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Posted by: Border Walker Oct 1 2007, 01:40 AM
NPCs are characters I control that could help you, or break you. Really depends. This gets updated as more are found...

If your character is part of a group, feel free to PM me this form with it filled out...

[b](Name)[/b] [i](Power Level)[/i] - [i](Description)[/i]
[b]Stats:[/b] ??/??/??/??/??/??/??

Posted by: Border Walker Oct 3 2007, 12:17 AM
Kaisei Yamada (Power Level 5) - Kaisei is little more than he appears, a thug who's been tidied up a little and put in a suit. Kaisei stands at 5'10" with short black hair and an almost permanent cigarette in his mouth (he even keeps it there unlit in no smoking areas). Kaisei is petty and small-minded, and can think of little more in life beyond following Yuki's father's orders, even if he doesn't like Yuki much...
Health: 100/100
Inventory: Glock 39 handgun (+3 Power) Light Firearm [10/10], cigarettes, lighter, mobile phone, switchblade (+2 Power) Light Melee
Stats: 58/54/42/38/16/62/58
Skill: None

Posted by: Border Walker Oct 3 2007, 10:09 AM
Gordon Hamilton (Power Level 4) - Gordon Hamilton is a music teacher from Scotland. He loves his job and loves music, He left for America with his friend a couple of days before the sailing of Calypso, Gordon shares a room with his friend Lee Jones on E Deck. He is often found wearing Jeans and a blue shirt with a tie and he is often heard singing, with his beautiful voice, Well at least he thinks it is.
Health: 100/100
Inventory: Microphone, Video Camcorder, Sharp tambourine
Stats: 05/43/61/50/61/23/45
Skill: None

Posted by: Border Walker Oct 7 2007, 04:06 AM
Rose McGowen (Power Level 4) - Rose is a calm, beautiful redhead in a Form fitting white skirt that comes down halfway between her knees and ankles, and a white button up shirt, also form fitting. To complete the Vintage look, she appears to also be wearing a large white hat, one of the old fashion Victorian ones. She’s a nice woman with a happy demeanor, and absolutely loves young girls and boys. She’s also a little Mysterious though, as she almost seems to be only able to be seen by those who she wishes to see her, and talks with a very posh accent. Just what she is doing aboard the Calypso is a mystery, since none of the crew can remember her having come aboard…
Health: 100/100
Inventory: Heart of the Ocean Jewel, Makeup kit
Stats: 34/45/48/45/79/49/44
Skill: None

Posted by: Border Walker Oct 7 2007, 04:21 AM
Captain Edward John Smith (Power Level 5) - Captain Smith is a strange man, in that he looks exactly like the pictures of the Captain of the Titanic, even sharing the same name. White Suit and Captain’s hat, White slacks, and many an epaulet and medals decorate his suit. A full white beard sits around his face, while some white hair rest atop his head. He‘s a stern captain, but is very approachable and friendly when he needs to be. Although, he‘s also the one who‘s trying to cover up all the strange happenings…
Health: 100/100
Inventory: Revolver (+2 Power) Light Firearm [6/6], Naval sword (+5 Power) Medium Melee, Revolver bullets [24]
Stats: 57/59/63/43/49/47/81
Skill: None

Posted by: Border Walker Oct 9 2007, 09:43 AM
Jose Sanchez (Power Level 5) - Jose is, for lack of better words, your typical Mexican-American. Short black hair and a Black goatee dot his face and head, along with brown eyes and rather nice looking cheeks. He wasn‘t born in America, and came here after gaining work as a waiter for a couple of ships and gaining enough money for a green card. During his Childhood, he was raised by a Mexican revolutionist family, having trained him from a young age to perfect his aim. Though he doesn‘t appear strong, his aim is near-perfect, making him an expert Marksmen…
Health: 100/100
Inventory: Ship Keys, Walkie Talkie
Stats: 88/48/49/59/56/75/44
Skill: Speztnak! - Jose has been trained by his mother and father in the art of aiming since the age of Five. Knife weaponry can be thrown for a direct hit or finishing blow, and all light and some Medium firearms del critical damage.

Posted by: Border Walker Oct 9 2007, 09:52 AM
Julia McLaughlin (Power Level 4) - Julia is a Bartender Fresh out of College, quite literally. She had been working summer jobs bartending for various Cruises, and studying the art of Bartending in College. She was forced to drop out when offered a position aboard the Calypso. A Quick witted girl, and like many bartenders, The person to go to for information, she tends to retain most of what she learns quite easily, and often seems to know a little too much. She‘s quite to scare though…
Health: 100/100
Inventory: Ship Keys, Walkie Talkie
Stats: 35/46/76/44/57/81/23
Skill: None

Posted by: Border Walker Oct 9 2007, 09:59 AM
Aubula Moshima (Power Level 5) - Abula is an Arabian man who seems to have an affinity with knowledge, studying things he doesn‘t quite understand. He is one of only three Guards who didn‘t get the full training, the others being Frank Telcone and The Master-At-Arms. Abula knows a lot about how the ship supposedly works, and when a technical problem arises, he knows what caused it, though not so much how to fix it. Kind and very Gentlemen like, he will often be conversing with someone about really anything…
Health: 100/100
Inventory: Security Handgun (+2 Power) Light Firearm [14/14], Ship Keys, Walkie Talkie
Stats: 42/45/71/41/78/43/49
Skill: None

Posted by: Border Walker Oct 9 2007, 10:04 AM
Frank Telcone (Power Level 4) - Frank is a pure-blood Texan by heart with a love for being out in the desert and herding Cattle. Of course, the Calypso is quite the change of scenery, but he volunteered to become part of the Security, but did not receive full training before the ship set sail. A Loud mouth, Smart ass, and blunt man by heart, He‘s not afraid to say what‘s on his mind exactly as is, but doesn‘t tend to say much anyway…
Health: 100/100
Inventory: Security Handgun (+2 Power) Light Firearm [14/14], Ship Keys, Walkie Talkie
Stats: 41/56/45/49/42/45/40
Skill: None

Posted by: Border Walker Mar 1 2008, 11:05 PM
Natalie Blakthorn (Power Level 4) - Natalie is one of two designated Head Doctors on the Ship, nicknamed 'Dr. Cynical and Dr. Busty'. Natalie is Dr. Busty, a natural Red headed woman with a small mouth and clam green eyes. usually never seen without her Labcoat, she graduated from Harvard Medical at the top of her class, but by some cruel fate got stuck on the Calypso for her only job. She seems to know about the hauntings, and is studying the effects they give on the human body...
Health: 100/100
Inventory: Medical Clipboard, First Aid Kit
Stats: 34/42/93/67/86/88/97
Skill: Doctor Busty - Natalie is perhaps one of the most beautiful woman on the ship, but also knows her way around a body. She can heal an extra +10 Health, heal some status effects without the need for items, will never suffer from mental status effects, and gains bond with men easier...

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