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Title: Yamato's Application

Yamato - December 12, 2007 06:33 PM (GMT)
Name: Yamato's Character

Alias: Yamato Ishonido

Age: 18

Personality: He is an intelligent person. Although he tends to act 'cool' and avoids talking too much. And when he does, he doesn't show too much care in his voice. Also, he doesn't like alot of people, and ignore most of them. And even if he is insulted, he usually ignores them aswell, unless the person repeats it a lot. He would talk a lot to his friends, he just doesn't have too much.

Appearance: Him in his usual appearance:
user posted image
He's usually in that unless in school, which he wears a uniform instead.

Character type: Human

Housing: A small 2 Bedroom apartment in Kanto Region which his Father had left him before he died.

Item list: Carried Around Items:
  • Mini Pocket-Knife (For self protection)
  • Cellphone
  • Wallet
  • A Mini Notebook
  • Pen
Home Items:
  • A Computer
  • Laptop (Keeps it hidden, uses for his important back-up files)
  • Some Furniture
  • A Safe
Biography: Yamato doesn't remember much of his past. But he was told that he had somehow lost his memory, though the people who told him would not reveal exactly how. He was 13 when it happened. Not much was known about his parents, either. But he was sent to an Orphanage when he was finally ready to leave the hospital. Yamato sometimes remember flashes of his past, this doesn't happen often and when it does happen, he cannot remember it fully afterwards. But, he had remembered one. It was someone shouting his real name. But he keeps it to himself and doesn't tell anybody.

Yamato was soon adopted by a man named Tomani. The Orphanage had only told him his first name, and so he ended up with his last name as Ishonido (Same as his adoptive Father). Tomani sent him to a school far from Kanto Region. Yamato then lived with one of his best friend in the School.

On Yamato's second year of school, (By now he's 16) he had got news that his father, Tomani had died of a Heart Attack. He had heard of Kira, but not much about him, all he heard about was he killed people somehow. He sometimes think that his Adoptive Father was a criminal killed by Kira, also a reason why he sent him to a school far away.

When Yamato graduated in the School, he moved back to Kanto Region. There he lived alone in his Adoptive Father's apartment. And when he went into his father's room, he found a safe. There was a note stuck behind it, addressed for him.

Inside is my life's dream, take care of it, Yamato

The PIN was also written on the note. And when he opened it. Inside of it were full of weapons. Pistols, revolvers all the rest. But Yamato had never used them, he would not fill the same mistake as his Father, and so, Yamato hid the safe in his room, in a store room hidden behind his wardrobe.


If it needs any changing, tell me and I'll do it :D

Raikiri - December 12, 2007 08:32 PM (GMT)
Seems good to me, Accepted

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