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 Urquart, Oliver Markus, App finished
oliver markus urquart
Posted: Dec 27 2010, 01:15 AM


No matter how long I stand here and try to pretend,
I will always want to come back.
Is it possible to just forget the whole thing ever happened?

user posted image
play by Brandon Stoughton


    "Pretty head? Don't you mean dashingly handsome? Well, I suppose I could let you in on a few things here and there. But don't tell my fan club; their pitiful hearts would be completely shattered which then could shatter my whole career as a host. Not that I care really-they are nothing but tools and my pay-check."

    This is the eldest Urquart. A playboy who loves to steal the hearts of women and then drop them if they are no use. Though he does love his mother like every playboy does and has a couple close girl friends that will deal with his shit.

    POSSESSIVE As odd as it is he's a very possessive boy. Once he has found something he likes he rarely ever gives it back. Which does include humans. Oliver has a tendency to not really care what others think about his 'possessions' unless it would hurt him or his good rep. He often tells people that they are his and won't listen to reason. Once he has his mind set on something it's hard to make him waver.

    LOVING Oliver does hold love in his host heart but it's pretty deep down there. It takes some major skill or time to get into this boys heart. Well; unless you steal his heart under his nose like some people are able to do. Truly he just wishes to find that certain pureblood someone, run away with them and have like a bajilion kids to keep the Urquart family name going. Once you give him your trust he will never break it. Even in the most dire of moments. He doesn't believe that people should shatter someones lives like that.

    PLAYBOY HOST You know how some women just love to be entertained by men? Well, this is your man right here. He enjoys the sight of women happy and when they fawn over him a bit every now and then. He is constantly seen with the female species ranging from one to a whole group following him. At one point he thought about opening a club for hosting at Hogwarts but that idea didn't seem to go well with some teacher and students. That's why he went to Madam's Puddifoots. Which he was accepted immediately- "Of course, I mean, I could resist this?"

    DREAMER/THINKER His head is in the clouds for various reasons throughout the day. Often he is caught by people that know him well enough. But people who don't wouldn't even think twice. He can carry on a whole conversation without really thinking about it because of his ranging skills on hosting. His mind will wander while speaking and the gears will be turning at a rapid pace. Oliver makes devious plans and how to make them come true. Which is why he is constantly writing down random things in a notebook that he carries with him. The plans normally consist of other people and making sure he gains the most out of it.

    INTELLECTUAL Oliver is super smart but doesn't like to show it completely forward. Hiding it and then having people be surprised and wonder who did such a thing is his game. He is constantly doing finances and coming up with wonderful tricks. He uses his brains to better the world and also so it can be destroyed. It all depends on how he feels that day.

    BIG MOUTH You see, he likes to talk. Sometimes he can also do the walk but sometimes he just ends up digging a bigger hole for himself. Not that he gets in trouble for any of it but he's still cruising for a bruising. All the time he's chatting about the latest people, things, rumors-everything. You'd think someone would beat him off his pedestal but no. They just let him keep talking trash and thinking he's all that. "Excuse me-I am all that thanks."
    "Family...I think there are few that I can really consider family. Or perhaps you mean biological family? Ah-yes, there are a few out there."

    Being the first born to the young Urquart family was Oliver. The bundle of joy that they wanted considering it was a boy their first try. Well a few years went by with love and care from both sides of the family and then BAM! New baby, well...babies. Their names being Brayden and Persephone. Being around the age of six he was fascinated by the new siblings. Though it was soon to be known that he would have less attention and that they were a bit of a hassle. His mother was always taking the twins places while he was often left at home; sometimes with their father but sometimes not. He started holding a bit of resentment towards his family until he learned to use his charm to get into peoples heads and get what he wanted.

    Around nine years old he perfected his host-like charm along with painting. Surprisingly he understood how to move the brushes just right and what paints to mix. Some of his paintings are still up at the Urquart residence that he made when he was young. "But it doesn't matter anymore. I have plenty of them everywhere else." Around this time he had another baby brother come. This one he liked-Evan wasn't as fussy as the twins. Oliver actually liked him enough to take care of him while the twins did their own things. A special bond was created between the eldest and youngest siblings during their brief time before Oliver went off to Hogwarts.

    When he was eleven years old he received a letter- his letter to Hogwarts! His parents were always saying that he'd better get the letter or else he'd bring shame upon the family. Well, worry no more- he got it. Finally his parents started to pay more attention to him. They went to Diagon Alley and purchased all the items he needed, taught him basic things and told him that he was better than most of the student body because he was pureblooded. Oliver understood what they said but didn't ultimately care. All he wanted was to make it through school and get a decent job that he enjoyed.

    School was a blast-he made friends, had great classes, good grades but not as great as some Ravenclaw, and got a job as a host at Madam P.'s tea shop. He enjoyed every moment that he had girls around him; swooning or not. Oliver played a couple years of quiditch but opted out his 7th year to work at Madam P.'s and to study for finals. Oliver is very proud of his scandalous school days and will never regret any of it.

    Now he's still working at Madam P.'s, being a host 24/7 and painting. He doesn't really care about any of the worlds problems unless it deals with him or threatens his work.
YOUR NAME Acey!!!!!
EXPERIENCE 2/3 years?
CONTACT Anyway you want except stalking me.
Check my other charrie's
oliver markus urquart
Posted: Jan 2 2011, 01:13 PM


Finished but the history is a complete fail. ><
Posted: Jan 14 2011, 11:10 AM

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congratulations, your profile has been looked over and
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"I am so sorry Ace, I know this has been sitting for a while. It got buried. Accepted!"

- Kai

oliver markus urquart
Posted: Mar 28 2012, 10:12 PM

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* January 2026: Oliver still plays around at Madame P.'s but talks with many people to get any information he can. Information had become a form of payment in the tea shop.

June 2026: He convinces the lovely Ali Pinkstone to go on an adventure around the world with him. They end up traveling for about 6 months. He got plenty of crap from Madame P through owls and also Cain and his parents. Madame P just wanted him to be safe around the young girl and not to destroy himself (in a nice way). While his brother and parents were saying he was scum for spending time with the girl. He didn't care obviously. He just wasn't sure how his feelings were going since he's known the girl for so long. He had buried the thoughts and enjoyed his travelling.

December 2026: Oliver finally gets his wits together and asked Ali if she'd like to share a flat together in London. The cost of living was getting crazy and he was sure she wanted to love out of her parents' home. He had no ulterior motives with this plan either. Odd for the playboy Oliver Urquart. So the two move in together and now live happily as friends.

Ali goes to help homeless children and Oliver occasionally tags along with. He doesn't want her to get hurt or anything! But he can't go with her all the time since he still needs to keep up with his job at the tea shop. Oliver still uses information as a payment but not as much now that he's starting to settle down a bit. Now at the age of 28 Oliver is thinking about finding a woman, and not for just a short while.
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