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alexis olivia avery
Posted: May 17 2012, 04:56 PM




user posted image
play by Barbara Palvin


    A little about Alexis Olivia:

    “People ask me what I am like all the time. At job interviews mostly and i never know where to start. I never know how to just jump in and tell people what i act like because i realize that how i act is so much more complex than most people want to hear. I can’t just say that i am fun and loving and energetic because really how legit does that sound? It doesn’t at all now does it? I think it’s safe to say that i am complicated and most of that comes from i haven’t figured myself out yet either. I am only nineteen years old and I’m just becoming an adult. One who has to find her own path and that might mean i have to change who i once said is as to become the woman i was meant to be. But there are always things that you have in your life that you know you will never change no matter what. And i believe i can share a few of those things with you. Right?

    I’m independent. I like to do things on my own and I always have. My mother use to tell me stories on how when I was only a few months old I decided I was going to feed myself. (Much younger than my sister that I might say). That didn’t change with me growing up either. The independent nature that I had was something I know I will always carry with me. I believe that I can make my own career, my own money, and I’ll never need my parent’s to throw their money at me because I am the youngest of their two girls. I do not want people pitying me and thinking they need to do things for me. Yes I am a girl, I’m not very big, but I pack a mean punch. I might take on something that others think I cannot handle, but if i believed i couldn’t handle it then I wouldn’t take on the challenge in the first place.

    I guess with the independency that I just love so much a bit of a stubborn aptitude came along with it. Yes. I am stubborn and I’ll admit it, but only this once. Do not expect me to do it again because I will not. Never ever. I have learned i do not like to lose arguments and therefore I won’t. I do not care how wrong I am… I shall never let anyone beat me. I think it was. I will go to my grave saying I was wrong. I also will go around my elbow to get to my bum if that is the way I want to do it. You can tell me there are 500 easier ways to do it… but no way. I shall do it my way every time and if you do not like it get over it. That is all I can say. Being stubborn though, I do say it gets you in quiet a lot of trouble. I know throughout Hogwarts I landed myself in detention more than enough times for bickering with the teachers over countless thing. But oh well right? I passed my NEWTS and OWLS with flying colors, so they can’t say anything now can they?

    What else can I say about myself…? I’m not really sure? I suppose it is safe to say that somewhere down in the stacks of romance novels i littered my brain with over the years i have grown into some sort of a romantic? I dream of the day when i shall be married, have a family, and just be able to say that I have something that is mine like that. Though, I have never dated one single boy in my entire life. It’s sad isn’t it? You would think that I would have? But I was betrothed when I was younger, and I always just thought of myself marrying him, even though I never really got hyped up about it because hey, I was young… and I didn’t care about marriage. It was whatever and I believed I could find my own husband. I probably still could but i do not know if I am actually capable of it. 7 years in a school filled with boys and I couldn’t get one to like me… I believe that is saying a lot?

    Maybe that means I repel men with my independent do it yourself nature? But I do not honestly care. I do not. Maybe I’ll end up alone, but hey. At least I’ll be happy and alone right? That’s better than tortured and alone…. Right?”
    at least THREE good paragraphs about your character's family life goes here. this section can be deleted and combined with the first section in order to create a freestyle application.
CONTACT pm/aim/msn/yahoo. just ask
They always say that cutters cut to feel something else besides the pain that is going on within their hearts and minds. They say that they do it to try to remind them that they are alive. They never want to admit though that cutters cut because they don’t want to be on this planet anymore. Marc had tried to end his life so many times that Maddison couldn’t even count them all. She couldn’t count al the ties she had ran into his room as he sulked away for hours seeing him sitting there with his fingers covered in blood, various sharp objects dripping blood, and then his wrists just bleeding. She could remember how each and every time she looked from his face to his chest to see if it was still rising and falling. Knowing that if it wasn’t… she would pick up that blade and do the same to herself just to be with him again. She was so dependent on him that she knew… he had to stop it. She had to stop pushing him that far.
There had been a moment in her life where she was sitting there with her belt tied above his wrist on his upper arm to stop the bleeding that she realized this had to stop. She could not keep pushing him because one day she might push him so far he wouldn’t come back to her. The thing was that Maddison didn’t quite know how to do that. She didn’t know how to change how they were to each other. Doing this… being not… a corrupting bitch who liked to push his buttons was going to be something she wasn’t use to. It was something she had to do though. She had to… it was the first time she was choosing him over her. The first time in years where she was putting herself beneath someone… the first time that it was obvious just how far her narcissistic personality stretched. It stretched to him. Once it reached marc harriette everything in her changed. She cared for him. He was the only person in this world that she did care for, the only person she would change for. That she did though. She changed as much as she could. For him and only him.

the music was loud, blaring actually, and the guy behind her obviously liked the way that she was moving on him. Maddison could tell it just from his erection in his jeans that was rubbing against her each time she moved to the music. Everything in this moment was fine. Her head was spinning, every color in the room was more vibrant, and she was sure that she was just about as far gone as she could be. That was until marc grabbed her arm pulling her back into reality. The look in his eyes was so hurt, but that didn’t matter to her right then. She was high completely… 100 percent… totally high. “What are you doing? I thought you were getting us drinks” she giggled and pulled away “I was… then I saw…” she paused looking back at the guy then up to him, she could see how broken he was. Her mouth opened as he was about to talk cutting him off, “I just got distracted… I’m sorry Marc… comes on… I’ll make it up to out.” She stated taking his hand and smiling her classic Madds smile at him before pulling him out of the large room into the hallway, pushing him against the hall and just for once in her life… not pushing him away to where he ran off to hurt himself. This time she was helping him forget just what she did to possibly hurt him to begin with.

The doctors would never believe her when she first came here that she needed to see marc. They didn’t’ believe that she actually cared for him. The only thing that they saw was that she was using him. That was what they thought she was doing. Using him, but over all these sessions that they had together. After the fight she gave when they drug her away from him that day they saw each other for the first time, up to seeing that marc was actually getting better, she believed that something switched into their heads and showed them that they needed each other. That was because they did. When the two of them were together nothing into his world was going to hurt them. That was how they felt. They felt invisible… the only one how would mess it up would be one of them, but over the time they had been together they had gotten to the point where they weren’t as bad as they used to be… and that was a good thing.

Smiling at marc she knew that this high that she was on from nothing but him would last at least a few days beyond this. Her heart had never felt so full… and she just wished she knew what caused this. She just wished she could stay this way for him, because the way he was looking at her right now just made her smile… this as the maddy he deserved but rarely got. Maddison just wished she could fix herself for him… fix herself to the point where he would always look at her with that light in his eyes. Or maybe he did. Did he? Was she just too high all the time to notice it… she didn’t know. She really didn’t. do you always look at me like this? the question blurted out before she could even censor herself to not ask it. or… is it just now… is it just this Maddison that makes you smile like that… the one who… isn’t being a narcissistic bitch… her voice was gentle as she looked up to him chewing on her lip slightly before swallowing the lump in her throat leaning up and nudging his nose before just rubbing his hand. Thinking about his offer. Knowing that they could play a game… hell… she didn’t care what they did as long as they were together like this for as long as possible. A game sounds great… what do you want to do?

Posted: May 22 2012, 05:15 PM

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Just a friendly reminder, you have 2 days left to complete this application.

- Kai
Posted: May 25 2012, 01:22 PM

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Group: Admin
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"you have failed to complete this application in time. if you want to continue working on it, please pm an admin."

- bree
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