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 SCABIOR, CELINE LILITH, 27 | civilian
celine lilith scabior
Posted: Apr 17 2012, 11:36 PM


And please don't stand so close to me; I'm having trouble breathing
I'm afraid of what you'll see right now

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play by Emily Blunt


    Being called a questionable and mysterious girl all her life, Celine has been known to always keep to herself. She’s not shy, per se, but instead reserved. She likes to keep to herself. Thus, she doesn’t harbor many friends. She has a few dear and close friends that’s she has had for ages, but she has difficulty making new ones. This is not to say that she doesn’t want to make friends, she does and she also tries to. Celine just isn’t one to open herself up to those she doesn’t know. Speaking of which, Celine can be very slow to trust. Her trust has only ever been supremely betrayed once. That was from her mother; hiding her father’s true identity from Celine and even passing her off as her mother’s husbands daughter for the first eleven years of her life. This incident has caused Celine to be very untrusting of most people. It takes quite a lot and a long time to gain her trust.

    Celine is stubborn, hard-headed and temperamental. Perhaps it is part of her lycanthropy, but this girl does not like being rubbed the wrong way. Though she is quiet about it, she likes to get her own way. She’s not one to yell out loud, or get into a heated debate. Instead, she’ll hold grudges and keep her emotions bottled up inside. That’s a major flaw of hers. Her emotions that she keeps bottled up inside take large tolls on her. Pushed too far the wrong way, and Celine may almost explode. These are rare cases when she does that, though. It has only happened a few times to date, but that’s not to say it won’t happen again in the future. Celine is also temperamental. Little things can bother her and make her mood swing from happy to mad in less than a second. Happiness is not something that Celine openly displays on her face. She can flash smiles here and there, though they aren’t always genuine. Especially with her work, Celine has to put a smile on her face to make her patients feel comfortable, but they are not always real smiles.

    When it comes to love, romance, and relationships, Celine is still reserved. She has trouble opening up, and that causes strain in romantic relationships. To date, Celine has had various short-termed relationships that didn’t mean much to her. She is guilty of looking for the right person, but she doesn’t base her life around that. Celine has the mentality that everything happens for a reason: fate, if you will. She lets whoever is in charge of the universe up there take course of her life. It may be a silly way to live, but it is what Celine believes in most. Celine is a genuinely good person. She does not let her lycanthropy define her; she will not be known as a monster. Her job as a Healer at St. Mungo's allows her to show her good side in helping those in need.

    Celine has always been an intelligent girl. She was near the top of her class in all seven of her Hogwarts years. Because she kept to herself so often, she found interest in reading book and doing her homework. It payed off, too. She went right to St. Mungo's for a job, and after two years of mandatory training was a full healer. It was her first choice of occupation and she was more than elated to be hired.
    Celine Lilith Scabior was born to Darcy Goyle and Driscoll Scabior. Darcy and Driscoll were never married, for shortly after Celine was born, Darcy discovered that Driscoll was a werewolf and that her new baby girl was now a partial werewolf due to his blood. Merlin knew how she did not discover Driscoll’s dark secret before their intimate encounter. Driscoll took pleasure in naming his child, before Darcy banished him from their lives forever. He named the girl Celine, which literally means ‘moon’ and Lilith, which means ‘of the night.’ He knew Darcy hated that her child was of tainted blood, he gave the girl this name to spite her mother. After Celine’s birth, Driscoll disappeared into the shadows, just as Darcy wanted. He was gone, and Darcy had already moved on to a new beau, a pureblood wizard called Eliaseph Avery. The two married when Celine wasn’t even a year old yet and shortly afterwards had two children, girls, of their own. Though Celine’s birth certificate had Celine’s surname as Scabior after her father, Darcy played off Celine as a child of Eliaseph’s with the surname, Avery. Celine was passed off as his daughter, growing up to call him ‘dad.’

    Celine was always different from her two sisters, the true Avery girls. From early on, Celine knew she was different from them, she just didn’t know why (until later on in her life, that is). Despite this, the three girls got along fairly decently. They had their own sibling rivalries, like any siblings would. But they were always harmless. Celine was the oldest of the three, and naturally she was bossy to them at times, causing them to get angry with her. Celine was also stubborn with them, and her parents as well. Despite this, Celine was a decent child. She behaved well, was well mannered and always finished her supper. Truthfully, her childhood wasn’t all that eventful. Celine had her first sign on magic when she was nine years old. She was in the backyard, playing with her sisters, when her shoe caught fire. The girls had always known they were going to be witches, what with both their parents being magical folk. But when Celine’s shoe caught fire, she wasn’t sure if it was actually her magic that started it. A week later, the same thing happened in front of Darcy and Eliaseph and they both knew it was magic.

    Things changed on Celine’s eleventh birthday. As per custom, on her eleventh birthday – which happened to be the nineteenth of August – she received a letter in the post from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The letter was granting her a spot in their school and naturally, she was to accept it. Celine was so excited she didn’t know what to do with herself. She was half excited to get away from her sisters, but also excited to learn more about magic. She read the letter over and over until she noticed her name. Celine Lilith Scabior. Scabior? But her last name was Avery. She immediately brought it up to her parents, and her mother had to tell her the truth. Nothing got by at Hogwarts, not a thing; of course they would put Celine’s real name down. Celine was beyond devastated. No wonder she was different from her two, now, half-sisters. She couldn’t believe her own mother would keep her true identity from her.

    The relationship between Celine and Darcy began to suffer. Celine resented her mother more than ever. Her trust had been broken, she wasn’t sure what would help fix this. Her mother and Eliaseph took her to Diagon Alley to get her her needed supplies for the following school year – which was to start in less than a month from when she received her letter. Now, Celine was more excited than ever to go to Hogwarts and get away from her lying and fake family. When she arrived at Hogwarts, she was sorted into the house of Hufflepuff. It wasn’t her first choice, but she knew it was most fitting for her. By the time her first year neared the end, more changes occurred in her life. June’s full moon was just around the corner, and Celine had been feeling more than under the weather lately. She wasn’t sure what was up with herself. One night, the night of the full moon, she fled Hogwarts secretly. She wasn’t sure why she was doing it, but she was headed towards the entrance of the Forbidden Forest. Soon, all she felt was pain. It was like all her bones were breaking at once. This was her first werewolf transformation.

    That summer, she headed back home with the Averys. She mustered up the courage to tell her mother about her transformation. Darcy hadn’t forgotten about Driscoll and what he was and that he had passed his lycanthropy to Celine. She told Celine everything. Celine was nearly twelve and deserved more truth than what Darcy had been giving her. After the answers were given to her, Celine searched for her father. That was one thing Darcy refused to tell Celine; her father’s name. She knew his surname was Scabior, so all Celine had to do was backtrack so she could find him. During her second year, at Christmastime, Celine finally found him. She wrote him an owl and they met at Hogsmeade. Celine adored her father. She saw herself in him and knew immediately that she was his child. He aided her with facts about werewolves and tricks and tips. He also gave her what he had left of a bottle of Wolfsbane potion, which she kept for emergencies. The following summer, she moved in with him, leaving her mother and her step-father and half sisters.

    Fast forward. After Celine graduated from Hogwarts, she became a healer-in-training at St. Mungo’s and now is a full-fledged healer. She keeps her lycanthropy a secret. She has a close relationship with her father still, but rarely sees her mother and step-father. As for the turmoil that has been plaguing the Wizarding World, Celine remains neutral. She has never been one for politics, even if it is a matter of life or death.
EXPERIENCE four-ish years
REFERENCE caution 2.0
CONTACT pm, we can go from there?
(( From a previous Potterverse site I played on ))

It wasn't that Chase didn't enjoy sleeping, he just thought it was a waste of time, in a sense. He could think of a million other ways to spend the night rather than to lay in a bed, completely unconscious. Perhaps he was weird for this, but it's just how he was. Chase usually only slept a few hours each night. Six or seven at the absolute most. He enjoyed waking up early, practically right when the sun came up. Most nights, he was up either studying for whatever class he may have an upcoming examination for or reading a muggle novel, or one he borrowed from the big Hogwarts library. But on this particular night, Chase was outside in the Forbidden Forest. A lot of kids took notice that the forest was absolutely dangerous and off limits for any student. Chase had never thought of the forest as dangerous, however, more he thought it intriguing, and exciting. There was so much to discover and he swore that almost every time he entered the forest, he saw a different creature or type of plant - not that he was particularly fond of herbology, but hey, it was something new to learn about. Chase liked the forest during the daylight almost as much as he liked it during the night. It was more mysterious when it was dark out. Though Chase knew the castle rules quite well, now being in his seventh year - he rightly should know all the rules - he knew quite well that there was a curfew when all students were to be in bed at the same time. Or their common rooms, at the very least. But Chase ignored the curfew, half the time, keeping to himself and not fearing he'd be noticed by a observant professor. He hadn't been caught thus far being out after hours, and he didn't think he'd ever get caught. Even so, the punishment was only as bad as a detention, which couldn't possibly be more than an hour long.

Though Chase did enjoy staying out after hours, he didn't stay out until the god-awful hours of the night. He did need some sleep, of course. Trudging out of the forest, Chase made his way closer and closer to the castle. After all his years of exploring, Chase had found a secret door that some house elves used to get from the grounds to the kitchens. It resembled a cellar door, since the kitchens were located beneath the castle. It was incredibly descrete and he was lucky he had even found it. He used it to get inside the castle once it was all locked up. The door was easy to get in through, but that was only because it was so well hidden. Once Chase arrived to the door, he took a few glances around him, just to make sure no one else would find the door. He pulled his wand out and pointed it towards the small door. "Alohamora!" he said the incantation quietly, but fluently and once it was unlocked, he pulled it open and entered through it, stepping down the few steps until he was on the kitchen floor. The Kitchens were beneath Hogwarts and though most professors thought no student could reach them, many students knew how to get there. Some would befriend the elves, as Chase had done a few times before, and get them to make up some food for them, or others would make their own food. It was late, and the elves had all gone merlin knows where until morning. He was only meaning to pass through the Kitchen, but as he walked through the darkness, he realized how hungry he actually was.

Before he put his wand back into the pocket of his jeans, he held it in front of him. "Lumos Maxima!" he recited, finding that using magic was more useful than manually turning on the lights like he could have. After his incantation, the entire room was illuminated with a big, bright light. Keeping his wand in his hand, he started cooking up some chicken noodle soup. A random dish to be had at such an hour, but that was what Chase was in the mood for. The medium-sized pot was boiling over the stove and Chase was stirring it slowly with a large wooden spoon. The smell of the soup seemed to diffuse throughout the air and fill the room with the delicious aroma. Charming the spoon to stir by its self, Chase made his way towards a cupboard with a plethora of grain product. He grabbed a whole wheat roll and shut the cupboard again. He made his way back over to the pot and grabbed the spoon that was leisurley rotating on it's own, and continued stirring the soup manually. He watched as the broth sloshed around within the pot, soon drifitng off in a little bit of a daydream. After what felt like moments of though, Chase was snapped back into reality by the sound of someone else entering the kitchens. He blinked his eyes a few times before snapping his head to the right, watching as a figure emerged towards him.
Posted: Apr 19 2012, 03:18 PM

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