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 Major Kira Nerys, Bajoran ;; XO/Bajoran Liaison
Kira Nerys
Posted: Sep 19 2009, 03:30 PM


See the canon list for more details on why I'm playing both Odo and Kira. I'm not hogging them; don't worry about that. (See Odo for more details on me).

About the Character

user posted image
Kira Nerys

Name: Kira Nerys
Species: Bajoran
Age: 26
Gender: Female

Homeworld: Bajor
Affiliation: Bajoran Militia
Rank: Major
Occupation: Bajoran Liaison Officer to DS9, Second in Command to Benjamin Sisko
Family: Kira Taban, father (deceased)
Kira Meru, mother (deceased)
Kira Reon, brother (deceased)
Kira Pohl, brother (deceased)

Face Claim: Nana Visitor

Appearance: Kira is 172.7 cm (5'8) tall with a slender, wiry build. Her hair is auburn, kept short, and her eyes are so dark as to be almost black, fiercely intense, and quite large. She moves with an aggressive, self assured air and is rarely seen out of uniform.

Personality: The stamp of the Occupation is heavy upon Kira. A deeply angry woman, she has been scarred by her many losses to the Cardassians. She communicates directly and forcefully, is highly suspicious of anyone she doesn't know, and quick to take action in a crisis, though not necessarily always the right action. She will also jump to conclusions, and when she believes that she is right, it is very difficult to persuade her otherwise. She will, however, bow to facts as long as they are presented by people she trusts, such as Odo.

Beneath her gruff exterior lies a woman deeply divided over her role as a member of the Bajoran Resistance. She feels a large degree of guilt and pain over things she has done, to the point that she sometimes wonders if she is beyond redemption. If one can get past her formidable defenses, they find an extremely compassionate soul who is increasingly finding that being in a position of power often means making unpalatable choices. Kira is deeply religious and devoted to the spiritual practices of her people

History: Kira was most likely born in 2343, but exact dates are difficult to obtain out of the Occupation. She grew up in the Singha Refugee Camp, believing that her mother died when she was just 3. She was a troublemaker who liked to annoy the adults, and she joined the Bajoran Resistance when she was only 12 years old. Like many Bajorans, she had no real childhood to speak of, her life shaped by the strong currents of violence that swept through the Cardassians and Bajorans alike.

She was only 13 when she went on her first deadly raid for the Shakaar Resistance Cell, and she distinguished herself among her fellow terrorists. The earring she wears is made from wreckage of the skimmer she helped take down during that raid. She would go on to plant a bomb that killed 12 Cardassians and crippled 23 others. Despite her many violent exploits, she was never considered much of a threat and was categorized as a minor operative.

Kira is not happy about the Federation presence in the Bajoran system, but she understands the necessity of it. Her relationship with Commander Sisko at this time is antagonistic. He will have to prove himself before she is willing to trust him.

QUOTE (Sample)
Kira Nerys was, suffice to say, not in a good mood at all. She had come back from Bajor, anticipating the meeting with Benjamin Sisko...but not the fact that Starfleet Command, damn them, had accepted those Cardassians onto the station. If there was one thing Nerys didn't trust, it was a Cardassian. They always had some ulterior motive to everything they did, and what they did, they only did for themselves, not caring whether other people suffered. Bajor was a shining example of this philosophy, and she had suffered under them enough to know.

As for the Federation...why were they suddenly interested in Bajor? If they had cared so much, why hadn't they helped them during the Occupation? People were dying! Nerys felt that it was because they wanted Bajor for themselves; they wanted it to join their Federation. And the Provisional Government was buying this.

At least Sisko had had the decency to talk about the Cardassian issue with her. For a long time during that argument, she had been very adamant in her position, which was simply to send the spoonheads back home. He convinced her, however - with certain terms that the Cardassians were going to have to abide by - though she was sure that once she talked with the one Cardassian that would remain (part of the agreement had been that only one could stay on the base), her confrontation with the younger Dukat would be enough to make him want to leave.

She wasn't anticipating seeing him in the infirmary when she'd come to do her physical. She understood the logic behind the physical, after having dealt with Cardassians so long; there was a chance they could have left a spy among their ranks. She'd be irritated if they accused her of this, of course, but they hadn't.

A black-haired Bajoran swept past her. She glanced at him. A Security Officer. He didn't look pleased with the accommodations either. Odo was there as well. Nerys didn't see the logic in testing the Constable; he wasn't like anyone else at all, and it was pretty obvious he wasn't a spy. Odo was one of the few people on this base that she could truly trust. They'd had quite a history together, and she could count on him as a friend and as the Security Chief.

But back to the matter of Dukat. She turned her gaze on him, folding her arms across her chest. "You," she mouthed. His gaze met hers, and she could see his father's features, and it disgusted her. She wanted him gone.
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