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Title: List of Demon Names
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(Any who wish to play one of the Princes Of Hell, must ask permission first!)

Abaddon - Destroyer, Advisor. Sometimes regarded as the destroying angel. "The Destroyer".
Agaliarept - Possessed of the power to discover all secrets.
Agathion - A familiar demon which was said to appear only at midday. It took the shape of a man or a beast, or even enclosed itself in a talisman, bottle, or magic ring.
Agramainio - The great spirit of evil
Agramon Demon - of fear
Agrat-bat-mahlaht - (FEMALE) One of Satan's wives and demoness of whores.
Aitvaras - A demon who appears in the shape of a black cat or a black rooster. He will give goods and money to those who sell their souls to him; things he stole from other people. Aitvaras usually nests behind the stove, and the inhabitants often leave food and drink for him.
Aldinach - demon presiding over the tempests, earthquakes, rainstorms, hailstorms, natural disasters. It is he, also, who sinks ships. When he appears in visible form he takes the shape of a woman.
Allatu - one of the names of the evil demon, Death. He is the offspring and servant of Ereshkigal.
Alouqua - (FEMALE)A female demon who is also a succubus and vampire who exhausts men and drives them to suicide.
Alu-demon - Night demon, said to owe his parentage to a human being; he hides himself in caverns and corners, and slinks through the streets at night. He also lies in wait for the unwary, and at night enters bed-chambers and terrorizes folk, threatening to pounce upon them if they shut their eyes.
Amaymon - Evil Spirit. Also a King of Hell
Anamalech - Bearer of ill news.
Anarazel -One of the demons charged with the guardianship of subterranean treasures, which he carries about from one place to another, to hide them from men.. It is he who, with his companions Gaziel and Fecor, shakes the foundations of houses, raises tempests, rings the bells at midnight, causes spectres to appear, and inspires a thousand terrors.
Andrealphus - A mighty marquis, appears at first in the shape of a peacock, with a great noise, but after puts on human shape. He teaches geometry perfectly and all that belongs to measurements, astronomy included. He can transform men into the likeness of a bird.
Ardat-Lile - (FEMALE) a female demon who weds human beings and wreaks havoc in the dwellings of men.
Arioch - Demon of vengence. He delivers vengence only when called on.
Ashtaroth, Astaroth - (FEMALE)- goddess of lust, seduction. (Also a ruler of one of the Five Points of Hell at Embraced By Darkness)
Asmodeus Asmoday - god of lust. A demon most commonly involved in possession cases
Astarte - Queen of spirits of the dead.
Azael - god/demon of war

Balan - The demon of finesse and ruses. Also a prince of hell.
Balban - A demon of delusion
Barqu - Demon in whose keeping was the secret of the Philosopher's Stone.
Beleth - The Terrible. He is very furious when first summoned, and must be commanded into a triangle or circle with the hazel wand of the Magician pointed to the South-East. He must be received courteously and with homage, but a silver ring must be worn on the middle finger of the left hand, which must be held against the face. He procures love between man and woman, and is of the Order of the Powers.
Belial Beliar - The earth elemental "without worth." Prince of trickery. The demon of lies.
Bitru - Great Prince of Hell. He sometimes appears in the form of a leopard. When adopting a human form, it is invariably one of great beauty. It is he who awakes lust in the human heart. He commands

Carreau - Demonic prince of the Powers, Mercilessness.
Catabolignes - Demon who bore men away, killed them, and had the power to break and crush them
Clisthert - A demon said to be able to change day to night and night to day.
Cresil - Demon of impurity and slovenliness.

Eisheth Zenunim - (FEMALE) One of Satan's wives and demoness of whores.
Euronymous, Eurynomous - Demon of death. Prince of Hell who feeds upon corpses.
Ewah - Ewah is a demon. The very sight of Ewah causes permanent irreversible insanity. (Though only to humans in his “Demon” form)

Flauros - He appears in the shape of a terrible leopard. When he assumes a human shape, he has a frightful face and blood-red eyes. He knows the past, present and future, but unless commanded into the triangle he will deceive, and or become violent.
Flereous, Feurety - Fire Elemental, used in place of Satan when absent. Lieutenant of Satan’s Northern Kingdom (Devils right hand man)

Ghaddar - A demon (possible female) It catches travelers and tortures them by devouring their genitals.

Hecate - Sorcery. Queen of Witches.
Hela - demon goddess of death, daughter of Loki.

Jezebeth - A demon of falsehoods.

Kasdeya - this demon is also refered to as the "fifth satan"
Kosh - A wicked forest demon

Leviathan - the serpent, the raging sea. Snake worship. Water Elemental.
Lilith One of Satans wives, said to be his favorite. Lilith presides over Succubi. Lilith is said to attempt to destroy newborn infants. Lilith is a princess of hell. She can also take for as a Screech Owl.
Lucifer - The Light Bringer. Air Elemental. Often misconstrued as being Satan. They are two separate demons.
Lucifuge, Lucifuge Rofocale - He is served by Baal, Aguares and Marbas and has power over all the treasures of the world. He avoids light and can only assume a body at night.

Malphas - He is depicted as a crow with a hoarse voice, though will assume human form if commanded. Appears as a crow.
Marbas - who appears as a mighty lion, and then in human shape. He answers truly concerning all things hidden or secret, causes and cures diseases, imparts skill in mechanics, and changes men into various shapes.
Mastema - leader of human/demon offspring
Merihim - A demon prince whose chief power lies in pestilence.
Metztli - demon goddess of night.
Mictain - demon god of death.
Mormo - Demon God of Spirits. Hecate’s Consort.
Murmur - Demon of music.

Naamah - (FEMALE) seduction. (also one of Satan's wives)
Naberus Naburus, Naberios - protector of the gates of hell. Associated with Cerberus. He is depicted as a crow with a hoarse voice who gives skill in arts and sciences, especially rhetoric, and restores lost dignities and honours.
Namtar - Namtar was regarded as the bringer of disease and pestilence.
Nina - Serpent Goddess.
Nybras - an inferior demon who publicizes the pleasures of hell.

Orias - Demon of divination.

Pan - demon god of lust.
Philotanus - assistant of Belial. He tempts mortals to engage in sodomy and pederasty.
Pyro - A demon prince of falsehood.
Pytho - a demon of lies. A serpent demon.

Ravana - His power and the awe he inspired among the people puts him on equal footing with Satan. (They despise each other)
Ronwe - the demon of knowledge.

Sammael - it is thought this angel of death was the demon who tempted Eve. Also the prince of air. This is merely another name for satan.
Sarkany - It is said she could turn a person into a horse.
Satan - The Adversary. Lord of fire. Fire Elemental. Rules the Northern Kingdom. General Ruler of all the five Kingdoms.
Scox - He is depicted as a liar and a thief.
Sekhmet - vengence.
Shabriri - a demon who strikes people blind.
Shiva - the destroyer
Silcharde - One of the demons who may be summoned by necromancy.
Sonnilion, Sonnillon - goddess of hate.

Thoth - demon god of magick.

Ukobach - a fire demon.
Ullikummi - goddess of sorcery and fertility.

Xaphan - Another fire demon. When Satan and his angels revolted against God, Xaphan joined their ranks and was welcomed by them, for he had an inventive mind. He advised Satan to set fire to Heaven but was thrown down with the others
Xezbeth A demon of lies and legends.

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