiple times in a fanning range, each hit being 50% of MAG.

-Deadly Thunderstrike: Lightning strikes opponents around the caster for multiple hits, around 5-20 with each hit being 20% of MAG.

-Kimaitaichi: A dark energy blast deals high dark damage to enemies in a line, and has a chance to poison, sleep or blind.

R-Ability: Kasumi: Frontal attacks are easier to dodge, and are followed by a triple hit attack.

S-Ability: Haze-to-Wheel: When using Fuuma, silhouettes of self will follow up the attack, creating a sort of haze of wheels slicing the enemy. Each silhouette does a tenth of one's damage. There are randomly 3-5 silhouettes.

Posted: Aug 16 2006, 02:04 AM

Fallen Angel

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Renau Knight(Magic)
A long time ago, a knight managed to stand up against fighting a Gigas alone, by using special skills of unknown origin. The name of the knight's was Kogure Renau. His fighting skill was lost when he died and was buried in a crypt. But the power arose once more...

Weapons: 1h Longsword, 2h Katana, 1h/2h Spears
Armors: Heavy armor

Human: Soldier X3, Black Mage x3, White Mage x3,
Bangaa: BishopX2, DragoonX2
Nogemi: Sentry x4, White Monk x2

A-Ability: Renau Sorcery
Blink: Improves evasion of the caster by a moderate amount for 3 turns.

Phalanx: Recover 10% HP after every hit if attack damage is over 10%. Otherwise, damage is nullified. Lasts 3 turns.

Stoneskin: On the first turn after casting, caster will be granted Expert Guard status. For the next two turns afterwards, caster will ignore all damage below 20%, unless in that particular turn the caster is hit more than twice. Lasts 3 turns, as described above.

Regen: Recover 10% HP every turn. Lasts 3 turns.

Refresh: Recover 10% MP every turn. Lasts 3 turns.

Blind II: Has a very high chance of blinding an enemy. Lasts 5 turns.

Poison II: Medium chance of forcing an enemy to lose 15% HP every turn. Lasts 5 turns.

Slow II: Has a very high chance of an enemy becomevery slow and is unable to act properly. Lasts 5 turns.

Paralyze II: Has a medium chance of causing an enemy to be paralyzed. The paralysis may cause an enemy to lose his turn. Lasts 4 turns. (i.e pokemon)

Silence II: Has a very very high change of causing Silence status to an enemy that lasts 5 turns.

Sleep II: Has a high chance of causing enemy into sleep for 5 turns.

R-Ability: Counterbreak: If an enemy attempts to use an R-Ability that involves attacking him physically, the Renau Knight will cancel and nullify that R-Ability for 1 turn.

S-Ability: Doublebuff: Allows the Renau Knight to cast either 2 status enhancement spell at once or 2 status abnormality spells at once.

C-Ability: Conversion: Convert's own HP into MP and MP into HP.

Posted: Sep 29 2006, 12:28 AM

Fallen Angel

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Gaiden Warrior revised(Melee)
These are warriors trained in many unique/exotic weapon arts that fight better as there are more allies along them. Many compare them to Ninja, but they rely less on shadows, and can hold their own up close and personal. They were given the name Gaiden Warrior for the innumerable amounts the warrior must step out of his way to help others, or for the amounts the warrior must alter his fighting ability to adjust to the situation. The fighting style is very complicated and difficult to master, and isn't very strong and laughable, but that is when fighting alone. In a group, the bonds and ties of friendship, love, and brotherhood will improve their capabilities drastically.
-Human: Archer x3, White Mage x3, Samurai x3
-Bangaa: Warrior x3, Templar x2, Bishop x2
-Viera: Fencer x3, Assassin x1, Sniper x1, White Mage x1
-Moogle: Thief xAll, Mog Knight x2
-Nu Mou: Sage x3, Beastmaster x3
-Nogemi: Pure Monk x3, Protector x3

Weapons: Varies
Armor: Light Armor, Heavy Armor
A-ability: Brotherhood

-Revenge: A slash with extreme accuracy and variable damage, depending on how hurt self's honor is. If enemy is KO'd, then you will regain 50% HP. If not, at least you scarred the foe.

-Sacrifice: Mijin Gakure: KO and Hellbinds self, while KO-ing the enemy that flawed your honor, 100%. Note that enemy is KO'd only.

-Sacrifice: Final Distance: KO and Hellbinds self while reviving all fallen allies at variable HP, depending on his/her relation to them.

Forgotten Despair: Restores all allies HP by 20%, and gives self Haste.

Deep Sorrow: The more damaged the Gaiden Warrior is, the more damage this move will do.

Dark Illusions: See through any illusion, then allows self to be immune to any illusion for the rest of the battle. Can be used before being hit by one.

A-Ability: Gaiden Weaponary
Switch Weapon--Ready:Allows self to change weapon, and go into defense afterwards.

Switch Weapon--Haste:Allows self to change weapon and act, at the cost of decreased accuracy.

Available Weapons:
Ninjato: Wield a light and deadly katana.
-Clean Cut: Slash a clean cut that ignores enemy defense.
-Bokken Blast: Attack with critical damage.

Sai:Wield a three-pronged dagger with the side blades being shorter than the middle blade.
-Blade Halt: Grab a weapon by using the tsuba, the space between the blades, then attempt to snap it in half.
-Screwdiver: Blaze through enemy lines with a whirling dive attack.

Bo: Wield a long quarterstaff.
-Bludgeon: Smash the enemy with three consecutive strikes, ending in knockback.
-Perfect Cover: Block any incoming melee attacks and retaliate with Bludgeon. Usable once every 2 turns.

Nuchaku: Wield light and agile chained-sticks.
-Tailwind: Fire wind blades as projectiles.
-Concussion: A powerful blow to the head, causes addle and random chance of OHKO.

Kusarigama: Wield a sickle chained to a iron weight.
-Grasp: Aim and throw the weight and attempt to either cause Immobilize, Disable, or Steal Weapon or hit enemy on the head and cause Addle, or pull enemy towards self.
-Backlash: Slash an enemy with the sickle, then toss the weight to knock them back.

Jitte:Wield a blade that is medium lengthed, and has an extra shorter blade on it's side a short distance away from it.
-Gutter: Stab an enemy with the shorter blade, then twist and pull it out. Extreme damage with low accuracy.
-Ten Hands: Attack an enemy with a variant of 10 diffrent slashes. Difficult to pull, but can cause up to three random status ailments and variable damage, depending on how many hit.

Shuko: Use a claw with hooked like edges.
-Thunderblast: Generate a large thunderblast dealing medium lightning damage + knockback.
-Rake: Cause a deep gash, leading to bleeding.

R-Ability: Support Attack: When near allies with same ability, upon attacking, there is a chance for them to follow up with a normal attack with boosted damage, at the cost of their turn.. There can be up to 3 other people following up your attack. Chance varies depending on relationship.

S-Ability: Mutual Brothers: When near allies, attack damage is improved by an extra, armor-ignoring power. At higher relationships, it adds a damage-ignoring capability to your defense.

C-Ability: Gaiden Brotherhood: Stores up for an attack that will hit for 10% damage regardless, and adds an extra 10% for every other Gaiden Warrior in battle. This attack is unavoidable by any means, and unblockable by any means. Damage can reach up to a max of 50%. Usable once per battle, and all Gaiden Warriors supplying energy to the caster also cannot use this ability for the battle.
Table for chances of Support Attack occuring:
Master-Pupil relationship: 70%
Pupil-Pupil relationship: 50~65%
Blood Relation relationship: 75%
Ally relationship: 50%
Same weapons: +10% chance
Close to each other and ready: +5% chance
Likes partner: +5% chance
Hates partner: -10% chance
Far away and unprepared: -10% chance
Partner is not Gaiden Warrior: -5% chance
Table for bonuses from Mutual Brothers:
1 Person == +5% armor ignoring damage to attack
2 Person == +10% armor ignoring damage to attack
3 Person == +13% armor ignoring damage to attack
4 person == +15% armor ignoring damage to attack
5 Person == +18% armor ignoring damage to attack

Bonus from close-related partners:
1 close-related partner: Ignore 2% damage when hit
2 close-related partners: Ignore 4% damage when hit
3 close-related partners: Ignore 6% damage when hit
4 close-related partners: Ignore 8% damage when hit
5 close-related partners: Ignore 10% damage when hit

Posted: Feb 15 2007, 02:26 AM

Fallen Angel

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Freelancers are warriors who are capable of using any weapon and any armor. They are capable of summoning weapons that are merely spiritual and summoned at will. Freelancers attract several spirits, if they are adept enough in this unique fighting style, and they follow you freely and aiding you. These are called sentries, loyal followers of Freelancers.

Race: Any
Preresquisites: Master 1 Fighter job, master 1 Magic job, master 1 Agility/miscellenous (sp?) job.
Weapons: Any Weapon.
Armor: Any Armor, Any Shield.

NOTE: They can only choose one A-Ability from the start of the battle.
A-Ability: To Arms!
Damage for this A-Ability varies on Strength.
Fire Double Shotgun: Fire a gun that hits twice for moderate damage each.

Fire Sniper: Fire a gun that has very high accuracy for below moderate damage.

Fire Punch: Perform a strong uppercut that can carry enemy into the air, dealing moderate damage and prevents enemy from acting for that turn.

Battle Axe: Use an axe to halve the enemy's health.

Poison Longbow: Fire a bow that will poison an enemy 100% if it hits after dealing low damage.

Oil Bomb: Fire a concotion that will burn when it makes contact. Units over an area take low fire damage, and get oiled if they are hit. The area around them will burn.

Mine Strike: Place multiple landmines that explode on proximity over the battlefield. Each deals low damage.

Deadly Cluster: Throw a powerful grenade that will make a small explosion for no damage, but as it explodes 5 smaller ones that are more powerful spread and explode, dealing high damage each to adjacent units. The spread is random over a small area.

Red Bull: A powerful healing substance replenishes 20% HP and grants Haste status to yourself. Healing will not work when your health is above 30%.

Water Bubble: Summon a bubble so that allies near you will have the benefit of avoiding all projectile moves.
A-Ability: Summon!
Damage on this A-Ability Varies on Magic Attack.
Napalm Strike: Deals above moderate fire damage to a large area and creates a burning field over that area. Units in the field take 5% damage per turn.

Field Medic: Using survival skills, recover 30% HP to an ally.

Hospital: Revive an ally with 15% HP.

Low Gravity: Lowers the gravity in the battlefield for 5 turns.

Flood: Attempt to drown enemies by submerging them in water. Deals 25% damage to all enemies with good accuracy. Does not work if enemy can breathe underwater.

Homing Bullet: Summon a homing magic bullet to track down your enemies, having great accuracy and moderate damage.

Mad Cow: Summon a herd of angry spirits to raze enemies in a line for high damage.

Flaming Sheep: Summon flaming rocks to explode and deal high damage to enemies over a small area.

Concrete Donkey: Summon a meteorite to deal extreme damage to a single enemy.

Frozen Cube: Shield all allies in ice cubes at the end of your team's turn when used, all allies will be immune to any melee attack moves.
R-Ability: Sentry: Have a floating sentry of any form follow you. When you are hit, this sentry will immidiately attack the enemy for low damage. The attack ignores Block Arrows.

S-Ability: Sentry Attack: Have the sentry add low damage to your attack by attacking alongside you.

C-Ability: Free Combo: A well balanced combo.

Posted: Feb 15 2007, 02:28 AM

Fallen Angel

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Jack of all Trades(Other)
A race that uses unique and special skills relying on several elements to change the tide.
-Human: Blue Mage x2
-Moogle: Juggler x2
-Viera: Fencer xAll
-Bangaa: White Monk x2, Warrior x2
-Nu Mou: Morpher x1
-Nogemi: White Monk x2, Warrior x2

Weapons: All. Staves and Souls get a half damage penalty. Daggers, Maces and Bows get a 1.5x bonus.
Armor: Any.

Shades of Black: Casts a random tier spell of black magic. The black magic set casted varies on the day it is casted.
-Monday: Fire
-Tuesday: Thunder
-Wednesday: Aero
-Thursday: Water
-Friday: Blizzard
-Saturday: Shade
-Sunday: Stone

Shines of White: Casts a random tier spell of white magic. The white magic casted varies on the day it is casted.
-Monday: Cure
-Tuesday: Holy
-Wednesday: Esuna
-Thursday: Regen
-Friday: Raise
-Saturday: Dia
-Sunday: Always Curaja

Leaves of Green: Casts a random enfeebling or enhancing Green magic. The magic casted varies on the day it is casted. If targeting allies, it is the enhancing spell. If targeting enemies, it is the enfeebling spell. On sundays, the status effect will always hit.
-Monday: Blind/Protect
-Tuesday: Silence/Shell
-Wednesday: Confuse/Astra
-Thursday: Sleep/Float
-Friday: Poison/Haste
-Saturday: Break/Blink
-Sunday: Random Enfeebling including death/Random Enhancing including Reraise

Horology: Summons needles around all enemies in range to pierce them, dealing damaged based on the second value it is casted. I.E. cast when it is :40 on your posted time, then it'll deal 40% damage when the spell is casted. High accuracy rate. (I don't know if this is overpowered. It is impossible to time the seconds accurately, because of lags, delays and everything happening. If not, I'll make the damage half it's amount)

Numerology: Creates a vortex to damage all enemies in range based on half your current HP.

Achilles: Reduce an enemy's resistance to one element of your choice.

Shear: Reduces an enemy's resistance to magic damage and enfeebling spells.

Decay Armor: Reduces an enemy's armor.

Charming Wave: Charm an enemy of the opposite Gender. Has a higher chance with same races.

Traveller: Damage all enemies depending on the number of turns taken multiplied by ten then halved. Once used, the counter is reset again. Counter resets after the 18'th Turn.

Sight Unseeing: Deals extreme damage to an enemy with high accuracy when blinded.

Souleater Blade: Attack an enemy for extreme damage after reducing own HP.

Full Revive: Reduces self HP by 30%, but revives an ally for 100% HP.

Channeling: Reduces all of self MP, but heals an ally for 10 times that amount.

Libra: Next attack will do double the damage. If the enemy has an element weakness, it will have that element.

R-Ability: Element Absorption: When hit with a spell, you can choose to attack with that element any time you want. Lasts for the whole topic.

S-Ability: War Mage: Regain 3% HP and MP After every attack that hits.

C-Ability: Mist Quickening: Perform a combo that can go endlessly with other allies who have the same C-Ability in Jagds, but the chances of the combo continuing depletes with each use. Otherwise, it is a combo with all allies.

Posted: Mar 25 2007, 12:03 AM

Fallen Angel

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Blue Corsair(Other)
Travelling people who have inherited knowledge of local wildlife and the tricks of the world. They use the knowledge they have acquired to perform skills and abilities other monsters, animals or people, even plants or the earth.
Weapons: Swords, Falchion, Scimitar, Sabers.
Armor: Cloth armor, Light Armor, Heavy armor, helmets, hats.

Requirements: Must have travelled the world a lot, and:
Human: Blue Mage x6, Hunter x3
Viera: Sniper x3, Elementalist x6
Nu Mou: Beastmaster x6, Sage x3 OR Morpher x3.
Moogle: Black Mage x6, Mog Knight x3
Bangaa: Dragoon x6, Gladiator x3.
Nogemi: Marksman x6, Sentry x3

A-Ability: Wildlife Assault
Pollen: Absorb the natural process of pollenation, absorbing essences of bees, flowers and nectar. Heal's self HP by 15% while slightly increasing all stats for duration of the battle, and CAN stack with other last for whole battle moves.

Sandspin: A magical sand spins around the caster, blinding all foes in range. Deals low damage and has 100% chance of inflicting blindness unless prevented otherwise.

Cocoon: Envelops self in a super hard string that is 3 times stronger than steel. Increases self defense by 100% for the rest of the battle. Cannot stack with other last for the whole battle moves.

Sheep Song: Sing the soft calming songs of the sheep. Has a chance to put all enemies to sleep.

Azure Lore: Allows the Blue Corsair to take a skill/spell that the enemy has just used and saves it as one of the Blank Spells.

Dismemberment: Summon a triad of knives to slash, pierce and thrust the enemy. High accuracy, this spell hits a single enemy multiple times for a total extreme damage.

Wild Carrot: Throw a carrot to a friend, healing him for 45% HP.

Chaotic Eye: Glare at an enemy with devilish eyes, silencing him/her, high chance.

Digest: A slime will digest it's foes to recover it's health. Do something similar and recover own HP by draining them of theirs.

Terror Touch: A touch of pure terror. Summon rings around an enemy, laced with dark flames. These sap the strength of the enemy, forcing him to have 75% of his stats, also reducing his Max HP and MP to 75% only.

Magnetite Cloud: A move that once activated lasts for the whole battle. All nearby enemies have reduced walking speed and attacking speed by 50%. Cannot be stacked with other 'last for whole battle' moves.

Refueling: Grants allies faster movement by mimicking machines. Gives haste effect to all allies for the duration of the battle. Cannot be stacked with other 'last for whole battle' moves.

Light of Penance: The silent move of the Tonberry. All foes will not be able to use A-Abilities that involve physical means for 3 turns. Unavoidable.

Diamondhide: All allies will recieve expert guard status for 3 turns, but the Expert Guard status can be negated if an ally is hit more than twice in one turn. In Clan Wars, this requires one turn of casting, and cannot be used in small-scale clan wars (3v3)

Vertical Cleave: A very powerful but inaccurate attack. Deals insane damage to a single enemy. This accuracy can be affected by Static-Gloves S-Ability.

Blank Spell: This is an empty spell, in which a Blue Corsair can store a spell/skill he has learned with Azure Lore. Up to 3 spells can be stored, before the corsair must delete one to replace it with a new one.
R-Ability: Zephyr Mantle: Every time the Blue Corsair is struck, his evasion increases. When this move is fully charged, it will automatically avoid the next attack when he chooses to do so. After this avoiding, the evasion bonus is reset. The increase in evasion increases as his health decreases. The lower his HP, the faster it builds up.

S-Ability: Static Gloves: Every time the Blue Corsair has his attack evaded/parried/blocked, his accuracy increases. When this move is fully charged, it will allow him to attack with full accuracy with any move when he chooses to do so. After using it, the accuracy bonus is reset. The increase in accuracy increases in greater proportion when the opponent avoids continously. The more times he avoids, the greater it builds up.

C-Ability: Momento Mori: If the Blue Corsair is the initiator of a combo, There is a 60% chance of OHKO-ing an enemy.

Posted: May 7 2007, 04:09 AM

Fallen Angel

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People who wish they were judges and want to be on the side of the law. Not necessarily for good purposes, however, but want to deliver justice with their own hands.

Weapon: Maces, Swords, Whips
Armor: Light Armor, Robes, Heavy Armor

Human: Paladin xAll
Bangaa: Templar x2, Bishop x2
Nogemi: Sentry xAll

A-Ability: Word of Law
Objection!: Similar to an opposite of Quicken. Opponent loses his turn. Accuracy depends if opposing side has the edge. If opposing side has the edge, accuracy is higher.

Hold It!: Casts stop on opponents over an area. Accuracy varies depending on opponents actions throughout battle. The more questionable it is, the higher the accuracy.

Take That!: Strike an opponent from a faraway distance for always 25% damage, and recieve 25% HP in return. If spoken words when using this ability affect the opponent, can do 50% HP damage and 30% HP drain instead.

Guilty!: Declare an opponent Guilty, capable of doing OHKO. If opponent is more evil (in relation to the character using it) then has higher chance. If opponent is veeery evil, will do Hellbind as well.

Innocent!: Declare an ally Innocent, removing all abnormal status effects, including hellbind, and revive them with 15% HP if KOd. If not KO'd, it will heal ally by 15% HP.

Scales of Justice: Balance out the HP of all non-incapacitated allies and enemies. This is done by totaling the HP of all allies and enemies, then dividing them by the number of allies in the battlefield; that number is the HP of all allies, and similarly to the enemies. HP cannot be above 100%.

Justice for All!: All allies will be healed by 15%, and all enemies will be damaged by 15%. High accuracy.

Psyche-Lock: Uncover an enemies' secret and heal yourself by 50% HP. Basically, anticipate the enemies' next attack and heal yourself. Can fail with repeated usage over short period of time.

Testimony: Defend yourself from enemy attacks with a shield of magic words. Halves all damage for 5 turns.

Contradiction!: Once an opponent uses an ability and this is used afterward, that opponent cannot use any other A-Ability except for that one for 5 turns.

R-Ability: Penalty: For every move the Pseudo-Judge avoids, the Pseudo-Judge gains an extra 5% damage to his next Fight use that hits if it is 50% or below. Stackable as many times until next fight move does 100% damage. However, a Fight move that misses when the bonus is already over 50% will reset the bonus.

S-Ability: Power Word: Vigilante: The accuracy of Word of Law A-Ability will be set at a minimum of 60%.

C-Ability: Vigilante Combo: Does extra damage if opponent is evil in relation to the user.

Posted: May 30 2007, 12:40 AM

Fallen Angel

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Half-Wyrm -- Zatriot
Zatriot - Death
Zatriot symbolises the good and evil of death and its allies.

A-Ability: Death
Weapon: Scythe: Weapon transforms into the Scythe of Death. Doesn't require a turn.

Weapon: Spear: Weapon transforms into the Spear of Mercy. Doesn't require a turn.

Weapon: Claws: Weapon transforms into the Claws of Hell. Doesn't require a turn.

Death Punch: Focus all of target's evil deeds and strike to explode it. Damage varies depending on how evil the opponent is.

Hell Strike: Leap into air and dive at such magnificent speed that can eliminate any common foe immediately. Does very high damage to a single foe. Has massive accuracy if opponent does not expect it, and higher accuracy with Claws.

Black Hellfire: Summons the deepest darkest flames to damage all enemies. Enemies that are evil take 10% damage every turn for 5 turns, while normal people and good people take 5% damage for 5 turns. Not affected by Fire and Darkness resistances.

Mercy Strike: Usable on opponents with 50% HP or lesser. This move will make
opponents with 30-50% HP will have their stats reduced by 1/4th with high accuracy, while 2-30% HP opponents will have their HP reduced to 1% by chance, and 1% HP opponents will have a choice to get KOd or Retreat. Higher accuracy with Spear.

Execute: Teleport to any opponent and attempt to instantly kill them. OHKO to an enemy with medium accuracy, High accuracy with Scythe (60%-ish chance) and an extra 10-20% chance when opponent is offguard and successfully teleport behind them.

Endless Death: Strike an opponent countless times, for a total of 70 hits, each one doing 1% Non Elemental damage. Accuracy of each hit varies depending on how ready the opponent is.

R-Ability: Death Converter: Converts darkness and fire attacks into health.

S-Ability: Limit Horizon: All weapons will have farther range than they seem. Using a spear will allow Zatriot to strike thrice with triple medium dark damage when using fight command, and attack two extra opponents adjacent to the target as well with this. Claws will allow Zatriot to strike five times to a single enemy, dealing high dark damage, and Scythe will let Zatriot summon a wave with each strike, dealing medium damage to many opponents at once.

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