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Title: Regnum Durat - Luctor Et Emergo
Description: The Setting of the RPG

admin - September 7, 2007 11:32 PM (GMT)
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It is in the midst of the Crisis of the Third Century. Threats both inward and abroad have threatened to cripple the once great dream that was Rome. All true belief in legitimate power is becoming horribly skewed. As militant rulers rise and fall, the people cry out in rage and anguish for a new leader to once again deserve the name of "Caesar."

Alongside the growing fear of a nation, thereto also grows a light of advantage. Those who possess military might all share the same hopes of ruling an age-old empire. Will it be for the betterment of this empire's people, or will it be squandered by pandering and personal gain? Senators, Soldiers, Citizens all play an integral role as they strive to find friends, romans, and countrymen who will aid this great nation...this mythical power...this Regnum Durat.

admin - September 8, 2007 12:19 AM (GMT)
This is a historical RPG. However, it should be noted that, as with any story, actual events have been fictionalized. We will not use the actual historical figures from the senate, military, or actual citizens.

I will not offer and actual set date to our story because it is irrelevant seeing as we are not using historical figures. Plus, this leaves a lot more freedom in the storyline for characters to do as they wish. Just know that the era is around 235-284 a.d.

Here are a few things that must be pointed out about what is occurring:
  • Of course, this story is set exclusively in Rome. All the action that takes place outside of the Roman walls will be introduced and initiated by the staff.

  • The average amount of years ruled by a single leader was 2-3 years. Ways in which they fell from power were to lose it in battle, murder, or death. Rulers of Rome shall be decided by the staff and it should be noted that when it is one's time to step down, you cannot argue with the staff.

  • During this time, the empire was frequently invaded by Goths, Visigoths, Vandals, Alamanni, and others. Staff will introduce this information as they see fit.

  • The Roman government is corrupt and very weak. However, the people still listen to what the Senate has to say. The plebians are frightened and any good orator could hold sway over the masses.

  • The economy is heated with hyperinflation. This is a lesser point that will not affect us much, but consider it when you are writing your character.
    (1 pound gold= 40 gold aurei -> 1000 denarii -> 4000 sestertii)

  • Christians were persecuted during this time, but due to all of the civil unrest, there was no real organized party instructed to seek out Christians. Some Christians existed in Rome under the guise of normal pagans who sacrificed to the gods like everyone else. This doesn't mean that they were never caught. If you enter a Christian character, be very careful or they could be killed.

  • Trade routes were constantly disrupted by invading tribes. Many landowners moved to subsistence farming. If you enter a character whose business is trade, consider this whenever there is a staff anouncement about invaders.

  • War that takes place will be plotted out and the events will be recapped by the crier in the Forum Romanum.

  • No Ruler was able to set down a plan for a set ruling line. This is good for our RPG. No ruler in this game is allowed to name a line. Or they can name a line, but it will be rejected or the heir is doomed do be assassinated.

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