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Title: Places in Northern Quon

Aredjay - April 2, 2007 10:29 PM (GMT)
-Northern Quon-


San d'Oria - City - Were times different, the sun would not have set on the San d'Orian Kingdom. Where Elvaan philosophers and soldiers meet, there could be a tremendous birth of knowledge and power such that few lands have ever known. Sadly, internal strife, religious bickering, and the wars against darkness have taken this once majestic city-state back into the days before its prominence. Yet, even with a sense that the golden age has passed, the Elvaan hunger for another chance at glory. Never cowed by fate's whims, these people prepare to take back what is rightfullt theirs. When that time comes, nothing will stand in their way.

Northern San d'Oria - Political/Spiritual/Military - Nothern San d'Oria is the political, spiritual and military center of the old city. Beyond the Parade Ground, where Knights march, there is the Cathedral of Chateu d'Oraguille, important stores and the Oheonix Perch Inn. There are also carpenters and blacksmiths, and the Royal Armoury.

Southern San d'Oria - Trading Hub/Chocobo Stables - This is a place for the reeming masses. East of Victory Square is the gate to East Ronfaure, the Lion Springs Tavern and a weapons store. To the west are guilds, trade goods and various smaller stores. The Chocobo Stables and the action house are to the south.

Port San d'Oria - Port - The airship docks and the warehouses are at the north of the city. Other than a magic store and an auction house, there isn't much for commoners. The dock workers usually spend their time in the Rusty Anchor Pub.

Chateau d'Oraguille - Castle/Cathedral/Royal Household - Newcomers to the city aren't likely to recieve a warm reception in the castle, but the opportunities inside are those of higher prominence. The walls are flocked with wealth and fortune, yet the ruling family have had some 'quiet misfortunes' in the recent past.

West Ronfaure - Forest - A land full of small and weak mosnters, whis is the place to go for young soldiers of San d'Oria.

East Ronfaure - Forest - The geography of this land is interesting, as the streams and hills porivde good fun to Rangers of all kinds.

Cheval River - River - Located at the eastern edge of the Ronfaure forest, this river has a bountiful supply of fish.

King Ranperre's Tomb - Dungeon - This tomb, although now infested with Goblins and other fiends, still retaisn its sense of majesty. The tougher monsters are found deeper inside.

Fort Ghelsba - Jagd-like dungeon - This fort is where the Orcs begin their usual plans of attempting to rob and pillage from citizens of San d'Oria.

Knightwell - Lakelet - A small lake to the southwest of Ronfaure, this Lakelet holds majestic properties.


Beaucedine Glacier - Glacier - To the far north, this Glacier is very difficult to navigate. With the addition of difficuly ground and aggresive monsters, only those who are strong enough ever venture here.

Castle Zvahl - Jagd-like dungeon - Castle Zvahl is where the 4 main beastmen of Vana'Diel (Goblins, Yagudo, Orcs and Quadav) as well as the Kindred, a horde of demons make their home. This is the bastion of evil, and an unknown purpose dwells within it's halls. None have ever ventured too deep to return outside alive, amongst the hundreds that guard this castle that are well-trained. It lies past the Beaucedine Glacier and into through Xarcabard.

Ranguemont Pass - Dungeon - Just off East Ronfaure this pass connects San d'Oria to Beaucedine. At the start the feinds are weak, but just a few moments into the pass the fiends become a whole lot tougher.

Fei'Yin - Dungeon - This very deceiving dungeon holds many secrets between the undead and the magical.

Xarcabard - Wasteland - This Frozen Wasteland was overtaken by the Undead and the Gigas', and is in the distant wasteland of Valdeaunia. Demons and Gigas roam the land, as well as tigers and undead.


Jugner Forest - Forest - This sprawling forest covers the region between La Theine and Battallia. It is split by a large river.

Tisaret River - River - A long river cutting Jugner in half. It's source is the lake, and it splits at an Outpost..

Lake Mechieume - River - A large lake at the northernmost parts of Jugner, the source of Tisaret and bearer of rare and exotic fish.

Davoi - Jagd-like dungeon - The home of the Orcs. This outpost is teeming with the most powerful of Orcs.

Eldieme Necropolis - Dungeon - Home to many undead creatures, the necropolis is only a place for very skilled clanners.


Jeuno - City - Jeuno is a hub for the three great nations. This free duchy steers away from the troublesome politics and accumulates wealth from trading between them. Humes and Goblins live in Jeuno, and they are certainly willing to trade -- for the right price. Jeuno is positioned in the centre of Heaven's Bridge, which connects the two main continents of Vana'Diel, thus making Jeuno a perfect spot for any trade route. It is almost impossible to get around the area without passing through Jeuno from time to time. In addition, Jeuno is the headquaters for the Air Travel Agency. All travel done by flying ships goes through Jeuno.

Ru'Lude Gardens - Political - Money and power define this area. This is a place of finacial and diplomatic meetings between the various powers that reside in Jeuno. Ambassadors from foreign cities are constantly positioning and squabbling for a higher place of importance in trade relations. These Gardens are at the top of the tower, so high you can't see the sea.

Upper Jeuno - Armoury/Batallia Arrival - Situated on the Artisan Bridge, this quater of town holds armour stores, weapons stores, the Temple of the Goddess and Chocobo Stables. Up the spiral staircase is to Ru'Lude, and down to Lower Jeuno and the Rolanberry Arrival. In the centre of the tower is the resedential sector.

Lower Jeuno - Commercial/Rolanberry Arrival - Situated on Market Bridge, this quater houses Auction Houses, various stalls, a market square and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Up the staircase is Upper Jeuno, and down is Port Jeuno.

Port Jeuno - Port/Sauromugue Arrivals/Qufim - Situated at the base of the tower, Harbor bridge links Sauromugue and Jeuno, holding very little for travellers. Only the Airports and Docks are here, and also a link to Qufim island. Otherwise there isnt much to attract the peoples here.

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