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 Chapter Six: Daddy's Girl
Bree Swift
Posted: Jan 31 2012, 10:12 PM


Numbered Days was just barely over and the crowd could still be heard in the arena talking about the show and hoping that someone else will run out even though the cameras aren't rolling anymore. Bree Swift though wasn't having as much fun though as she sat on an exam table backstage with the UWF in front of her. She was leaning forward, the Hardcore Championship in her lap as the doctor tried to stop the bleeding from the small cut on her forehead. Bree was quickly losing her temper and was about to burst. She won her match and become a champion in only her fourth UWF match but afterwards her celebration was ruined by Mr. Mean Street. It was a cheap shot and one Bree probably would of done herself if she was in his position. The main difference though was she never thought she would be in his position. The trainer pulled on her hair a bit and Bree slapped him in the arm.

BREE SWIFT: Be careful, dickface.

UWF TRAINER: You need to hold still Miss Swift.

BREE SWIFT: Hold still? I've had my head busted open before. It's not a big deal. Just patch it up so I can get the fuck outta here. You do realize I won the Hardcore Championship, right? I'm going to be losing a lot more blood then this over this fucking thing so I'm not too worried about this little cut.

UWF TRAINER: I just need to stop the bleeding and you'll be able to go. I don't think you can a concussion.

BREE SWIFT: No shit… I know I don't have a fucking concussion. I feel fine. I just had a damn tough match is all so I want to leave and get something to drink.

UWF TRAINER: Drink? Your file says you are not allowed to consume alcohol. If you want I can grab you a bottle of water though.

BREE SWIFT: No. I don't want any water. Just hurry the hell up. I don't want to spend my first night as champion in the damn arena getting my head taped up.

The door then swung open and in walked Mike Graves, UWF backstage interviewer. Bree saw him out of the corner of her eye as the trainer put a bandage on her head and taped it down with medical tape.

MIKE GRAVES: Bree. Can I get a quick word with you?

BREE SWIFT: I'm a bit busy, dumb ass.

MIKE GRAVES: I can wait until you are done.

Bree pushed the trainer away and he seemed a bit shocked. She then headed over to Mike and looked at the camera for a second, her eyes a bit crazy and a bit of a wild smile on her face. She then grabbed Mike by his shirt and yanked him forward. Graves had panic in his eyes but he didn't want to fight Bree especially after seeing what happened in the ring during Numbered Days.

BREE SWIFT: What do you want to know? You wanna know what happened out there? You want to hear about how it felt when my foot hit Shane in the face and I could feel that cold thump of his head against the steel post? It felt good, Mike. I enjoyed it and I was sad that I pinned him after that. I wanted more from him. I wanted his blood on my hands. I could of kept going. I would of fought him all night until there wasn't a breathe left inside me, Mike. That Hardcore Championship belongs to me now and nobody is going to take it away. Not Shane and not that old, blonde loser Mean Street. He can hit me with his little crutch and try to ruin my night but does it look like I'm down and out?


BREE SWIFT: Nope. I'm still going strong and all he did was make himself a target again. Mr. Mean Street wants to play rough then I'm willing to take off the training wheels and next time he is inside the same arena as me I'll do whatever I can to make sure he can't even walk again let alone limp around with a crutch. I'll cripple that loser and I'll enjoy it, Mike. I don't give a shit about his future as long as I don't have to look at his ugly face again. He is a loser and that's why he'll never be Hardcore Champion again. He can try to keep himself relevant but it won't work. The new Era of Hardcore started tonight and there isn't a damn person in this locker room who is going to stop me. If Shane couldn't do it do you honestly think the man he beat to get the belt could beat me? I don't think so. Mean Street is below me and he can crawl back under whatever rock he lives under and never step foot in UWF again for all I care. If he does then I promise I won't let that little shot with his crutch go unpunished. He'll pay for it and I'll make sure the whole world watches as I humiliate and destroy him. You see this?

Bree grabbed the bandage on her head, ripping it off her head. The cut was still bleeding a bit and she pointed at it right in front of Mike's face. Graves nodded slowly and Bree took a step back before she reached up put her nails into the cut, pulling it back open again and letting blood ooze down the front of her face. She wiped the blood on her hand and put it in front of Mike's face with a smile.

BREE SWIFT: I'm not afraid of blood, Mike. I'm not afraid to get hit. I've been beaten down and banged up my whole fucking life but I always come back and I always make sure the people who hurt me pay for it. That's why I'm the Hardcore champion right now. That's why I'm going to be the Hardcore champion for a very, very long time and Mean Street, S.E.X. or anyone else is helpless to stop me. Fuck them and what they call hardcore. I'm the UWF's hardcore bitch and once people remember that they maybe they will get smart enough to leave me the fuck alone. Now did you have some questions for me?

MIKE GRAVES: Uh… I wanted to congratulate you on your title win…

Bree stepped back away from Graves, the blood going down her face slowly but she didn't stop it. It didn't bother her and as it was on her upper lip Bree licked it off with a grin. Mike's eyes went wide which only amused Bree more. She didn't really enjoy bleeding but it was just a way to get her point across.

BREE SWIFT: Thanks, Mike. I don't really care about you though so your congratulations are kind of meaningless to me.

MIKE GRAVES: Oh okay. Well I also wanted to ask you if you were going to let S.E.X. have a rematch against you after that epic match you two just had.

BREE SWIFT: Why would Shane get a rematch? I don't see a reason to give him one. He has to earn a shot at this championship and he needs to show that he belongs in the same division as me. Did you see what I did to get a shot? I took out the former champion with a tire iron. I tried to break his leg and send him limping out of UWF for good. That is how you earn my a shot at my belt and that is how you earn my respect. You need to prove that you are worthless, cold and willing to do anything to win. Shane didn't show me that in the ring tonight either. He thought he could just do his thing and walk out the winner. There was no fire inside him to win. He didn't have that killer instinct it takes to be Hardcore champion. He thought it was just another belt and something he could gloat about. It means more then that, Mike. It means that you are the craziest bitch in this locker room. It means you are willing to hurt, maim and destroy someone in order to win. It means you are more like me and less like Shane pretty much. Now I realize I'm not the typical hardcore wrestler. They are normally ugly, dumb and pathetic like Mr. Mean Street. That is the stereotype of hardcore but I'm putting that to bed. I'm a new breed and I'll show the world brutality and I'll do it looking good the whole time. I'm hot, I'm dangerous and I'm a bitch. Those are the things people need to remember about Bree Swift. So if Shane wants to face me again then I suggest he does something to catch my eye or the eye of the staff. Riding around on a bus partying doesn't show me much of anything expect that he is getting lazy.

MIKE GRAVES: Are there are any other challengers you are worried about?

BREE SWIFT: No. Why would I be worried about anyone in UWF? Yeah, there are some talented people but in a hardcore match I promise I'm willing to do things they aren't. This belt is perfect for me because what I enjoy doing can't be considered cheating. If I want to kick a man in the nuts then I can. If I want to slam a chair into their face then it's allowed. If I want to light a table on fire and ram someone through it head first then not only will it be okay but the fans would fucking love it. Damn idiot sheep… I'm not going to sweat over a single person in UWF and if someone wants a chance at this belt then I suggest then fucking earn it and prove to me why I should waste my time with them. That belt is mine and I'm not letting it go.

MIKE GRAVES: What about your match this week. Thoughts on that?

Bree looked at Mike confused. She had gone to the trainer after her match and had missed the main event while he was trying to fix the cut on her head and checking to make sure her knee was fine after Shane had worked it over in their match. She shrugged, clueless but curious.

BREE SWIFT: What match? I haven't heard about it yet.

MIKE GRAVES: This week you are going one on one with the head of Stanton Enterprises, Justinia Stanton.


MIKE GRAVES: So she is a dangerous woman who has a lot of power and influence over the locker room here in UWF. She has a lot of the top talents in her pocket too.

BREE SWIFT: I don't care. She is a worm, a parasite, a leech even. She can't win on her own so she hires other people to surround her to help her win and make her look stronger then she actually is. That is what her father did and she is following in his footsteps. Speaking of her dad how the hell is that his kid? She looks the same age as him. Something screwed up is happening right there if you ask me. It doesn't even make sense to me. You know what? I don't give a shit about their relationship. This Stanton Enterprises thing is annoying and meaningless. They have all these people working for them but only Richard Osiris is effective and what I saw out in the ring tonight he pretty much separated himself from those Stantons. I don't see what the big deal is and Justinia is all hype but no substance. She couldn't get the job done out there tonight against Joseph Johnson either. What was I doing tonight, Mike?

MIKE GRAVES: Winning the Hardcore championship.

BREE SWIFT: Exactly. I was winning championships and making history. I'm the first woman to win the Hardcore Championship since JC Diamond did back in 2008. That is nearly four years that no women have held this belt, Mike. That's called making history and Justinia just talks a lot. Like she talks a lot… She is always yapping and she was all over Numbered Days talking to this person or that person. Nobody cares though because when it comes down to her getting in the ring she can't back up her loud mouth. I can't stand women like Justinia honestly. Girls who have all the money in the world and act like they are better then everyone else because of it. Her daddy gave her everything she ever wanted though. She isn't even her own woman. She is just a clone of her daddy and does all the same crap he does. She plays politics and tries to scheme and plan against everyone all the time.

Bree stopped for a second, walking over and leaning up against the exam table again. The trainer headed back over to fix her forehead but Bree shoved him backwards wanting to finish her interview before letting him stop her bleeding. She was the Hardcore champion so she might as well look the part.

BREE SWIFT: But really Ricky Stanton was at least original when he did it. His daughter is just a copy cat of him. Ricky is what? 35 years old or something? How old was he when he had this bitch? She looks like she is over 30 too. There is some weird crap going on at the Stanton house if you ask me. I at least look my age. Justinia looks as old as her dad which is freakish. What does Justinia have going for her? I can't think of much. She is alright in the ring, she can get the job done enough to work here and she is smart enough to manipulate some dumb people into following her. Good for her. She has a few skills but not enough to beat me. She just isn't in the same league as me inside that ring. If she wants to fight me then she'll need to learn a few new tricks and want it a bit more. Walking around barking orders isn't going to scare me. I want her to bring some real fire to that ring during our match, Mike. I want her to step out of her dad's shadow and make a real name for herself as Justinia Stanton instead of just being the daughter of Ricky. I don't think she is up for that though. She is a daddy's girl who is living off of someone else's legacy.

MIKE GRAVES: What about Stanton Enterprises? Aren't you worried about that group and how they may interfere in this match? Justinia has been known to pull fast ones on her opponents to get a quick, cheap win.

Bree rolled her eyes, she hated the fact that some people used other people win. She liked to use everything else besides other people to win. She liked hurting people to win and proving she was better then them, not that her friends were. Bree really didn't have any friends either though which might of explained that.

BREE SWIFT: I don't care who she brings to the ring. She can bring anyone she wants to ringside to watch the match. All she is doing by bringing other people out is that she either needs moral support or that she can't win on her own and needs to cheat. Either way makes her look bad and makes me look better, right?

MIKE GRAVES: Do you think the injuries to her father may effect her performance?

BREE SWIFT: I don't care about her dad. He was in the wrong place messing with the wrong person obviously. He is no longer a viable competitor in UWF and Richard Osiris showed that inside the ring. She can worry about her daddy is she wants but all it will do is make her get beaten that much more. The way I see it I'm everything Justinia is not. I'm a self-made, independent, beautiful, successful female champion. She is none of those things and she never will be. She should be jealous of me. I would of be I were her. Any other questions?

MIKE GRAVES: Oh no. Sorry for disturbing you. Good lu…

Bree glared at him as he was about to say "good luck" and Mike quickly shut his mouth. He nodded his head and turned and walked out of the room quickly as the doctor headed back over, wiping the blood off of Bree's face. She crossed her arms, eager to get out of the arena and to a bar. Yeah, she was suppose to drink but she needed one after Numbered Days. She was sore and needed to loosen up. The doctor went quickly, trying to get it done so he could go back to his hotel too. Bree didn't mind getting cut open but she did mind having to deal with women like Justinia. She hated spoiled rich bitches and she always had. Getting her hands on her on Adrenaline was going to be a pleasure.

Bree had flown into Minneapolis from her apartment in San Francisco. Her bags were all packed and her body was recovered from the brutal match at Numbered Days. It had been a good week to relax and train for her next match even if she didn't think much of her next opponent. She respected Justinia's ability to manipulate and use people but besides that Justinia was the exact opposite as Bree or at least she was in Bree's mind. Bree grew up on her own nearly, her mother dying when she was young and her father being a crazy alcoholic. She barely had money for lunches and had to defend herself at every turn it seemed like. That was the past though and Bree was more interested in her future which was in Minneapolis. She stepped into the hotel that the agents booked for her and headed through the lobby with her bag being pulled behind her. She had on a pair of tight jeans and a red halter top, showing enough skin to get the yes of every man in the lobby on her. She headed to the counter and put her arms on it as she looked at the front desk clerk.

BREE SWIFT: Bree Swift here to check in.

FRONT DESK: Ah yes… You are with the UWF group, right?

BREE SWIFT: Yeah, that's me. Does this hotel have a bar?

Bree had already drank on the plane a bit and she wanted to get a few more tonight since the next day she had her opponent with the drug therapist and she needed to be sober for that.

FRONT DESK: Yeah, one in the back over there. They make great burgers too.

BREE SWIFT: Did I ask for burgers? Idiot.

FRONT DESK: Let me find your room here.

The man said as he started to type int the computer quickly and find her a room, it was clear to him that she wasn't someone he would want to talk to for very long. Bree wasn't one to hide her bad attitude for anyone.

FRONT DESK: It looks like we have you on the eighth floor with a lovely view of the river.

BREE SWIFT: Fan-fucking-tastic. Give me the keys, alright?

FRONT DESK: Yes, ma'am. Also I see here that there is a man looking for you.

BREE SWIFT: A man? Who?

FRONT DESK: It doesn't say exactly. Just that he was waiting for you in the bar and wanted to see you.

BREE SWIFT: Whatever.

FRONT DESK: So who are you facing? A lot of you guys have been coming in. I'm thinking about heading to the show tomorrow. Should be a good one.

BREE SWIFT: I'm facing Justinia Stanton… Only come if you want to see her face stomped into the ring.

FRONT DESK: Wow. I wouldn't want to be her the… Credit card?

The man quickly took Bree's credit card and checked her in before handing her two keys to her room. Bree tucked them into her purse and headed across the lobby, pulling her bag behind her. She didn't pay much attention to anyone as she headed to the elevator, just kept her head down and focused on getting to her room.


Bree stopped in her tracks though when she heard the raspy voice of her father from behind her. Instantly her fist clenched and she slowly turned around to see him standing there wearing an old plaid shirt and jeans.

BREE SWIFT: What the fuck are you doing here?

STAN SWIFT: I came to support my daughter. I saw you on the pay per view from Hooters and knew I had to come see my baby girl in person.

BREE SWIFT: Your baby girl? Don't call me that, old man. I stopped being your baby girl a long time ago. You are dead to me and I have no interest in talking to you.

Bree glared at her father who frowned, obviously stung by her words. They had never been close since he had always been drinking and when he wasn't he still wasn't a very pleasant person.

STAN SWIFT: I deserve that but I've cleaned up, Bree. I haven't had a drink for six months. They even gave me a little chip for it at the AA meetings. I realized I was never a good father but I want to fix that now. I want to make up for everything we never got to experience together. I'm proud of you, Bree…

BREE SWIFT: Shut the hell up. You might as well be dead because in my mine you died a long time ago. No chip or apology is going to change things. If you wanted to get to know me and make things better you should of done it when I was still living at home. I moved on, I have my own shit going on and I don't need your sorry, old ass around anymore. Get the hell out of here and if I see you in the arena during Adrenaline then I'll get security to throw your ass out.

STAN SWIFT: Bree, baby, come on. I'm your father…

BREE SWIFT: No! I don't have a father. I don't have a family and I don't fucking need one. Got that?

STAN SWIFT: But Bree..

BREE SWIFT: No. Shut up. Stop it and go home. I don't want to see you and I don't want you watching me wrestle. You don't belong in my life anymore. You had your chance and you blew it. Nobody cares about your little chip or anything. I made something of my life no thanks to you and I'm not letting a parasite like you back in to suck the life out of me again. Now get out of here.

Her dad lowered his head and looked like he wanted to argue again but Bree just turned around and headed away, dragging her suitcase behind her. Her dad ran his hand over his head, tears in his eyes and frustrated with his relationship with his daughter. Bree headed to the elevator and hit the button to go up. The doors opened right away and she stepped in, walking across the elevator and slamming her fist into it.


As soon as she turned around she saw an old lady in the elevator right behind her. Bree glared at her for a second before she hit the button to go to her floor and leaned against the wall. The old lady was still looking at her and Bree snapped at her suddenly.

BREE SWIFT: What the fuck are you looking at?

The old lady jumped and backed away from Bree. Bree crossed her arms, tapping her fingers on her arm impatiently as she wanted to get out of the elevator and into her room. She had a lot to think about and she had a lot of aggression to let out come Adrenaline. Not only was she still mad at Mean Street but now she had family crap on her mind which was something she didn't ever like to think about. Justinia Stanton was in for one hell of a fight and Bree hoped she was ready for it because if not Bree planned on ripping her apart.
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