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Posted by: Border Walker Oct 1 2007, 01:38 AM
Updated as more are discovered...

Posted by: Border Walker Oct 7 2007, 08:52 PM
Horsecock Harry (Power Level 8) - Harry is the resident Ghost of the Saunas and Turkish baths, usually using his special way of haunting of giving women Sexual desires and Lust. He‘s not that strong, really, but what counts is that he doesn‘t necessarily try to hurt the woman. Of course, if they don‘t relax… he will hurt them…
Health: 130/130
Stats: 05/45/46/82/74/47/72

Posted by: Border Walker Oct 7 2007, 09:14 PM
Quidel (Power Level 15[Varies]) - Quidel is… well it‘s impossible to tell what he really is. He may have once been a cook aboard the original Titanic, or maybe someone who was caught in some of the fires in the lower areas as the water rushed. What is known, is that he is made of pure flame, able to form from any source of fire. The stronger the fire and numerous the source, the stronger he actually is. It‘s because of him that most of the Cooks refuse to use the Galley on the F-Deck, not wishing to become burned alive. His attacks are mostly flame related, and always cause the burnt status effect…
Health: 200/200[Varies]
Stats: 00/89/41/74/00/41/47
Skill: Raging Fireball - So long as there is a source of flame somewhere, Quidel can reappear unless defeated by an enchanted item…

Posted by: Border Walker Oct 12 2007, 09:47 PM
Georgy Donally (Power Level 11) - Georgy is the ‘younger‘ brother of Sergio by one Minute, both Born in the Irish countryside. Georgy appears vastly different from Sergio, looking more like a peasant, with a cheap damaged hat atop his head, brown vest and stained White T, and a pair of brown pants with many dirt stains. During their life, Georgy and his brother were part of the Irish Mafia, Sergio actually having been the Right hand man of the Don at the time, and in the running for the next Don. Georgy was the muscle, known for brutishly attacking victims before Sergio gave them their unique torture and finishing. Georgy is used to doing the Dirty work, and has become very strong by it, at the loss of most of his brains. He has a thick Irish brogue, and most, aside from those who are Irish, can‘t understand him. Him and his brother were aboard the Titanic, at the order of the Irish Mafia‘s Don, to reclaim the ship for Irish hands, by hijacking it and bringing it to a little known Irish port run by the Mafia. Georgy was supposed to subdue the Engine crew, but sadly died when Engine room five had an explosion just before flooding…
Health: 120/120
Inventory:Brass Knuckle (+1 Power) Light Melee, Ghost Shovel (+3 Power) Medium Melee
Stats: 21/75/20/68/43/26/65
Skill: Donally Brothers - Georgy is the ‘Younger’ of the Donally Brothers. So long as he is around his Older Brother, Sergio, His stats gain a +10, and his Power Level gains a +1...

Sergio Donally (Power Level 15) - Sergio is the ‘Older Brother‘ of Georgy by one minute, both born in the Irish countryside. While Georgy helped his father‘s with the fields, however, Sergio took the time to learn, spending hours on end learning about how things work, how to read, and how to speak properly. He worked to pay for Schooling, and soon found himself graduating at the top of his class. He looks vastly different from Georgy, appearing more Prince than Peasant. A Wealthy Bowler sits atop his head, with a clean shaven moustache. A Tailored suit, which looks tattered, and a tailor pants complete the look as well, with shiny shoes on his feet. Sergio and his brother were part of an Irish Mafia, Sergio being the Right hand man of the Don and next in line for Don-ship. Georgy would weaken their victims and then take them to Sergio, who would prepare a special type of torture. Sergio, would turn live people, into Wax figurines and sculptures. Numbing them with Morphine and then putting them in position, pouring the Wax on them while they were still alive. Sergio has always been the brains, and prided himself on his sick sculpturing, often impressing the Don. Unfortunately, Tragedy struck when Georgy and Sergio were aboard the Titanic, ready to hijack it and bring it to Ireland, but the ship hit an Iceburg, and Sergio fell off a staircase in the Orlop deck to his death, and the Engine room filled and exploded…
Health: 150/150
Inventory: Ghost Pistol (+4 Power) Light Melee [6/6], Ghost Tommy Gun (+10 Power) Heavy Firearm [50/50], Strength of the Hurricane Diamond Ring
Stats: 89/65/93/68/75/82/54
Skill: Donally Brothers Sergio is the ‘Older’ Brother of the Donally Brothers. So long as Georgy is with him, All attacks against Sergio will be halved…

Posted by: Border Walker Mar 9 2008, 03:13 AM
Calypso's Court

Davey Jones (Power Level 12) - Davey Jones is as one would expect. The pirate forced to sail the Flying Dutchman, he is part of Calypso’s large court, his role being her guardian. Outside the court, he is the man who Ferries the souls of those lost at sea to the afterlife. Wearing the typical Pirate outfit, raged, waterlogged clothing rests on his body with a large black hat, and a head in the shape of an octopus. His famous sword sits behind him, the sword with the ability to take your soul if stabbed by it. When Captain Edward Smith begged Calypso to allow him to sail the Titanic once again, she went to Davey to request he gather her curt, knowing full well Captain Smith would have no intention of giving the ship back. He is here to help with the collections of the souls aboard the ship, but cannot resist a sword fight. It‘s said if one can best him, they may gain his sword, and the ability to sail the Flying Dutchman…
Health: 175/175
Stats: 54/89/76/87/62/97/98
Skill: Calypso’s Court - Swordsman - Davey Jones is the Swordsmen of Calypso’s court. He can summon Coralites to his side, but when faced at with a sword, One may enter the ‘Duel’ Arena, where it will be him against Davey…

Queen Angloir (Power Level 12) - The Queen Angloir is the queen of eyesores, which is probably the reason she stays in the Darkened rooms with just her Esca illuminating. Her skin is a disgusting shade of pop brown/green, covered in warts and scars, and is massively fat compared to the other Angloirs who are all skinny or well toned. However, she is still not one to be messed with, with a mouth twice the size of her own head with thousands of sharp, irregular teeth able to cut a arm off with one bite. The sides of her body have small spats that glow with the same bioluminescence of the Esca, and seem to give off a strange, hypnotizing trance. As long as she lives, the Angloirs continue to fight under her rule. Should she die, the Angloirs would be disoriented enough to allow escape…
Health: 160/160
Stats: Firearms/Strength/Intelligence/Stamina/Charisma/Wits/Moderation
Skill: Calypso’s Court - Princess - The Queen Angloir is the ‘Princess’ figure for Calypso’s Monarchy like Court. She is able to summon Angloirs and Angloir Knights to her side, but if one can take out her Esca (The bioluminescent growth on her forehead), they may enter a ‘Duel’ Arena, where it will be them against The Queen Angloir…

Lockjaw (Power Level 14) - Lockjaw is the Powerhouse of Calypso‘s court, the one leading the many warriors.
Health: 190/190
Stats: Firearms/Strength/Intelligence/Stamina/Charisma/Wits/Moderation
Skill: Calypso’s Court - Guardsman - Lockjaw is the Imperial Guardsman figure of Calypso’s court. He can summon Sharklings, Swordmongers, and Sawmongers to his side, but if one can strike him between the eyes, they may enter a ‘Duel’ Arena, where it will be them against Lockjaw…

Akito (Power Level 16) - [/i]
Health: 200/200
Stats: Firearms/Strength/Intelligence/Stamina/Charisma/Wits/Moderation
Skill: Calypso’s Court - Knight - Akito is the Knight figure in Calypso’s court. He can summon Dolphus, Orcanos, and Porpois to his side, but if one can lock him within a room, they may enter a ‘Duel’ arena, where it is them against Akito…

Whaler [i](Power Level 13)
- [i][/i]
Health: 170/170
Stats: Firearms/Strength/Intelligence/Stamina/Charisma/Wits/Moderation
Skill: Calypso’s Court - Gunman - Whaler is the Gunman of Calypso’s Court. He can summon Whalen to his side, but if one challenges him with a spear gun in hand, they may enter a ‘Duel’ Arena, where it will be them against Whaler…

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