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Title: Controversial

Wall of Sound - April 8, 2011 04:53 AM (GMT)
Rah Sena
Bangaa Male/41

Innate element: Fire

- Martial: 5
- Arcane: 1
- Defense: 2
- Stealth: 0
- Tactical: 3
- Support: 0

Unique Meta-Skill: Firaga (Bangaa tech) - Rah Sena exhales a large amount of fire magic to cause heavy damage.

Appearance: As a desert dweller, Rah Sena wears little clothing; his tough, resistant, sand-colored Bangaa scales make the sun far more bearable compared to other races. His garments are almost completely white, and he wears goggles to protect his sensitive eyes from the harsh conditions of his home town. He carries a lance that is crimson red and adorned with native chocobo feathers.

Bio: A native Leudan, Rah Sena prefers to work solo as a monster hunter, but has lately been accompanied by the bounty hunter Bessamzan in a quest to poach rare monsters. Because of the nature of his work, he tends to distance himself from others. Although he is highly intelligent, his rough appearance and sharp accent makes him come off as a ruffian. He is an expert Dragoon.

One-liner bio: Intelligent but understated poacher.


Seeq Male/37

Innate element: Dark

- Martial: 1
- Arcane: 0
- Defense: 1
- Stealth: 4
- Tactical: 4
- Support: 3

Unique Meta-Skill: Tricky
Active - For four minutes, Bessamzan is able to move at incredibly high speeds. (Limit: 1)
Passive - Bessamzan can use items.

Appearance: Large and robust, Besszaman has a fiendish, almost careless quality to his appearance. He wears large ringed earrings and has three piercings on each ear, and he carries a heavy crossbow that is strapped to his back. Like Rah Sena, he wears light clothing that easily camouflages him and is well-suited for desert travel.

Bio: Although not particularly ugly for a Seeq, he proudly calls himself "The Abominable," a nickname he has progressively taken on for his work as a bounty hunter. Upon receiving secret advice and tips of a large poaching business in the outskirts of Leuda, he traveled from afar to Coronia to pursue the fur trade and met poacher Rah Sena. In unlikely circumstances, the two are now working together temporarily. Although due to his size he cannot ride him, Bessamzan's chocobo is frequently by his side to carry the heavy Midgarian trap technology that he will be using for the job.

One-liner bio: A fiendish outcast and bounty hunter.

cielo - April 8, 2011 04:57 AM (GMT)
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