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 ATTENTION RESISTANCE!, we need you *points*
Posted: Dec 3 2011, 07:48 PM

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this has been a long time coming, and the kinks have been steadily worked out. the idea came from ish, who is the rper of teddy, in hopes that we could devise an idea for the resistance to accurately and effectively pose realistic ideas for where the resistance can go, and to show that your characters are actually serious for the cause at hand. the end result is this:

an idea exchange.

merlin will propose a question and thusly start the conversation. this will be in the perspective of your character, the first perspective, where they can answer the posed question in a narrative style where their opinions can be given. we would prefer the questions to be answered in a semi-long fashion, with actual content (see the antecessor preservation initiative for an accurate example), so the resistance can start developing the cohesive glue that they have been lacking thus far, and to make sure that everyone is on the same page. ideally, the characters will be able to interact with each other through these replies and hopefully come to a conclusion about good ideas or bad ideas relating to the developing plot of Dorkus Malorkus, ie, if Fred Weasley has an idea and James Potter disagrees, he can say such.

there is no prevailing leader in this thread, and everyone will work through issues, ideas and concerns as a team. if it seems to be veering off course, merlin will reappear to redirect.

with alana and kieran lestrange in charge of the ministry, and the subsequent ascension of power of "the elite," what is our next course of action?

lucas atticus entwhistle
Posted: Dec 3 2011, 08:49 PM


"well, our situation right now is not great. it's bollocks, quite frankly-- i know, i know, 'lucas where is your optimism? you're shit on the morale, mate' and all that, but you can't sugar coat it with little bows and bedazzled pink sparkly rhinestone tiaras. unless we do something soon, we're fucked. it just needs to be said. everyone cares about what we have here or else they wouldn't be risking their lives by coming to meet with us, to support us and all that, and that's brilliant, but just saying, 'wow, this government is rubbish, who let the pureblood shits fucking their cousins run things?' isn't enough, so if it takes a 'hello, my name is lucas entwhistle and we are fucked' public announcement to make this thing run cohesively like it needs to get things done, that's what i'm going to do. and plus it's no secret that i love the sound of my own voice, but the positives of my incredible, near-perfect being are details for another lecture. "so what do we do next? cry? probably, it's ok, i won't judge you, but once you get yourselves back together something needs to be done. and it has to count, so going out next week and assassinating some beloved lestrange associate would probably end up in a pretty ineffective plot, especially because i'm near-certain the lestranges can't feel love for other people. with tate and all that so recent it's hard to hear 'sit on your ass and use your brain to think' but it's the best way to go. we need to make an impact. we need to do something that will not only get the attention of the elite, but will get her royal minister majesty alana and her fuckbuddy boytoy to pay attention and realize we're not fucking around. we're serious, and we're not going to let them get away with their garbage politics. i think the best thing we can do is to target them, not as leaders or public figures or their standing in their uppity-pureblood circle jerk. we need to target them, individually, as people. and apparently they were thinking the same thing, or else they would have taken out more members of the sovereign than just our dearly departed septimus."
victoire ines weasley
Posted: Dec 3 2011, 11:06 PM


“well, I don’t think any of us can really argue that Alana and Kieran both being in power is a big fucking deal, and an even bigger issue than septimus ever was. I swear this morning someone was watching me on my way to work.” leans forward onto desk, twirling the bracelet on her wrist “it’s scary as shit. ‘specially with eben and james being numero uno prime targets for them, they’re staking us all out and just waiting for someone to slip up.”looks over to lucas, “I don’t know if I really have any ideas about it, not without serious thought, I suppose. I mean, lucas, if we singularly targeted anyone, don’t you think there’d be repercussions? If you’re talking about killing someone in power, I mean. I don’t know, I feel like they’d come back with even more than before and I don’t want to kill anyone. If that was the subtext of what you were saying, count me out. I’m not going to do it. we're no better than them if that's the solution.” clenches jaw “that said...I agree, though, that We need to show them that we’re a force to be recognized, but maybe through a grassroots sort of approach – merlin, if we so much as touched their white picket fence without some kind of planning first, they’d go ballistic and we’d be royally screwed. Lashing out isn’t really the answer, I feel, and it should be a bigger targeted area. Maybe…maybe not so public, like the polyjuice Peterson ordeal, but a more centralized, controlled sort. We shook them up with that, you know. They don’t think we’re smart and that was still pretty smart, even if we didn’t actually end up getting him.” goes silent for a moment “i…I mean, we don’t want another tate.”
artemis emily cooper
Posted: Dec 4 2011, 03:37 AM


toying with necklace around her neck as she thinks the right thing to say, folds her hands and puts them in her lap as she leans forward “I think... that both Vic and Lucas make very good points. Obviously talking up to this point and singing songs about how much this sucks and how we should all be friends hasn't worked, but I think Vic is very right in saying that we shouldn't rush into this. Rushing into something and trying to 'take care of business' is what got Tate, James, and Eben all in trouble. What we need to do, while it's frustrating to think about and even more frustrating to do, is to try and figure out a plan of action. We don't need to show them that we're a force to be reckoned with, we need to pull back and try and make them forget we exist. In the days of old the Order of the Phoenix was deadly because they could operate from the shadows, because their people on the inside could find information, and because they knew what was going to happen before it happened. We need to prepare ourselves to move as an army if needed, but we need to operate on stealth and cunning in the mean time.” looks at Lucas, and smiles at him a half smile “I would love nothing more then to bum rush the Ministry of Magic and to take out Alana and hope that would fix everything, but I honestly don't feel it would, not only would we have that psychopath husband of hers to death with next, but I have a feeling that the other members of their little group wouldn't just step down because 'mommy got hurt'. The best thing we can do now is try and gather information and get to know our enemy better, recruitment now has to be done secretly, and any new potential members have to be looked at with a harder eye, because we are not safe. If I were them, I would be trying to see what spies I could get in among our ranks. Shouldn't we be trying to do the same? I don't want to put anymore people at risk, especially with... Tate's death so close at hand... but we need to start thinking more before we act.”turns her head to Vic and smiles at her best friend “I think Vic also makes a good point that our polyjuice mix up thing freaked them out. Surely they've tightened security now, but we definitely worried them. I think we need to try and figure out more things similar to this, in a more controlled and safer environment, to shake their confidence more. Maybe if we flip the tables on them and start showing that we have more then just one or two tricks up our sleeves, it will show them that We are better then you think.... start looking over your shoulders.”
dominique andra weasley
Posted: Dec 4 2011, 01:48 PM


Like everyone else, Dominique herself fidgets with something, her nails, as always. She listens intently, her head going back and forth between speakers before she finally speaks herself, “If only it could be like the days of the Order. One singular man to hold them all together. But yes, everyone is right, If Alana or even Kieran were taken out, they would still have a very well established movement with someone else to rise to take their place and continue on with it. We’re the same though. That’s the hard part, each group has a decent amount of determination and someone always willing to continue with the ideology. But I personally think we need to take a leaf from the Order’s book. And the Death Eater’s for that matter. Look at what they did before anything started, in the looming days. They weren’t just recruiting members, they were finding allies. Perhaps we need to be looking elsewhere for the moment to recruit—the centaurs, giants, perhaps international? Whoever said we need an army is right because honestly, if we can be so hopeful, battles should be fought to gain ground.” “And then think about what they have amongst their group. They have people to spread the word of their ideology. I mean… The Prophet has never been fair in terms of promoting the truth and staying away from bias, but especially now, you know it’s controlled by the Ministry and thus so, the Elites. Going back to Vic’s grassroots movement and Lucas’ targeting people, and working in stealth, why can’t we be doing something of the same sort. Secretly promote our own propaganda, targeting the movement, the people, anything, that wouldn’t be propaganda, but the truth—in a respectable manner. The last thing we need is for people to not take us seriously. A topic very dear to her own heart. It’s passive aggressive, sure, but I think just the mere thought of our word being so exposed, or the thought of citizens reading it, or the thought of how… gutsy it is, would make them look twice. We have to build up from something small to something big, propaganda to taking Hogwarts, or better yet, make then question everything. Like Artemis said, or Vic, we need the element of surprise. We should lie low for a bit or not at all, but remain very inconsistent. I’m sure that won’t be too hard of a problem considering who we’re talking about,” She finished with a smirk.
Posted: Dec 4 2011, 01:48 PM

28| BREE'S BB.
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    stops chewing on his fingernail and looks around the group for a moment before speaking. "Yeah, I want nothing more than to show how bad ass we are and all that, but I think ti's a bad plan right now. We're in a good place right now, where they underestimate us. If we do something to prove how strong we are or whatever, then all we're gonna do is put a bigger target on our backs. The bad guys like to think that they've bullied the weak guys into submission, and I think that while we plan this amazing attack that you guys talk about, we need to seem really weak. We need to seem like we're not a force to be reckoned with, so they won't try reckoning with us. That way, when it comes time to do whatever the fuck we're gonna do, we're also prepared for the outcome. Like planned anarchy. I have no bloody idea what we would do for this grand attack, I'll leave it up to the smart people, but whatever it is, it has to be when it's least expected, which means that we've gotta wait a while."

eben molly conchorde
Posted: Dec 4 2011, 04:30 PM


“Aye, thank yeh for tha' touching speech Lucas. Honestly, why else would we fockin' be here for, if not tha', yeah? I don' see how targeting anyone will help.” Eben shuts up in lieu of Victoire's words, not meaning to have snapped at Lucas. The stress of knowing that, at any moment, death could be knocking down his door in the form of snogging up a dementor is causing quite a strain on his mental capabilities. With a gruff sigh he leans back against the wall and his eyes shift over to the dingy, near-gray, ancient walls. The room is dusty, dirty and old. Momentarily Eben feels like it's just the outside represenation of his own meandering exhaustion. He was slowly becoming the dirty wood walls around him. Eben shifts, leaning his weight on his right leg and crossing his left leg over it, while crossing his arms. His eyes shift to Dominique for a moment. “To be frankly honest, The Prophet is mainly controlled by the Ministry anyway, all of'm are cunt sockers an' thas just the way o' it, yeah? I don' think it represents real public opinion.” Eben shifts again, uncrossing his arms and looks to the floor. “Artemis spoke of recruiting but, I don't know if thas what we need to focus on, really. We're fighting for the rights of mudbloods an' honestly, whether or not the public take us seriously isn't my main concern at all. Frankly, I couldn't give my right baw bag about it.” Sighs again and runs his fingers through his hair. “I don't know how much of a publication will help either. Obviously, I'm just fockin' worried, aye? I don' think passive aggressive tenancies will help out much.” Digs his hands into his pockets and frowns deeply at the ruddy wood grains on the floor.Eben looks at Braden and blinks a few times, then sighs and looks away. “This isn't fockin' primary school rugby this is a war. Our lives are on the line. We've 'ad deaths now. We aren't about yanking down our trousers to see whose bigger, righ'? What we need is intelligence. We need real, hard facts. We need the proles, as well. We need the people's support. I don't mean members, I don't mean soldiers. We need the fringes of society on our sides. What did tha' one chippy do... He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Went to the giants an' the vampires, to the werewolves and the goblins, didn't he? So why aren't we doin' the same? We're gearing up for an all out war an' I don't think ruffling up things now will help anyone. Hope is in the proles, in the people out on the streets.” Eben points now to the door, to emphasize what he means. “I doubt most of them are Alan supporters. Fock, who knows if they even liked Peterson.” Eben stops for a moment and looks around the group, then to Lucas. “Yeh're an auror, righ'? How's the search for Jamesyboy an' myself goin', and what about th' other fugitives? Those workin' in the Ministry righ' now, yeh're the ones we can rely on then, yeah? Yeh're the ones who can lead'm off trails an' shyte like tha', as well as to tell us what to look out fer, as a group. Who to avoid in the streets while we try an' get people to see we're fighting for them.”
kellan david demonte
Posted: Dec 6 2011, 12:56 AM


...Kellan sat patiently, waiting for someone to speak about the question at hand. It was no surprise to him when Lucas opened his mouth. He laughed gently as Lucas commented on the liking of the sound of his own voice, holding a hand over his lips to keep the laughter from flowing. It was a serious matter they were speaking of, but he just couldn’t look at Lucas without seeing the man he had known for so long. That affable goofball that he enjoyed.He had brought up some good points though, a lot of what he said Kellan did agree with. Then Vic immediately countered his small monologue. Although he knew Victorie Weasley didn’t have that great of a liking for him, Kellan sat up a bit straighter when she mentioned the feeling of someone following her. The mention of Tate also had pushed him to the edge of his seat. She was the first to bring it up, and as he looked around, he could tell that the others felt the small pins pushing into their hearts too at the name alone.Bringing up the polyjuice mission made him slump gently in his seat. Kellan wanted so badly to be a part of it. He made a mental note to see Artemis privately soon. The other people joining in went by quite quickly. Doe had her say in it, that smirk making him grin himself, his best friend Brady then giving his two cents. He smiled lightly at his friend before turning his attention to Eben. The accent was a bit hard for Kellan to concentrate on. The ways different vowels changed the words he spoke took him some focus to catch all he was saying. The intensity of the man took him back a bit. He admired his dedication and strong voice on each and every matter. Eben was the force to be reckoned with.Clearing his throat a bit, Kellan decided to just go for it. If he hadn’t said anything he would’ve regretted it later surely. ”Although Eben surely isn’t the one I had hoped to follow while putting my opinion out there,” he nodded towards the man then continued, ”I do have to agree with most of what has been said. I don’t think immediate action or assassination missions would be much of help as of now. I do think that we need the public to be on our side, so to speak. I do believe that the majority of them think that what is going on isn’t right, even barbaric,” he shifted his weight in his seat then, twitching his nose before continuing, ”especially those who are muggle born, or even half blood.” Kellan looks at Brady for reassurance that total shit wasn’t coming out his mouth.”They are good people, the majority of those out there…they just need a little help, a shove even, in the right direction.” He sighed, not finding any importance to his speech. ”I just think that people would chose the Resistance, to go against the whole pureblood supremacy, if given the chance. I’m more than certain we outnumber them there. I know it has been mentioned that we lay low for a while, productive inactivity or what have you, but what would our next move be? We can’t just lay in the shadows forever and watch feebly as all this complete shit goes on.”MMMMM BROOKLYN FROM SDS, CAUTION & ATF
amy colleen wood
Posted: Dec 7 2011, 01:58 PM

21 | french navy, my sailor mate.
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She fidgets in her chair - it's too much for her to try and sit still, especially as each person's statements are followed by a brief, sometimes not so brief, silence. It's too quiet, too still for Amy, who's too used to the hum and drum of a sports pitch. She picks at her nails and chews at her cuticles, then crosses and recrosses her legs, twirls a strand of dark hair around her finger. Finally, she folds her legs up and hugs them close to her chest, arms wrapped around her knees. She's been listening for a while and wanting to say something but only now does she clear her throat and look up.

"Well, it's nice that you think everybody's a good person deep down inside their soul, that's a really charming thought," she says to Kellan (she thinks that's Kellan but she has no head for names). She's being too blunt and she knows it; she shrugs and smiles nervously and continues. "I'll agree with Eben, because honestly, it doesn't matter if the public thinks we're swell if we can't cast a spell to save our lives." She takes a breath before speaking again. Her words come out as a breathless, half-formed rush. "I think it's right stupid to start thinking about whether or not people think we're a force to be reckoned with or not or whatever it is you want to call it. What matters is what we think we can do - what we can actually do - realistically - whenever we're ready." She unfolds her legs so that her flats clap against the floor, and then says, "I'm sorry, but I don't think I could waltz into the ministry right now and try to battle a bunch of trained officials - or Lestrange supporters - or what have you - and have half a chance of saving my own life and - well - maybe you're all better than I am, and I'm wrong - but I don't want to do anything until everybody's ready. Until we're ready, until we feel more confident, I guess, and not until some arbitrary date has passed." She looks around nervously. "But I'm probably wrong."

She thinks, briefly, of the speeches she used to give at school, and it occurs to her that this pithy little…statement possesses no inspiration, no fire, no determination - to her, it comes out as the statement of somebody afraid.

alyssandra leigh golpalott
Posted: Dec 8 2011, 02:42 AM


From her corner, Alyssandra listens in silence, sulking and stewing in the frustration mounting with what seems like little to no clear result forming enough to please her short patience. Arms cross over her chest to hide her more subtle fidget: nails of her right hand flicking lightly across the pad of her thumb on the same hand, running through the same four-part pattern as the conversation continues. Half of it is patting each other on the back for an idea or lightly turning it down. Even in tension as this, they sit around with some form of courtesy. She listens to it all, waiting for that one suggestion that isn't offered with hesitation and fear to compromise the idea. The neanderthal fury to start off the talk was close. She actually raised her eyebrow at that. The enthusiasm was good. But it didn't last long, and the meeting succumbed to the usual dullness they seemed to have, no matter the topic, igniting a small headache behind her eyes that pulses with a tedious beat.
Lips press tight in disappointment at the shut-down of the idea of assassination. She would've fully supported that one, if only to have a shot at the bitch that ended Peterson. But envy is not enough of an excuse to put her down. Complicating things with this sudden power switch, though, might be just good enough.

"We get that information, and we better DO something with it,"Alyss throws in from her seat. She's started, so she might as well slip in some words. She certainly has a few of them. "And we don't hit for Lestrange right away. We cut her legs out from her, cripple her first, or those under her. We can recruit, but they are adding to their own numbers. They are pulling bodies to their cause by old family ties and by fear. Most of them don't give a shit about anything other than themselves and staying on the right side. You say barbaric, Demonte. They are. Pureblood or not, everybody is at risk, and if we can demonstrate this, we remind them that the Elite can turn on them too. We poison their propaganda instead of fight it. Weaken them, and then we step in. We kill anybody right now, then it's one less person we can use to play against them when the time comes. So as delightfully satisfying as it could be to test out if she does have a heart after all, I will also have to say that I am against any more assassinations. For now."

Action. Without it, they might as well get comfortable in here and chat away over a round of beers. Get pissed drunk, come up with more "we should do's", sleep off the next morning, and repeat. Pretty easy when they held meetings above a bloody Pub. Alyss settles back again as the silent, sulking member. Her words would be lost in this jumbled mess of opinions, and they would not be any better off. If they came out of this with even one plausible plan, then she'd applaud them. With bored sigh, she tires of the meeting and studies her nails as she often does at these thing. She doubts much will come of all this debate already and awaits for something more definitive than this flurry of "I think's."

raquelle gemma entwhistle
Posted: Dec 8 2011, 09:19 PM


Speaking loudly and obnoxiously assertively, as usual... "How the fuck else do you think we're going to get rid of them, though? You think if we pull off some amazing plan - whatever that is - and show them we're not the weak little shits they think we are, that they're just going to step aside? These people are psychotic - I think we all know that by now - and I know we're supposed to be the good guys, but they're not just going to disappear on their own. So, at some point, there's going to have to be some bloodshed on their side, on our hands. I can deal with that.I don't think we need to be focusing on legit recruiting either, with two caveats. One, we all agree that information is key, and we need sources. There are a few of us here who are already in positions to get information -" nudges Lucas "but we need new eyes and ears on the inside. Easier said than done, I know, but that means either recruiting a few very well-positioned new allies or a major new role for anyone here who's been laying low and keeping on their good side as far as they know. And I'm not so concerned with promoting our agenda to the general public, but Eben's abso-fucking-lutely right. They have to be on our side, when it comes down to it. I just think that part will be taken care of more by the fuckers we're fighting - as long as we don't fuck it up. We don't need to convince Jane Doe on the street that we're the good guys, we just need to make sure we don't convince them otherwise. Because when we have our version of the Battle of Hogwarts, we'll need the numbers to be in our favor. Until then, though, more members will mean more liability - more people to lose, to slip up and get us caught - and that's an unnecessary risk.Amy's right too. Training - we need DADA on crack, guys. And like I said, when it comes down to it, we need to be willing to be a little ruthless too. I'm not saying we need to be cruel, but we will never be able to fend them off forever with expelliarmus and stupefy. Once we're on top of our shit, we need to deal them a major fucking crippling blow - as in, targeting (in one way or another) all the major players we know of by then - and be prepared for the shit that hits the fan afterwards. "
tempest danika shacklebolt
Posted: Dec 10 2011, 12:37 PM


Leaning against the wall and displaying a level of casuality that belittles her presences in the room, Tempest listens, allowing everything that is being said to sink in. Though she has to resist the urge to nudge Eben for his language, she refrains from saying anything just yet until Alyssandra speaks up, with Raquelle following. Of all the points made, those ones strike a chord the most in the dark skinned woman. Their situation had changed now, in ways none of them could have imagined when Septimus first stood up and started spewing his poison to the Wizarding World, but it was time to change and adapt. Or they were going to go the way of the Dodo's and end up exinct, along with the ideals of the Resistance. Well, not if she had anything to say about it. And boy did she. Pushing off the wall, she approaches the edge of the group and speaks up for the first time since entering the room. "As much as I'd love to believe that knocking off Alana or Kieran would kill the proverbial snake that is the Elite, the girls have got it right. Like us, there will always be someone to step up and, personally I don't want to have to skin a whole cat just to kill it. But I don't think laying low or hiding out will fix it either. The Elite are nothing if not vindictive and cruel. They're going to hold grudges even if those grudges came from the Sovereign. We can bury our heads in the sand until we pop out in China but the targets already out aren't going away. Eben and James won't be safe just because we 'pretend' to be weak," she emphasises the pretend with air quotation marks. "They're never going to let them live because Alana's never going to forget that Tate Creswell wasn't working alone." "I agree with putting some thought into our next moves, and we do need to start thinking ahead of them. We don't need to find out they've dug a hole for us as we fall into it. But we should give some thought to Alyssandra's argument. What's the one thing, besides their lives, that the Lestranges, and the rest of the Elite, value? That they've fought so hard to get and would sacrifice anyone to keep? Power. Alana went through this whole charade, this whole shitfight just to take over the Ministry so she could be in power. They get their power through fear. We want to hit them hard, we need to start taking that away. Cut their legs off and watch them try to stand without them." She tosses a smirk to Alyssandra as she says that."If they can bide their time and poison a tree from the roots up, then so can we." With one last look around the room, Tempest nods once and steps back slightly out of the group of friends, brothers-in-arms. Some food for thought at the very least.
victoire ines weasley
Posted: Dec 10 2011, 06:28 PM


listening to everyone, she feels a sudden nervous twitch and runs her fingers through her hair rather roughly, then replacing the hand to fidget with the jewelry. “Amy, I don’t think any of us are claiming that we have the power to just walk in, raise our wands and claim back the Ministry in a singular action. Doing something like that would be right foolish. Especially alone.” a shrug, “eben has a point ‘bout the creatures. There are exceptions to all of the rules, we all know that, but for every good vampire or nice werewolf, we have four fenrirs and seven bludds. Who’s to say they’ll help us when we truly need it or, really, that they’re dependable to begin with?”nodding toward alyssandra, because her name has escaped. “she’s got a point, though. The elite have done a metric shit ton to get into power, y’know? It’s not going to be easily lost when they’re lurking over us like a giant, massive cloud. Maybe there is something to showing how shady they are, though? I mean, alana and Kieran both supposedly supported the sovereign, fully, to the press. There’re at least a hundred promotions of them pledging, well okay, maybe not that many, but publically that is where they stood and just like that, they killed ‘em. Trust is a really big issue, on both sides, and one that needs to really be taken into consideration.” looking to tempest, “don’t know about fear, tempest. alana didn’t get there through fear, neither of them did, they got there through straight up manipulation. That’s how they work. Makes me wonder if they haven’t been doing it the whole damn time. Disgusting.”“as for recruiting, I think we need to cut back.” there is a small waver in her voice that she pushes down, though her fingers keep running through each other, pinkening the pale flesh. “I hate to even say as much, I hate to even feel like it’s an option, but…if we just keep inviting people, there is the possibility that they aren’t trustworthy. I don’t want to believe it, though it’s not like it hasn’t happened before. Peter Pettigrew, anyone? Hell, Mundungus Fletcher wasn’t too keen, either.” it takes everything for her not to look at some of the people in the room, even if a few people really fit within the mold of “really fucking shady,” she contains herself and instead, grits her teeth slightly, finishing her statement below her breath. “we need to build up our current ranks, I think. We need to be a team, we need to all trust each other. Perhaps, now, since it’s so fresh, the best thing to do is not to cut out their legs or something with similarly gross imagery, but working on ourselves so we’re ready when we need to be.”
roxanne alyssia weasley
Posted: Dec 20 2011, 04:57 PM


she sits to amy's right, elbows resting on the table. her lithe fingers are steeped as her forehead is pressed against them gently. on her face, a look of concentration more commonly seen in a conference room, running over the reel from her next opposing team. part of her loathed being here, although she feared admitting it. too many people were in the room, and revealing a potential weakness was not quite on her agenda for the day. tate's death and ministry overhaul was something she had never dreamed of happening, much less in such a close proximity of one another. she knew of the possibility of danger, and she often laughed at it, however that was typical when fred was sitting right next to her. if the truth was to be said, he was the reason that she was sitting in this room. hell, her family in general. as much as the thought of the worst happening to her friends and family aligned with this secret initiative scared her beyond death, angelina and george had not raised their daughter to be a coward. her uncle had died, been killed really, in a situation similar to this, and it would be an insult to his memory if she wasn't willing to do the same.her eyes flicker over to victorie, sitting a small distance from her own position, as she speaks for a second time, nodding in agreement. "as much as numbers and, at times, sheer physical size matters, what we have here really is what we need to work with instead of trying to bring people in."she begins, hiding her own shock that the words are flowing from her tongue “we have, given recent events, raised our numbers. it's great and all, yet we need to beef up, ya know? personally, i feel my skills are adequate enough, but we're only as strong as our weakest point.”her eyes sweep around the room, hoping that they do not land on her own choices on their weakest links. “the lestranges know ten times more than we do, and that's not only because they're practically ancient. i'd reckon they have more patience than that yaxley broad us recent graduates have had to suffer through, although i'd use that term loosely. perhaps selective, but that's not important. if adalynn yaxley is any indication of what a relative of theirs is capable of, we need every last one of us to be prepared and knowledgeable in defending themselves and each other. which does bring me to what vic just brought up.”she shifts her weight, clearing her throat quickly, willing the small nervous tick in it to disappear, if only for a few more moments. her green eyes look once more to her elder cousin, admittedly one of many, yet one she had grown increasingly fond of, much as she had the ill-fated james potter. her eyes make another sweep of the room a moment later."no way around it, we've grown since our recent tragedy. before that, we seemed a decent group, kinda like a family. now that there are more of us, though, we need to open up to each other in complete honesty. not in the nasty talk-about-how-your-piss-smells-odd way, that barkin' nasty, but, personally, i feel as though we all need to show that we actually are all on the same side."her hand shoots up, palm out, to oppose any oncoming arguments."i'm not saying any of our newer members have ulterior motives, yet we need to be able to trust everyone with information and our own safety. the last thing we need is, like vic just stated, peter pettigrew. and as much as i love to openly trust and respect new people that are ushered into my life without really knowing them, this is something none of us can do. we need all of the bad air out and let all of the strong unifying qualities in. it's incredibly mushy, but before we can even simply dream of success, we need to become like some giant family unit."
cassius hector rosier
Posted: Dec 25 2011, 11:21 AM


He tells himself he doesn't hate the war. After all, he came for the adventure, the grandiose ideas of wonder and heroism, the bedtime stories with pirates and princesses and happy endings, but he stayed for something more. This belief that remains in him and all of them of better things, better days, that none of them can quite remember with much certainty. Despite everything else - the broken promises and the poor choices and the looming darkness - the hope is there. They speak of standing on a platform on solidarity, of pureblood supremacy, or manipulation and corruption and killing usurpers, and though he might hate to admit it, sometimes Cash just likes the peace of non-involvement. It's this that spurs him to sigh, one of the trademark fedoras lowered over his face as he lets every opinion, every revolutionary idea settle in. It strikes him then, once Roxanne finishes her train of thought, that he is by no means a perfect member for this faction. This meeting held secretly in a back room, discussing political events of the week and possible repercussions it may have on their society, is actually a continued planning and strategy with various heated arguments until late in the night. Yet now, in the heat of a paramount brainstorming, Cash is anything but bombastic and incorrigible - these moments, few and far between, are the reasons why he remains firmly seated in his chair, with the metal pressing into his legs and his steady breath filling the room alongside the others'. Cassius Hector Rosier was born to be a pacemaker, was born to do not the dirty works few had the stomach to do, yet to actually goad others on to do so. He doesn't fight the feelings of tranquility as he intervenes, "to conclude, I think we can agree that smiling and playing nice would never give us our freedom from tyranny, but neither would heedless destruction. Yes, the Resistance must strike, still not now when almost everyone is pledging their loyalty to he Elite to save face (or their lives); instead when it’s at its weakest. So, raising our numbers is definitely not the best approach, but it's also not a question of proactively doing it either, I think." A pause, a hint of a smile placed on his lips as he regards this group of people who wanted a sense that the world could be held fast, that a woman as a ruler could hold her desires, that a country could be made safe, that change could be held back.He doesn’t think past this; he can’t afford to break the calm, so with his moment of weakness gone, his facial expression hardens into a grim frown. They are waiting for him to conclude, if only for someone else to throw in their two cents, and Cash doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. Least of all, himself. ”Personally, from what’s been suggested so far, a radical newspaper operated by the Resistance in secret presses might actually cover a few bases – bring in a number of devoted members who are willing to stand the grime and the sacrifices attached to it, while also keeping people informed – why not, even hopeful. After all, not all stories are meant to be published by the Prophet or any other paper controlled by the Elite. From my experience, not even all interrogations are supposed to be revealed. Periodically, and without rhyme or reason, a paper could be released detailing events, traumas, catastrophes, and historical reports that most people just aren’t supposed to know. Obviously, the writers, the publishers, even the distributors would need to be unknown.” He blinks, swatting away from his mind any unintentional labels that have been floating around the room and could stuck to him. "We need people inside Hogwarts, even students - I know you may not be willing to risk their safety, but if they are of age and want to pitch in, I wouldn't deny their help. Of course, we'd also need to have eyes on any pivotal figures in the Ministry at all times, and more than one or two people always keeping watch here. Do we need to vote on this or can we all agree in unison on the next step?"
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