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  1. They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard
  2. Hobbits or Elves?
  3. PO-TAT-OES, Boil 'em, Mash 'em, Stick 'em in a ste
  4. Middle Earth Idols!
  5. LOTR clip with Voice Over
  6. You know you're addicted to LOTR when:
  7. Hunks of LOTR
  8. The editing room: LOTR - The Trilogy
  9. Lord of the Rings Dvd Easter Eggs
  10. You Know You're Addicted When...
  11. ROTK Character test
  12. ROTK EE Easter Eggs!
  13. Lord of The Peeps
  14. Update on Hobbit Movie
  15. Things you should NOT do when watching LoTR
  16. Extended Edition Trilogy
  17. ROTK EE Sneak Preview
  18. Things You Should Not Do While Watching Lotr
  19. Lord of the ring Trivia Quizes
  20. The Two Towers: the Dave Barry version
  21. Merry & Pippin's Green Dragon song
  22. Collectibles
  23. LOTR: ROTK Extended Edition DVD release!
  24. Éowyn Versus Arwen...
  25. simply hilarious
  26. ROTK on DVD!
  27. What Edition Do You Have?
  28. National Peter Jackson Appreciation Day
  29. 11 Oscar nods for LotR!
  30. breakfast in Middle Earth...
  31. A Barrel O' Laughs
  32. Ian Mckellen and Liv tyler to present at OSCARS!
  33. The Hobbit: the trailer.
  34. Lord of the Rings named best film at Baftas
  35. Which Character Can You Connect With?
  36. Singapore FiRST magazine Awards
  37. Fnac Belgium
  38. Funny Lotr Cast Interviews
  39. The Two Towers Ee - The Dialogs!
  40. The Oscar nominations!
  41. ROTK wins Golden Globes!
  42. Orlando In Rotk
  43. Correspondence with Sir Ian McKellen
  44. Rotk (spoilerish)
  45. Rotk Nominations
  46. The New Yorker's Review Of Rotk.
  47. Rotk & Oscars.
  48. The Final Act
  49. Lotr!
  50. Lotr & Gaffes.

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