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gabriel evander yaxley
Posted: Jun 21 2011, 11:22 PM


i wonder what it's like to be the head honcho. i wonder what i'd do if they all did just what i said. i'll shout out an order 'i think we're out of this, man, get me some.' boy don't make me wanna change my tone

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play by Ryan Kennedy



braveBravery is an incredibly common trait among Gryffindor students, and young Mr. Yaxley was and is no exception. He has always been a rather fearless person, even as a child. The first run head first into numerous situations, knowing the circumstances on each end, he gave both Octavian and Vanessa the largest headaches possible when in school. It was enough that he was sorted into Gryffindor, but the letters home added to the dreadful taste in their mouths. He's controlled the more headstrong qualities, but he has put it to good use. He hasn't had a problem with taking one for the proverbial team, never minding the consequences or the judgement to be received. Of course, his willingness to do so depends on who the person is, but it is bravery recognized regardless.stubbornAnyone anywhere that has ever been around Gabriel can tell you one inescapable detail of his personality. He is more stubborn than any mule. It is a defining trait of his, and in his great and grand opinion of himself, it's one worth of everyone's envy. The man has his views and sticks to them, arguing with anyone willing to challenge him. The worst part about getting into an argument with him is that he knows what he's talking about, and when he doesn't Gabriel will still make you think he does. Many a man, and woman, have tried to sway his views on everything and leave the conversation with bitter looks on their faces. Just a word of caution and advice? Don't even bother.strongHis strength doesn't come from the physical variation of the word. Sure, he is fit, but it is his mentality that makes Gabriel strong. Ever since he was younger, living in the shadows of an older brother who his father adored, he learned to not let things like that affect him. It makes him seem apathetic, but he isn't. The young man just grew accustomed to the idea that there were always going to be things you couldn't change and at a young age he had accepted that ideology. Alongside that, it is also a worthy definition of his self-discipline. Gabriel knew early on how to control his emotions and words, something even he marvels at then and again. It never makes him stoic, however. He would just rather not deal with questions sometimes.manipulativeManipulation is a skill Gabriel has been more than positive that Octavian made a point to teach each and every one of his children. They were far from the peddling blood traitors who couldn't marry well enough even if they tried, but there was no denying that sometimes people were stupid enough to think that their name would get them everything they ever dreamed of. Through words, primarily, Gabriel has been able to get everything he's ever wanted since the age of ten. New classes? Done. A discount on robes? Done. The networking opportunity he desired? It was all his, to use or give at his own disposal. Some may say its wrong to be like that to mess with people for personal gain. He had never once had a problem with laughing in their faces over the overly obvious jealousy the evoke.kindGabriel's ability to be compassionate has always been a bit of a guilty pleasure of his own. It's not like he goes out of his way to help anyone, but he was never had a problem with sitting with an old good friend from school who needed just a shoulder to cry on. It's a warped thing to him. His entire life he has tried to bot look or act like a doormat, however it's nice to feel needed by people every now and then. He's not above being a gentlemen either. Although he knows a woman's general place, Gabriel had never been one to show one any sort of disrespect. His mood changes, however. He does believe that every now and then a girl in hysterics deserves a wake up slap, but to hit out of anger has never been a though to cross his mind.personalIf there was ever a person totally secretive it would be Gabriel. He tends to keep his business as his own, rarely if never looking for someone's input on his own matters. They are his own and that's that. He has never been the type of person to fully express himself to just anyone. It tends to give the idea that Gabriel is a cold person when it is the exact opposite. If anything, he feels more bothersome should he open his mouth on what's really going on in his head. People badgering him about what he's thinking or what's the problem with him really sets him off like no other. It isn't unnatural for him to completely snap when people ask, and truth be told it is primarily the only time e is really known to snap at anyone for any reason. He prefers to keep his emotions to himself for the most part. It's just easier that way, especially when everyone assumes they know everything about him and his family anyway.intelligentWhere as most of his family has relied on their name to get where they needed in life, Gabriel has other means. Ever since he was small he had been a smart boy, quick to come up with practical solutions. As another sort of guilty pleasure, he loves to read books, some to gain from and others to enjoy. It's never been uncommon for someone to find him in his private study, his dark tresses dipped down and his face engulfed in a piece of wizarding literature. To him, his intellect it enviable and something he uses to his advantage against those of common and above blood. It seemed to be the only logical thing for him to do.wittyDespite being a rather quiet fellow, he is remarkably well known for his sense of humor. With Vanessa never being a major fan of it and his brothers and sisters generally just rolling their eyes at whatever jab he made, his attempts at humor were best acknowledged and accepted by school mates. It has continuously kept its class and never once slipping and falling into trashiness. Of course, there have been many ill-timed moments, yet when were there not? There are those few, or multiple (however you chose to see it), occasions when his wit and tongue are sharpened and aimed to hurt people, yet for the greater of the time it is entirely for jest. Gabriel loves putting smiles onto the faces of those he cares about, so he'd rather make them laugh instead of insulting them to their faces.charmingAs with any of the Yaxley brood there is a certain charm that Gabriel has to him Just in his appearance alone, he is a very alluring young man. Tall, lean, chiseled features, lovely eyes... There aren't too many things to dislike about his overall physical appearance. However if you didn't want to stroke his ego that much some would say it was his general personality that was attractive to them. Although he wouldn't admit it, he is a rather happy bloke. When one first meets him, they would say he was a very bright soul, full of life. A smile is almost always on his face when he has his own time, and there is that laugh that is so contagious people wonder if he had cast a laughing charm over them. It is hard to pinpoint just what about him is so charming that the only real way to describe it is as Gabriel being Gabriel.calculatingAs a man who has primarily had his life planned out, Gabriel is more than used to thinking his major decisions through over a seemingly long span of time. Never make an important request of him and expect a quick decision. Sure, when he was younger he had a complete lack of tact, running head on into things, yet given age and mistakes he has made a point to think everything through and thoroughly. His mind is a constant whirl, running through almost any and every idea he has had pop up that day, some minute and others major. Although there are still plans for him that have yet to be fully played out, where is life is going depending on his choices is always a matter on his mind. Another, of course, being how to come out from his brother's shadow, something Vanessa had pushed on him to do since he was small. Some idea border on treasonous against his family, so he needs to think more into his plans, never wanting to turn against them. His place in society is something he clings to greatly, so he also schemes ways to either keep or further his ascend on the social ladder.protectiveIt is instinctive nature that when something Gabriel values greatly is threatened he pulls out all of the stops. These actions he takes are not limited to just revenge, but also a disgusting, vile torture. By nature he is not a cruel man, however whenever he feels threatened, or those he loves feel threatened, he has never been lower. Truer, darker roots of his begin to appear, and if anything, he doesn't really like it. Much like a drunk rage, Gabriel rarely notices it actually happening, nor have a recollection as to what had occurred. It, however, shows just how far he really is capable of going for people that he cares so much about.haughtyGabriel's arrogance mostly comes from his young age, yet the main cause is the sense of entitlement he was given by his mother when he was young. He is a pureblooded Yaxley. The world belongs to him and that is something he loves. He tends to walk around with his head held high, giving off a cocky air. He sure is shy and quiet, but that is something people only realize once they are close to him. His public demeanor is much like his brothers': proud and upstanding. His public image means more to him at the current time than what is really there, however it isn't something that bothers him As long as he gets the attention and respect he deserves that's all that really matters to him.dignifiedLife when it is continuously watched changes the way people behave in the public eye. Gabriel's life, for the most part, has been in the public domain. Not like a celebrity, but just in the fact that everyone, or most everyone, has known who he is for years. From that he has pulled the habit of presenting himself as a gentleman and a role model. Ever the professional, he dresses himself in suits, never setting foot out side in muggle garbage or in anything less than pristine. Although he does have the air of arrogance to him, Gabriel's public manner has always been cordial and the bare minimum of respectful. His spoken words are clean and clear, practically spotless of slang and virtually void of the terms 'yeah', 'mhm', or 'nah' as answers. Although the twenty-three year old frequently preaches that looks aren't everything, his actions and appearance often speak otherwise.dominantWhen compared to others in his family, Gabriel seems rather passive and a slight door mat, but rest assure it is the complete opposite. In school, group projects were turned into the 'Gabriel Show' where the boy orchestrated how it was all to be done and by whom. Even in his more personal conquests he makes it a point to be seen as a n assertive male, one willing and capable to take care of the person, should they be deserving. This also means he demands a lot out of people and expects that everyone realizes that his way truly is best, and is not he makes them see it that way. Regardless of being seen as lesser in the family eye, there could not possibly be a doubt that the young man is a born leader.


gabriel on octavian yaxley"Oh Father... I suppose the man did his job fairly well if you look at it from a professional standpoint. He got the goods, kept us alive, and for the most part kept us safe. Father and I... It's safe to say we never quite had the same relationship that he and say Dareon had. I was his second son and third child. The man had what he wanted and focused well on those few things. I was generally passed onto someone else, either Mother or a nanny or even Adalynn. Half the time he couldn't be bothered to actually make time for the rest of his children. I wasn't the only one over looked, and I'm not so selfish as to act like I was the only neglected child. Am I bitter? Am I sorry? No. I'm a strong man now. He taught me how to get what I wanted, that I needed to fight every now and then to assert my dominance within the community, and for that I thank him."gabriel on vanessa yaxley (nee flint)"Darling Mother was probably the only person in our family that gave the slightest care about me. Although Octavian had a son already, I was Mother's pride and joy, next to Ada of course. I use the term on endearment loosely for although she had what she thought were good intentions there was a lack of compassion on her behalf. It was a little more than obvious that I was not given much attention by the man of the household, and I suppose it irked her. I was, and still am, her son and she just wanted Ada and myself, her first daughter and son, to get the attention they deserved. I would say love alongside the attention, but I think that would be overstepping boundaries. True, Vanessa was more attentive to her children than Octavian, yet there was a sufficient lack of love on her end. She wanted the best for us; that could be substituted for a mother's love, right? No. She did what she could and after that handed us off to someone else. I am not particularly close to her, even now as an adult. The main reason for that is for how she had changed once I started school. I had a brother and a sister that were both sorted into Slytherin, much as the vast majority of my family has been, and it was everyone's thought that I would be heading directly to that table as well that first of September twelve years ago. I had done the exact opposite, being sorted into Gryffindor. I still remember the howler she had sent me two days later, telling me I was a disgrace. After that, most signs of any sort of compassion stopped. To her, up until I was seventeen, I was a blood traitor, something she wouldn't tolerate. My loyalties helped reel her back in, but never the less, things have never been the same. Keeping in contact with her is a must, however neither one of us go completely out of our ways to see one another, and I'm not necessarily bothered by that fact one bit."gabriel on dareon yaxley"Dearest brother... I hardly know the bloke to tell the honest truth. By the time I was born he was about to graduate from Hogwarts, so when I was old enough to comprehend things and commit them to memory he was out of the house making his life what it is. In recent years our interactions have become more frequent and mostly business. It's a start though. Even if Mother raised me to take the light that Father shined on him, I cannot deny that he is a rather interesting man. If anything, I am a little too similar to him that what seems comfortable. If we could possibly get one thing straight, I do not hate my brother. I have no intentions of taking anything from him Should I receive praise from our father it won't be for something that Dareon really should have received. No. I will get it for something I did myself. The only thing I think I shall take from him is his ability to become admirable by being himself. So once again, no. I do not hate my brother."gabriel on adalynn yaxley"Adalynn, my sweet-- I apologize, however using the word 'sweet' to describe Ada is like using the word 'fascinating' to describe a flobberworm. No, my sister is indeed far from sweet. Of my siblings I am truly closest to this unexpected and generally unsuspected menace. We are the two eldest children of Octavian and Vanessa, and primarily to Vanessa the favorites. Granted, she now holds the more favor but we discussed the reason why before. I would find Adalynn quite frightening if I hadn't dealt with her for twenty-three years already. There is no room to deny that she is a rare and spectacular bird. Her ability to lack compassion for anyone other than Zion is something interesting to me. We were primarily raised the same, yet something differed between us both. Still, she is my sister, and of our family she is the one person I love more than anything else. I cannot falter and say she is kind, for she isn't. She is cold, even to me, yet Adalynn has more or less been the one to raise me after I disgraced my family my first year. Her endless criticism and sharp tongue has kept me in line for more than our mother's and father's condescending tones in my teen years. In her own way, she nurtured me to become more than a stereotypical Gryffindor. For a while I fought her, eventually giving in and fighting her words with a witty banter, then a charming and playful snark. As of recent years her condescension has been seen by me as a sort of caring on her behalf, however that may be extreme to touch that word in regards to her. Yet on my end I do care greatly for my elder sister. She is indeed a precious asset of mine, and a thought of losing her is one I simply cannot bare."gabriel on the younger yaxley brood"Although Vanessa got her two on the first tries, I guess she and Octavian truly desired more children. That's how the three younger Yaxleys came to be. My younger brother an sisters, well... I don't quite talk to them as much as I do Ada and Dareon to be truthful. I mean Oriana is just about eight years younger than me. How in the hell can I find common ground with a fifteen year old? Thaddeus works in a completely different field than my own and we are separated by another sister in age, so I don't quite know where to start there now that we're both adults. Regardless of the age, though, they are all indeed siblings of mine of the same mother and father. They are mine, and for that I do truly care for them."gabriel on his nephews"These boys... If anything I feel sorry for them. Both of them are missing important people to be in their lives, even if those people really irritate the days out of me. After the sympathy though is never failing compassion for the both of them. Greyson is a smart young man and has the world at his feet and Zion... That little bugger is indeed my best mate. At m wedding he's going to be right in the front row giving me a thumbs up and a high-five. I think Ada may hate me for teaching him uncouth actions like that, but how could I resist?"gabriel on anja dolohovThis young girl is really something else. Anja Dolohov, at the basis of everything, is my betrothed. We have been intended to wed since I was merely five years old. I only recently met her formally and... It is really quite rare that I am at a loss for words when I describe someone, however Anja renders me speechless. It is not as though I instantly fell for her when I first saw her. I am captivated, yet not in that sense. Instead her mannerisms and sheer personality baffle me. When one comes from an upbringing such as my own, a family based on structure and rather cold, it is hard for them to grasp the concept that there are people without that same behavior and outlook. Her naivete is a wonder to me and I am more than eager to try to pick her thoughts and find out how she is like that and who she really is. You may have noticed I haven't spoken of her beauty and that is not because I do not find her physically attractive, for that is not the case. Miss Dolohov is one of the most pulchritudinous women I have ever been graced with meeting. I speak with great honesty when I say I cannot wait to learn more about her and from her.

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Look at Roxanne Alyssia Weasley
gabriel evander yaxley
Posted: Jun 23 2011, 04:31 PM


finito burrito!
Posted: Jun 23 2011, 05:18 PM

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