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Title: The Analysis of Salinas
Description: A third analysis? NO WAI!

The Blue Mage - February 11, 2006 07:27 PM (GMT)
Salinas. The daughter of Drinian and Melissa. No one knows much about her past. This analysis will provide a look into her life as it is to this day.

The Story

Salinas was born in a valley near Esthar, in Balamb. She was raised like any other child, with a kind father and a caring mother. They raised her as kindly as they possibly could, but they knew very well that outside of the Haven of the Half-Angels, Xanadu, her life would be full of prejudice. At one point, they even considered placing a Similitai bracelet on her, similar to the ones worn at one time or another by The Black Knight (Damien) and Saint Angelus (Alexander). However, when they moved to place it on her, she actually conjured a star and sent it far away.

Later on in her life, the conflict between the Shining Clan and the Shadow Clan began to grow tenser. It was just after the Shadow Clan attack on the Sky Base when Drinian took Salinas to Xanadu, for her to grow up and be a part of the war.

Upon their return, they found things were different. Salinas was older, and the start of the war had taken a turn for the good. After a few key victories, including the capture of Melmond, Drinian took the war to Omastria, while Melissa and Salinas remained behind to take care of Corneria. It was here that Salinas confessed her love to Leku, and the two became closer than ever.

After a recent battle at Melmond against Damien, Salinas discovered she held the Golden Luminary inside of herself. This lead to her quick mastery of Pinnacle Alchemy, though she is still working it into her combat style.

Little Known Facts

- Salinas is named after a long time ally of her fatherís, a fencing champion named Salinas.
- Salinasí middle name is Catherine.
- She has not seen her godparents since she returned from Xanadu.
- The armor, accessories, and jewelry she wears once belonged to Melissa.
- Her wings are transparent sky blue, an uncommon feature among half-angels.
- She is five feet eleven inches tall.

Salinasís Weaponry

Type: Weapon - Light Blade
Wielder: Salinas
Weight: 2 KG
Attributes: Auto-Life, Holy Element
Description: An ornate sword used by Salinas when the situation calls for it. It has a slight purple glow, for an unknown reason.
Heaven's Calling: Removes hellbind status from all allies.
Bright Halo: Salinas slashes her sword from a distance, sending a ring of light energy slashing into a foe. Moderate damage.
Aural Surge: Salinas combines her aura with the aura of the sword and thrusts it into a foe. Massive damage if it hits, but the accuracy is very low due to Salinas' lack of sword usage training.

Crystal Weave Gauntlets
Type: Gauntlets
Weight: 10 grams
Attributes: 50% damage reduction from all elements.
Description: These elbow-length gloves are woven tightly from pure crystal thread. They are adorned with symbols of alchemy and runes. They are said to grant the wearer powerful alchemical abilities of a unique sort, although it has been noted that they cannot be wielded without alchemical experience.
Crystal Weave Alchemy: Weave threads of crystal to create.
Crystal Weave Slash: Send a blade of pure alchemical energy slicing into a foe.
Crystal Weave Arrow: Create and fire a crystal arrow with the power of Alchemy.
Absolute: Fire a beam of pure alchemical energy at a group of foes.
Pinnacle Rising: Combine the strength of the Golden Luminary and the Crystal Weave Gauntlets, which strengthens your alchemical skills to near infinite amounts.

Abilities of Salinas: Pinnacle Alchemy
Note: The listed abilities are the ones she has mastered.

A-Abilities: Pinnacle Alchemy
Hex - Body: Adds a physical status ailment to a foe every turn for three turns.
Hex - Mind: Adds a mental status ailment to a foe every turn for three turns.
Hex - Soul: Adds doom or zombify to a foe.
Jinx - Body: Every attribute of the target's physical abilities is halved.
Jinx - Mind: Every attribute of the target's mental abilities is halved.
Jinx - Soul: The target's very soul is weakened. The target is more vulnerable overall.
Mythbeam: Focus the power of myths to fire a multicolored beam at your foe for moderate damage in a line. May confuse and delude the first person hit.
Reverie: Put an ally to sleep for one turn to fully heal them.
Midas: Transform a foe into a statue of gold. Causes petrify.
Star Render: Bombard a foe with the fragments of a fallen star. Heavy Damage and Blind.
Phenomenon: Causes a bizarre blast of magical energy around the caster. Moderate damage and Berserk/Confuse to all surrounding units.
Magictide: Bend and warp the flow of mana around your foes to disable all positive status effects they currently have.
Aeshatter: Turn an enemyís weapon to dust. Causes weaponbreak.
Soul Cadence: Aligns the soul with the body. Grants the target Astra, Auto Regen, and Auto Life.
Serene Feather: Cast a sacred angel feather onto a foe. Damages demons and undead.
Phoenix Song: Revive all allies. Takes three turns to use, activates on the fourth turn.
Hyperstasis: The caster enters stasis. All damage is halved and the caster cannot drop below 1% or receive status ailments. The caster cannot act until she leaves stasis.
Mirrorprism: Creates a special crystal mirror that reflects attacks. Attacker receives every effect of the attack that you recieve. Only stays in effect for one attack.
Aetherwindow: Open a gate to the Plane of Aether that absorbs the attacks of your foes. Grants the caster Expert Guard status for one turn.
Intragate: Open a rift to anywhere in the world. Instant teleportation with 100% success.
Capture Soul: Copy the essence of a foe into a Soul Crystal for summoning purposes.
Simulacrum: Summon an exact copy of one of the captured essences.
Epicenter: Rend the earth into a liquid for a short moment with a powerful earthquake for light damage to all foes. If a unit takes damage from this attack, then they are immobilized.
Mercury: Raise a blue sphere of water energy that empowers water users.
Venus: Raise an orange sphere of earth energy that empowers earth users.
Mars: Raise a red sphere of fire energy that empowers fire users.
Jupiter Raise a green sphere of wind energy that empowers wind users.
Saturn: Raise a purple sphere of lightning energy that empowers lightning users.
Neptune: Raise an indigo sphere of ice energy that empowers ice users.
Golden Luminary: Combine the six elemental spheres to form a golden star made of pure alchemical energy. It enables the Pinnacle Alchemist to summon a Miracle upon absorbing the energy.
Summon Ė Miracle: Using the power of Golden Luminary, the Pinnacle Alchemist draws on the powers of Pinnacle Alchemy and summons the Goddess of Life, Miracle.

Flawless Evade: Exactly like Reflex, only more elaborate.
Magic Power+

Aura Spectacula: The Pinnacle Alchemist is immune to blind and confuse.
Photonsurge: When the Pinnacle Alchemist is KOed, a slowly moving shockwave of alchemical energy is unleashed. Once the energy reaches a certain distance away from the Pinnacle Alchemist, he or she cannot be revived in battle. ((This ability is always present, regardless of other S-abilities.))



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