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Posted by: Border Walker Oct 9 2007, 07:48 AM
Just to be prepared for the onslaught once you guys acquire your post counts, you can use this thread to propose any characters before you do, and see by me if you need to work something or no. Heck, maybe some other forumtes might help...

Posted by: Arlan Oct 10 2007, 09:28 PM
yarr, for when I hit 200 posts!

Name: Dominic Thane
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Occupation: Master-at-Arms

Starting Inventory: Security Handgun, Walkie-Talkie, naval sword, handcuffs

Description: Dominic looks perpetually exhausted, with dark circles under his eyes, five o’clock shadow starting to appear, and an expression as if he’s suffering from a permanent headache. All of this has combined to take away quite dramatically from his youthful features, making him appear older than he actually is, however, all this contrasts completely with his uniform, which is still immaculate.

Short Bio: Dominic spent a lot of his life on ships, as a child he would spend every holiday on the cruise ships his father worked on as a security guard, helping out and trying to make himself useful. When he was old enough, Dominic immediately applied for a security job of his own on a ship, however, when he heard about the Calypso, he eagerly applied for a security job on that, but didn’t hold out much hope of getting one. When he got a phone call back saying that he’d been accepted for the master-at-arms position, he was confused to say the least, since he didn’t apply for the master-at-arms position, he only applied for a regular security job, but he decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth and accept, and has been regretting it ever since…
Firstly there’s the mistrust among the crew towards him, who having been made paranoid by the strange goings on are quick to gossip about the suspicious paperwork surrounding his appointment to the master-at-arms position, add to that the fact that he’s completely overwhelmed by the position of authority and feeling quite exhausted by all that’s expected of him, and the problems start to come into focus.
He’s constantly having to respond to new reports of strange things happening, crew and passengers being attacked, and though the constant barrage of reports has somewhat numbed him to the fear of these supernatural happenings, which he’s treating more like an annoying source of paperwork than a haunting, he’s still rather unsure of how to deal with any of this…

Power Level: (Leave Blank)

Skill: (Leave Blank)

Traits: (Leave Blank)

Stats: (Leave Blank)

Room Master-at-Arms room, Upper crewmember quarters

Starting Location:

((The reason he got in to the job is entirely up to you, most likely it’s just a serious paperwork error, but if you want to make it something more, then feel free!))

Posted by: Border Walker Oct 10 2007, 11:34 PM
Looks good. Already have an idea for that mysterious position of his...

though if I may suggest... Master-At-Arms may carry more than just those things...

Posted by: Arlan Oct 10 2007, 11:36 PM
yeah, I was drawing a bit of a blank for equipment...though Darkwater's "give him a fuggin sword" comment is valid, so I may add something like that tongue.gif

Posted by: Border Walker Oct 10 2007, 11:42 PM
Well you could get away with a Naval sword...

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