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 ROSIER, CASSIUS HECTOR, 27 | new order
cassius hector rosier
Posted: May 5 2011, 03:17 PM


when there is nothing left to burn,
you have to set yourself on fire
this scar is a fleck on my porcelain skin,
you tried to reach deep but you never got in.

user posted image
play by MATT BOMER


    Cassius Rosier is a caricature, a whirlpool of poetry, jazz music, stern orders from his ancestors, Ministry work and criminal business. And he's antithetical – a roguishly charming young man in his mid twenties who gets away with a good deal more than he should, simply because he is well-liked. What he has is a severe case of wanderlust. His feet are meant for walking shoes and he feels like the world is bursting at the seams. Basically, he's a big kid with a case of „Peter Pan syndrome”, even though many of his weekend activities are not exactly child-like. Yet what isn’t to like about a smooth, venturesome guy? And suave he is. Cassius never says anything which might contradict himself, and is often quick off the mark. He knows how to play the game to get a laugh, to get a point across, and to get the hell out of a situation.

    People are going to be pretty confused after their first meeting with Cassius, who takes pride in finding the lighter side to all situations. While most would assume this sort of outlook on life would get annoying, others actually feel his enthusiasm as though it were their own. Nevertheless, he is hesitant to let people label him as an optimist because he’s always believed that there are two kinds of optimists. Those who see a bad situation and try to find the silver lining, and those who are so determined to view only the good in life that they make themselves blind to any ugliness. As far as he’s concerned, Cassius is part of the first category and he is proud at his ability to give things a more cheerful spin. Regardless, the challenge sometimes isn’t even finding the lighter side but saying it out loud without sounding like a holier-than-thou asshat. Otherwise, his loved ones would have no one else to notice their kindness and appreciate it. Just as much as he is capable of treating criminals toughly during work hours, he enjoys watching kind people, because it takes so much to be kind. To let all the goodness seep through, and not fear the dark cruel world. It's cute in a world as wicked as what he has seen, like a naive gazelle lost in the Serengeti. Being a bit of a whackjob doesn’t change the fact that Cassius is an overly friendly and good-humoured guy. He enjoys the company of others and is generally surprisingly good with people, even though he is not all that knowledgeable about personal space or boundaries. Small things like social gatherings are mapped out in his natural instinct, an involuntary action with enough panache to hold someone’s attention, but not different enough to be threatening.

    Naturally, there are some things about him that sorted him in Gryffindor, aside from fighting for lost causes. He may not place such a ridiculously high price on bravery, yet it makes quiet, unexpected cameos stemming from working past his initial shyness and ability to correct even his friends when he thinks they’re doing something wrong. Although he is self-serving on a regular basis, he cannot ignore an acquaintance who might require his aid or the need to stand up to a friend in need. He wasn't always courageous, though he was always hotheaded and egotistical. Fighting with his sister was a physical law of his universe, an insurmountable boundary between them which doomed them to remain with grudges and never award trespasses. For all of his shortcomings and disinclination to follow his moral compass, Cassius’ pluck is yet another trademark to impulsively put his own life in danger instead of a stranger's. This doesn’t in any way mean that he is prone to boast about how he saved crying infants from burning buildings in a single leap, since sporadically, selfless, heroic types are hiding behind a steaming pile of bullshit.

    Another important thing that one must retain about him is that he is a filthy, unashamedly good liar who is willing to lie a hundred thousand times to get out of whatever he would seek to get out of. Cash will take the truth and twist it into a whole slew of half-truths to get someone to believe that what he is trying to tell them must come through, must happen. Words are his weapons and when it comes to the gift of gab, he's well-endowed. Cassius knows how to make his words stick, and more importantly, how to make them cut when he puts forth the effort. As such, he likes nothing more than lying profusely, being his hallmark of building a safety net that no one can break. He chooses what goes in and stays out, and it keeps the anger simmering below his placid surface from bursting out. The trick is to watch, listen and learn - the slightest twitch of a facial muscle gives it all away for others, at times. Besides, he is aware that if he says something with a wily old fox smile, people are generally happy to accept it. Obnoxiously creative, he also learnt how to lie convincingly to himself and he’s almost childish in that regard, being partially certain that all his stretches of credulity and blatant untruths are the holy grail of veraciousness. He just lets the lies run out of steam, and eventually die in some dusty corner. In addition, this is partially connected to the fact that seizing the moment describes him to the tee, being an old hand in using to his advantage what life has to offer him. Cassius knows a good deal when he sees one and he’s quick to pick up on people he can use to further his projects without imagining that he has any right to the cookie-cutter manipulative bastard throne. Some might call his quickness self-serving and it’s definitely part of what makes him such an effective Ministry employee.

    A connoisseur of many fine things in life, ranging from arts to history, jewellery, food and literature, Cassius believes that it has everything to do with being civilized. Even if he prizes education highly, he doesn’t discriminate against people who have acquired knowledge and appreciation of these specialist fields through their own experience than endure structured learning environments. Moreover, he tends to favour the classics over newfangled modern works, as tradition and history are important to him – not to be confused with him actually adhering to either. Even a pile of empty beer bottles or a photograph of a woman defecating can be considered art these days. Whatever happened to good taste and a sense of bourgeois aesthetics? Therefore, he turns his nose up at artists whose works are based almost entirely on shock value and sensationalism. Just because they are "revolutionary" doesn't mean that they are actually of any good.

    As an unnatural development of his love of art, history, forgery and theft - four passions that are quite easily combined and in that order – Cassius is a con artist who has a deep fascination with clever crimes that require brain work and cunning (preferring the theft of art and artefacts himself, but also bearing a respect for skilled criminals). Matter-of-factly, Cash is enamoured with half the Muggle Robin Hood ideal, rationalizing his hobby as a principled way of stealing from the rich and those who “deserve it”, though he does not do it to give to the poor. This is exacerbated by his dim view of authority and the establishment, but he chooses to demonstrate his feelings by pilfering their goods or making life difficult for them in other ways than place a bullseye on his back. Undeterred by the fact that he hails from a prominent, old moneyed family who enjoys a taste of luxury every now and then, the dull life of a white-collar half-blood heir is not for him. Making good use of his inventiveness, Cassius is also secretive and mysterious liar who resides in a morally grey territory. In addition, he’s got notoriously itchy fingers, so you’ll have to excuse him if he idly lifts your wallet from your back pocket. He’s got a quick hand, creativity to spare and a baby face which implies that he is rarely suspected. While his second career doesn’t rate high on the morale scale, it is one of the few domains in which Cash is entirely honest with people (authorities excluded, of course). After all, there are fakes for which one could get a slap on the wrist, still there are also more official, counterfeit items which can get someone thrown in (Azkaban) prison. With that usually comes a bargain and he really doesn’t want to be the idiot that gets screwed because someone wants to cut a deal for less time.

    A very adaptable person, Cash can make him whatever you want him to be if he’s a little bit short of money and whatever works best at convincing that one person to just glance elsewhere for a minute whilst he takes their valuables. He disguises himself, has a plethora of aliases and forged documents, whereas bearing in mind that he has to be practical about how far he can push his imagination, otherwise documents and life stories go from realistic to plain stupid. Notwithstanding that he changes accordingly to his surroundings to survive, he’s able to thrive in them as well, occasionally stooping to deeds that involve him falsifying everything about himself and creating a whole different person. Sometimes he bases them off of characters he’s read about or people he’s actually met. Without engaging in pity parlour tricks worthy of people of lesser intellect, Cassius has tried – Merlin knows he’s tried, but he can’t help it, he just steals. Albeit given the opportunity to build an honest life for himself within the Ministry, Cash often craves the mystique of his double life, forcing him to make a choice between the two. When it all boils down to it, he’ll always be a better conman and Ministry worker than a father, so he made a promise to himself a very long time ago to never promise his daughter something that he couldn’t give her.

    “I've tried love several times, and I still try sometimes. I like to believe that it's one of the things I haven't given up on. The truth of the matter is that people will always disappoint you – and I don’t necessarily mean OTHER people.” With girls, he often tries to play the „misunderstood” card if his duende or good looks prove ineffective. What he demands is true emotional dedication to him, trustworthiness and unswerving loyalty – qualities seldom found in his lovers, about which he will never compromise. Otherwise, a very different Cash comes out to play. Simply put, he has rage issues, which he conceals very well among his friends. His girlfriends, however, often take the brunt of his aggression when they fail to fall in line. An abusive boyfriend, he subjects his lovers to all kinds of verbal, emotional and physical abuse whenever they behave in a way that majorly offends him. After beating them up, the rage subsides only to be replaced with an overwhelming sense of guilt and he goes out of his way to apologize and make it up to them. Once he is forgiven, the cycle continues. Cassius has instilled such terror in a couple of his former girlfriends that none have dared to speak up about their violent relationship. He threatens and blackmails them into silence even after breaking up with these girls in order to preserve his belief that, despite everything, things are still normal. Could be normal. Not wanting this to also thwart his dream of improving his relationship with his daughter, he hides his dark habit and guards it with deathly ferocity.

    Besides, he is an optimistic person by nature, and despite everything he’s seen, he bears up beneath it quite well.
    “You might notice certain naming patterns and recurring names in my family, due to the fact that my parents believed it paramount to honour my ancestors. So, all of my names and that of my sibling are somehow derived from the names of our grandmothers and grandfathers. For example, Cassius is the middle name of my deceased grandfather Evan Rosier, whereas you’ll see many instances of Hector since it is the middle name of both great-grandfather Julien Rosier and his father before that. Case in point, my father’s entire name is Leopold Julien Rosier (and he’s already claimed my male first born to bear his name), while Mum - Jacqueline Katrina Rosier nee Penrose – was coincidentally dubbed after her Muggle father, Jacob Penrose, except that my maternal grandmother was posh enough to attempt to make it sound French. If there was a book by my mother that no one would buy, it would be, “Naming Your Child Creatively, by Jacqueline Rosier”. No matter how much I tried to elude this silly past-time of hers when naming Sabie, I ended up with Sabina Catriona Rosier as a nod to Mum’s own middle name. Sabina was just a tongue-in-cheek sort of thing which my Grandpa suggested – apparently, Sabrina was the name of a teenage witch character on Muggle television.”

    snap one. cassius is nine months old and clueless.
    Conceived by Leopold Rosier and Jacqueline Penrose – a couple who is very content with each other in spite of the unconventional age gap between them, Cassius is expected to endorse the family name. The Rosier surname still carries a lot of weight in most pureblood circles, so precisely because of his mother’s regrettable diluted bloodline, he must be shown around as the Rosiers’ personified triumph in the flesh. Yet, he is loved to the extent his parents are capable of, more than obliged parental affection. Leopold had been raised by his parents to be a pureblood bigot, yet Jacqueline’s influence had softened him over time. Occasionally, he declares himself accepting of mixed bloodlines too, and calls many half-bloods close friends. However, he would privately be scandalised if either of his children chose to marry a Muggle or a Muggle-born. On rare occasions, he still makes remarks that could be construed as bigoted, earning glares from his wife, but he is quick to correct his slips of the tongue - particularly since it might reflect poorly upon his wife's brother, Professor Phoebus Penrose. Hence, Cassius grows up with a taste of both worlds — a Death Eater grandfather who died in a blaze of glory for supremacist crimes and an uncle who professes that Muggles were more observant than wizards gave them credit for. As a child, he doesn’t discriminate against those who aren’t nearly purebloods like himself, but he also doesn’t blink if someone makes a slur against them, for he has heard his father make such comments on occasion, and his paternal grandmother, every other sentence.

    snap two. cassius is three years old and confused.
    The siblings aren’t particularly close, and they live such separate existences that the only thing they have in common are their parents. Cassius is a mischievous troublemaker from the start. If there is a pudding missing from the pantry, a traumatized house elf running through the halls shrieking or a bunch of maggots stuffed under someone’s pillow – he is most likely behind it. He had discovered at a very young age that this was a good way to get attention, which he so desperately craved. Owing to him often slyly engineering his misdeeds to make it look like his sister had committed the wrongdoings, the relationship between the two siblings sours over time. While he is around, she seems to come up short, be it in a mental or physical capacity. Nevertheless, because she is hailed the golden child who gives her parents no trouble at all (save for the times her brother successfully blames misdemeanours on her), she is given preferential treatment over Cassius by their mother. As the „good child”, the daughter is given the bigger bedroom and nicer toys. In turn, by the age of seven, he learns that despite trouncing his sister is some respects, she is seen as the superior child. His subsequent rebelling only serve to cement their roles in the household.

    snap three. cassius is five years old and vigilant.
    From a fragile age, Cassius spends his days uprooting from several different towns across England, given his mother’s undercover Auror operative assignments and his father’s compliance to an easy life. It gives him a reason to reinvent himself (a form of rebirth every time he shows up in the next town), give his parents interesting, normal jobs, and to come up with a different back-story. One day, a neighbourhood girl pushes his sister off her bicycle and she falls, scrapping her knees. From the other side of the road, Cassius (presently Cash, a nifty nickname he has given himself) watches her intently, willing her to stand up on her way. But she remains breathless, the fall having knocked both the wind and courage out of her. Hesitantly, she tries to force herself up and run off back home to her mother, but it isn’t until a few long minutes later that Cassius presumably finds her. He sweeps the bleeding bag of tears up into his arms and brings her into the house for their nanny to patch her up. As the servant makes a fuss over the flesh wound, he acknowledges that he will always babysit his sister (both with words and actions), and that this is a mean little world for a greenhorn like her.

    snap four. cassius is eight years old and cheeky.
    Because it was apparent that he had magical abilities from a young age, his father had hired a governess to tutor him in subjects like English, arts, geography, popular culture, history and science till he was old enough to be sent away to Hogwarts. The most distinctive thing that stands out from that period of time is the overwhelming feeling of boredom and his constant attempts to flirt with his attractive older governess. Being less than ten years old, he gets away with far more saucy remarks than a grown man would ever have. Instead, she teaches him that he is not a porcelain doll, that he must have a good head on his shoulders even when she resents his choices, that magic is not something that puts him on a plane above other people. Nadia gently slaps his hands when he plays with his food, supports his weight on her lap during bedtime stories although she is heavily pregnant. She even strives hard to inculcate the youth with sound principles, a sense of valour and the desire to let his sister play with his toys... Eventually.

    snap five. cassius is eleven years old and desolate.
    His father and mother’s respective families loath each other and are constantly at odds, so he learns how to behave differently in the presence of the Rosiers and the Penroses in order not to incur the disapproval of either. He considers himself politically neutral till he sets foot in Hogwarts. It is the first time he’s been alone without his sister or parents to guide him - he wants to be here, and then he doesn’t. No one in the family wanted him to be sorted into Gryffindor, yet Gryffindors really knew how to party, and so he had decided from an early age that he would be one of them. Luckily, he quickly becomes popular amongst his peers. Having been isolated from kids his own age for so long, he is keen to make friends and thankfully, is rather good at it – a combination of natural charisma and a modicum of sense of duty. He has a habit of getting into trouble too, whether it is sneaking out after hours or playing tricks on the professors. Pictures are still around somewhere of him wearing a red turtleneck with jaunty Christmas trees as he sang tenor in the Hogwarts Choir, but he prefers to pretend that this era never existed.

    snap six. cassius is sixteen years old and infatuated.
    People who irritate Cassius often miss trinkets dear to them a month or two after the offence, his extra sticky fingers somedays being at times aided by magic. His love life takes a turn for the unexpected when he is fifteen, and he begins to entertain a certain Muggle by the name of Danaë Bloomfield. Surprisingly, he enjoys sneaking around like a diamond thief for the first little bit; kissing in empty classrooms, stealing glances during class, and other things that he does thinking they have something special. Sometimes, though, she just gets under his skin so bad; one day his anger boils over and Cassius blacks out. Before he knew what he had even done, he had punched Danaë square in her face, knocking her to the floor and causing the entire right side of her face to be one, big black bruise. She reports this to her family immediately, and a restraining order is put on the Hogwarts student. (Fact: Cassius has gotten stronger and is smarter nowadays.) Afterwards, the rapidity with which he forgot Danaë upsets him – he swears it was real, it was everything. But once it’s gone, Cash guesses that his mother was right after all. This is his routine – sadness for a few days, akin to clinical depression, and then ... nothing. Maybe he can just bounce back really quickly, or maybe he just thought he was in love for the rest of his life.

    snap seven. cassius is twenty years old and betrothed.
    Regardless of all of his transgressions, he never backed out of being the poster heir he was expected to be, remaining approachable and friendly during all public gatherings. Getting cast out of his pocket of pretentious society would never produce the kind of plans he had in mind, of the illegal variety. As such, with remarkable N.E.W.T. scores and a track record of athletic ability in the Gryffindor Quidditch team, the Department of Magical Law Enforcement had decided to recruit him as an interrogator at eighteen. Just the perfect setting for a charlatan, with a few nice words, to win the right amount of trust to do damage. Yet his heart now also belongs to a third party – his recent fiancée, a betrothal secured by his Rosier grandmother, which, after some careful consideration, he accepted to undergo. Only his prospective spouse can help him pour some of the passion he can’t express at work into his behind-the-scenes heists, and it is only with her that he can express this while benefiting from even more clout than the one preceding his surname. After a while, though, the cup starts to overfill, the political liaison and adequate circumstances leading to her becoming pregnant. As the two of them had been eligible to pick the wedding date, Cash keeps postponing it, whereas his fiancée manages to hide the pregnancy from the public with a combination of loose robes and concealment charms.

    snap eight. cassius is twenty-one years old and a father.
    At first, she claimed that it didn’t really hurt, and Cassius claimed that it was an accident because people in love ignored reality. Yet as the second hit came, she realized it hurt a teensy bit more; spurred by his cowardice and partial rationality that he wasn't prepared for that commitment, he leaves them. The two girls in his life have had their hearts broken too many times because of him, and Cash whole-heartedly believe he’s being brave to never want to do it again. Other things he is are unable to stop either, homeless, away from the child carrying his surname and with one failed betrothal at active. Naturally, he throws himself into his crimes whilst keeping a low profile, his status in society affording him an impressive social network at his fingertips from which to procure filthy lucre.

    snap nine. cassius is twenty-five years old and dedicated.
    Sabina is nearly four years old and growing terribly fast. He loves her with all of his heart, which is why his heart melts at the thought of what might occur to her if a theft or forgery goes over horribly wrong again. Still, he can’t stop, not even now. One night, Cassius is allowed by his child’s mother to tuck Sabina into bed and read her a chapter of her favourite fairytale. He’s so engrossed that he sometimes catches himself studying the creases on Sabie’s forehead, desiring to trace them with the fingers he currently has wrapped around her body. Every inch of this little girl is his, evident in her face, her rosebud mouth and baby blue eyes. He heads for the doors once he has kissed her goodbye, making sure the light from the small night lamp is still on. Before he could exit the bedroom, he is stopped by a soft squeaky voice who asks him to turn the light off, since there are no monsters under her bed any more. You're right, her father reassures her, nothing is going to hurt his big girl. To seal the vow, he gives his daughter a warm smile and another kiss on her forehead, knowing deep in his heart that it is a much too big of a promise to make since pain is often brought forth by the one you love the most. How is he to uphold this promise when he is fully aware of the darkness not only in his surroundings but within himself too? If there is anything he would give his life for in this world, though, it would be her. He has fallen completely and utterly in love with her and he can't for a moment imagine that anything would have been any better if she had been a boy.
Posted: May 5 2011, 04:12 PM

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