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Endless Gravestones Claymore RP

- LATEST CHAPTER : Vol. 25 Chapter 147 -

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Welcome to Claymore Role Play Forum
Welcome to Endless Gravestones : The Claymore RPG which uses a original statistic system

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 Siegfried, Ancient Profiles Resurfaced
Posted: Nov 24 2011, 07:46 PM

The Lost One as Always
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Group: Handler
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Joined: 26-April 08

Player: Bluedragon77

Name: Siegfried

Gender: Male

Rank: Up to the GM's

Insignia: (is it ok if i take a little more time on this?)

Race: Claymore

Type: Offensive

Alignment: Neutral

Likes: Training, Fighting, Reading, star gazing

Dislikes: Seeing people get hurt, including his comrades.

Personality: Quite and Reserved. Rarely talks to anyone, and if he does it usually is just a couple of words. Enjoys reading, a lot. Reads while walking, even on awakened being hunts. Very calm, but always amoung the first to charge into battle. He enjoys fighting as much as he does training or reading. Always put others before himself regardless of who they are. Even takes the time to bury Yoma's in decent graves after each mission. Awakened Beings as well.

Appearance: Basically Siegfried from Soul Caliber III and that includes his sword (the big silver one which looks a lot like Gut's Dragon Slayer)

Special Skill: Siegfried has no special skill uniquely his own. He is often made fun of for this fact. Only redeeming quality of Siegfried's is his tremendous strength. Though he has no special abilities to call his own, he is without a question one of the toughest warriors to date. He is able to fight for days without rest regardless of the number of yomas.

History: Only thing Siegfried remembers from his time before becoming a claymore is a story his father once told him of a Knight.

Siegfried: Story time! Yah!!!!

Siegfried's father: Now listen well Siegfried (said while trying to keep the child from jumping around). This story is passed down from generation to generation of our family line. It is the story of your great, great, great, great grandfather.

Siegfried: Wow he must be the greatest ever!

Siegfried's father: Hahahaha! Yes he is great! Now listen well and don't interupt me, ok?

Siegfried: Ok!

Siegfried's father: Now where was I, ah yes your great, great, great, great grandfather was a well known Rabona Knight. Not because of he was the strongest, or the fastest, or the best, in fact he was only an average knight. The reason he became well known was because something great he did.

Siegfried: What was it? Did he eat more earth worms than anybody else?

Siegfried's father: hahaha! No, no he didn't. What he did actually inspired some of the codes the knights follow today.

Siegfried: What is it?

Siegfried's father: Well you keep quite i'll tell you.


Siegfried's father: Excellent now if your mother can do the same all will be well with my world.


Siegfried's father: Joke! It was just a Joke!

Siegfried's mother: well it better be, or else you'll find that there are things far worst than a yoma.

Siegfried's father: (under his breath) Like being married to you.

Siegfried's mother: What was that?

Siegfried's father: Nothing, nothing! Anyways back to the story. Your great, great, great, great grandfather was a noble knight of Rabona. His name was Gunther.

Siegfried: Gunther? What is that some kind of disease?

Siegfried's father: What did I tell you about being quite boy?

Siegfried: Sorry.................

Siegfried's father: That's ok, I said the same thing as my father did before me and so on. Anyway, There was one time when Gunther was assigned with five other knights to safe guard a monk who was travelling around preaching to the common folks. One day while on his pilgrimage, a Yoma attacked their convoy. The knights who stood no chance against the monster fled from the scene leaving the poor old monk behind to be devoured. All knights but one, Gunther. Gunther stayed behind so that he could destract the yoma to let the old monk run away. Though Gunther stood no chance against the monster he fought the beast head on because that is what a knight is suppose to do, protect those who cannot protect themselves. Well the old monk got away and returned to the city of Rabona safetly. The monk told the Arch bishop of his travels and of Gunther. If you go to the church in Rabona I believe there is a plaque for him somewhere. In honor of his loyalty to the church and upholding his duty as a knight.

Siegfried: Why did he stay behind when everyone else fled?

Siegfried's father: Well the monk says that Gunther strode valiantly, drew his sword and prepared to fight as he told the old monk to get away. If you ask me, he probably overslept and when he woke up everyone already ran off leaving him behind.

Siegfried: Is that what really happened? Will you ever do something like Gunther?

Siegfried's father: No, that's what I would do. And Yes I would stay behind to protect you and the yoma.

Siegfried: The Yoma?

Siegfried's father: Man or beast, nothing must share my dread of your mother.

Siegfried's mother: What was that!?!

Siegfried's father: Nothing, dear. hehehehe ( nervous laughter)

Siegfried's father: see what I mean. No yoma is as scary as your mother.

Siegfried: ... I'm scared of mom right now.

Siegfried's fahter: Oh yea, just wait until you get married.

Siegfried: I want to be like Gunther the brave knight.

Siegfried's father: You go and do that boy, Be what ever you want but always remember be true to yourself and always listen to your heart, it will never lead you wrong. (while whispering to Siegfried) Except when dealing with girls, than know your heart is always wrong! Look where it got me. I think living in a town full of Yoma is considerably safer than your mother.

Siegfried's mother: oh, really?

Siegfried's father: ...Run for it!

(Memory fades out with merciless beating of his father by his mother)

This is the only memory he has pre-organization.
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