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Jim Bim @ 12-6-09 11:50
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Jim Bim @ 12-6-09 11:39
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Posted by Mark D. Stroyer - 12-2-09 19:02 - 8 comments
Sign up, and then post in here, and I'll give you permissions to the Shakespeare forums.
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 So, what are we doing?
Posted by Mark D. Stroyer - 12-2-09 19:01 - 2 comments
We should get down specifically what we want to do.

Obviously, we're not going to manage a complete play, due to AP limits. Unless Simon decides to step in, we're going to be stuck with doing at most an act, or selected scenes, e more
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 Grand Army of Derby
Posted by Lord Grey - 05-2-09 03:12 - 0 comments
Greetings, fellow citizens, fellow soldiers. Let's use this thread to keep up to date on what is happening in Derby.

Please post any scouting reports or things of that nature.

Also, please report to the Derby Outpost for yo more
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 Lament and Requiem for the EF
Posted by Elegost - 01-1-09 13:36 - 0 comments
Well ladies and gentlemen, it has been fun. We've fought many battles, and gave our foes more than we took.

I admit, we did have our shortcomings, mostly being neutral in most respects unless freedom was on the line. And many hated us more
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 GSUC coming to Derby
Posted by Cold Seether - 12-29-08 03:33 - 1 comments
One lovely morning, Cold Seether was afloat in deep waters nursing a particularly nasty shark bite received while trying to swim ashore after bloodying the waters with the corpse of the cannibal known as Mingeater. While sitting astride Mingeater more
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Posted by Chidar_K_ - 12-12-08 20:00 - 4 comments
I made some fungi juice and each time I consumed it it gave me 5 AP!
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 Can has X-Box Live now...
Posted by Rob Zombie - 11-30-08 12:25 - 2 comments
Took me an age to set it up, and I have to negotiate the 360 staying in the house living room, but I've finally got my XBL connected, for a free month at least.

Eastern Federation on Gears 2's 'Hoard' anyone?
Si more
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 Derbians looking for work?
Posted by Elegost - 10-7-08 10:50 - 2 comments
If you're a Derbian who isn't part of the EF right now, and you've got a lot of free time on your hands and you'd like to do something (not gonna say what)

then leave a post here stating your interests and i'll contact more
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 Hellooo the house!
Posted by Lord Grey - 09-4-08 05:51 - 9 comments
Hullo there, chaps. How are things in good old Derby? I've recently come to after a rather harrying experience of life in the jungles, and I'm making my way back to town. My clothes are dirty, my legs are stiff, and I've a terrible heada more
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