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 Main Character Application
Isabel Berkeley
Posted: Oct 16 2007, 03:18 AM

Anything But Ordinary

Group: Admin
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Joined: 13-October 07

[X] Headshot
RPing Experience:
How did you hear about us?:

[X] Star Details
Full Name:
Date Of Birth:
Kind:: (Hunter, Chosen, Anomalous, ect.) / (Good, Bad, Neutral?)
Grade Or Occupation:

[X] The Look
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Skin Tone:
Chosen Star:
Add Picture:
Clothing Style: Limit of 200 words here.

[X] Likes & Dislikes
Likes: List at least three, you can list more if you want.
Dislikes: List at least three, you can list more if you want.
Strengths: List at least three, you can list more if you want.
Weaknesses/Fears: List at least three, you can list more if you want.
Hopes/Ambitions: List at least three, you can list more if you want.
Hobbies: List at least three, you can list more if you want.
Random Facts:
Overall Personality: Limit of 200 words here.

[X] A Star Is Born
Birth Place:
Parents: {names, ages, living/deceased, relationship, number of children}
Siblings: {names, ages, living/deceased, relationship, number of children}
Number of Children:
Financial Status:
Marital Status:
History: Minimum of 400 words here.

[X] Diverse Information
Forget Something?:
And The Green Words Read?:
RP Sample:
Isabel Berkeley
Posted: Jul 12 2008, 01:28 AM

Anything But Ordinary

Group: Admin
Posts: 1,139
Member No.: 1
Joined: 13-October 07

Create a new topic to post your Character's application.

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[b]How did you hear about us?:[/b]

[align=right][SIZE=5][b][X][/b] Star Details[/SIZE]
[b]Full Name:[/b]
[b]Date Of Birth:[/b]
[b]Kind::[/b] [i](Hunter, Chosen, Anomalous, ect.) / (Good, Bad, Neutral?)[/i]
[b]Grade Or Occupation:[/b]

[align=center][SIZE=5][b][X][/b] The Look[/SIZE]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Skin Tone:[/b]
[b]Chosen Star:[/b]
[b]Add Picture:[/b]
[b]Clothing Style:[/b] [i]Limit of 200 words here.[/i]

[SIZE=5][b][X][/b] Likes & Dislikes[/SIZE]
[b]Likes:[/b] [i]List at least three, you can list more if you want.[/i]
[b]Dislikes:[/b] [i]List at least three, you can list more if you want.[/i]
[b]Strengths:[/b] [i]List at least three, you can list more if you want.[/i]
[b]Weaknesses/Fears:[/b] [i]List at least three, you can list more if you want.[/i]
[b]Hopes/Ambitions:[/b] [i]List at least three, you can list more if you want.[/i]
[b]Hobbies:[/b] [i]List at least three, you can list more if you want.[/i]
[b]Random Facts:[/b]
[b]Overall Personality:[/b] [i]Limit of 200 words here.[/i]

[align=right][SIZE=5][b][X][/b] A Star Is Born[/SIZE]
[b]Birth Place:[/b]
[b]Parents:[/b] {names, ages, living/deceased, relationship, number of children}
[b]Siblings:[/b] {names, ages, living/deceased, relationship, number of children}
[b]Number of Children:[/b]
[b]Financial Status:[/b]
[b]Marital Status:[/b]
[b]History:[/b] [i]Minimum of 400 words here.[/i]

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Sam Winchester
Posted: Apr 3 2014, 03:53 AM

Group: Chosen
Posts: 282
Member No.: 15
Joined: 8-January 08

[X] Headshot
Name/Alias: Ria
Age: old enough
Gender: female
Contact: pm
RPing Experience: way over ten years
How did you hear about us?: been here forever

[X] Star Details
Full Name: Samuel Eric Winchester
Nickname(s): Sam...Sammy
Date Of Birth: May 2nd
Age: 24
Gender: male
Kind:: hunter//Good
Grade Or Occupation: Hunter

[X] The Look
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown and longish
Ethnicity: white
Skin Tone: white
Height: 6'2
Weight: 170
Fitness: he keeps fit
Tattoos: no
Piercings: no
Scars: too many to list
Chosen Star: Jared Padalecki
Add Picture: http://i61.tinypic.com/x4j09s.jpg
Clothing Style: Sam keeps his style simple. He usually wears blue jeans with a plain colored tee shirt with a shirt and jacket over it. He keeps it simple with good dependable boots.
He isn't one to bother with names or labels and designer clothes.
When it calls for it Sam will dress in a suit, normally to work a hunt and he keeps the colors dark, suits arnt this most favourite thing to wear.
He also keeps track pants and clothes to work out in.
Sam isn't one for shopping and will just get new clothes when his old ones need replacing.
Although sam isn't overly fashion conscious and dresses for comfort more than anything, but he never looks scruffy.

[X] Likes & Dislikes
His brother
Ava Bobby and Max Singer
Isobel her brothers and Ben

Hunting - at times
Dean not being around
His father - at times
Loosing those he loves and cares for.

Hunting skills
His supernatural knowledge
The hq and his 'family' inside of it
Good with weapons

His family
Loosing a case
Ending up loosing everyone he cares for

To some how get Dean back
To fight the good fight for as long as he can
To be able to make a difference.

Reading up all he can on the supernatural
Driving the impala
Having a beer
Hanging out with Tatum Ava Issy etc.

Random Facts:
He was all set to be a lawyer until the supernatural world took over.
He'd love to have another pet dog
Overall Personality:
Sam is the more rational of the Winchester brothers. Where Dean is all act now, think later, Sam is the other way around.
He will take the time to think things through and make sure he knows all he needs to know before he springs into action.
Sam is trustworthy and very loyal to those around him. He cares a great deal, and unlike his big brother won't shut those emotions off or hide them.
Sam at times can be very strong willed, and isn't afraid to say what he believes or stand up for what he thinks is right.
He is very moral and has a high seance of what is right and wrong although if convinced he can on occasion be easily lead by others, but if he does so and in the end he knows it's wrong, he will do everything in his power to put right his wrongs..

Sam use to be a believer in love, he had it, and was ready to settle until it got ripped for him. Now Sam guards his heart, and feels he is better off alone than falling in love and in the end loosing that person.

[X] A Star Is Born
Birth Place: Lawrence Kansas
Hometown: Lawrence Kansas
John Winchester : father : deceased
Mary Winchester : mother : deceased
Dean Winchester : older brother : deceased
Number of Children: none
Financial Status: he has enough
Marital Status: single
Transportation: The impala
Samuel Winchester was born the second son to John and Mary Winchester, and a baby brother for their elder son Dean.
For the first 6 months of his life they all loved happily and content in their family home in Lawrence Kansas.
That was until one fateful night in November, all of their lives would change forever. You see Mary Winchester had once been a hunter, and after the tragic loss of her parents and the love of her life John, she made a deal with a demon to bring John back. Only back then she had no idea what the cost of that deal would be.

That night it was time to pay up. As john lay asleep in front of the TV, Mary went into check on a fussing Sam...and that's when her life changed....Mary walked in on the demon standing over her child. What he was doing was unknown to her,but it was enough for her to shout out for her husband.

On hearing his wife's calls John came rushing up to Sams nursery to find his son alright, but his wife...not so much. Mary was burning on the ceiling. Grabbing h
Sam he handed him to Dean who was now awake and told them to get out side. John tired in vain to save his wife, but sadly Mary died that night in the nursery, due to interrupting the demon.

John watched the fire take his house and the life of his wife as he cradled his so sin his arms. From the on John was consumed with finding the demon that took his wife.

Sam grew up not knowing his mother, he had no memories of her and knew what little he knew of her from the odd bits Dean and his father would tell him.
Sam grew up on the road, never having a real place to all home. They moved around a lot, and the only place remotely close to home for both Winchester boys was Bobby Singers place. He was a friend of their fathers and would often stay with Bobby and his niece Ava and her brother Max for different periods of time.

As he grew despite the new school every semester or so, Sam enjoyed school, he liked math English and history, he liked the steady and stable environment it gave him. He also hunted too, and knew most of the time, that monster under the bed story was true.

Where as John and Dean both emerged themselves in hunting, Sam wanted a different life, he wanted to get out of the so called family business...and once old enough did so. Mulch to his fathers displeasure.

Sam got accepted into College and had dreams of becoming a lawyer. It was there he met the lovely his life, Jessica. She was everything he wanted, smart, beautiful, funny...and although he kept his hunter side from her. He knew she was the one for him.

Sam had every intention of marrying Jessica and leading a life with her, until his brother showed up and once ore the younger Winchesters life took a turn fort he worse.
His brother snuck into his dorm, claiming their dad was on a hunting trip, and hadn't been home in a few days. Sam was torn. With a big interview coming up, he didn't want to risk it. And he figured his dad was on some lead for yellow eyes...in the end Sam relented and went with Dean on a hunt, a goose chase for their father.

While it was nice to see his brother again, Sam was glad to get home, he had missed Jessica. Only when he got home he couldn't find her.....until history repeated itself and to SAms alarm and dismay he found his girlfriend burning on the ceiling exactly like his mother had been 22 years ago.

After that same vowed never to love again and headed back on the road with his brother on the search for their father.

Case by case they went all over the USA following leads, killing those evil SOBs all the while trying to find John. Eventually. They did, but the reunion didn't last long with the demon by the name of Meg on their tails. Fleeing from a show down with her, more tragedy was due to be bestowed into the Winchesters.

A lorry collied with the impala sending the spiralling off the road. Both Sam and his father came off relatively alright, but for Dean it was another story. That day Sam pretty much lost his bother, until his father made a deal with Azazel. His life for deans. Yet neither son knew that.
So as John Winchesters life was taken, that of his eldest son Deans was saved.

Both boys pretty much unable to deal with their fathers death did, did as best as they could. Sam unaware of the secrets his father kept from them, about him, trusting Dean to look after him, and do what he needed to do when the time was right.

After their fathers death the boys continued to hunt,but Sam not often suffered from extremely painful visions. They young hunters as unsure why,but h confided in his brother and together they used them and set out to find out what it all meant.

But as guessed it wasn't a good thing. The visions were due to Sam being a chosen child. A special child, part of an army yellow eyes was building. All came to ahead when Sam and a group of others were selected and taken to a remote place, each having to battle out to be the ultimate solider for yellow eyes as he attempted to open the gates of hell. And although Azazel attempted it and the gates opened for a while, the Winchesters with the help from some friends, including their father, were able to close the gates.

In the end, the first time Sam Winchester died, it was not by the hands of Yellow eyes directly, it was another special child by the name of Jake, that dug the knife into Sams back, and in the rain and mud of that cold night he died in his brothers arms.

Dean of course was not having any of that, and sought out a crossroads demon and made the ultimate deal....his life for that of his brothers. Now usually the deal is 10 years, and once those ten years were up, he'll hounds were sent to claim you....only Dean Winchester wasn't just anyone. He was told of the most wanted list in the underworld....so he sealed the deal for one year and one year only.

Sam as brought back with no idea about what happened to him and the deal his brother made...to start with. But as the brother carried on hunting Dean was finally forced to tell Sam the truth.
Sam did all he could to save his brother, there's as no way he was going to loose Dean, and with the unlikely help from a demon named Ruby, and from those around him, he was pretty damn sure he could save his brother....

......only he couldn't....and a year after his own death....Dean was taken from them.

Sam completely blames himself for this. It was his doing, and now Dean leaves behind a son and the woman be loved, as well as the mixed up family they called theirs. Sam for now is distancing himself from them all, the guilt eating him up, as he tries all be can to figure a way to put things right and bring his brother back.

He is drinking more, is more reckless on hunts and. Pulling away from those around him adamant they are better off with out him I'm their lives. Sam is on a downward spiral and isn't sure how to fix it, or stop it....and truth be told, part of him wonders if he ever wants too.

[X] Diverse Information
Forget Something?: nope
And The Green Words Read?: clear the cobwebs from my eyes
RP Sample:
Sam sat in the car that use to belong first to his father, then to his brother and now to him. It was the Winchester legacy....the hunter couldn't help but scoff a laugh at that....a car....that's all the Winchesters had to leave behind....it was in away kind of sad, but it went hand in hand with the life they lead.

The radio was playing, some song Sam didn't know and cared little for it was a country song. Sam liked country, and truth be told, he couldn't listen to anything rock, it just reminded him too much of the brother he had lost, and Sam wasn't fully ready to face the fact his brother was gone and never coming back.

Of course in their world, what was dead, didn't always stay dead, and deep down he knew until his dying day he would never give up hope or trying to find away to bring Dean back.

Letting a sigh escape his lips the hunter ran a hand through hair that was too long and over due a cut and then started. The engine to the car, letting the all too familiar sound of her wash over him. Then as if on auto pilot he set the car into drive and headed off down the highways as the sun set behind the clouds.



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