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 Impact Inc. Arrives, ((Short....sorry))
Impact Inc.
Posted: Feb 22 2012, 03:19 AM


The scene opens at a stage setting; in the background a sign reads “Ultimate Wrestling Federation” in blue, below the sign stands a small tree, and in front of it sits a coffee table, where on either side is a black leather chair, the spot light shines down on the chair to the right, where Chris Maverick walks on the set he is wearing black slacks with a grey shirt and a black dress jacket over it, he smiles as he sits down and looks at the camera with a smile

Chris: Thank you for joining me today at the U.W.F interview set, this week we as always have a great show lined up, Where they have some great matches lined up for all of you, one of the matches will be a tag match pitting Eoghan White and his new found friend and tag team partner Tyler David against my guest tonight in Aaron Neil and Brandon Bishop or better known as Impact Inc so without further wait lets bring out Impact Inc.

the fans give a mix reaction as “Violent Fetish” begins to play, a few minutes later Brandon steps into the view of the camera, he’s wearing black jeans, white shirt with a black leather duster over it., he lifts his left hand and waves to the fans on the crowd and then sits next to Chris, as Aaron stumbles a bit as he enters the stage area. He places both of his hands on the chair to regain his balance before sitting down, Chris stands up and extends his hand to both members, but only Brandon shakes his hand after checking on Aaron, Chris returns to his chair and sits down as the music fades to nothing.

Chris: Thank you both for joining us today we know your are busy with getting ready for your match, and visiting with the fans and everything that goes with being a superstar.

Brandon: It’s really no problem man; We always make time for the fans and anyone else that wants to talk.

Chris: This week you will step into the ring with the Eoghan White and the person that stopped you both from taking Eoghan out of action last week in the new comer to the U.W.F in Tyler David in a tag match, can you tell us what your thinking going into this match?

Brandon: Honestly Chris, Aaron and I feel great about this match it will give us the chance that we have had few of in showing what Impact Inc. is all about, now Aaron and Eoghan had a great match last week and we hear that Aaron will get a rematch sooner or later against Eoghan, seems they have a great chemistry together in the ring and you really can't ask for anything better, in wrestling the best thing you can do is one put on one hell of a show, and the other is to make each other look good in the ring.

Chris: Now what do you have to say about your actions last week when both of you attacked Mr. White and about Tyler David's involvement at the end of the match

Aaron's head is laid back on the head rest of the chair and his body looks limp, he lifts his left arm and tries to lift his head to say something, but his arm and head fall limp

Brandon: Chris, the reason behind our attack on Eoghan last week was to simply show the U.W.F and the world that they need to take Impact Inc as a threat rather we are in singles matches or tag matches where we are most effective and that sooner then later Aaron and I will bring some gold into the Impact Inc. camp and so everyone that we are the most dominate force in the U.W.F

Chris listens to Brandon as he watches Aaron with some concern, as Brandon finishes talking he looks over to Aaron as he starts to snore

Chris: Is Aaron ok?

Brandon: umm yeah, he's just been hitting the gym extra hard and hasn't been sleeping well here lately plus he's been under a lot of personal stress

Chris: I mean he looks like crap, will he be able to compete?

Brandon: Yeah man, it's Aaron, he's always been a little different, he'll be fine come our match

Chris: I sure hope so for both your sake's Chris looks at the camera and clears his throat We will be back after these commercials

after a few commercials play, the scene comes back to the U.W.F where Brandon and Chris are still talking and laughing but Aaron is missing

Chris: Welcome back to the U.W.F interview set, where joining me is the team of Impact Inc. who will be in action at Adrenaline where both Aaron and Brandon will take on the team of EoghanWhite and new comer Tyler David, Now Brandon, before the commercial break we were talking about your thoughts on and why do you think are the reasons behind Tyler's run-in to save Eoghan from you and your Impact Inc. partner last week?

Brandon: Well I know exactly what Tyler was thinking and I know his reasoning behind what he did last week, and it's for the same reason every certain jerkier does anything when he gets a nice contract for a big time wrestling company, Tyler did it last week, Impact Inc. did it years ago just like everyone else and that is simply to make an Impact and a name for himself right off the bat. Sadly for Tyler tho, Impact Inc. will not allow him to make a name off of us and no matter what Tyler or his partner does this week, Impact Inc. will be the better team as we always have been and always will be.

And in all honesty Aaron and I don't blame Tyler for doing what he did last week, cause yes everyone needs to do something to make a name for themselves and everyone has the right to make one of the biggest mistakes of their career, just like he did and when he step's into the ring with Impact Inc. he will learn first hand on why we are one of the most dangerous tag teams in the world

Chris: Well there you have it folks, it seems Impact Inc. is ready to step into the ring against both the T.V Champ Eoghan White and relative new comer Tyler David

Chris and Brandon both stand up and shake hands

Brandon: Anytime man, it was a pleasure to be here.

Brandon turns and walks off the stage as the scene fades to black
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