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Title: Another Heroic

Zaxton Books - February 19, 2010 01:04 AM (GMT)
{Heroic} Esteban Ordos
Human Male/55

Innate element: Light

- Martial: 5
- Arcane: 5
- Defense: 5
- Stealth: 5
- Tactical: 5
- Support: 5

Unique Meta-Skill: True Faith - Immune to fear and psychological effects, dark damage reduced by half, Light healing received and dealt increased.

Appearance: A quite tall human, rivaling a Bangaa for height. Though heavily scarred and with an eye patched, he exudes a fairly friendly, comforting air, though he can be quite serious at times. He wears a plain grey robe with a hempen rope for a belt.

Bio: Serving as a soldier in Midgar, Esteban would later become an Alexandrian citizen at the age of twenty-three, returning to the city of Esto Gaza, where he had frequently participated in joint training exercises with the Templar there. While he lived there, he learned many martial things; the strength and arcane intuition of the Gladiators, the agility, bravado, and spearplay of the Dragoons, and the empty-handed efficacy of the monastic arts. By the age of thirty, he had earned the respect of the local people, but it was a grudging respect; they respected his destructive force, but considered him somewhat hotheaded and open-fisted.

Near the end of that year he engaged a templar named Laurenso Medici following an argument which had lead to the use of the epithet lizard; it was only the staid composition of Laurenso's betters that kept the young templar's companions from joining in. Despite having the upper hand in terms of experience and prowess, Ordos was handily defeated, and paid for his insult with his right eye. Though he was the better man for brawn and technical skill, he lacked the devotion and faithful power of the Templar, and that failure was his own undoing.

Seeking that power for his own, he retreated to Madain Sari, joining the Grey Brotherhood. However, in the year of relative freedom that tested his faith and understanding, a great change came over him. Touched and shattered by the faith of those around him, he found that same faith reflected in himself. The pursuit for power was lost in his mind. Writing a letter to Medici, he begged the other's forgiveness, and the next day, made his vows to the order.

As a lay brother in the order there, he was initially responsible for the weaving of cloth and sewing of the habits of the monks. It was not his only trade; within three years, he had been carpenter, ferrier, fire-stoaker, bread-baker, brewer, and cook. At the end of the three years, he decided to further his devotions, and entered into the priesthood. Three further years followed; ate the age of 42, he became Father Esteban Ordos.

He was then pulled to Lindblum, joining the charterhouse there, where he has existed as their ferrier and vocational officer since. The Bangaa of the city might not know what to make of him, but those of his Order hardly notice the difference.
One-liner bio: Enigmatic Monk; the question within the question.

Quote: "The importance is not the words, but the word. Not the lives, but Life."

cielo - February 19, 2010 01:11 AM (GMT)

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