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roxanne alyssia weasley
Posted: May 20 2011, 05:34 PM


I may just help you but I still donít like your face but believe me Iím not hostile I just want to hear you laugh when Iím sarcastic like that and that just makes me a dumb human like you---------

user posted image
play by Katerina Graham



INTELLIGENT"Yeah yeah, George Weasley's girl is a brain, hahaha. I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. I mean, at least I'll be able to get a good jo-- Bah! I can't even say it! Me? In a sensible job? It's laughable. Back to the point though, I do take my marks seriously. I mean, if that means I have to stay in the library a little longer than some other people then so be it, but at least I'll be in good standings with the school. I think it's an advantage, to tell you the truth. I charm the pants off of most of the professors that aren't total dicks and I actually do my work so I get whatever I want. I'm a very smart girl. Mum taught me well."FLIRTATIOUS "So, it only took me about four years after coming to Hogwarts that the guys I was running around with were in fact boys and mildly attractive ones at that. In the same year it was brought to my attention that they also found me attractive. I may have started the flirting late, but since then I have perfected my game or, as Fred likes to call it, my swag. He's just upset that his mates, not related to us mind you, want to shag me and for the most part I'm okay with that. I like the attention, it's pretty nice to be noticed as a girl, and a pretty one at that. I don't give in to their advances too easily, either, so I really see nothing wrong with provoking for the sake of garnering a reaction from them. I don't think that makes me a tease. It makes me a smart girl for knowing what my options are.HUMOROUS"Let's put it simply. I love to laugh. I love to laugh and I love to make other people laugh. It's just the type of person I am. I came from a family that lived on jokes and enjoying life, so I think it's only right to try and make other people see life in that same view. Yeah, it doesn't really reach everyone, but at least I try. I tend to find the beauty and humor in life and exploit it. Well, I don't think that's a proper term for it, cos that makes what I do seem bad... I bring it out for everyone to see when they decide to come out from under their rocks. I think that sounds a bit better. Yeah, it's gotten me in trouble a handful of times, and I use the term handful lightly. More like a lot. So, I may have a tendency to make ill timed or bad taste jokes, and yeah... My philosophy? It's better to laugh at something than cry over it, so I try to relieve the tension and... well, let's just say I did not make someone cry even harder after their cat died from getting in a fight with an owl."MISCHIEVOUS"I think it just comes with the territory with being a Weasley that you're bound to find trouble, or as we tend to say it has a tendency to find us. I don't go out of my way to get myself into detention, but should the opportunity arise and that just happens to be an effect to a cause, well, I'd be able to deal with that. I heard Dad was so much worse when he was in school with Uncle Fred, but we were getting there when we were still in school together. Shoot, we're eighteen and nineteen and we still make Mum wonder why and how to no avail. It's great."STUBBORN"Oh dear. Do I really need to explain this one? As many people can attest, I like my way and that's that. I swear I got it from Mum. Dad is incredibly passive about most things, and he just jokes around, but oh... Merlin. It's sad. And horrible. And something I say I wish I could change but I really don't. When I make up my mind about something, I'm going to do it, and consequences mean nothing to me until I meet them. Granted, from this I've wound up with cuts, bumps, bruises and broken bones, but from that I learn. Uhm... People don't like to do projects with me. I become the leader instantly and it really isn't too pretty. I'm more of a dictator than anything. I like having things done right, and my way is generally right, so I just assume everyone knows that and should know to listen to me a bit more carefully. Yeah. Doesn't always work out."QUICK-TEMPER"That brings us to this next topic. My temper... Ha. Another trait from Mum. I'm not as bad as her, however I have the potential. I've been told that patience is a virtue, and then shortly afterward I am reminded by that person I lack it entirely. I can control it, I mean, I don't throw tantrums over petty things, or anything really, I just bottle it up and growl at whoever tries to talk to me in my moment of anger. I guess the good thing about that though is that I generally get over things quickly. The only rule is just give me time to lick my wounds and calm down and I'll be okay and lovable again."PROUD"Surprisingly I really like my pride. I've heard some people say it's a sin, however I think it's something that everyone should have. Having an ego is bad, but pride... I take pride in everything I do, and I admire my work. Because of that I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I like anything that is tied back to me to be something that people can find admirable. Whether it's my actual work, my skills on the pitch or how I look, I think it's good. It shows that you care about yourself and everything that you do. I don't blow it out of proportion like most in this house do. My head does not collide with anyone in this house. I don't think big of myself, but in the things that I do, if you can understand where I'm coming from with that."PROTECTIVE"D'awwww. Yeah... I love my friends. I love my family. These are the people that completely shape my life, how would I not be able to protect them? It would be a crime to be anything otherwise. It has it's moment, of course, where it could cause some trouble. If I can, we'll put it this way: Your older brother doesn't like it when you manage to get detention for punching a guy in the face because he said something nasty behind his back. Doesn't work out that well, but it felt necessary at the time, and if i can just clarify, the guy was a total sissy. I mean, what self respecting man goes out after one punch?! Ridiculous... But still, I would do that for any one of my friends or family."LOYAL"I know my roots and I know where I came from, and I am loyal to those who have put me where I am now. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for anyone in my circle of friends or mostly my family. If they needed me at three in the morning and I had to sneak out of the dorm to get to them, best believe I would do it. How could I not? I expect nothing less from them as well. I do tend to get my hopes up when I wind up in detention on my own, but all the same, there isn't a single moment where I regret doing something for someone who's done so much for me by just simply being in my life."PERFECTIONIST"This catches people off guard I think. With my family being what it is and being as big as it is, there's no room, generally speaking, for some one to be perfect or really for anything to be perfect. So some of our stuff doesn't match, who cares in that aspect. However, when it comes to myself, I like things to be neat and orderly. I like my space to be clean and free of clutter. My work is turned in to the best of my abilities and to my knowledge is absolutely perfect. It can get a little annoying at times though. More so for those watching me struggle to fix something for like an hour. It's happened before where I've written an essay five scrolls long and actually but them all in the rubbish bin and started over because I found a place where I used the incorrect punctuation. I like even numbers because they can be divided, equal spacings are a must in my personal quarters... It's surreal to say the least. Take a look at my room at home. Everything is ordered properly and has a designated spot. I think I may have a problem, but I figure it's something I'm willing to deal with if it makes everything look nicer."CARING"If there's one thing I pulled from my family, it's that you have to care about something in your life, otherwise what is there to make it worthwhile? I care about almost everyone I meet and do have a good connection with. That doesn't mean I don't care about people I don't like, it's just that there's more of a focus on those people that really are close to me, if you understand that. My friends and family are everything to me. I--I don't know what I would do if something ever happened to any of them. I give a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on whenever and wherever it's needed. I've been told it makes me look weak by a few, uh, choice students and opponents, but to hell with them. If I look like a pussy then I look like a pussy. There are a few many people I would be willing to bear that title for.PHYSICALProtective and physical are two different things, let's just start out with that. I've been told I'm a little, er, rough when I play. Sickos, it has nothing to do with sex. Nasty pervs... Anyway, I like to play, and when I do I play hard. What's that saying? Go big or go home? Yeah, Life story right there. I was a bit of a tomboy growing up, and I guess you kind of get used to the roughhousing when you have an older brother. There's no real other way you can get around growing up with a boy of similar age with you without learning how to hit. It's taken me a bit of time, but I've gotten better. I'm not leaving as many or as big of bruises when I play punch someone, but hey, old habits die hard.ATHLETICIt ties in well with the physical characteristic, I suppose. Both Mum and Dad played Quidditch when they were in school and they kind of passed their love and skill for the game onto my brother and I. I got very interested in being a Chaser mostly because I got tired of Fred using me for target practice and not really knowing what else to do other than sit there. I think Mum got tired of seeing me come in completely beaten, even if we used safety bludgers, and she taught me everything she knew. I guess my passion just manifested from there on. I've always been very lean, and thus rather well off for flight. I've gotten to be kind of focused on staying fit for my Quidditch career's sake. I stay active and try to eat healthy as much as possible. Try is being the key word here, of course. I may be a little too fond of my sweets, though...


ROXY ON HER FATHER"My father is the one and only George Weasley, co-founder of "Weasley Wizarding Wheezes". Yes, Weasley I said. That massive family of gingers that everyone is related to somehow? It's a wonder that I have Mum's physical appearance cos I heard these Weasley genes put up a good fight. I am most definitely a daddy's girl. I tend to appeal to his better nature and get exactly what I want from him. We have a real chill relationship, to tell the truth. I can tell him things I'm otherwise scared to tell Mum and he understands me. He knows how to console me and I him. We don't talk about it much, but Dad really misses Uncle Fred. It's kind of hard to skip over those signs. Just one day at a time I suppose. I really love my Dad, though. I would do anything for him. He's given Fred and I everything that we could have ever dreamed of, and to be totally honest, I'm more that certain that he is indeed the best father in both the wizarding and muggle worlds."ROXY ON HER MOTHER"My mum is Angelina Weasley, formerly Angelina Johnson. She was a badass hot shot Chaser at Hogwarts and it just so happens to be where I got my skill from I think. Mum's attitude is one of a kind, and, quite frankly, it's scary as all hell. The second her temper goes you best find shelter. Ha... I wish I were joking. However, she is an amazing mother. Don't get the wrong impression when I talk about her temper, cos it's just one small flaw of hers. She is very loving, caring, and protective of my brother and I. Would you like to know a secret? My mother is one of my greatest friends. She may be a little on the strict side, especially when compared to Dad, but she has done so much for me. She's kept me in line and helped me back onto the proper path even when I constantly fought against her. I may be only eighteen but I know she only pissed me off to keep me from making a fool of myself and getting hurt. Yeah, we still fight, but that's my mama. Like minds don't always get along, but I love her all the same."ROXY ON HER BROTHER"Fred Nathaniel Weasley. I think you may have heard of that dude. You know, the young Chudley Canons Beater? Yeah, I don't like him. He's a lousy player, an ugly bloke and he just plain smells weird. can't you tell that he's my brother? That kid is most definitely my best friend. I've been told by a few of our uncles that the connection between Fred and I is similar to how Dad and Uncle Fred were before the war all those years ago. He is the macaroni to my cheese, the Tweedle-Dum to my Tweedle-Dee. You kind of can't get to me without going through him first, especially when you are of the male variety. Yeah, he's kind of annoying as hell when he decides to be a big brother every now and then. On the other hand he knows that if anyone lays a finger on him or if some random floosie little girl tries to screw him over I'm gonna be all over them like white on rice. I'm more than sure that little sisters and big brothers are supposed to be the best cock blockers known to mankind. He's a good guy though. I worry about him now mostly because I'm not right out there beside him, but also because... God. I dunno what I would do if I ever lost him. He means the world to me... Without him I would most surely be lost for the rest of my days."ROXY ON HER ENTIRE FAMILY"I have a giant family, and I'm pretty damn glad I have all of them in my life. I have famous relatives, political relatives, pompous relatives, adventurous relatives... Grandpa Johnson referred to the Weasley family now to this muggle family named the Kennedys. I thought it was cool until I realized what else they were famous for other than politics... But yeah. They are big, generally loud from being so big, and incredibly intrusive but I don't think we would all get along if we weren't. Hell, I'd be jealous of me if I wasn't in this family."

YOUR NAME yassica
EXPERIENCE oh dear... uhm... about nine years to be honest... i'm old as dirt at 21
CONTACT PM works lovely, or MSN jessica.fersure@yahoo.com
thanks for making me strongerAFTER ALL YOU PUT ME THROUGH YOU'D THINK I WOULD DESPISE YOU. BUT IN THE END I WANT TO THANK YOU BECAUSE YOU MAKE ME THAT MUCH STRONGER. WELL I THOUGHT I KNEW YOU, THINKING THAT YOU WERE TRUE GUESS I COULDN'T TRUST, CALLED YOUR BLUFF, TIME IS UP 'CAUSE I'VE HAD ENOUGH. YOU WERE THERE BY MY SIDE, ALWAYS DOWN FOR THE RIDE BUT YOUR JOY RIDE JUST CAME DOWN IN FLAMES 'CAUSE YOUR GREED SOLD ME OUT IN SHAME. AFTER ALL THE STEALING AND CHEATING YOU PROBABLY THINK THAT I HOLD RESENTMENT FOR YOU. BUT OH-NO. YOU'RE WRONG. -----------------------------------To their defense and her own, Mr. and Mrs. McKinnon originally had no qualms with her choice of husband. He had been polite to them, indulged their thirst for wizarding knowledge (if only the histories and stories) and treated her well enough. He accepted the one thing they thought any good man would reject with their youngest child. The only issue was his age and how exactly they had met one another. The two of them wished to believe that the Fabian Prewett she announced she was seeing was not the same Professor Prewett she constantly spoke so well of. Douglas thought for a moment that Fabian had taken advantage of the eighteen year old's naive heart, but there was no denying the obvious displays of affection; the holding hands, giggling, minor quarreling and soft, blush-following conversations were entirely genuine. Their letters and brief phone conversations to their little girl had begun to change. Where they were once full of eager questions on how their only grandson and son-in-law were doing, the two jerkily changed into one of urgency and distress.† Regardless of the elderly couple's whereabouts, they knew of everything that was happening around their daughters. Douglas and Clarissa were aware of their son-in-law's radical movements solely by the news in the papers delivered to their private abode. They knew better than to believe what was printed, but there had always been the evidence of the possibility it was entirely true. None of the owls were ever addressed to Fabian like they once had been months previous. That was when, of course, Imogen's life wasn't constantly at stake. Her parents asked for frequent updates on the condition of her and their grandson, but what was a more pressing bother of hers was their begs, pleas and urges for her to leave with Evander.In her mind, Imogen knew it was the right thing to do. Leaving Fabian was logical. Staying at his side was possibly the most dangerous thing she could do at the current time in the current state of things. Her husband was hellbent on maintaining his Transfigurations position at Hogwarts, help the Clan however he possibly could and kill the man who murdered his siblings. Were Imogen a romantic in her mind, it would seem honorable that he fought for the safety of others who he had never met and his friends. The reality of their sutuation was far from honorable, though. At least in her parents' eyes and slowly her own it was becoming that way. He did put her, Evander, and her parents in danger. Hell, it even put Marlene in more trouble than she put herself in. Everything he did, every person he angered meant for more reason for her and her son to be worried of who may burst down the front door, thirsty for their own retribution. Her heart, however, kept her here. With her mind ruling the ideological side of her, her heart brought her back to the man. She was still, at times, the seventeen year old, recent Hogwarts alumni, dreaming of a possible chance encounter with her ex-Transfiguration professor. Over the last few years, Imogen's heart overruled her body and mind. She still looked at Fabian with the doe-eyed wonder she had in class, and her anger with him subsided quickly. She was very much in love with the insane man who rarely negotiated with his wife and mother of his child.His smile made her demeanor change almost instantly. She never admitted to, for the sake of Fabian's ego, reading his body language, but she became familiar of that smile in particular. It had become infamous for "I wish I could, but I can't". It was associated closely with conversations such as this. When the topic of her and Evander's personal safety was on the docket, the smile was never far away."I can't, I can't."Imogen bit her lip and sighed. Her eyes averted from her husband's now hidden face and looked to the baby once more. It was frequently wishful thinking when moments like these arose. It was more than just safety concerns for Imogen. The idea of him being home more was for personal gain when she was honest about it. Losing her husband ro a war like this was not what she signed for with the marriage license. When the two of themgot married, all that Imogen could think of was the idea of her own little family of thousands of babies and a husband that was there every step of the way. It wasn't like Imogen hadn't been trying for another. As far as she was concerned. the sex had been what kept them both sane lately. Stress, though, always snuck up on her later. Hysterical pregnancies and a miscarriage had been recently plaguing her. Every time the same result: a yes followed by a definite no. Life wasn't what she wanted it to be. It seemed almost doomed from the start."There's just...too much at stake, Imogen. Even if I stopped right at this minute, Dolohov would still come after me. He'd still come after you and Evan."Dolohov. The idea of ever meeting the man in the flesh made her cringe. She was sure she had seen him before while working at the hospital, refusing to be treated by the likes of her. With never formally meeting him, Imogen was more than sure that the taste left in her mouth after taking in Fabian's words meant bad. As childish as it was for her to think it or say it out loud, he was a very bad man; a very bad one indeed. It seemed almost impossible at the time to think that he could have ever been possible of causing such damage when the news first broke. He was an upstanding citizen, as far as she saw, and had no reason to think poorly of him. The decline of democracy as she knew it, though, brought forth the true colors of the killer. There was, in a small corner, a bit of her that wished to believe there was possibly a good part to the man, coming out only while the public turned their backs to him for his personal moments, but there had been no scientific evidence that it was ever possible. He had caused enough pain in Imogen and Fabian's life by murdering Molly, only to go further and murder Gideon as though picking off the remains of the once prestigious Prewett family."I've gotta help 'em, Imogen. They count on me. James, and Ed, and Arthur, and the whole lot. I can't just leave 'em like that. I come back to you, and Evan, every time. I make sure I do." Imogen perked up, looking at her husband out of the corner of her eye, lips slightly pursed. She knew that all he did was in good intentions. He wanted to help, he wanted others to succeed, and he wanted others to be safe. His own safety was of no consequence; it was noted in the state he had came home. To his wife, his honor and integrity had been more important than the state he returned in to his family. "Don't be silly, Fabian, there's no way to make sure you come home before you are home," She snipped, getting out of her chair with Evander, shifting his weight to rest on her hip. He grunted slightly as she roused him gently before closing his eyes once more and resting his head on her shoulder. She rocked back and forth slowly, looking at the ground, her eyes focused on the points that the planks of the hardwood floors created as they met each other diagonally. It was easier this way. She normally went into a fit if she looked at him. Her heart would fight with her head, telling her it was for the best while her mind screamed back that it wasn't fair. "Yes, they may need you, but you seem to forget one thing and it may be incredibly cruel to think of, but not one of those three has a wife they need to return to. A wife, mind you, that worries constantly." She scoffed and shook her head. "And the children, yes, they have children. Guess who looks after them? Other people uninvolved, or Christina and myself. The kids really are too young to notice that their fathers aren't coming home every night and aren't always there. They don't know that 'that' isn't how their life should be." Imogen paused, her hands shaking against their son. She took deep breaths, swallowing hard, in attempts to calm herself back down. With a final breath, she looked back up at Fabian. "I'm going to go put our son down for bed," she informed him softly. Without waiting for any sort of interjection from him, Imogen turned and left the kitchen, hugging onto Evander closely as she strode down the hallway and into the boy's room. She froze for a moment after setting him in his bed, staring at him as her hands fiddled, gripping each other before her nails dug into her pale skin, scratching the imaginary itch that arose from time to time. It was constructive, she thought. When she didn't want to think about what could happen, the focus on her hands took everything away. It was supposed to be better that way. Nevermind the slight pain. It was going to be over soon anyway. That's what happened when you became numb.TAG: FABIAN MEH LOVE WORDS: 1591 NOTES: I ACTUALLY KINDA LIKE THIS ONE... DUNNO WHY. LOL. SHE'S KINDA ODD.TEMPLATE BY DANASAUR @ CAUTION
dominique apolline weasley
Posted: May 22 2011, 09:59 AM


Just a reminder that you have 5 days to complete her!

- <3 Lexie
roxanne alyssia weasley
Posted: May 23 2011, 03:00 AM


She's finished now :]
Posted: May 23 2011, 04:11 AM

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congratulations, your profile has been looked over and approved by an admin. welcome to dorkus malorkus! please remember to sign up for the face claim, post in the who's who and check your dorm assignment before you get started!

"She's great! It's about time Fred had a sister =D"

- Nina
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