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Posted by: Border Walker Oct 1 2007, 02:00 AM
Full Name
Self Explanatory. Don't make them stupid.

Self explanatory. Don't make a stupid age character. Make them reasonable.

Self Explanatory. No Intersex alright?

You can have any Occupation you wish, but nothing real crazy. Remember, this is a cruise.

Starting Inventory
What will they have right away? Naturally, tourists won't have guns unless you can come up with a real good reason. Don't be a twink obviously.

Here, tell how your character looks. Pictures alone do not count, but you can use them to help if you wish. Traits and Skills can be based off this as well...

Short Bio
Here, you tell the history of your character. Things are pretty much as they are today, so you can make them as is. A good idea to put in how they got the ticket to the Ship. I base your Skill, Traits, and stats off these, so please don't make them too dry...

Power Level
The Power Level is essentially how powerful a Character is, consult the Power Level Chart in the Rules for a Full explanation. I set these.

The Skill of your Character is the one thing that they do best out of all the things they do in their life. The Skill of the Character will be unique and no other Characters made will have the same skill as each other. I set these.

Every Character starts of with two Traits, but can gain or lose more in play for special situations. I set these.

Short for Statistics. Stats will be numbers on how good a Character is on certain things. I set these.

This is Your room on the ship Your either in first class, Second, Third, or a Crew housing. Be reasonable. You must make your own room.

Starting Location
This is Where you start off on the Map. You can choose or I will, just don't make them stupid.

Once your character is Finished I will get around to Validating it. Once validated you can post as that character.

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