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 POTTER, ALBUS SEVERUS, 21 | civilian
albus severus potter
Posted: Apr 22 2012, 01:04 PM

21 | ruth
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Group: Civilian
Posts: 11
Member No.: 925
Joined: 22-April 12

oh, dear brother, just don't hate me
for never standing by you or being by your side
dear sister, please don't blame me

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play by kevin flamme



CUNNING this is a trait of albus's that helped the sorting hat to decide to place him into slytherin. he tried to hide the fact that he had a way of being sly. with a brother like james potter it seemed to be a necessary skill to have in the potter household. trouble always ensued and it wasn't out of the ordinary when there were attempts made to drag albus down as well. even if he did have a part in the trouble, he preferred finding a way out of it rather than face punishment. until harry and ginny caught onto albus's antics, he had been able to subtlety twist the truth to find his way out of trouble. while it's true that everyone as lied at some point in their lifetime, slytherins could practically make a career out of doing so. the sneaky ways that albus twisted the truth persisted throughout his childhood and his hogwart's career. never has albus allowed his cunning nature to override his morals.

WITTY albus wouldn't be called intelligent in the conventional sense. by no means was he ever a genius during school and will never get to that level. he had to study to get the decent marks that he received at school. albus's wit has always manifested itself in unexpected ways. his articulate way of wording shows through his fluency with sarcasm and dry humor. said way with words hasn't always benefited albus. using his smart-ass tones and sarcasm with professors in the past led to detentions. people who couldn't interpret his sarcasm well enough would use it as an excuse to provoke fights within the hallways of hogwart's. at some points in his life, having such a wit as hurt albus more than it has helped him.

INTROSPECTIVE for some, it's obvious that men can't read emotions as well as women can. for albus, that is partially true. he has no luck when it comes to attempting to interpret the emotions of others; however, he does have a better understanding of his own thoughts and feelings. even through the emotional struggles that albus has confronted before, he had enough knowledge of himself to figure out the problem before it spun out of control. he just doesn't have the same luck with others. family members can even be difficult people for albus to try to read for their emotional status. his lack of interpreting others' emotions properly can make him seem as if he believes that he's better than everyone else or that he lacks a heart. neither of those are completely true. when albus becomes acquainted with someone or if they're close family, then it's somewhat easier. it becomes easier to read their expressions and at least attempt to associate them to certain moods. understanding others is a more observant task for albus than it is for others. no matter what, he'll always understand his own emotions and moods better than anyone else's.

GENUINE albus has a direct way of being honest with people. unless he's gotten himself into a sticky situation, he isn't the type to lie. whatever he presents or tells someone is truly how he feels or acts on a normal basis. as adaptable as albus can be at times, unless you've pressed him into a hard situation, what you see is truly what you get. he doesn't think that he has to alter how he acts in order to please others. for some, his genuineness s a good thing. for others, it's a vice. he's not afraid to point out other people's flaws in a heartbeat. of course, when the same comes back on him, albus doesn't like it so much. the main reason why he is a genuine young man is the fact that he refuses to change himself for the sake of others. sure, he's willing to filter some of his thoughts better, but he would never change himself as a whole to please others. as long as he's content with himself then albus is going to continue on with who he is.

SELF-CONSCIENCE being a part of the potter-weasley clan means that there's an image that's tacked onto all members of the family. most expect those of said family to be fighters and those that will always go out on the front lines to risk themselves for others. albus potter does not fit the stereotype of the potter-weasley family. he's the obvious black sheep of the family. the fact that he's aware that he doesn't fit so perfectly into the picture does have its negative effects. this awareness causes albus to become worried about what people think of him. a good reputation is something that he strives to have and will not settle for anything less than that. a reputation isn't everything in current society, but with the suspected pressure that there is, it continues to be something that he concerns himself with. it is albus's slight fear of rejection and failure that causes him to be so hard on himself at times. because of this, he always tells himself that he will do that he possibly can in any situation.

RIGID change isn't always a good thing. albus isn't as accepting of change as others are. some alterations are for the best, but things that drastically change one's way of life isn't something that he's so willing to welcome with open arms. he has always found it more difficult to try to go along with the flow of things if editing his current way of life got in the way. the war was something that albus had many harsh feelings towards. his brother had to go into hiding and the climate of the wizarding world was thick with the tensions between two warring sides. not even hogwart's remained the same during the duration of the war. despite his ideal world of nothing changing that wasn't reasonable in his mind, he had to adapt. telling oneself to adapt is sometimes much easier than actually doing so.

CURIOUS as a young child, albus had always wanted to hear the stories of how his father, uncle ron, and aunt hermione banded together to save the wizarding world. he always wanted to know the details of the stories that no textbook would ever be able to tell him. it was difficult to realize in his youth that his family had fought in a war and that all wars had their effects on people. curiosity killed the cat. that was a saying that albus had to learn as he continued to advance through life. of course not everyone is so open and welcome to others poking around in business that isn't their own. albus would try to poke his nose into business that wasn't his own - even his older brother's - and had to learn the hard way that not everyone is as open and welcome to nosy people as others are. although his curiosity has drastically dropped over the years, there are the occasional impulses that he has to poke into others' business. sometimes it's even hard to resist trying to find out what james is doing despite the spats that the two had as children over how nosy albus could be. some habits just never die.

ALOOF unlike most of the potter-weasley clan, albus has no desire to get mixed up into wars and idealogical battles. his indifference in affairs such as these sets this potter out among the rest. it's uncharacteristic to some that a potter wouldn't get involved in a war for justice and equality after what the famous harry potter did for the wizarding world, but albus isn't as willing to put on a bravado and fight. while albus does have his convictions and will never alter them due to the opinion of others, he doesn't believe that everyone has to voice those opinions. he is one that keeps most of his opinions to himself and will only discuss them if it is relevant to a conversation or event that he is partaking in. albus finds that standing in neutral ground during a fight has the least pressure on it. when you're neutral on an issue, no one is wanting you to step up and fight or to take a proactive role in fixing a problem. there will always be those that try to recruit the neutral to a side but albus is wholeheartedly convinced that he could never truly support a side in a battle. throughout the previous war, he did have those that he cared for fighting for a cause. albus is willing to support a person but never a faction. even if his family does have the willingness to fight that he lacks, that doesn't mean that he will refuse to support them. after all, blood is thicker than water.

RESPONSIBLE taking up responsibility isn't a problem that albus has. for the most part, he claims responsibility for what he has done (unless you happen to be james potter and trying to get him into trouble once again). when there is work that needs to be completed, albus is on top of it and makes sure that it is done to the best of his abilities and efficiently. when he can't do something himself, first he;ll try his best to get through it and then ask for help. he has a certain sense of maturity that helps him along in being a responsible person. with growing up, the obligations that a person has increases. albus is willing to put things aside in order to take care of his family if any was to happen. although his approach to helping isn't always proactive, he has a sense of honor when it comes to taking responsibility and having obligations to care for his family if they ever need him.



you're born into the infamous potter family. with the potters connected to the weasley family through marriage and children, you are doomed to have a future full of many cousins and that trials and tribulations that come with having such a large family. james was the child to come before you. it's impossible to know it then, but you would grow to have an odd relationship with your brother. it's amazing how a set of parents can have two children with such conflicting personalities. at least for a short time all you will have to deal with is james potter.


lily was born when you were two. both you and james now have a little sister to look after and to protect. of course, at two you're too young to realize that it's essentially your duty to look after lily. you realize that the attention that your parents used to smother you with has suddenly been given to your sister. how are you supposed to feel about this? you don't mind when your mother shows lily more attention. the woman has a way of smothering you that you don't enjoy. it's your father that you want to attend to you. like many young boys, your father is your hero. he's the one that you love the most. it's obvious that you love your siblings (not always so obvious with james maybe) and your mother.


you take your first trip to platform nine and three-quarters when you're eight. as much as you want to go to hogwart's already, you have to wait another three years until it's your turn to start your school career. this time, it's james' first time to go to hogwart's. you're jealous of him. after all of the stories that you've heard from various family members about the possible adventures that could occur within the walls of the castle, you yearn to go as well. they all tell you that one day you'll have your turn. it doesn't stop you from being green with envy towards james. you're sure that he doesn't even deserve to go to hogwart's before you. people tell you that you have to be eleven and eight year olds can't come along. sometimes, those three years of waiting felt agonizing. you would never admit it to james, but maybe you missed him. you did. that's something that james would never learn. he would torment you more if he knew that.


your biggest fear is being sorted into slytherin. it's not always evident yet it's always on your mind in the weeks leading up to your sorting. what were your parents going to think if you ended up in such a house? james was a gryffindor and both your mother and father had been gryffindors as well. weasleys and potters seemed to multiply within the house of gryffindor. you didn't want to be the shame of the family. what if they practically kicked you out for being a slytherin. even james had his suspicions that you would be a future slytherin. you should have learned ages ago that james wasn't always the best person to listen to. he enjoyed tormenting you in ways that were typical of an older brother. it was only before you went to meet the hogwart's express that you asked your father about his opinion on the slytherin house. it is a relief when your father reassures you that nothing bad will happen if you do end up becoming a slytherin. for you, it means everything to have his reassurance on your side. either way he'll remain to be proud of you. he even tells you that the sorting hat wanted to initially place him into slytherin. the sorting hat will listen to your opinion, he had said. you hoped so.

* * *

"ah, yes. i remember the potters. it's difficult to forget the potters. the weasleys will never seem to stop flowing into the school. you're not like the rest, are you? yes, yes. you're quite aware of your differences. usually, i would put a potter or weasley into gryffindor unless they protested against it and had a good argument. you're not much of a gryffindor though. that's definitely not a bad thing. i told your father that he would do well in slytherin. it's a bit unfortunate that he didn't listen to me, hm? so you know about that. i think that you would do well in slytherin. i can tell that you're not so certain of that. you want to be a gryffindor like the rest of your family. i guess that's understandable. you would never last in gryffindor, though. it's not a good fit for you, boy. someone like you only belongs in slytherin!"


the political climate has heated up too much for your enjoyment. you never really enjoyed politics actually. no one could fully agree on anything during these days. beforehand, you hadn't been quite sure what you wanted to do with your life. going to route of being a seventeen year old hero like your father never crossed your mind before and it never did as you grew older. james was going to be a quidditch star one day and lily was still in school. you felt lost in a world that was embedded in fury. if anything, you're ready to leave the heroics of saving the government to your siblings or cousins. it's not a place for you, albus potter. you want to distance yourself from the problem. that's the sole reason why you decide to enroll into cursebreaker training. it required being away from britian in order to raid the ancient egyptian tombs. old tombs and cursed riches had to be better than any sort of warfare, even if it was only ideologically fought. sometimes it's just easier to run away from the problem.


two years didn't fix anything. you had thought that maybe a few months or even a year would be enough to allow the political warfare to calm down. that was an understatement. nothing had improved. the conditions continued to worsen. every time you apparated back to your little place in britian you wondered how different things would be. james potter becoming a wanted man definitely wasn't an improvement. your own brother was considered to be a criminal. apparently, he had inherited the ability to fight against the opposing powers. you lacked that ability and preferred to watch from the sidelines. it was much simpler to retreat back into your work and ignore the problem. you were worried about james, lily, your parents, and the myriad of cousins that you had. it turned into a true war with causalities and losses. you felt at ease in egypt. it was best to stay there for work and to come back to britian when it was needed.


things are supposed to be normal now. the allies of britian came in and liberated the country of the wizarding government that was causing the warring to continue on. things should have improved from there. there was the plus side that james wasn't a wanted criminal, nor was ted lupin anymore. it felt like nothing was going to be the same. the next big step for you is to finish training. despite the effort and work put into the job, it was difficult to solely focus on cursebreaking now. this is could be the start of a new era in wizarding britian.

YOUR NAME my name is still ruth, or i hope that it is
EXPERIENCE six or seven years now? i lost track.
REFERENCE i found an ad a long time ago.
CONTACT you can reach me through a private message or at aim through creepingbamf
l o l, no. actually, just check on maggie's app or her posts.
albus severus potter
Posted: Apr 26 2012, 07:35 PM

21 | ruth
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Group: Civilian
Posts: 11
Member No.: 925
Joined: 22-April 12

as much as i'm sure that i don't like my writing in this or anything, i'm going to call albus done.

feel free to rip him apart and tell me to change stuff.
Posted: Apr 26 2012, 07:53 PM

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Group: Admin
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Joined: 12-May 09


congratulations, your profile has been looked over and approved by an admin. welcome to dorkus malorkus! please remember to sign up for the face claim and post in the who's who before you get started!

"akjhfajhsruth I've been stalking his app for so long this was an easy decision, I adore him and I think you've captured him brilliantly and honestly and I cannot wait for us to have your Albus on board!"

- Lisey
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