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Title: Cyrus
Description: Tatsu

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Personality:Cyrus is the type of person that is not shy to let people know his opinion, thus, he is not afraid to talk to others. A very hard and determined worker, Cyrus has gained himself a respectable reputation of being the person that you can always count on, especially when it comes to gathering information. He has an extensive amount of knowledge in computers, which has given people the impression that he is the typical “geeky,” something he hates.
Under pressure, Cyrus can keep his head to, and generally does not worry unless things start to look very bad, but, is not as nice has he normally would be, and typically will yell at anyone who he thinks is bothering him, and keeping him from his work.

Appearance: Cyrus wears a black hooded sweatshirt with a white t-shirt underneath. For pants, he wears a pair of tan cargo pants, then a black pair of tennis shoes to top it off. He is not the type to wear something very noticeable. He is 5’1’’, has is brown, spiky, and just uncontrollable hair, his green eyes stand out more than what he likes, but he normally forgets about it.

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Character type:Investigator.

Housing: He lives in a second floor flat down town, which consists of two bed rooms, one bath room, a medium size living room, which is crowded with computer equipment, and of course a kitchen.

Item list: A backpack, which contains his laptop (that has wireless internet), some small tools such as screw drivers, and wire cutters. He also carries around a PDA, cell phone, small .9 mm. hand gun and a pen.

Biography: Cyrus was born into a hard working family that believed that nothing could be achieved by sitting down. His father was a police officer, and his mother worked for a small law firm downtown. Since Cyrus could pick up a screw driver, he tore everything apart, and was very inquisitive. In school, Cyrus was not very good in classes such as english and history, but excelled in his math, science and computer classes. From early on, teachers noticed that Cyrus could problem solve like no other, and was good at gathering information on everything and everyone. His obsession with knowing everything was only second to his obsession with electronics.

Being able to build a computer at the age of 12 was good, but it was exceptionally good when he started to gain a great deal of reorganization about it. When he was fifteen, his father was able to get him a job at the police department working on their computers, but soon, they found out that he could do more than that, he was able to get files off of the systems that people was normally not suppose to see, which got him into a large amount of trouble.

His great computer skills, mixed with his inquisitive mind gave him the ability to basically get information on anyone he wanted, from teachers, to political figure heads, but, his pointless searches on the internet ended when there was suddenly a lot of talk about a large number of people dying from heart attacks, and something about this “Kira,” something that he had only heard old people speak of. This sparked a great deal in interest and he started to investigate, going out of his way, questioning people using the fake name “Cyrus.” Over the next few years or so, he had moved out, now being eighteen, put almost all his effort into investigating Kira, but, was covering very little ground. Now being in his last year of school, things were started to get more and more stressed out not only for him, but for everyone, with the never ending thought that they maybe the next person to just drop dead.

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